Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

From this article you can find out what is the furniture of pallets, how to use this material to create it: the characteristics and dimensional parameters of the pallet, the features of their selection and preparation before work. The text contains information on what types of furniture for home and garden can be made of wooden pallets, as well as detailed descriptions of the process of their creation.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Furniture from pallets: recommendations for choosing a building material

Pallets are widely used for arranging suburban areas. However, this material is also suitable for the creation of furniture for the home, as well as for the original decor and functional systems for storing things. The main advantage of handicrafts made from pallets is that natural wood is used for their manufacture. Raw material brings comfort to the interior of the room and creates a special atmosphere.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Pallets, or pallets, have the appearance of wooden structures. They are used as packaging material when transporting various goods. Existing types of pallets can be classified according to several criteria:

  • destination (for domestic and international transport);
  • dimensional parameters;
  • grades.

The average weight of this design varies in the range of 15-20 kg. Pallets are made of durable and durable wood, which allows these products to withstand the pressure of the transported cargo. Due to the increased strength characteristics, the furniture made from the already used pallets is able to last for many years in the summer cottage or in the garden. Such styles as loft and life age are very popular, so pallets are also used for the design of residential premises.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Existing types of pallets intended for domestic transport (standard) are divided by grade:

  • Euro pallets without certification;
  • first grade designs;
  • second grade pallets;
  • pallets of the third grade.

Euro pallets for domestic shipments, even if they are not certified, meet the stated dimensional parameters. And it concerns not only the overall dimensions, but also tolerances, as well as chamfers. In relation to these indicators, they do not differ from European versions of products.

On the surface of the structures are not present:

  • dirt stains;
  • rot;
  • mold;
  • damage.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Note! Euro pallets for domestic shipments without certification differ from their European counterparts in the absence of phytosanitary processing. In addition, there is no stigma on pallets.

Products of the first grade are a new container or design that has been used no more than 3 times. Chamfers on the corners of such pallets are removed, there may be slight discrepancies in size. There are no chips, cracks and other damages on the surface of the wood, as well as dark spots.

In products of the second grade, chamfers at the corners are most often preserved, although deviations in the width and thickness of the boards are observed. Not only screws, but also nails are used as fasteners. Structures are not damaged, but they have dark traces and pollution.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Structures of the third grade may have chips and cracks, the width of which does not exceed 30 mm, and the length is 30 cm. There are impurities and dark spots on the products. This category includes remanufactured pallets.

In international shipments, financial pallet and euro pallets are used, on the basis of which you can make beautiful and high-quality loft-style furniture. The design of the europallet has the lower flooring. It is formed from three parts. In the upper part there are 5 checkered boards. The width of the boards of the upper tier ranges from 20-25 mm. For fixing elements used screws. The maximum capacity of such structures is 200 kg. The size of euro pallets is 80x120x14.5 cm.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

There are marks on certified products:

  • stigma;
  • year of issue;
  • information about the manufacturer;
  • series of release.

All these markings give furniture from wooden pallets a special charm, evoking associations with travel and leisure in faraway countries.

The size of the financial pallet is 100x120x14.5 cm. In contrast to the previous version of the products, in this case the upper tier is formed from 7 boards 10 cm wide each. Such structures are able to withstand the weight of the load up to 250 kg. The stamp confirming the presence of the certificate is placed on the check.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Helpful advice! In stores you can buy laminate with similar markings, which will support the general style of the room and complement the design of furniture made from euro pallets.

Less stringent requirements are put forward for structures intended for domestic transport, although in terms of their size and structure, these products do not differ much from their European and Finnish counterparts. The standard size of this type of pallet is 100x120x14.5 cm and 80x120x14.5 cm.

Pallets used for domestic shipments are not certified, so there is no stamp on them. The cost of such products is much lower than those used for the international transportation of goods. And for their manufacture materials of the same quality are used as in the production of structures with certificates.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Standard pallets for domestic transport correspond to Finnish and European counterparts not only in terms of size. In products 1-2 grades all tolerances and chamfers are observed. For fixing parts they also used screws. Therefore, domestic transport pallets are great for making furniture.

Transport companies and manufacturers use pallets exclusively as packaging for goods. But this does not mean that the owners of suburban housing and country houses can not buy this material for the manufacture of furniture from pallets. It is also quite possible to create furniture items for a city apartment on its basis. Spent raw materials are excellent for these purposes.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

Used pallets can be mined in several ways. Some transport companies and manufacturers do not want to independently engage in the export and disposal of packaging material. By contacting such organizations directly, you can get used pallets for free.

In addition, it is possible to buy used material for furniture from pallets at a reduced price. On thematic Internet portals, users post thousands of pallets ads. The cost of such products is in the range of 30-150 rubles / pcs. Given the price of finished furniture, such a solution would be a profitable option.

The average cost of furniture from pallets, the price of finished products:

Piece of furniture price, rub.
Podium 4200
Wheelchair 8500
Children’s bed 9800
Bed-podium 11200
Garden furniture set 12,800


Helpful advice! The pallet can be made independently. This will require wooden bars with a cross section of 6–7 cm and boards 1.5–2 cm thick. Having outlined the size of the structure, all that remains is to cut the material and assemble it according to the scheme.

Making furniture with your own hands, you can transform beyond recognition the landscape of the dacha or a city apartment. Pallets are used to create furnishings in the loft and eco style, photos of such interiors look nontrivial and modern. In addition, pallets save time and money.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

In the manufacture of furniture pallets act as peculiar elements of the designer. They will be an excellent basis for creating functional and comfortable furnishings. The process itself does not cause much difficulty.

  • housekeepers for the hallway;
  • mini wardrobes;
  • racks for growing greens in the kitchen or balcony;
  • added shelf-tables;
  • drawers at the bottom of the bed;
  • hangers;
  • tool shelves in the workshop or garage;
  • bedside cabinets and shelves for installing an aquarium, etc.

Beautiful garden furniture set of wooden pallets

This list of furniture that can be made from pallets does not end there. The design of such structures can be very diverse, it is enough just to show imagination and make a little effort. Regardless of whether such furniture will be used outdoors or indoors, the wood from which it is made needs protection. Means such as primer, paint and varnishing composition, will extend the service life of such products.

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