Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

The bar table for the kitchen is widely used in modern apartments and country houses. Such a stylish and original piece of furniture can become a real highlight of any interior design. Today there are many configurations of designs that fit perfectly both in a studio apartment, and in a small-sized kitchen. The correct choice of the product will allow rational use of the space of the room, increasing its functionality.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

What is a bar table: examples of photos of varieties of products

Bar counters first appeared in North America, where they were installed in places of entertainment. The main purpose of the design was the separation of the working area and space for recreation. The rack was a partition. Subsequently, its design was improved, the design became more functional. All sorts of shelves, drawers, compartments and compartments for storing dishes, bottles and other items appeared in it, which are clearly demonstrated by the photo of bar counters.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

Then these tables moved to catering establishments. Later, the design has found its use in modern kitchens, replacing traditional dining tables.

Modern bar counters have different configurations and can be installed in different areas of the room. Such designs for the kitchen are presented in a wide range. Elements can vary in shape, stylistic processing and color, which allows you to fit the product in any style of decoration of the room.

The design has certain advantages, which makes it in demand for both large studio apartments and small kitchens. In a cramped room with a bar counter, you can equip a comfortable working area and arrange a comfortable place for eating. This design will take up much less space compared to the dining table. In addition, it can serve as a convenient storage system for various kitchen utensils.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

Helpful advice! For a small kitchen, it is recommended to equip a mobile bar with a swiveling, sliding or folding mechanism.

For comfortable eating, bar counters in the kitchen are completed with comfortable high chairs, which, hiding under the countertop, occupy a minimum of free space. This solution not only looks elegant, stylish and modern, but also allows you to significantly save territory, as shown in the photo of modern kitchens with a bar and chairs.

In studio apartments or kitchen-living rooms, the bar counter allows you to zone the space by dividing the total living area into a work area and a place to relax or receive guests.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

However, this design is not without flaws. Children, the elderly and pregnant women are usually extremely uncomfortable to climb high chairs. Seats should be stable and equipped with armrests to eliminate the possibility of falling and injury.

Helpful advice! High bar tables are most advisable to choose young families without children or bachelors.

Bar racks in the kitchen, depending on their location, can be wall-mounted, free-standing and adjacent to kitchen furniture. The first option is used for small spaces. The narrow edge of the small tabletop is attached to the wall, and the long one is positioned so that the approach to the table is ensured from any side.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

This solution is usually used when zoning a large room. The bar counter, located parallel to the main furniture, in this case performs many functions. The design is often complemented by a narrow platform, which is mounted on the side opposite to the workplace. The rack can be installed permanently or be mobile (for this model, the free edge is supported on the support). This rack can be folded and laid out when needed. It will be enough to push the support for the bar table and fix the table top.

The table adjacent to the kitchen furniture is a continuation of the main tabletop. The narrow edge is attached to the headset, and the second is supported by the support. Such models are equipped with a functional cornice, in which are mounted the lights, accessories for dishes and other decorative elements. The stand is an addition to the kitchen set, making up a single composition with it.

Such a table can be a continuation of the window sill, which would be an ideal solution for small kitchens. This technique allows you to use the inactive area near the window. There are retractable bar counters, the size of which can vary depending on the situation.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

In large rooms, stand-alone bar tables for the kitchen will look favorably. Island-style racks are most often used for kitchens, hotels or studio apartments. Such models not only zone the room, but also expand its functionality.

Depending on the form of execution bar counters can be straight, round or semicircular. The first option has a linear version. The design is devoid of right angles and turns, which is ideal for small spaces. Round bar table looks presentable and luxurious. However, this design requires sufficient space, so it is advisable for spacious rooms. The semicircular stand is usually represented by a corner table, which fits well into a small room.

The island bar counter in the kitchen is a multifunctional unit, located separately from the kitchen unit, which is advisable to be installed in spacious dwellings. This design combines:

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

  • storage space for kitchen utensils in the form of shelves, cabinets and drawers;
  • cooking zone, where the hob, oven, sink and dishwasher are installed;
  • eating place.

The working area and the resting place are on opposite sides of the rack, which allows the hostess to simultaneously prepare food and communicate with guests or households.

Island bar counter can be open or closed. Since the model is equipped with all kinds of lockers and shelves, the latter option has a bulky appearance and maximum functionality at the same time. The open design does not overload the space and looks easy and elegant. In the form of execution island racks are semicircular, L-or U-shaped. The design of the structure is selected taking into account the uniform style of the room, which contributes to the creation of the effect of integrity.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

The classic execution of the island rack is a two-tier design, in which the lower part falls on the working area, and the upper part – on the main one.

The bar in the kitchen is not only stationary. The design can be equipped with a folding, retractable or swivel mechanism, which gives the product mobility. This solution allows you not to clutter up the kitchen, installing this piece of furniture if necessary. Different versions of products are presented in the catalogs of bar counters in the kitchen.

Retractable table is a special design, which, thanks to a special roller mechanism or wheels, provides an increase in the working surface. In the open position, the rack is fixed with the help of a freely moving leg for the bar table and takes a position in the level with the tabletop or may be below it.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

The swivel design is located under the table top and smoothly extends due to the swivel mechanism. In the open position, a comfortable dining table is organized.

Important! The device of the rotary bar counters needs to be carried out accurate calculations and the involvement of a specialist to install the structure.

Folding bar table – the optimal solution for a large family. The assembled design has the form of a compact bedside table. To get a full-fledged dining table, it is enough to put a tabletop on the legs, which is downy trimmed. A simplified and low-cost version of a folding structure is a folding bar counter, which is represented by a table top, which is attached to the wall by means of brackets. If necessary, the table is raised and installed on a hidden leg.

The standard height of the bar table is 110-120 cm. This value is used mainly for stand-alone island structures. The table needs special chairs with a height of 85-90 cm. However, with this size of the table top it will be inconvenient to carry out cooking. To do this, you can purchase a design with a height of 100-110 cm and chairs with a size of 75-80 cm.

Bar table for the kitchen: the perfect combination of working and dining areas

For models combined with a kitchen set, the height of the tabletop does not exceed 90 cm. This value is determined by the standard size of the furniture. In this case, it is enough for the height of the chairs to reach 60-70 cm. If the construction plays the role of a partition, a high kitchen table of 135 cm is installed. In this situation, it is advisable to supplement the construction with high bar stools.

Next, the plywood sheets are covered with unsightly areas of the frame and bottom of the tabletop. Decorative plinths are mounted on the joints, which are fastened with the help of wagon nails. To protect against environmental influences and make the design aesthetic appearance of the rack is covered with stain. After complete drying, varnish is applied to the surface in two or three layers with an interval of 2 hours. Visually, such a design can be seen in the photo of a small kitchen with a bar counter instead of a table.

Helpful advice! The hand-made model can be equipped with special attributes and accessories for playing bar entourage.

If you wish to equip the kitchen with a bar counter, you should consider options for the location of the structure. For this purpose, the dimensions and layout of the room are taken into account. The bar counter should become not only a multifunctional piece of furniture, but also an aesthetic element of the interior.

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