Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

A properly equipped bedroom for each family member is the ideal solution for organizing rest and sleep. Unfortunately, not every family can afford it. The way out of the situation is the combined furniture, which takes up minimal space, and due to the transformation it changes the functional purpose of the space. Now the bed bunk with a sofa is very popular. This article will tell about this piece of furniture.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

Bunk beds: photos, features of the device

Any bunk bed for adults and children has one main positive feature – maximum optimization of the space in the apartment, since it takes up little space and can perform several functions. This invention of designers is far from new, it has long been used in rooms where it is necessary to place a large number of people at once. Bunk beds are still widely used in military units, summer camps and orphanages. The piece of furniture is installed in residential premises – more often in children’s rooms.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

Over time, the functional purpose of structures has expanded significantly. Models began to equip with drawers, cabinets, shelves and even game elements, for example, a slide for the descent. Especially popular has become a loft bed.

More recently, manufacturers presented an evolutionary model, a new modified version of the product – a two-story bed with a sofa at the bottom. The invention has greatly expanded the range of advantages of two-level beds and went beyond the bedroom. In particular, transforming models have appeared, in which through simple movements an ordinary sofa turns into a bunk bed.

Bunk beds with a sofa downstairs for parents are especially popular. These models can be transformed into different options: a sofa, a classic sofa or a double bed. This feature makes indispensable folding bunk sofa bed in a small one-bedroom apartment.

The name of the furniture speaks for itself and implies the presence of the sofa at the bottom, because at the top its location is impossible for technical reasons. Such designs let out three types:

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

  • beds for children;
  • teen models and beds for adults, differing in size and availability of additional details;
  • combined designs.

Helpful advice! Before you buy a two-tier convertible sofa, you should consider its height. Far from any design will fit in an apartment with too low ceilings.

According to photos and pictures, bunk beds have a number of advantages in comparison with simple beds:

  • economical use of space;
  • the possibility of zoning a small room;
  • comfort affecting the positive mood of the household;
  • a wide range of models (the taste and color of the owners);
  • universality that allows you to choose a model in any design decision;
  • Equipping with special orthopedic mattresses and accessories will create comfortable conditions for sleep and rest.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

Enumerating the advantages, one should not forget about the shortcomings, which, although much smaller, still exist. The main one is the risk of falling from the top floor. It is especially dangerous if the second tier is intended for a child. In order to observe the precautionary measures in such models, manufacturers use special high boards or handrails. A ladder also has a certain danger if:

  • made of low quality material or in violation of technological requirements;
  • located in an uncomfortable place;
  • the material is poorly processed, which carries the risk of injury from burrs, cracks and chips.

Almost all models of two-story beds with a sofa at the bottom have the same typical device, consisting of the elements:

  • framework framework;
  • berth at the top;
  • couch downstairs.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

In the manufacture of the frame using various materials:

  • metal – widely used due to its strength and durability. At the same time is particularly traumatic. The most practical are alloys based on aluminum;
  • natural wood is almost harmless material, which is important when choosing furniture for sleep, wear-resistant, but differs in bulkiness and high cost. The most popular types of wood are oak, beech, pine;
  • Chipboard – the most popular material. It is much cheaper than the wooden counterpart, but less durable and not as durable.

The safety and endurance of the cages are tested at the plants. In particular, models designed for adults should, according to the standard, withstand a weight load of up to 200 kg. The best option to get a practical two-story bed is to buy a model of wood with a back support. Furniture made of natural wood will last for many years and will not fail either by external indicators or by physical ones. In addition to these positive qualities, wood has a noble appearance, and it also harmoniously looks in any interior.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

The advantage of chipboard furniture is a wide choice of colors of laminated plates. For a children’s room with a bunk bed, this feature allows you to choose models with bright decorative elements, drawings, or even with photo fragments.

Helpful advice! Choosing a wooden model, you should give preference to pine. This design is much cheaper than oak or beech, but at the same time no less practical, and also contributes to enriching the room with a pleasant pine aroma.

In modern production, various materials are used as filler.

  • Polyurethane foam, better known as foam rubber, is the most popular filler used. Its distinguishing feature is durability. In addition, the affordable price attracts buyers. But as an independent material for sleep, it is not suitable for everyone because of the rigidity.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

  • Spring block with interconnected springs is a one-piece design. Springs in such a mattress work as if together. They are used in the classic device sofas. The material is comfortable, but serves much less than foam: after 10 years, the springs lose elasticity, burst and cut upholstery. The secret of durability and quality of the block depends on the size of the springs themselves: the smaller they are, the softer the sofa.
  • Spring unit with independent springs – the new and most advanced filler. The structure is a separate spring, located in a cover made of fabric. Under body pressure, they are compressed separately from each other, taking the optimal shape that a sleeping person needs. Currently it is an ideal material for stuffing sofas and sleeping mattresses.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

For accessories, and these are pillows, rollers and armrests, softer materials are most often used as fillers: sintepon, holofiber, sintepukh.

The choice of upholstery depends on the purpose for which the sofa is purchased. If the furniture will be used for relaxing during the daytime, then it is better to choose a model from natural or eco-leather.

Genuine leather – durable and wear-resistant material, but at the same time quite expensive, so buy a bunk sofa bed with such upholstery is too expensive for not everyone. Use furniture made of genuine leather is better in homes where there are no animals. The specific smell of natural material, as a rule, attracts cats and dogs.

In such cases, an excellent alternative is eco-leather, which is not inferior in characteristics to natural, but costs several times cheaper. It should be noted that both types of material are not suitable for bedding. Bedding on such furniture slide off, and the surface “does not breathe”, which does not contribute to a comfortable sleep.

The perfect upholstery option is velor. The material is easy to clean, it practically does not fade and does not lose the texture, even after repeated use of special chemicals. Underwear does not slip off the cover. Velor is suitable for a place where adults sleep, and for a children’s bunk bed with a sofa.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

Helpful advice! When considering what model of a bunk bed with a sofa to buy, consider the additional functionality of this versatile furniture: many models may have additional equipment in the form of cabinets, shelves or niches for bed linen and accessories for sleeping.

The size of a bunk bed depends on its purpose. For example, the dimensions of the upper bed intended for children should be appropriate for the child’s age:

Dimensions, cm Age years
160×80 to 10
170×90 from 10 to 14
190×90 from 14 and for adults
 200×90  double bed


A bed that serves for parents and a child is recommended to choose with a large sleeping place at the bottom and an average at the top, given that the child grows. A small bed will soon have to change. The size of a bunk bed for adults with a sofa at the bottom can be either a one-and-a-half or double.

Bunk bed with a sofa: comfort and space optimization

The sofa itself is an important part of a bunk bed with a sofa downstairs. Photos show that most often use classic sofas that can be installed in any part of the room. Relatively new model – a corner sofa in the bunk bed. The main advantage of such a model is ergonomics, which makes it possible to efficiently use the usually empty space in the corner of the room.

Thus, the price of a transforming sofa depends on many factors, including even the region of the country. The starting price of the simplest product is from 30,000 rubles.

Important! In choosing a bunk bed with a sofa, you should take into account all the moments, starting from the preferences of all family members (especially shopping for children) and ending with financial possibilities.

Taking into account all the listed recommendations, a bunk bed with a sofa downstairs can become an indispensable piece of furniture in almost any home. But it will be especially valuable in small families and one-bedroom apartments, since it solves the problem of the rational and functional use of each square meter. Sofa-transformer will help to make the closest room more spacious. The design performs several functions at once – at the same time it serves as a place to sleep, relax, play and receive guests.

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