Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

Greenhouses of arcs with a covering material are very popular because they have a simple structure, light weight and are ideal for installation both in large greenhouses and on open ground. The length of such a greenhouse can be from 4 to 10 m, so it is easy to choose the right option. In addition, in addition to the acquisition of ready-made designs, you can consider the option of its self-production.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: design features

The design of the greenhouse, made of arcs and covering material, is always quite primitive. It is an arched frame, which is covered with a material suitable for this purpose, as a rule, with a polyethylene film or a nonwoven web. The height of the greenhouse is considered to be the distance from the ground to the top of any of the arches, and usually this figure is in the range from 0.5 to 1.3 m.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models


The optimal width of a greenhouse made of arcs is considered to be 0.6-1.2 m. The width depends on the length of the arc and the height of the structure, while the length determines the distance between the arcs and their number. The most popular are factory-made models that have a length of 4.6 or 8 m.

Independent production of a greenhouse from arcs completely removes any restrictions from you, and you are free to make a greenhouse of absolutely any size. It is necessary only to remember that a large structure will be less resistant to winds. This is especially true of those greenhouses that were made and PVC arcs.

In addition, the design does not necessarily have to be primitive. For example, the drawing of Fedorov’s greenhouse demonstrates that much more complicated and at the same time convenient construction can be made from the same arcs.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

There are a number of tasks that will help solve the greenhouse of the arcs with a covering material. Consider why it is worth buying a greenhouse under the film, and to solve what problems it can be used:

  • in regions where it is quite cold and the climate is not suitable for growing heat-loving plants, such greenhouses are used for heat-loving crops. Here it is important to understand that the design should fit the size of large, adult plants, and not just the seedlings. In this case, the film or canvas is fixed with the help of special clips, which allow you to easily access the garden at any time;
  • Another mission of greenhouses of this type is the gradual adaptation of seedlings planted in open ground to external conditions and other temperatures. Thanks to the covering material, even very young plants will not be afraid of night frost, nor the scorching day sun. The design can be easily disassembled immediately after the plants have taken root, which allows not to replant them;

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

  • in spring, and especially in early periods, when it is still too cold for plants, you can grow greens, radishes and other similar crops inside the greenhouse, getting a wonderful addition to your diet;
  • simple collapsible greenhouses from arcs are often used to stimulate seed germination. For example, if you sow carrots or parsnips, then the first seedlings in the open field will have to wait quite a long time. Quite another thing if you build around a greenhouse: the germination process will take place 3 times faster;
  • use such simple greenhouses and in cases where there is a risk of mass destruction of plant pests. The design is simply assembled and dismantled immediately after you are sure that the threat has passed;
  • crop protection from birds and animals is another destination with which the greenhouse of arcs perfectly copes. This may be necessary, for example, during the strawberry season, when birds pose a threat to your harvest. The film will become an insurmountable barrier for them, even if you close the beds only by half.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

The process of assembling a finished greenhouse from arcs takes very little time and is quite simple. Each set contains special pegs that need to be driven into the ground, after which it remains only to attach arcs to them. Covering material is pulled from above and securely fixed with special clamps.

Helpful advice! An even simpler option is to buy a greenhouse from a covering material, the arcs of which are sewn inside the nonwoven fabric. In this case, all you have to do is deploy the structure on the garden, put it in the right place and drive the pegs into the ground, which will ensure its stability.

Depending on the size of the future greenhouse, a different number of elements may be included in the factory kit. But at the same time, each of the components can be bought separately, so as not to overpay for a set, if this is not necessary. In addition, it makes it possible to make an individual design that is ideally suited specifically for your site.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

Depending on the characteristics, you can purchase the following types of arcs from the greenhouse:

  • arc consisting of 5 mm elastic wire, which is covered with PVC sheath, serving as a protection against corrosion;
  • in the second case, the outer layer also consists of PVC, but steel pipes with a cross section of 10-12 mm are used as the base;
  • A cheaper option is plastic pipes, without a metal base. Usually their diameter is 20-25 cm.

To understand which materials are best suited for your purposes, you need to get an idea of ​​the properties and characteristics of each. Only after that it will be possible to make the right decision.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

The greatest strength is different metal, so it is the metal arc for the greenhouse are considered the most reliable and easier to use than others. It is easy to stick them into the ground, and the characteristics of the material make it possible not to worry about the arc being deformed. At the same time, PVC sheath protects the metal from the effects of external factors, in particular, corrosion.

It goes without saying that the more durable material used for manufacturing, the higher will be the price of arcs for the greenhouse. So, the cost of plastic is much lower than metal.

Positive aspects of plastic pipes include a higher level of flexibility. With their help, it is easier to form the frame of the desired shape, giving the greenhouse the desired width and height. But at the same time, bending the plastic pipe, there is a risk of breaking it. Yes, and stick it into the ground can be quite difficult. In order to do this, you need to use pegs hammered into the ground in advance, which can be found on sale or even bundled in a greenhouse. Also suitable for this purpose and pieces of reinforcement.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models


As for the elements used for fastening the covering material, there are special plastic clips for this. They firmly fix the film on the frame. If you make a greenhouse with your own hands, the clips can be purchased separately in the required quantity. And in order to attach the edges of the covering material to the ground, there are special elements – pegs with clips, which are driven into the ground.

It is possible to buy arches for a greenhouse, and also all other necessary elements both in a set, and separately from each other. But if you want to save yourself from unnecessary trouble, the first option, of course, is preferable. Depending on how much space you plan to allocate under the greenhouse, you can choose the right set.

Ready-made greenhouses are easier to assemble and you don’t have to worry about installing them. The only thing you have to face is the inability to somehow modify the factory model. It is not possible to change the distance between arcs. This is especially true of those structures in which the arcs are sewn into the fabric. Consider which of the models are most popular: their features and characteristics.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

There was no time for the concealment of beds the Dayas construction was created, which consists of plastic arcs fixed inside the canvas. The length of each arc is 2 m, and its cross section is 20 mm. In order for the arch to be easily installed, special pegs of 20 mm each are located at both ends of the arc. They are very easy to stick into the ground, after which the structure will be held securely.

This greenhouse has a sectional design that allows you to change its length depending on your own desire. Using the basic set, you can make a Dayas with a length of 4 to 6 m. At the same time, its height will always be 0.7 m, and its width – 1.2 m. Provided there are 4 sections, the construction cost is about 1,590 rubles.

Helpful advice! In order to fix the canvas in the raised position, you need special plastic clips. In this case, the manufacturer provides and bundled, but if you want, you can buy them yourself.

Greenhouses from arcs with covering material: an overview of the best models

Caring for plants is made easier by the ability to move the covering sheet upwards in arcs. This happens due to the fact that the material moves easily along arcs, although it is sewn to them. The proposed covering material for a greenhouse has a width of 2.1 m.

When deciding to buy a greenhouse with arcs and covering material, you should try to take into account as many user reviews as possible, and at the same time consider all the characteristics of the structures and their compliance with the operating conditions you have as objectively as possible.

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