Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

Today, acrylic bath is very popular among buyers: the size, variety of forms and high performance characteristics put the product made of acrylic on the first place in the ranking of sanitary devices. About the distinctive features of products, the rules for choosing its dimensions, the rating of manufacturers and models produced can be found in this article.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

What is an acrylic bath

Acrylic bath is a sanitary product made of thermoplastic polymer – acrylic, with the addition of plasticizers, dyes and stabilizers, which improve the technical and operational properties of the product.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

In turn, the bath can be made from 100% extrusion acrylic or a combined polymer. In the first case, the product has the best performance. They are more resistant to erosion and less deformed. Two other options have lower waterproofing performance, due to the technical characteristics of the material and manufacturing technology. However, these products have a lower cost compared to baths of 100% acrylic.

Acrylic bath has the following performance characteristics:

  • high level of heat supply, which contributes to the slow cooling of water to room temperature;
  • small weight of the product, which facilitates the transportation of the bath and the self-assembly of the product;
  • the variety of sizes and shapes of the product as a result of the fact that the polymer is easily processed at the stage of manufacturing products;
  • a large range of colors and a variety of stylistic configurations allow you to enter the product in any interior;
  • a smooth and even surface is characterized by a self-cleaning effect, which allows the pollution to slide off the walls of the product without being absorbed without being absorbed into its body;
  • after contact with water, the surface does not turn yellow and does not tarnish, which prolongs the life of the product;

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

  • equipping baths with various additional functions: hydromassage, aroma, chromium, color therapy, water pressure control, automatic surface disinfection;
  • the ability to control the system using the remote control;
  • various internal equipment of baths in the form of seats, head restraints, handles, shelves.

Despite the advantages, acrylic baths have disadvantages. The product has low mechanical strength, so a small mechanical impact can damage the bath. The cost of products exceeds the price of steel and cast iron counterparts, which are also superior to acrylic in strength and durability. Acrylic baths need delicate care. When exposed to the surface of the product abrasive cleaning agent, scratches are formed, which spoil the appearance of the bath.

Note! It is necessary to install the device on a special frame or reinforced frame, which will reduce the likelihood of damage to the device under significant loads. In this case, it would be appropriate to mount the screen under the bath, the size of which is selected depending on the dimensions of the product and the height of the base.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

From durable and plastic polymer, you can create a product of any configuration. Round models conquer the purity of the lines of multi-level steps, protrusions and armrests. Acrylic baths can have the following form:

  • corner;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • polygonal
  • asymmetrical.

The traditional is a rectangular acrylic bath, the photo clearly confirms this. It fits perfectly with the bathrooms of standard apartments. Despite the simple design, the product of this form provides the maximum level of comfort. Cast acrylic bathtubs are mounted along one of the walls, depending on the size of the product and the room layout.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

Very popular today, as the photos prove, angular acrylic baths, the size and price of which are presented in a wide range, ranging from 12 thousand rubles. and reaching 700 thousand rubles. This provides the ability to install the product in a room of any size with different layouts, without cluttering it. Bath can be left-handed or right-handed. The free side of the product can be concave, convex or rectangular in shape. For large rooms, you can choose a dimensional model resembling the shape of an isosceles triangle.

Helpful advice! Corner products can be purchased complete with a shower stall or for Charcot shower equipment.

The oval design is able to give the room elegance and respectability. However, thanks to the smooth lines, the product even of small dimensions will take a lot of space and visually reduce the size of the room. Such baths should be installed in spacious rooms.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

Acrylic models of round shape can hardly be called a full-fledged sanitary ware. To a large extent, this is a luxurious element of decor, which will look spectacular on a small catwalk. Round baths often have impressive dimensions, and are 2 m in diameter. Products are often equipped with additional functions, due to which they can be used as mini-pools for carrying out spa procedures at home. Such acrylic bath is made to order according to individual sizes.

Helpful advice! When it is necessary to fit a sanitary device into a room with a complex configuration, choose an asymmetrical acrylic bath. In spacious flat rooms you can install the product of any shape and size.

Just a couple of decades ago, in the construction market one could find single variants of non-standard sanitary products. Manufacturers produced iron and steel baths of strictly regulated dimensions: 0.7×1.5 m, 0.7×1.7 m, 0.9×1.8 m. The range of products rapidly began to increase after the appearance of plastic acrylic. Due to the material properties, the product can be given any unusual size and unusual shape.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

When choosing a product, it is important to study what are the sizes of acrylic baths. Today, manufacturers offer a long size range ranging from compact models and ending with dimensional mini-pools. The standard dimensions of a rectangular acrylic bath are the dimensions: length 1.2-1.8 m, width 0.7-0.8 m.

The optimal height of the acrylic bath is 0.65-7 m. The most popular is the device with a size of 1.6×0.7, which is suitable for most bathrooms in apartments of typical planning. Compact models 1,2×0,7 appeared on the market, which can ideally fit into small premises in conditions of limited space. And for spacious bathrooms it is possible to install a bath of 170 to 120 cm in size. However, there are also more dimensional models that can be classified as small pools.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

Angular acrylic baths are very popular. The size of the bathroom of a symmetrical model starts from 0.9 m and reaches 1.8 m. The dimensions of asymmetric products are in the range from 0.6×1.2 to 1.7×1.9. The size of the largest bath is 1.5×1.9 m, in which two people can comfortably sit.

The correct choice of sanitary devices is based on proportionality between the dimensions of the bath and the size of the room. For small rooms it is advisable to install compact models that do not clutter the room, and provide an opportunity to install other furniture. In this case, the ideal solution is acrylic baths with dimensions of 1.4×0.7 and 1.5×0.7 m. For large rooms, you can choose any model 1.2 m wide and 1.8 m long.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

Helpful advice! For rectangular rooms it is appropriate to install the same bath, placing it along the wall, and for square rooms it is better to choose an angular model, which can be approached from either side.

The next criterion when choosing the optimal size of the bath are the physical characteristics of all family members. Here it is important to achieve harmony, so that everyone can enjoy the water procedures and get the maximum benefit from them, without experiencing discomfort. The size of the bathroom should provide the possibility of a reclining state in which maximum muscle relaxation occurs.

Acrylic bath: sizes, shapes and reviews of popular products

The most popular lengths for an acrylic bath are 1.4; 1.5; 1.8 m, and depends on the person’s height. The optimum width of products is 0.9; 1.0; 1.2 m, which provides comfort and does not hamper movement. In the bath with a height of 0.65-, 07m is most convenient to go. And the depth of the product of at least 0.5 m allows an adult to easily hold his head above the water in a reclining position.

Bath is a device with a long period of operation. Therefore, when choosing a product should be guided by the following recommendations to exclude the possibility of buying an expensive, but not high-quality product.

A popular model is the BAS Nicole product. The price of a whirlpool bath with a size of 1.6х1.0х0.5 m is 36 thousand rubles. Here high quality and reasonable price came together. The small dimensions of the product allow you to enter the bath in a small room.

Today, the construction market has a wide range of acrylic baths of various shapes and sizes. Before making a choice in favor of a particular model, you should familiarize yourself with popular manufacturers and study the characteristics of the products offered.

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