Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Hozblok to give is one of the most necessary and multifunctional buildings. The construction can be used not only as a storage place for tools, agricultural tools, garden and auxiliary materials. Here you can organize a comfort zone with facilities where you can relax and take baths or bath procedures after a hard day’s work.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

What is a hozblok to give

The economic unit is a non-residential structure, which is intended for storing various equipment and necessary things. It is also recommended to organize a place for rest and a zone for cooking and eating, or to arrange a room for taking water procedures. You can create a hozblok with a drovniki, which will store the stock of raw materials for a fire, fireplace or stove.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

The building may be temporary or capital. In the first case, the construction is erected from any material at hand, including used material. Capital construction involves a thorough approach with the arrangement of the foundation, wall construction, roofing and installation of windows and doors. In this case, you will need to pre-develop the project of the hozblok in the country with their own hands, the drawings of which will display the construction progress.

For the construction of structures often use wood, metal or plastic. The tree is environmentally friendly, reliable and durable material. However, to protect the building from insects and rotting boards must be treated with a special impregnation. Plastic constructions are lightweight and cost effective. Metal buildings are used primarily as a garage.

Hozblok can be bought in finished form. From the proposed options, a model is selected that satisfies the stated requirements and future assignment. It can be mounted independently, or the order of the hozblok for giving with assembly on a site is carried out.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Type of hozbloka to give (photos clearly display various options for the construction of the building) is determined depending on its purpose and functionality.

The construction on wheels with the hook-on mechanism thanks to what it can be moved to any place, is a mobile change house. Hozblok for giving of this kind most often meet during performance of construction works. They are used as temporary structures for the storage of various accessories. This design saves the time required for the construction of buildings.

In the case of temporary storage facilities, the building can be converted into a hotel house. Here you can organize an outdoor veranda, setting a table with chairs for a comfortable summer tea.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

The design of the barn type is designed to store garden tools and harvested crops. It can be made of wood or metal. The first option is less durable because the material is more susceptible to the negative effects of natural environmental factors. The metal hozblok for giving is the ideal decision for storage of various garden stock.

In the case of global construction work on the site, it is necessary to erect a storage facility where it will be possible to store the material, tools and mechanisms involved in the work. This building should have a good waterproofing and be equipped with a reliable lock to ensure the safety of internal filling. It is recommended to equip a shower and a carport near the warehouse, where you can have a snack and a rest.

For vast suburban areas, many are satisfied with the post of protection. Such an object is better to buy in finished form. The most difficult construction to give is the hozblok with amenities. The building may include a bathroom, a shower room, a place for cooking and eating, a sleeping corner, a storage room and an open area under a shed.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Helpful advice! It is recommended to equip a mini-kitchen with a simplified version of the necessary communications that will provide the possibility of full cooking.

It is advisable to use the building in the form of a garage not only for a car. Here you can equip the cellar, organizing a place for storing crops and conservation. It is also recommended in the room to take a zone for storage of garden tools. Presence in the garage in the country will be the presence of a viewing pit.

The size of the utility block depends on its purpose. Mobile change houses and a post of protection are characterized by the small sizes. But for warehouses, garages and buildings with amenities you will have to allocate more land.

The simplest solution for giving will be buying a ready hozblok, which will be enough to assemble according to the instructions and install. Such designs are presented in metal and plastic versions.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

The structure of the metal structure includes a frame and professional sheet. For the assembly of such a design use of the welding machine is not provided. Components are fastened with special parts. It will take a little more time to assemble than to organize a plastic model. If there is no possibility for self-installation, you can order a hozblok for the cottage with the assembly.

The metal construction is devoid of the floor part, which requires the arrangement of its installation zone. To do this, the site for the hozblok can be poured with concrete or lay on paving slabs. Metal construction is made of galvanized steel. In order to protect the structure against corrosion, the surface of the material is covered with paint and varnish compounds. It also ensures a long service life. The design does not need special care.

The plastic collective hozblok for giving consists of several separate sections. Due to its low weight, the construction can be easily transported to the installation site. Assembly takes place within three hours without the use of special fasteners and specific tools. All necessary items are included. Plastic hozblok is mobile, so if necessary, it is easy to move to a new location.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Important! The design does not need preliminary construction of the foundation.

Plastic structures have floors, windows, doors and are equipped with ventilation. This design does not rust, does not rot and does not need special care. The warranty period of operation is 10 years.

Despite the fact that ready-made versions of hozblok are characterized by simplicity and speed of construction, many prefer more solid capital buildings, for the construction of which can be used brick or wood. The first option is durable and unpretentious to maintain the material. However, the organization of capital construction of brick will require a lot of time and effort. A quicker and simpler solution is a wooden hozblok made using frame technology.

This technique is widely used in the construction of objects at their summer cottage. This is due to the simplicity of the process and the minimum amount of materials required. Therefore, the cost of this design will be significantly less than the price of the finished model, while it will satisfy all the needs of the owner.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

The most popular are hozbloki with toilet, shower and a small room. They can be used as a warehouse, resting place or overnight. Hozblok with woodsheds for giving and organization of lighting will allow to sleep in it from early spring until late autumn. After completion of the construction of the country house, the building can be converted into a bath with a shower. With a slight increase in the area of ​​the roof of the building, it is possible to organize a shed with an open terrace. Formed area is recommended to furnish a table with chairs that will give the opportunity to relax in the summer evenings or after taking bath procedures.

Before you build a hozblok, detailed planning is performed with the implementation of the drawings, the preparation of the required amount of material and a set of tools. The economic block most often has small dimensions. Despite this, the structure allows to solve a number of tasks:

  • equip a warehouse for storage of garden tools;
  • create additional zones in the form of a toilet, shower, rest rooms with private facilities.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Based on the purpose of the building, a detailed construction plan is executed with the layout of the premises of the required size. Here you should specify all the dimensions of each compartment. In case of difficulties with the creation of a drawing of the hozblok do it yourself is recommended to use the Internet. On specialized sites you can find various real projects of hozblok, which can be downloaded for free or purchased at a reasonable cost.

The next step is to create a list of building materials on the basis of the drawings. Hozblok do-it-yourself mainly erected from a wooden beam. In addition to it, you will need cladding panels, hydro and thermal insulation, as well as finishing material for walls and roofs. In the case of buildings with a toilet and a shower should consider the layout of water supply and sanitation. Concrete blocks, gravel and sand are useful for creating the foundation.

Before you start building a business unit, you should choose the right place for it at the dacha. It depends not only on the particular layout of the total area, but also on the purpose of the future construction.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

If the construction of a utility block with a shower and a toilet is planned, the building should be located at least 1 m to the border with the neighbor’s plot and 8 m to the residential building. In the case of organizing a barn for keeping poultry and domestic animals, the building is located no closer than 4 m from the border with the neighboring land plot and at a distance of 12 m from the house.

Helpful advice! You can save more free territory by erecting a corner utility block for summer cottage.

If the location of the business unit does not meet the conditions of the current regulatory documents, in case of a transaction for the sale of a plot with buildings there will be serious difficulties. By individual written agreement it is possible to coordinate with the neighbors closer to the border location of the building.

Hozblok to give as a necessary multifunctional structure

Helpful advice! In the case of presence at the site of centralized water supply for the shower, you can install a boiler.

The presence at the cottage economic construction contributes to the proper organization of space and the solution of a number of problems. Here you can not only organize storage areas, but also create a comfortable bathroom with a shower. Today, such buildings are presented in the form of ready hozblokov for giving turnkey. If desired, and the presence of certain building skills, the construction can be done independently, taking into account the purpose and structural features of the structure.

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