Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Like any other room, the bathroom should be decorated not only comfortable, but also beautiful. After taking care of all the intricacies of the interior, you can give the room the desired appearance, as well as the stylistic direction. A significant role in this issue is played by the plinth for the bathroom. Let us consider how to choose this small but necessary element, what material it is made of and how to fix it on its own.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Bathroom plinth: features of choice and operation

Plinths are used to design transitions from the ceiling to the wall or the wall to the floor. Also fillets are used to fill the gap between the bowl of the bath and the wall. Their main task is to hide unsightly transitions and give the interior a complete look, as well as to prevent the undesirable effects of moisture in the joints of finishing materials.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Many people think that the only option is to buy floor plastic skirting for the ceiling, but in fact they use different materials for this purpose. This allows the baseboards to differ not only in appearance but also in technical characteristics.

The main requirement that is applied to the baseboard in the bath on the floor, on the ceiling, as well as at the junction of the bath bowl and the wall – resistance to water and steam. This is due to the specifics of the use of this room. However, this is not all that is needed. Consider how to choose the most suitable option.

Requirements for bathroom baseboards:

  • 100% water tightness of the material is necessary to eliminate the risk of moisture getting under the coating and, as a result, creating a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms;
  • the material should not be subject to the process of decay, because otherwise the plinth will very soon begin to rot in the joints;
  • resistance to corrosive processes is also required;
  • Since the bathroom requires careful cleaning, it is considered necessary that the material from which the baseboard is made is completely resistant to household chemicals. So you can maintain the proper level of cleanliness in the room;
  • If you are planning to carry out the installation yourself, it is better to choose a model that does not provide for too complex installation work. Otherwise you will have to turn to professionals or the result of the work will not meet your expectations.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

The ceiling plinth is no less in demand than the floor, as it also performs protective and decorative functions. However, one should not forget that constant contact with water and rising steam can have a negative effect if the material is not sufficiently resistant to this effect. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to use wooden curbs, which can deform under the influence of moisture, because the plastic plinth for the ceiling is much better able to cope with the task.

One of the most popular ways to solve this problem is the installation of foam plinth. This option is somewhat cheaper than plastic plinth for the bathroom and at the same time it can be easily attached by yourself, but it looks quite satisfactory. The only thing that needs to be considered is this material is very fragile and requires careful handling during transportation and installation.

A more expensive, but significantly superior in performance option – fillets from polyurethane. Such plinths have a high plasticity, due to which they allow to shape any uneven surfaces, as well as protrusions. Like foam, this material is completely resistant to water and steam, and special adhesive is used to fix it.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Another option is to install PVC fillets. Such a plinth will be perfectly combined with panels of the same material. And the color scheme is usually chosen to match the color of the ceiling, although such panels do not differ excessively.

Plastic ceiling plinth is a safe option in the design of any interior, as the color solutions of such fillets are not limited and it is not easy to choose an option that will perfectly match the color of the bathroom walls.

Due to the high humidity in the bathroom, wooden baseboards in this room are not used. A tiled or plastic border for the bathroom will become much more functional, especially since walls are often decorated with the same material and it becomes easier to keep the stylistic combination. Although there are other options that perfectly hide the joint between the floor and the wall.

In any case, deciding which plinth to choose for the floor, first of all you need to be guided by aesthetic compliance, as well as the technical characteristics of a particular material.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Ceramic floor plinth is ideal if you decide to use tile for wall decoration. Of course, its installation is much more complicated than in the case of using plastic panels, but this option looks more expensive and spectacular. The colors and width are practically unlimited and you can easily buy a ceramic plinth for the floor that suits you.

As for the operational life of such an option, it is largely determined by the observance of operating conditions. This material is not subject to deformation, and therefore the only real threat to it is a mechanical impact. That is the main thing – to avoid strikes on the plinth and not to drop heavy objects, as this may cause cracks and chips.

The main problem that arises in the event of damage to the integrity of the ceramic plinth for the bathroom – a violation of the integrity of the coating. As a result of water ingress into the gap, mold can form, as well as a fungus can develop.

Note! Depending on the model chosen, the ceramic plinth is installed differently: on top of the tile or between the floor and the tile. In the first case, use a model called “boot”, and in the second the usual flat plinth.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

The technical characteristics of the plastic baseboard is not inferior to ceramic. It looks, of course, much easier and cheaper, but its price is much more affordable, the mounting process is simpler, and resistance to water and steam is just as good.

How to fasten a plastic plinth to the floor – even a beginner can figure it out. In some models on the back of each panel there is a special rubber band that provides the most snug fit of the plinth to the wall. Fastening can be carried out both before wall decoration and after. Experts say that the use of the second method will have a positive effect on the operational life of the tile, although it will negatively affect the possibility of further dismantling the baseboard itself.

Although the traditional option is considered to be a white baseboard for the bathroom, some reviews claim that the use of color options has its advantages. So, they get dirty less and are not inclined to turn yellow with time, which is a considerable advantage in conditions of high humidity.

Therefore, before you make a purchase, it is recommended to read the reviews to learn more about what problems may arise in the process of using one option or another, as well as once again become familiar with how to fix floor plastic skirting yourself.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Since ensuring the tightness of all joints is a prerequisite for the design of a “wet” room, you will need to give preference to the most moisture resistant models. You can buy a ceramic baseboard for the bathroom, plastic fillets or choose from other equally interesting options.

If you are ready to seriously invest in the design of your own bathroom, then a marble plinth in the bathroom on the floor is ideal. In terms of service life, it surpasses even ceramic, not to mention all the others. Nevertheless, this choice is fraught with not only serious financial costs, but also difficulties in choosing a combination with wall and floor covering. Since the color palette of marble is very limited, it is necessary to take care of compliance in advance.

Among the plinths in the bathroom for a bath, perhaps the most popular and cheapest option is a self-adhesive silicone baseboard. Made from polymer, it has a low cost and the most simple mounting technology. And with all this, he adequately copes with his main task – protecting the joint from moisture, and also gives the interior a neat and complete appearance.

The main disadvantages of this option are limited in the choice of colors and design, as well as a short operational period. In most cases, this cheap option lasts for 1-2 years of use, after which it necessarily requires replacement.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Acrylic baseboard for the bathroom is highly resistant to any external factors and is usually used in cases where the bowl itself is made of the same material. Installation of panels is made according to standard technology, and you can buy an acrylic baseboard for the bathroom at an affordable price.

Helpful advice! Do not over-save on the purchase and installation of baseboards for the bath. Otherwise, soon you may encounter such unpleasant phenomena as fungus and mold. And this will entail recurring replacement costs.

In order for the plinth in the bathroom to maintain the harmony of the interior, and not distort it, you must follow in choosing a few simple rules.

White skirting – ideal for any finish. You can also choose the panel, the color of which coincides with the color of the walls, ceiling or floor. In this case, a neutral edging will not be evident and at the same time will not violate the integrity of the interior.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

Before you decide on the width of the curb, be sure to evaluate the available floor space. The dimensions of floor plastic skirting boards are different and here it is worth adhering to such rules: wide models are permissible only in the case of a sufficiently spacious bathroom that is not overly loaded with furniture. It is also desirable that the ceilings be rather high. In all other cases it is better to give preference to narrower and more modest models.

Helpful advice! Visually raise the ceiling will help the baseboard of the same color as the wall. So you can expand the space a bit if the bathroom is very small.

Installing the plinth is an easy task that anyone can handle. Nevertheless, the process requires attention, as well as compliance with some rules:

  • do not delay with the installation of baseboards. Especially when it comes to silicone or plastic bathroom curtain. The newer and cleaner the surface with which you work, the more likely it is to install the product qualitatively. However, in any case, the surface must be cleaned and prepared;
  • Be sure to pay attention to what the manufacturers of glue or liquid nails you are using on the packaging say. This will help you avoid mistakes in the process of installation and high-quality glue the panel;
  • All excess glue that gets on the surface near or on the front of the plinth should be wiped off immediately. As a rule, such compositions seize quickly enough and most likely in a few minutes to remove the drops will be problematic;

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

  • if you decide to buy a plastic plinth for the floor or bathroom design, take care of additional protection of the joints, using a sealant. Details on how to do this, you can see in the video editing plastic skirting;
  • in the process of gluing the panels, keep them pressed to the surface as much as the manufacturer of the adhesive offers to allow the glue to dry out.

Bathroom baseboard: an overview of floor and ceiling models

As can be seen, the installation of baseboards in the bathroom is of great functional importance, regardless of what type of panels we are talking about: ceiling, floor or intended to close the gap between the bath bowl and the wall. In any case, before you buy a plinth for the bathroom, familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options and only after that make a purchase.

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