Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

A bathroom has long been considered to be not only a room for hygiene, but also a place to relax or arrange a home spa. The bathroom starts every morning, so the equipment of this room should be given no less attention than the creation of comfort in the living rooms. The ease and sense of spatial freedom gives a shower enclosure made of glass without a tray – a modern alternative to shower enclosures.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Glass shower partitions: style and functionality

The boom on showers and boxes passed. We installed them at one time energetically, with pleasure, rejoiced at the merits and possibilities: hydromassage, tropical soul, cascade flow. Although visually even the smallest shower cubicle was a rather complex structure that occupied a significant place in the bathroom.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Shower enclosure with a pallet began to be inhibited by isolation, complexity, number of connections, fixings, gutters, which are polluted and often break. On acrylic trays, cracks may appear that do not leak, but appear unclean.

Not just fashion has changed – the requirements for comfort have changed. Freedom, spaciousness, strength, aesthetics, convenience have become the main criteria. The modern market has offered a more suitable option – fencing for a shower cabin made of glass. And in this design does not need any pallet.

Problems disappeared, and many new features appeared. First of all, the design has a simple installation, which, if desired, can be done independently. No need to cling to color to sustain a certain room design. There is a possibility not to be content with the suggested sizes, but to order them, even if they are far from the standard ones. And one more important advantage – glass fencing can be installed in any bathroom.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Installation begins with the choice of location. With regard to the installation of fences, certain rules and technical conditions must be considered. It is impossible to place a shower without a tray in the center of the room, since it will not be possible to make a floor bevel for water to flow down. A reasonable way out is to make a podium, but this will significantly complicate the installation and weight the structure visually. This option is only acceptable for large rooms.

Having a shower device is not at the opposite wall of the entrance: a sense of integrity is lost. Moreover, this affects not so much the design decision as it does on the feeling of the person in the soul. If such an option is chosen, it is necessary that the space between the entrance and the cabin be one and a half times larger than the depth of this structure.

If the bathroom has natural light, then it is better to place the cabin opposite the window. This reinforces the feeling of unlimited space and freedom. Even a small room will seem spacious.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Sometimes the choice is limited to certain conditions, for example, small sizes. If the room is square, then it is better to get a shower corner without a tray and install it in the corner opposite to the entrance. This will allow more free movement around the room. After all, most likely it will still contain at least a washbasin, a heated towel rail, and perhaps a machine.

If the room is square, but the door is not centered, but offset, it is better to install the box in the corner of a long section of the wall. This placement will make free the maximum amount of space near the glass fence. There will be no feeling of tightness, you will get a comfortable shower area.

In a small rectangular bathroom (with a short side of less than 2 m), the corner option is not recommended. It is more appropriate to install a rectangular glass curtain. If the entrance to the room is located on the narrow side (a room-pencil case), the only suitable placement option is at the wall opposite the door.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

For the manufacture of shower partitions used tempered glass. The hardening process makes it more resistant to mechanical stress. None of the items that could potentially be in the bathroom, such glass can not be broken. Even if you try to do it purposefully, using a heavy metal object, it will shatter into non-sharp fragments, so it is impossible to injure yourself.

Triplex is also used for shower cabins – ordinary glass covered with a special film. This is no less a safe type of glass. Breaking up, the fragments remain on the film, do not crumble, so the probability of injury is minimal.

As a material for making a shower, glass has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • maximum environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to high temperature;
  • not exposed to moisture;
  • low price;
  • ease of care.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

The optimal thickness of glass for the manufacture of shower enclosures is considered to be 8 mm. The total range of this value varies within 4-12 mm. The thicker the glass, the heavier the door. Impact resistance also depends on these dimensions. It is advisable to buy a shower enclosure made of glass of maximum thickness. In this case, you can be sure that moderate mechanical effects are not afraid of him.

Helpful advice! When choosing a canvas, follow the ratio of the sizes of the moving parts of the structure and the thickness of the glass. Opening and closing with effort will annoy and cause discomfort.

For the embodiment of the design decision there is an opportunity to choose any desirable option. Manufacturers offer the following basic types of flat or molded (curved) glass:

  • transparent;
  • tinted;
  • frosted;
  • color;
  • with drawing drawing in the sanding or milling way.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Constructions of shower enclosures can be divided into classical and design models. The classic options include rectangular, triangular and square shapes. Oval, wave, with peaks and other various configurations of the glass shower – this is a design version.

The choice of design depends on the configuration of the room. Successful can be considered the choice of a form similar to the room. For example, for a medium sized rectangular bathroom, it is recommended to buy a shower enclosure without a tray of the same shape. In this case, the space will not be visually lost and wholeness will be preserved.

If this option seems rustic, you should make a highlight with the help of color. Glass partitions for shower are recommended to choose one shade, and doors – another. You can apply a pattern to certain areas.

Helpful advice! It is not necessary to combine tinted and frosted glass, they are not very well combined with each other.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

For very small bathrooms and rooms with protruding walls that create niches, the design can be minimized by closing the corner or the niche only with curtains for the shower room. With this option, the walls of the shower zone should not be distinguished, it is better if they are identical to the main one. This will eliminate the separation, fragmentation of the room and preserve the feeling of free space.

Design forms are used for large rooms. Vertical waves increase the height, horizontal – visually expand the space. Such options are recommended only in a large room. In the small, they will aggravate isolation and simply fill the room completely.

Glass oval showers are one of the most demanding forms. It is worthwhile to dwell on this choice only if you can provide freedom around the entire circumference. Installed under the wall, this design loses its originality. Price and installation difficulties will not be justified, since the desired result will not be achieved.

Buying expensive, possibly exclusive glass fencing, you should consult with the designer. The original forms you chose may simply be lost in the room.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Determine the shape and size of the shower enclosure is necessary only in unity. They are interdependent and interdependent. And yet on the size is to stay separately. The desire of almost every customer is to buy a shower enclosure made of glass without a large pallet. It is presentable, allows you to move freely inside the structure. But in order to achieve maximum aesthetics, convenience and comfort, certain proportions must be observed.

Note! Glass shower enclosure should not occupy more than 30% of the floor space. Otherwise, the room becomes a minor application. The rest of the plumbing, furniture will be just attached in the free places.

The minimum size of the proposed fencing glass is 80×80 cm. Such boxes should be installed in small rooms of old-type high-rise buildings. In the small-sized apartments of modern new buildings, designs of 90×90 and 80×100 cm and even 100×100, 90×110 and 80×120 cm fit perfectly.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

In a large bathroom, size restrictions are also needed, a suitable place should be determined for the shower stall. The proportions must be sustained relative to the zone, then everything in the bathroom will be harmonious.

Determining the size of the shower, you need to take into account the free area for placing accessories, if any. Transportation is also important. To deliver to the multi-storey building a glass cabin of oval or round shape, which has an integral design, is almost impossible. When choosing the dimensions, it is necessary to take into account the technical conditions: the number of floors, the presence of a freight elevator, the width of the doorways.

Shower screen made of glass without a pan: a comfortable solution for the bathroom

Curtains for a shower cabin differ from manufacturers of Germany, Austria and Italy in a high level of quality. Their cost is relatively high. Somewhat lower prices (with fairly good quality) for glass souls made in Poland. Many competitive products offer and domestic plants. It can be purchased without doubting the quality. However, having stopped the choice on the domestic glass for the shower, the accessories are still better to prefer the European one.

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