Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Country houses, as well as country houses, need alternative fuel, which is most often used as firewood. They are necessary for the kindling of stoves, baths and barbecues. For storage of firewood used special facilities – woodsmen. In some cases, sheds will be converted for this purpose. Everyone can build a woodshed with their own hands, but for this you need to study the order of work and the rules that contribute to the proper drawing up of drawings.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Drovnik, Drovnitsa and Drovnik: photos and specifications

There are several options for simple structures that allow you to store firewood. In this case, it is very important to understand the terminology, since, for example, a woodshed may differ from a firewood house. In some regions of Russia, these terms denote the same concept, but there are still differences between these buildings.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Drovyanik is a shed for firewood, which is made of wood and most often has a foundation. This building belongs to the group of separate buildings, so it does not adjoin a residential building. In turn, woodshed is a simplified variety of woodsheds. Its main difference lies in the fact that it has a canopy structure, which is adjacent to a residential building.

Another fuel storage facility is Drovnitsa, its structure is the simplest. Drovnitsa is a small basket with which the transfer of firewood. This term may also denote a stand for firewood.

Photos drovnitsy and other designs allow you to more clearly understand their differences from each other. Despite the differences, each of these facilities is used to store firewood. When assembling a woodpile, it is necessary to become familiar with its structural features, due to its purpose.

Firewood is an indispensable resource that allows you to heat suburban residential buildings. In those places where there is no gasification, use a similar fuel. It is used not only to provide heating, but also for kindling a bath, as well as in the event that it is required to cook meat on the grill. In order for the firewood not to be dampened, it is necessary to pay attention to a few nuances of their storage.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

As a rule, firewood is stored for a long time, so the volumes of purchased or harvested batches are quite large. Such fuel can be stored in a shed, garage or in any other building that has a roof. In some cases, the owners of the site build a special woodpile (standing alone or adjacent to the wall of the house).

In order to perform it yourself, it is necessary to study the algorithm of work, which gives the opportunity to answer the question of how to build a woodshed at the cottage with their own hands in stages. Photo and video materials are also recommended for viewing.

Useful information! Recently cut firewood must be dried thoroughly before use. It is very important to understand that if the logs are not dry enough, they will not be able to provide the necessary degree of heating of the room in case of their use in the stove or fireplace. Also, wet firewood emit much more smoke, which contributes to clogging the chimney.

The important point is not only the location of firewood, but also the conditions of their storage. In no case should the logs get wet. Woodsmen or woodsmen to give allow you to provide the necessary conditions for the storage of fuel. To these structures put forward several requirements that they must meet.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

First of all, it is necessary that such a structure be located in a convenient place. Dimensions of a woodshed are selected individually, depending on the needs of the owners of the cottage or a country house. However, the design must have sufficient size to accommodate a large supply of firewood.

When storing logs, it is necessary to ensure their ventilation. Firewood should be well ventilated so as not to damp. One of the main rules is that a street raft is always performed with a canopy. It is needed to protect the logs from the effects of precipitation.

The direct influence of sunlight on wood logs negatively affects their structure. Such firewood dries out strongly and, when used, burns out very quickly, without having time to release enough heat. In addition, the woodshed should harmoniously fit into the design of the site.

When choosing a place for a structure in which firewood will be stored, it is necessary to focus on a few points. First of all, you should pay attention to the estimated dimensions of the building, which, in turn, are determined by individual needs.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

If the need for firewood is limited to cooking kebabs on the grill, then it is recommended to place the woodpile closer to the cooking zone of the meat dish. In this case, the choice of location of the structure is explained by simple convenience. It should be noted that it is impossible to locate a wooden fryer too close to the brazier. The distance must be sufficient to prevent the building from burning out of a random spark.

Experts do not recommend installing woodpile in the center of the site. This is due to the fact that such a location makes the woodshed the main architectural structure, which focuses on attention. Most often, this design is located in close proximity to the residential building.

Among other things, a place for a woodshed must be chosen taking into account the fact whether there is a flower garden or a vegetable garden on the site. A woodpile, as a rule, has rather large dimensions, giving a considerable shade, into the area of ​​which green plantings can fall.

When assembling a woodpile with your own hands, you need to ensure its maximum availability. You should not have it too close to other household structures on the site. It is advisable to pave a path to it. This will allow convenient access to the structure during the rainy and winter season.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Firewood must be protected not only from precipitation, but also from moisture that accumulates in the soil. The woodpile is recommended to be placed on a height. If it stands in a lowland, then the wood will quickly get wet, since the water after rains is concentrated on such sites. Drovnitsy for giving on the street with the hands are carried out so that their lower part was located slightly above the level of the soil.

Useful information! In order to simplify the selection of the most suitable place for such a construction, it is recommended to draw a simple site plan. It is necessary to indicate the house, outbuildings and all other exploited zones. This will assess the feasibility of placing a woodshed in one place or another.

Detached logs are the most common variety. Quite often you can find a hozblok with drovnitsa. In some cases, wall structures are installed, which are adjacent to the dwelling. The choice of location is a very important event, on which the convenience of operating a future structure for storing firewood depends.

Before you start assembling a woodshed you need to assess your personal needs for wood fuel. In the case of irregular use of logs (for example, for the preparation of kebabs), you can get by with a small construction. However, the level of need for wood may be higher. For example, in winter, fireplaces are used to heat the cottages, so wood fuel is a daily necessity. In such a situation, it is best to install a volume drovnik with a good supply of logs.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

As an example, it is recommended to pay attention to the photo of woodpiles for firewood with different dimensions. The small structures contain a rather limited supply of wood, which, however, can be easily replenished. More dimensional structures, resembling sheds, are intended for the constant use of firewood.

In any case, the main thing that you need to focus on when choosing dimensions of woodpile is individual needs. Before installation, it is recommended to carry out an approximate calculation of the size of the structure, as well as to study various photos of the firemen. For the dacha several types of these constructions are used, which can be visually verified. It should be guided by the value corresponding to the required amount of wood.

The next step (after calculating the dimensions and choosing the right place) is the selection of the type of structure. First you need to compare the budget with the desired result. In some cases, for the construction of the woodpile are used exclusively improvised means.

To date, there are several types of woodpiles that are worth paying attention to. Each of the varieties has its own characteristics, depending on the design. Consider what options for storage structures logs are most common.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Canopy This design is one of the most common. This results from the fact that it differs in simplicity of execution. Everyone can do the simplest shed for firewood with their own hands. The drovniki for a summer residence, made in the form of a canopy, have only 3 walls, a floor, and also a roof protecting logs from influence of an atmospheric precipitation.

Note! When choosing this type of woodpile is recommended to perform the floor slightly raised. This will ensure the protection of firewood from getting wet from the bottom. The canopy can be both separately standing, and wall.

Pergolas. This design is the most attractive, so for its construction will require more funds. Photos of firemen in the form of gazebos allow you to evaluate their benefits. The design includes a door and can be detached. In addition, quite often there are structures of this type, which, in addition to storing firewood, perform several more functions. In this case, the woodpile is attributed to the hozbloku.

Open constructions. This structure consists of 2 walls and a floor, which is raised to protect the wood from getting wet. The classic version of an open woodpile excludes the presence of a roof. However, some owners still cover firewood canopy. This design is quite simple to do it yourself. How does a woodshed photo contribute to choosing one? Pictures allow you to visually assess the feasibility of a particular structure.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Sheds. To store logs, it is not necessary to construct a special structure. Firewood can be folded in a regular barn. But it is worth remembering that this option is convenient with a small number of logs, as the place in the barn is often occupied with tools, old furniture and other items.

The main material used in the installation of woodpiles is wood. For the construction of these structures can be used as ordinary boards, and wooden beams. In the second case, the structure looks more presentable. Bar buildings are an excellent solution if the territory of the site is decorated in a natural style.

Often used for this purpose wooden pallets. Drovyan from pallets – a simple but effective design. In addition, for the installation of such a structure, you can take other unnecessary materials, such as metal pipes, sheets of chipboard, etc.

The basic rules used in the construction of such a structure require the arrangement of good natural ventilation and a protective overhang. In addition to wood, other materials can be used to make such a structure. For example, polycarbonate sheets are very popular. This modern raw material has a lot of merit and a fairly affordable price.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

Another material that is used in the installation of woodpile is metal. Forged firewood houses have a presentable appearance, they look stylish and elegant. Most often, small structures are made of metal. This is due to the large weight, as well as the rather high cost of the material. The advantages of such woodpiles include their high strength.

Useful information! To protect the material from rusting, metal products must be painted or treated with a special anti-corrosion compound.

Having certain skills in construction, if you wish, you can assemble a woodshed from your own hands from any material. Photo designs will help determine the choice of species. Drovyanik easy to perform and from improvised means. For this purpose, suitable old boards and other unnecessary materials. If it is necessary to prepare a wood for storage of firewood that will be used exclusively for the ignition of the brazier, then the task is greatly simplified. A small cabinet can be adapted for this function.

Drovyanik do it yourself: optimal design for storing logs

For the heating of a country house or cottage firewood is most often used. There are certain rules for storing logs that must be observed. The presence of woodshed will allow you to select a specific place for firewood and simplify their use. Before the start of construction of a similar construction, it is required to draw up a scheme and select a convenient site for this construction.

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