Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

The entrance hall is considered to be the face of the apartment, since guests who enter the house first see this particular room. Therefore, when interior design should pay special attention to this room, because it should be not only comfortable, but also functional. The wall hanger in the hallway should be selected taking into account the size of the corridor and the overall design of the apartment. As far as possible, you can choose a product equipped with a large mirror and a shelf for shoes.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Hallway Hanger: wood review products

Choosing a hanger in the hallway, you need to pay attention to the variety of options for this interior detail. Most often for the manufacture of wall hangers for outerwear metal and wood are used. According to the type of installation, such products are most in demand:

  • wall mounted;

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

  • floor standing;
  • portable;
  • embedded.

When choosing this device, in addition to the appearance, you should pay attention to the functionality: the hanger should not only be beautiful – it is primarily intended for convenient storage of clothes and other items of clothing.

Important! Wood is considered to be the most simple material in processing, which is used to make a hanger in the hallway with your own hands.

Wooden hangers in the hallway are considered the most common and are most in demand. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are made from environmentally friendly material and are considered a universal option that matches the design of any apartment. Wood is used to make both wall and ceiling options, and suspended ceiling models are also considered popular. The most common types of wood used to make hangers on the wall in the hallway are:

  • pine is one of the cheapest materials;

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

  • beech, alder, birch – they have a beautiful pattern of the finished product;
  • oak – is considered the most durable material, but at the cost is the most expensive;
  • rattan – a type of wood that combines strength and light weight, rattan hangers fit perfectly into the interior, made in oriental style.

To get rid of all the irregularities, after production, the finished hanger is polished with a special nozzle, then coated with varnish or wax. At the request of the client, the product can be further trimmed with shape cutting. Although we should not forget that the main decoration is considered to be the natural pattern of wood. To get not only functional, but also a beautiful product, you can decorate it with unusual metal hooks. The main thing – it is necessary to pay attention to the hanger in color combined with the floor covering, which can be made of both wood and ceramic tiles.

Looking through the photos of hangers in the hallway, you can see that in the apartments, designed in the Scandinavian style, loft or country, the tree is artificially aged. For this purpose, apply the technique of decoupage, sandpaper or special paint, which cover the surface. For classical interiors of the hallway, the product is decorated with leather inserts, which harmoniously complement the interior and create a unique atmosphere.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Wall metal hangers are considered an integral attribute of the hallways, made in a minimalist style, high-tech or loft. Steel structures are among the most durable and reliable. Metal is able to withstand a large weight of clothing and it does not take up much space. Metal hangers in the hallway often make wall or floor. Due to the large weight of these models, mobile versions are less commonly used.

To give unusual interior wall hangers, which resemble the shape of a tree or animal. To make the product better fit into the overall design, a chrome plating or nickel plating technique is used. The use of different colors contributes to the fact that the hanger can be a bright accent in a monochrome interior. In the manufacture of products used such materials:

  • aluminum – recommended to facilitate the design of the wall hanger;
  • Steel alloys are used to increase rigidity.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

It is interesting! Hanger on the wall, made with the use of chrome elements, visually expands the area of ​​a narrow corridor or a small hallway.

A separate group includes forged hangers in the hallway, which combine not only strength, but also elegance. Such designs will be the highlight of any interior. However, it should be remembered that forged products are very heavy, so the installation should take into account the rigidity of the base on which the finished structure is fixed. If you hang a heavy hanger on a wall made of plasterboard, then its destruction may soon occur.

Hangers for outerwear in the hallway are also produced using plastic and glass. Such products are full of colors and original design, but unlike metal and wooden materials, they are characterized by low strength. Often, plastics are simply made hooks that are mounted directly on the wall.

A cheaper alternative to a wooden hanger with a shoebox is considered to be a product made of laminated chipboard. Although the material is not as durable as compared to wood, it is often used in the manufacture of panels for wall hangers and shelves for shoes. When making a chipboard hanger, this material is usually combined with metal or plastic to get a more attractive design. Such products, the base of which is made of wood, and the hooks, for example, made of plastic or metal, combine the advantages of different materials.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Products made from MDF, which are also not distinguished by high cost, are considered safer. From this material, you can pick up a beautiful and not very expensive wall hanger in the Ikea hallway – products of a Swedish company that manufactures various accessories for apartments and houses. Also popular are beautiful hangers Ikea in the hallway, made of plastic, characterized by a variety of colors and shapes. Despite the fact that plastic structures are considered durable, they are not advised to overload them with heavy winter outerwear.

Important! When buying hangers made of particleboard it should be noted that this material is toxic.

In some cases, the interiors of apartments are decorated with the help of hand-made hangers in the hallway, which are based on water pipes or kitchen rails with hooks. You can often find retro hangers made with the use of antlers of moose or deer. Such handicrafts will perfectly fit into the interiors of corridors in loft, country or Scandinavian style. If natural material is used, it should be pre-impregnated with special means that protect the product from moisture and prevent rotting.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

The main advantage of wall mounting is the compact design. Here the most common and simple option is the plank made from wood, on which hooks are installed. In the photo of wall hangers in the hallways, you can see that they are complemented by various shelves that are used to store hats, gloves and other small items. In addition to wood, for the manufacture of such products are also used metal, plastic, chipboard and other materials.

When choosing a hanger should be aware that the horizontal options take up less space, but vertically located hangers visually increase the height of low ceilings. Using the corner hangers in the hallway you can close the non-functional space in the corner. Thanks to a diverse selection of shapes and colors, it will not be difficult to choose the right fit for any interior. The flight of design ideas sometimes leads to the fact that the product looks so original that it is sometimes hard to recognize a coat hanger.

Models fixed on the wall, equipped with folding hooks and shelves are considered stylish and functional. A well-chosen coat rack hanger in the hallway will become not just a place to store things, but also a beautiful element of decor.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

White color is considered to be universal, as it fits in almost any interior and is capable of evoking only positive emotions among the hosts and guests. White coat hanger can be used in the interior, characterized by any color of the walls, and combine it with a variety of floor covering. Other advantages of installing a similar design:

  • white color always remains in trend;
  • fits into the interior of apartments with different designs;
  • visually expands the room;
  • reflects the maximum amount of light;
  • fits any wall texture.

To add brightness to a white coat hanger, designers recommend using multicolored hooks for decoration, especially since almost any shades are combined with white color. If to add such option with a mirror, then it will make a small hall even more voluminous and lighter.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Choosing a color, you should consider some of the shortcomings, the main of which is considered marzime. It is necessary to take care of a white coat hanger so that it always remains clean. It is also not recommended to install such a product in the corridors with white walls, so that the room does not look like a hospital ward.

Important! Hanger in the hallway with a mirror – a great option for a small room. Thanks to this element, the room seems to be visually larger and lighter.

If there is a niche in the hallway, then it is advisable to install a built-in hanger, which often represents a single structure with a closet. Such a closet-hanger in the hall will not take up much space, but will be quite roomy and multifunctional. The product can be improved with the help of drawers, hinged shelves for shoes and other things. The ideal option is hanger, which is built into the closet, with sliding sliding doors.

In a situation where space is limited and every centimeter is counted, you can decorate the hall with an ordinary and small coat hanger, which is a row of hooks and a small shelf-bench. The bottom shelf can be used as a storage niche or leave it open and keep casual shoes there. Such a wall hanger with a shoebox in the hall will not take up much space, but will free space from chaotically placed shoes in a small room.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Wall hangers with a shoebox in the hallway are popular because the shoe stand serves as the basis for a shield with hooks attached and creates additional strength. Hangers with a built-in locker make it possible to compactly place not only clothes, but also a small amount of shoes. It is recommended to equip such versions of hangers with a mirror, as well as an upper shelf, which can be used to put boxes or put on hats.

Wall hanger in the hallway: the card of each dwelling

Choosing a hanger will be much easier if you know in advance the size of the room in which it is installed. Since this product is not only a piece of furniture, but also an element of decor, the model should be selected after the interior of the apartment is fully decorated. Regardless of whether the hanger is purchased in a store or made independently, it should be an integral part of the hallway design.

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