Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

Bar stool for the kitchen is an integral element of furniture for rooms equipped with a counter. There are many variations of products, so that the design can be entered even in a constrained room. The correct choice of the version of the chair, the height of the product and the material of manufacture will provide not only a convenient and durable accessory, but also a stylish element of the decor of the room.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

What is a bar stool for the kitchen

A bar stool in the kitchen is a simple piece of furniture, consisting of a frame, a seat, a support and a footboard. The last element is presented in the form of a special tubular or ring-shaped stand, which is attached to the seat structure. The footboard performs the function of fixation, which provides a convenient location of the legs. It also facilitates the process of climbing a chair.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

Bar stools can be equipped with gas lift. This element, which is adjustable in height, is a good alternative to the tripping. It will allow you to sit without any problems on a rather high bar stool. However, comfortable support for the legs will not provide.

Important! In the event of a breakdown, it is strictly forbidden to depressurize and disassemble the gas-lift cartridge. Only its full replacement by a serviceable element is allowed.

All models of bar stools, regardless of their design, have high legs. This is due to the significant height of the bar counters, which is different from the dimensions of a traditional table. The back of the chairs is always low. The size of the seat is different minimum parameters. This approach ensures maximum stability of the structure.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

The dimensions of the seat depend on the form of its execution. The design can be square, rounded, round, bowl-shaped and ergonomic design. The last option is the most comfortable, because the seat is made in compliance with all the characteristic depressions and protuberances, which provides a comfortable full fit.

Bar stool is an element of the interior, designed for group accommodation. In a single copy, it will look out of place in any room design. Bar stool is characterized by a narrow range of destination. It is used for specific purposes. This is a required attribute for bar counters.

Bar stools are presented in a wide species diversity. Models differ in design, shape, height and material of manufacture. The height of the product is selected based on the size of the table top of the bar table, and in the best case it should differ by 30 cm. Here also the important role is played by the height of a person who should sit comfortably on a chair as comfortable as possible. The design option, the shape and material of the seat manufacture are determined depending on the personal preferences of the owners and the design of the kitchen room.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

In accordance with the embodiment, which is clearly shown in the photo of bar stools for the kitchen, there are three types of design: stools, standard models and half-chairs. The first option is presented by high designs without backs. There are some models with lumbar backs that are 32 cm tall above the seats, which provides little support.

Most often stools are made of wood, so they have a stylish appearance. However, this design option is inconvenient for long gatherings, as the back quickly gets tired. This is an uncomfortable alternative to traditional dining chairs.

Standard models of bar stools are more comfortable designs, equipped with a regular backrest. Seat products semi-rigid or hard.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

The most convenient variation for permanent use is a semi-recliner or Irish bar stool with a back height of 35 cm. The design is equipped with armrests and a soft seat, which significantly increases the cost of the product in comparison with the previous versions.

Bar stools can be stationary or foldable. The latter type of model is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to fold and fold the structure, thereby ensuring its convenient storage.

Bar stools for the home also differ in the number of legs. The traditional design, which was invented in America, is located on one leg with a round or ring-shaped base. Such models are characterized by rotating seats, which makes their operation easy and convenient.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

Important! To ensure stability and reliability of the chair, the base of the leg in width should be the same as the seat.

The modern version is represented by a bar stool with two legs, which are made of metal. This design, despite the spectacular and stylish appearance, is not very durable, therefore it is not advisable to use it for families with children. Also not too resistant chairs on three legs. However, due to the correct shape and location of the supporting elements, the design is characterized by improved quality. For a comfortable seat, the exact geometry of the legs must be observed, which is important to consider when choosing a product.

The most convenient option are models on four legs, which are distinguished by convenience and high stability. Such designs have mainly square seats. If their shape is round, then the legs have one or more ring stops, which are located at different heights. They give the structure extra stability.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

Folding bar stools are equipped with only four legs, which are not placed parallel to each other, but intersecting at a certain angle. Thus, the support for the back of the chair provides the front support elements and vice versa.

There are products with an unusual shape of the legs, which are most often made to order. They can be curved or intertwined. Choosing a model, you should take care of the convenience of operating a particular option.

The dimensions of the bar stool are completely dependent on the size of the rack. It is most convenient to sit on a chair, leaning your elbows on the tabletop and not bending at the same time. The optimal distance between the height of the table and the seat is 30 cm. Depending on this indicator, the height of the bar stool is selected.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

For high worktops with a size of 120-135 cm, it is advisable to install chairs with a height of 90-100 cm. For standard racks (100-110 cm), constructions with a height of 75-77 cm will be suitable. It is preferable to purchase chairs equipped with a special mechanism – gas lift, allowing you to adjust the height of the chair in the range of 56-76 cm.

For a family in which households are very different growth, bar stools with adjustable height legs can be purchased. This design is installed not only near the high rack, but at the standard dining table.

The seat size of a bar stool is much smaller than that of a regular piece of furniture. For a comfortable stay in the chair, it is important to choose the correct shape of the seat.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

Bar stools made of wood are the most preferred for most interiors of the room. A kitchen equipped with wooden furniture will look stylish, luxurious and presentable. It will reign warm and cozy atmosphere. The material is characterized by durability, environmental friendliness, reliability, durability and high cost. Due to the special structure of wood, it is possible to create original versions of chairs of a different palette.

Wooden stools are made of oak, pine, walnut and larch. The surface of the products is coated with varnish. Paint can be used to create a specific color effect. The largest selection of products offered by IKEA. Bar stools from the world brand can be purchased from 3000 rubles. for a unit.

Helpful advice! To ensure the durable operation of wooden furniture, periodically it is necessary to make the treatment of products with pest products and update the lacquer coating.

Bar stool for the kitchen: a necessary piece of furniture for racks

For convenience, it is recommended to choose bar stools with a back, which can be wooden or made of rattan. The seats of wooden chairs are made in square or oval design. They are purely wooden or sheathed in leather and fabric, which can be used satin, chintz or tapestry.

Alone chair for the bar can be performed with a concave seat. To do this, using a chisel and a hammer in a wooden array is deepening. Then the surface is ground and varnished.

To create comfort and coziness in the dining area in the kitchen, it is important to choose the right bar stools. There should be a few nuances. The design is selected under the height of the rack. The type, shape, material of manufacture and design of the product should be determined by personal preferences and style of the room.

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