Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

The bedroom has a special status – it is a room for rest and sleep. Currently, designers have created a wide variety of projects, so you can choose the appropriate set according to any wishes. How to choose a bedroom set: photos, descriptions and characteristics of furniture sets – all this information is contained in this article.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Bedroom set: modern styles, trends, suggestions

Furniture is an essential element of the home, as it plays a special role in human life processes. The most pretentious furniture is a bedroom set, as it should not only bring aesthetic pleasure, be ergonomic, but also provide physical comfort. Healthy sleep is the basis of normal life activity.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Modern furniture industry is presently represented not only by large companies, but also by small workshops, where exclusive versions and real masterpieces are often created. Most of the products are designed for the mass consumer with typical apartments. However, the number of people willing to order furniture on an individual project is steadily increasing.

The most popular styles used to create bedroom furniture are:

  1. Eco style. Characterized by natural shades and natural materials.
  2. High tech. It assumes courage, creativity, functionality of all elements, glossy surfaces, restrained shades dominate.
  3. Ethno. Furniture design in a rustic style.
  4. Vintage. The basic principle is the use of “aged” furniture surfaces.
  5. Modern Provides for a combination of natural and synthetic materials, provides shades that are bright to the boldness.
  6. Classic. High level in everything, no fakes and imitations. The furniture is massive, from high-quality wood, the finish is bronze, gold.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Photos of bedroom furniture, posted on the Internet, will help in choosing a style, suggest ideas and options for their decisions.

Important! The bedroom interior should correspond to the general direction of the apartment or house.

The goal of each customer is to purchase a beautiful bedroom set. This assessment is derived on the basis of personal taste preferences and aesthetic perception. However, there is an independent indicator, which is equally important to consider when choosing furniture of any price category, regardless of the design, – this is environmental friendliness. This characteristic is directly dependent on the quality of the material.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

In the manufacture of bedroom sets, the following raw materials are used:

  1. Chipboard – chipboard. They are made by mixing wood chips and sawdust with formaldehyde resins, then the mixture is pressed. Higher quality and expensive plates are made of small chips.
  2. LDSP is a chipboard made on the improved technology. Plates are laminated with polymer films; this increases moisture resistance and strength in general. The laminating layer prevents the formaldehyde from evaporating.
  3. MDF – fibrous plate having an average density. Instead of formaldehyde, paraffin and lignin are used as binders.
  4. Fiberboard – fiberboard, consists of pressed wood dust. Use this material mainly for the manufacture of the backs of cabinets, drawers, pedestals.
  5. Facing veneer. A thin sheet of wood (0.2 mm), preserving the structure of the tree, they are covered with plates. The source material is an imitation of the array.
  6. Solid wood – natural raw materials.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

The degree of environmental materials is determined by the class. Based on the level of formaldehyde emission, there are 3 classes: E1, E2, E3. The lower the class, the higher the level of environmental friendliness. Until recently, the highest class E1 was considered, but even more pure materials appeared, which designate E0. This indicator has not yet been standardized, but it is quite often used by manufacturers as advertising information.

Helpful advice! When buying furniture made of wood materials, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of parts. Chips and cracks will not only absorb moisture, but also become a source of formaldehyde evaporation.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Wood is the best material for making furniture. Improving the process of wood processing allows you to create headsets that relate to different styles and meet the highest modern requirements:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • esthetics;
  • strength.

Pine, maple, linden, cherry, and oak wood are most often used as raw materials. The most expensive, but at the same time durable and prestigious products are made of oak and cherry. More affordable regarding the price of pine. Bedroom sets from an array always look, if not bulky, then solid. This must be taken into account when choosing a complete set, having previously compared the dimensions of the furniture with the dimensions of the bedroom.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Quite often, when creating a bedroom set, two types of material are used: dense wood is used for the main load bearing elements, and softer wood is used for the decor elements. Popular was the use of wooden slabs – solid plates that preserve the structure and shape of the tree. They are installed as backs at the head of the bed, on the upper surfaces of thumbs and dressing tables.

Following the desire to have fashionable beds, it is necessary to pay attention to the sleeping place on which the mattress is placed. It is better if lamellae are used for the base. Their advantages are as follows:

  • the gaps between the slats allow the mattress to breathe;
  • lamellae slightly springy, which enhances the anatomical effect;
  • natural material.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

A sufficiently large number of bed models are available, where the stiffness of the slats is adjustable.

Helpful advice! When choosing a mattress for a bed, it is necessary to consider the following circumstance: narrow slats are suitable for all types of mattresses, wide ones – for springless products or for Bonnel spring blocks.

Most wooden wardrobes for the bedroom have hinged doors. Therefore, for comfortable use, the free space in front of the cabinet should be at least 1 m. There are wooden models with sliding doors. They are performed by splicing thin boards into a shield.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Caring for wooden furniture is not difficult, but does not tolerate the use of chemicals. Fingerprints can be removed with a solution of water and liquid ammonia (2: 1 ratio), more serious contamination can be removed with a cotton cloth moistened with alcohol. For daily care, use special wipes, wool or flannel rags. It is better to clean the carved elements from dust with a soft pile brush. With proper care, a wooden bedroom set will retain aesthetics and functionality for a long time, and through a skillful restoration will be able to acquire a new life.

A worthy alternative to bedroom furniture from the array – a set of wood materials. The most common types of raw materials are MDF and particleboard. The first option is environmentally friendly, but has a high cost. The second type of material can release harmful substances, but its price is much lower. It is worth noting that, subject to the rules of the technology of manufacturing and processing of the ends, this risk is minimized. Chipboard is covered with a large number of types of films having a different structure and shades, various paint and varnish products are applied to it, and covered with veneer. All these processing methods expand design possibilities.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

The method of processing wood materials has reached such a level that it is possible to make furniture of any aesthetic direction from the plates, even a bedroom set in the classical style. Structures imitated under wood with veneer are supplemented with wooden details: legs, armrests, decorative elements in the form of carvings, frames, etc.

  1. Perspective shooting. You need to project it to your room.
  2. It is necessary to compare the layout of the premises. If the entrance to the bedroom is located in a completely different place, it is not always possible to arrange the furniture in the same way, as a result of which the interior may lose its appeal.
  3. The presence and size of windows, ceiling height. These important details sometimes lead to the fact that the purchased furniture takes on a completely different look.
  4. The possibility of free movement around the room after installing the vending headset. It is important to optimize the space of the room so that it is convenient to use all the elements of the interior.
  5. Very balanced should be related to eccentric furniture novelties, as they quickly get bored, and fashion trends, as a rule, change.

Bedroom set: photo of stylish and beautiful furniture sets

Bedroom – a room for personal freedom and privacy, therefore, least of all interior design must comply with the established rules. Variants of bedroom furniture presented in the photo, will help to arrange the room so that it was comfortable and cozy.

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