The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

In order to effectively and at the same time conveniently hide engineering communications, you can use several methods. One of the best – hatch under the pressure tile. It is very similar to traditional revision windows, but in the case of proper selection it can be installed in the room almost imperceptibly. The article will consider what options you should pay attention to before you buy a hatch under the tile in the bathroom, kitchen or basement.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

How does the hatch under the push tile

Installation of the inspection hatch is carried out in the event that there is a need to ensure the possibility of quick access to any engineering communications, for example, cables, pipes, meters, etc. The outer part of the manhole cover can be lined with any method suitable for the interior: painted, covered with wallpaper and even glued with ceramic tiles.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

You can place inspection hatches on any suitable surfaces, including walls, floor and ceiling. Installation in plasterboard partitions, inside of which communications are laid, is also allowed. Very often install such hatches under the tile in the basement.

The mechanism of opening / closing of the hatches can be very different, from the simplest (small lock and key to it or magnetic lock), to more complex – pressure, which will be considered.

As for the shapes and sizes of the hatches, the choice here is much larger and is not limited to almost anything. There is a concept of standard sizes, which are in the range from 200×200 to 1200×1200 mm. Manufacturers produce a huge number of a wide variety of models, which are not only square in shape, but also round, trapezoidal, etc.

Components of the hidden tile hatch:

  • window frame having a specific shape;
  • door made of metal or plastic;
  • opening system;
  • hatch cover fixing system or a conventional lock.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

The secret hatch under the tile with the pressure system is one of the types of inspection windows, the opening system of which has been improved. This allows you to install them discreetly and not to spoil the appearance of the room. In addition, it allows to solve the problem of installing a hatch in the toilet under the tile, as there is usually very little space, and access to communications is always necessary.

In order for the hatch to be able to withstand the load that finishing materials, such as ceramic tiles or mosaics, will constantly exert on it, reliable loops are provided in the system.

Installing a hidden hatch under the tile has its own characteristics and installation is not as if it were a conventional revision window. The thing is that in order to make the hatch cover invisible, it is installed somewhat deeper than the wall covering, so that it can be tacked on top of it, achieving the effect of complete stealth.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

Helpful advice! In order to avoid the need to spend time on measuring and cutting tile, it is recommended to initially select the corresponding dimensions of the hatch and the finishing material.

It should be noted that the usual metal or plastic hatch under the tile will not work. For reliable fixation of the material on the surface, it is covered with a special drywall plate. It serves as an excellent basis for fastening any material and at the same time is capable of withstanding substantial loads.

Concealed tile hatches are ideal for rooms in which there is a need to install inspection windows, but this should be done in a prominent place. Hiding them behind the appropriate finishing coating, they can be made completely invisible, harmoniously fitting the interior of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.

As for the opening mechanism, in this case it happens as follows: a slight pressure from the outside provokes the triggering of mechanical latches that promote the hatch in the front direction. After that, the cover moves aside, giving owners free access to all communications.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

It is also worth buying a concealed mounting hatch under the tile because this efficient system allows opening the hatch without the risk of damaging the tile. At the same time, the aesthetic and functional aspects of the solution are preserved.

After reviewing the assortment that is on the market, each customer will be able to get an idea of ​​the cost, as well as the basic parameters of the products in question. The easiest way to do this is by visiting a large hardware store, where several options from the most popular manufacturers are offered at once.

When considering quite soon it becomes clear that the main selection criterion is the budget of the buyer, since the variety of offers is extremely large. It is possible to buy a sanitary hatch under the tile at different prices, which are in very wide limits depending on how they are arranged, and what material was used.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

Inexpensive hatches are usually made from thin sheet material, which makes it impossible to mask them under the tile. Their structure is very simple, and the cost is low, but such hatches are best installed in inconspicuous places. If the aesthetic side is not important, then you can buy the cheapest hatch for a bathroom under the tile.

The middle price category includes hatches designed for concealed installation, but differing in a simple opening system. In this case, the door of the hatch is held using ordinary magnets, but it is possible to mask the cover with tiles. The opening system in this case is built-in handles or special suction cups.

The highest cost is characterized by pressure hatches, which are the most technologically advanced version of the revision windows. Nevertheless, almost all users who have made a choice in favor of such a decision, argue that such spending is more than justified. According to them, the simplicity and ease of use of products of this type exceed all expectations.

Important! Regardless of what type of hatch the owner will give preference, its presence will greatly simplify the repair work, as well as regular inspections stipulated by the rules of operation of household communications.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

Wanting to buy a hidden hatch under the tile, each owner tries to choose the most suitable option, focusing on the characteristics and value of the model. Consider how to determine the size of the hidden hatch under the tile and what determines the price of this product.

Before you buy a pressure hatch under the tile, you must perform the following work:

  • first of all it is necessary to decide where the hatch will be located. Since its main task is to provide free access to communications, it must be located accordingly;
  • then you need to measure the width and height of the tile, which is used for wall decoration;
  • based on the size of the tiles, the required number is calculated to close the hole;
  • the width and height of the bathroom hatch under the tile can be calculated by multiplying the required number of tiles by their size. These simple mathematical operations will determine the appropriate size of the hatch.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

The range of prices for pressure hatches is extremely large and starts from a few hundred rubles. The most sophisticated and functional models can cost up to 16,000 rubles, if we are talking about custom-made manufacturing. Usually, if necessary, make a hatch of a special size or shape, first call the measurer. After data transfer, the company proceeds to manufacture, which on average can take from 3 to 10 days.

Helpful advice! One of the arguments in favor of making an individual order for the manufacture of the pressure hatch is to obtain a guarantee from the manufacturer for 12 months.

As practice shows, hatches under the tile can last for quite a long time, if you follow some recommendations of experts regarding the selection and operation:

  • if the hatch was installed in the opening, it is strictly forbidden to exert substantial pressure on the surface of its cover. This can lead to deformation, which in the future will not allow the hatch to fully close;

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

  • if a single-door model of the hatch is installed, its width should not exceed 70 cm. If this size is not enough to close the opening, it is better to use two shutters;
  • it is impossible to mount a pressure plumbing hatch under the tile on the floor by your own decision. Without being designed for this, he will very quickly fail. For this, there are special floor hatches for tiles with shock absorbers;
  • during transport and storage, the hatch must be in an upright position to avoid deformation.

Sizes and prices of the invisible tile hatch:

Manufacturer Size of the hatch, cm Material Type of installation Withstands weight, kg price, rub.
Revizor 20x20x4 aluminum into the wall n / a 1480
30x50x4 1860
30x30x3.5 steel eight 2750
Luker 40x40x4 five 3036
40x90x5 12.5 3861
Practice 20x40x4.1 aluminum 9 3890
Hummer 30x50x6 23 4800
60x120x6 72 7500


Products manufactured by Hummer are among the most popular today and are in demand due to the huge selection of models. Among the variety there are two models that operate using the pressure mechanism. Each of them will take a closer look.

This is a very easy to install and easy to use option, which is known for its reliability and long service life. The cost of “Glory” is quite moderate, which made it the leader in this category.

The hatch under the pressure tile: how to choose the right model

In this hatch was used innovation, which later became a distinctive feature and we can say the main advantage of this model is a well-thought-out system of hinges and connections. This solution allows you to easily open the hatch without resorting to the use of handles or suction cups.

In order to open the hatch, it is enough to make a slight pressure on the surface of the lid on the side where the latches are located. Closing is done on the same principle. In this case, the hinges in the mechanism are arranged in such a way that the combination of the door and the opening occurs automatically.

Another important point that is worth paying attention to in the process of work is the grouting of joints after finishing the tile laying work. In no case should the seals around the hatch be blocked, as this will immobilize the mechanism.

Installing a hidden hatch under the tile in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen is an opportunity to provide comfortable access to all communications and not to spoil the interior of the room. Having selected the desired size of the hatch under the tile, it can be made completely invisible to others, which is important to preserve the aesthetics of the room. And the technical characteristics of these products, as can be seen, are not only not inferior, but even surpass all other options.

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