Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

This article describes in detail all the stages according to which the construction of a bath house in the country is carried out: video, step-by-step instructions, requirements for structures and materials. In the text you can find the most common and popular projects, photos of the best buildings, practical tips on creating a bathhouse on the summer cottage with your own hands: starting with the choice of construction, foundation and roof, ending with finishing the floors and choosing furniture.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Construction of a practical and beautiful bathhouse in the country: photos inside and outside, interesting projects

In order to create comfortable conditions for living or recreation, the owners of the dacha plots improve the territory. For this, flowerbeds or lawns are broken in the courtyard, recreation areas are equipped and small buildings are erected, for example, sheds, gazebos, summer kitchens, etc. An integral part of the comfort at the cottage is a sauna.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The following factors affect the operating comfort:

  • production material;
  • internal layout;
  • type of steam supply;
  • temperature conditions;
  • air humidity, etc.

Much of this depends on the features of the project and compliance with all the requirements of the technology.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Russian steam room is the most common type of homemade baths in the country, photos of such structures in large quantities can be found on the net. Such a structure is a room equipped with a stove. In the process of burning fuel, it builds up heat. For the Russian steam room is characterized by high humidity, so to increase the amount of water vapor, it is enough to pour cold water on hot stones.

Furo Japanese baths are made in the form of a large wooden tub. It is filled with hot water and installed in a room with moist air, the temperature of which reaches 30 ° C and more. Most often, the construction of such baths in the country with a shower, because before the visit it is desirable to wash.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Very popular Finnish baths, called saunas. The designs of these structures are no different from Russian steam rooms, the difference lies in the microclimate. In Finnish saunas, the air is kept dry. In such conditions, the human body is able to withstand a higher temperature. Some lovers of steam can transfer heating in excess of 100 ° C. But this is only possible in Finnish saunas.

Do not refuse gardeners and the construction of the Turkish bath hamam. These structures are operated at lower temperatures. It is recommended to keep the air in the room moist and not to raise the temperature above 50-60 ° С. In such conditions, a person can spend several hours in the steam room without fear of harming their health.

Important! Broom can be used in the steam room only at low temperatures. Otherwise, from his application may remain severe burns on the skin.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

There are also more exotic options, for example, Mexican or Roman steam room. But for their construction will require a large room.

Compact projects: photo baths in the country 3×4 meters

If the site is small, it is better to limit the construction of a Turkish bath or Russian steam bath. Only these designs have compact dimensions.

The most rational solution will be the arrangement of a compact bath inside the house. Such structures are part of a residential building project. It is assumed that one of the rooms of the house on the first floor will be reserved for the shower and steam room. As a result, the owner can significantly save on the construction of a detached building. In addition, only a steam room will need thermal insulation.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

A small bath can be performed in the form of an extension to the house. This option is used in cases where the design of the building was not provided for the arrangement of the steam room. It is recommended to attach the bath to the back wall of the house. Thus, the structure will be hidden from outsiders and protected from drafts and wind.

Serious investments may require the construction of a small capital bath in the country with their own hands, photos of such structures look pretty impressive. There are projects that have a terrace where you can relax on summer evenings. Capital structures can be used without restrictions in relation to humidity and temperature, since they are installed far from home and can not harm the microclimate of the premises in a residential building, unlike the previous two options.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

A compact substitute for a stationary bath will be a mobile sauna in the form of a trailer. This design does not cause problems with transportation and is installed directly on the ground. In some cases, it may be necessary to build a low-power foundation. The trailers are able to provide the necessary comfort, but such constructions fall into the economy category.

The number of budget decisions include temporary structures. The designs of such baths are made in the form of canopies made of dense tent material. Their installation is carried out on a paved area or other flat surface. After using the steam room, the tent bath is dismantled.

Unusually look budget projects of bath-drums for the summer. Products have a cylindrical structure made of wood and mounted on two supports. The internal layout involves 1-2 partitions that divide the space into 2-3 sections. The branch in depth is allocated for the organization of the steam room.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The price of such a bath for a turnkey issue is about 35-220 thousand rubles. If you do the construction yourself, this figure can be reduced by half. Work will require boards with a cross section of 9X4.5 cm or 9X5 cm.

Helpful advice! If you use the slotting method, the construction of the barrel can be made collapsible. In this case, for reliability, it is recommended to use metal hoops that will fix the parts of the building.

Reviews on the flank bath for giving reviews on the forums also confirm the practicality of this design:

“For a small section, a barrel-shaped sauna is just a godsend. I never thought that my six acres would allow me to get my own steam room. I did not dare to build a bath on my own, so I ordered it from specialists. The result exceeded all expectations. The bath has everything for comfort, even a small porch with a visor. ”

Sergey Kon, Moscow

To independently build a bath for a start, you should define a plan of action:

  • pick a favorite project;
  • study the construction scheme in stages;
  • pick up the building material, calculate its volumes and buy everything you need;
  • to carry out construction;
  • bring the communication system;
  • to complete the finish, to equip the bath inside and out.

Similarly do the companies engaged in the turnkey construction. Regardless of whether the bath will be made to order or erected on its own, every nuance must be thought out in advance.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Most often, the dacha plots do not have large sizes, so in the process of designing the baths, it is necessary to reckon with the area of ​​the territory, which imposes certain restrictions on the design and general parameters of the building. It is recommended to locate the structure on a height, which will allow to properly organize the discharge of water. It is desirable that a river or another body of water is located nearby.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself: step-by-step instructions for the construction

Projects, photos, features of frame baths. Frame-shield baths. Turnkey baths: prices, where to buy. Step by step erection instructions, video.

If you set the bath so that the sunset rays of the sun fell into the steam room through the window, this will help relieve stress. In this case, the bath should be located so that the entrance to it would be clearly visible from the window of the house. This placement allows you to monitor the building itself and the children.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Helpful advice! If you design the bath as an extension to the house, you can save on materials and simplify the work. In this case, one of the walls will be ready, and the construction itself will be more reliable.

In the design process, be sure to check the requirements of SNiP 30-02-97. The sixth section contains all regulatory requirements for the construction of baths, including optimal placement. It is not recommended to have the structure closer than 10 m from wooden objects on the site.

You also need to follow the requirements of the construction standards of the bath from the fence of neighbors and other objects located in the territory. From the garden house the minimum allowable distance is 3 m. Household buildings should not be located less than 1 m from the intended construction site. If the regulations of the regulatory documents are disregarded, the authorities or neighbors may demand that the structure be moved to another location, which would entail additional time and money.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Development of the project for the construction of a bath at the dacha is carried out taking into account the technical and operational characteristics of the material to be used in the work.

The highest demand among developers are projects of the following types:

  • frame structures;
  • prefabricated saunas made of wood;
  • buildings made of block material, stone or brick;
  • buildings made on the basis of arbolita.

Having bet on a certain material, you should make sure that it meets the requirements for all criteria of safety standards. For example, the bath should warm up quickly and withstand daily use without any problems. If it takes half a day to warm up the room, it is much more practical to use a summer shower.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

It is desirable that the construction provided for the most simple, while practical design with minimal cost. The exceptions are those cases where a country house is presented in the form of a two-story cottage in which people live for a long time. Then the sauna should have an appropriate execution.

The most common buildings in the suburban areas are baths, made of wood. This option is not the cheapest, but within the reach of most. For the construction of such a project will need to organize a good and reliable foundation. But you can save on insulation, because the bath of wood perfectly retain heat.

The owners of suburban areas are in high demand designs made by the method of frame construction. Such projects have the most budget price and at the same time perfectly fulfill their function. In addition, it will not be necessary to build a heavy and expensive foundation, since such structures have little weight.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Helpful advice! If there is no time or desire to personally engage in construction, you can buy a mini-bath to give in finished form. Manufacturers offer various modifications starting with mobile structures, which are fixed as a trailer on the car, ending with products in the form of a large barrel.

Brick and masonry are less commonly used in the construction of country baths. This is due to the need to manufacture a very heavy foundation. In addition, the stone walls are very cold, in such cases it takes a long time to warm up the bath. As an alternative, foam blocks or gas blocks can be used. These materials do not need a massive foundation, and the walls are not prone to freezing. Using foam blocks or gas blocks, care should be taken to protect the material from moisture, because it has a high hygroscopicity.

On the basis of wood concrete we get warm and durable structures. The cost of this material is relatively small. At the same time, the technology allows to erect monolithic walls or use blocks for construction.

In order to build a frame-type bath, it will be necessary to construct a lattice structure. For the construction of walls is better to use timber. The size of the material, its quantity and cross section depends on the selected project.

As an external finishing material for the walls of a frame bath, it is recommended to use:

  • edged board;
  • block house;
  • OSB plates;
  • siding.

The best option for interior wall decoration is lining. It is natural, eco-friendly and has excellent decorative characteristics.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

For insulation buildings should choose a material that has good thermal insulation properties. It will be used to fill the frame part. Regarding insulation, it is necessary to adhere to all requirements for its installation and operation. If construction is carried out strictly according to the finished project, it should be borne in mind that the documentation most often contains information about one material, but not about all possible materials.

If the heater specified in the documentation has a price that is too high for the budget, you can find a cheaper equivalent by using the recommendations of summer residents from the forums.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The following types of materials are suitable for creating a self-made team bath:

  • natural wood (peeled);
  • profiled bar;
  • the log (rounded);
  • cut timber;
  • glued laminated timber.

The heat source that provides room heating is also included in the bath project at the planning stage. Sauna stoves can be very different. The optimal design should quickly warm up the steam room and keep it warm for a long time. Possibilities of some furnaces allow raising this parameter to 1000 ° С.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Note! All of these materials have low fire resistance. To reduce the likelihood of a fire, experts recommend using special protective impregnation for the treatment of timber or logs.

For traditional Russian baths, wood-burning stoves are usually used, which can be made of the following materials:

  • brick;
  • steel;
  • cast iron.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Such structures are completed with a chimney and a heater placed inside the steam room. The presence of such a furnace affects the project and the internal layout of the premises. The furnace is most often removed to the waiting room. Thanks to it, the useful area in a steam room is saved. In addition, it is possible to prepare firewood beforehand.

For a mobile bath to give better to take electrical equipment. This oven is compact and easy to operate. Allowed to stay in the steam room. The design does not require installation of the chimney system. On sale even there are furnaces with convenient control, allowing to expose temperature condition.

Gas ovens are considered the most economical of all options. However, their installation is fraught with some difficulties, because any gas equipment carries a potential danger, so a certified specialist must deal with its connection.

Baths with a stationary type of accommodation are more durable and reliable. They need a thorough approach, since such a structure is built for a long time. For the manufacture of walls allowed the use of bricks. It can be silicate or ceramic. Baths made of stone are considered the most durable. Rakusnyak, limestone, quarrystone is used as a building material.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

For the construction of small baths, you can use modern materials made in the form of blocks. They are practical and significantly reduce the time of construction.

Such materials include:

  • foam blocks;
  • cinder blocks;
  • gazobloki.

There is another type of block material that is suitable for the manufacture of walls in the bath – wood concrete. It is not as durable as a stone, but it is inexpensive. If you intend to build a mini-bath to give, you can buy wood concrete blocks in finished form or you can make them yourself from sawdust. The whole process does not take much time.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Helpful advice! Arbolitovy blocks can be used for creation of monolithic walls for a bath. To do this, you need to build a formwork and fill it with cement-shaving solution.

For heated baths it is recommended to perform external insulation. Summer residents rarely resort to the construction of such structures due to the high cost of such projects. Most often, the owners of suburban areas are limited to unheated baths with internal insulation.

Structures made according to frame technology do not need additional warming, since the laying of thermal insulation materials is provided for by the project at the construction stage. The necessary components are inserted into the wooden crates. For other types of baths used more sophisticated technology of insulation.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Mineral wool is required to perform insulation work. The thickness of the material is selected taking into account the climatic conditions of the region in which the suburban area is located, and the material used for the construction of the bath. The minimum thickness of the insulation layer is 5 cm. Mineral wool is sold in different forms: rolls and mats.

Vapor barrier is no less important than insulation, but do not confuse this concept with waterproofing. Even an inexpensive vapor barrier will cope with its task without problems, while waterproofing, which is not used as intended, can do more harm than good. In the process of selecting the material you need to carefully study the parameters and data of the manufacturer, so as not to buy a fake.

The rest room and the waiting room are considered the warmest, therefore for their construction it is recommended to use materials having a low thermal conductivity. For these purposes, an alder, linden or aspen is ideal. As a cladding material for the ceiling of the steam room, it is better to use wooden lining. This type of material is environmentally friendly and able to cope with high temperatures.

It is not recommended to use for the construction of spruce or pine, as well as any products made from these wood species. Under the influence of high temperatures such wood allocates natural resin, which is contained in its composition.

Important! Do not use sheets of DPS and MDF as a finish for ceilings. Under the influence of high humidity and temperature, these materials emit fumes that are very harmful to human health..

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

For finishing it is not necessary to use expensive materials. To give suitable budget solutions. Lining and similar materials will be an excellent interior decoration. If the bath is made of rounded logs, the facade of the building can be left untouched. As the exterior cladding for other designs can be used any kinds of facade materials used for covering buildings.

To determine the cost of building a bath, you need to compare the cost of finished projects and prices for materials that can be used if the work will be done independently. Thus, it becomes clear whether it is advisable to make a bath with your own hands or it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Average prices for finished projects:

Project name Size, m Special features price, rub.
PBB-01 2.3X4 transportable timber 109,000
PBB-04 2.3X7 timber, porch 145,000
PBB-101 3X3 frame 184,000
PBB-03 3X4 timber 198,000
PBB-06 3X6 timber 225,000
PBB-08 4X6 timber, terrace 256500
PBB-09 4X6 timber, terrace 266,000
PBB-111 4X6 timber, terrace, frame 270000
PBB-12 4X6 timber, terrace 282500
PBB-16 5X5 timber, terrace 308,000
PBB-119 6X6 frame 319500
PBB-19 6X6 timber 326500


The cost of building a sauna with their own hands depends on the selected project. To do this, determine the required amount of materials and calculate the total cost.

Average prices for building materials:

Name Size, cm price, rub.
Solid brick M150 25X12X6,5 17 (pieces)
Gas silicate block 6X25X5 40 (pieces)
OSB-3 0.9X125X250 550
OSB-3 1.2X125X250 800
Edged board 2/3 grade 4X15X600 5500 (m?)
Spruce / pine timber 10X10X600 6700 (m?)
Spruce / pine timber 15X15X600 6900 (m?)
Pine edging board 4X10X600 7500 (m?)


Taking into account the prices, it can be concluded that the construction of a bath using Canadian technology or using blocks will be the most economical option.

Helpful advice! If you partially apply materials of low grade or used, you can significantly save. For example, the edged board can be replaced with unedged. As a result, the design of the bath will be more colorful.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

It is imperative that the bath project was carefully thought out before construction began. The diagram shows all dimensions, layout, placement of equipment and furniture. Such an approach will allow you to correctly estimate and calculate costs, as well as to prevent mistakes during construction. Also, the scheme helps to optimize construction work.

The steam room is the main room in any bath, so she needs to pay special attention. Two- or three-story shelves and stove-heater are essential attributes of this room. Even if it is planned to build a very modest bath, there are certain restrictions regarding the minimum size. The premises of the steam room can not be done less than 4 m. The optimum area for 2-3 people is 10 m ?.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

As a rule, such rooms are calculated for at least two people, so space should be sufficient. The area of ​​the steam room is calculated so that people can fully lie on the shelves, sit and use brooms. The operation of the room must be safe, and the tightness may result in burns on the skin as a result of touching the stove or exposure to hot steam.

If the project assumes that the entire furnace will be located in the steam room, and the fuel will be laid in the same room, then the useful area should be increased by another 2 m ?. This will allow you to easily throw up firewood in the furnace and store them. Before the furnace design must necessarily put prefetch sheet. Its minimum size is 1 m ?. This nuance should also be noted on the project diagram.

During the operation of the bath, not only the steam room is used, but also water procedures are performed. For this reason, a small shower should be included in the layout of the building. It is located in a separate room or in a room adjacent to the steam room. If you combine the washroom with the steam room, you can save usable space, as well as reduce the cost of installing interior partitions and installing a sewer system.

In addition to the above rooms, on the scheme you need to place a waiting room or dressing room.

It will be required for a small bath to give to buy the following items of furniture:

  • compact table;
  • shops;
  • clothes hangers;
  • cabinet for storing bath accessories.

Helpful advice! It is advisable to plan the bath so that the stove-heater is located in the steam room, and the loading door for firewood went into the dressing room. In this case, you can save on heating.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Bath can do without plumbing system. But this is associated with certain difficulties, because the water will have to be brought manually with the help of buckets, and the tank should be arranged on the stove. The presence of a separate bathroom is also optional. You can limit the amenities in a country house. But in this case, the bath can be operated only in summer.

If the plumbing can be abandoned, then without sewage and electricity bath will not be able to fully function. The problem with the light is solved by the power line, which is pulled to the construction site.

Sewerage can be arranged independently or entrusted to professionals by ordering the construction of one of these objects:

  1. The cesspool.
  2. Septic tank
  3. Drainage pit.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

On the project diagram, you need to specify the following data:

  • building dimensions;
  • the dimensions of each individual room;
  • height of the building and all rooms in it;
  • the place of installation of the heat source (furnace);
  • type of door opening (in which direction);
  • placement of window designs;
  • location of switches, sockets, lamps and shields.

Elements of the electrical system must have a high level of moisture protection (more than IP54). The window in the steam room is recommended to be placed at a height of 185-195 cm. It should not be located above the shelf. The optimum height of the premises – 2 m.

The basis for a bath is selected taking into account the size of the building and the type of soil on the construction site. Most often, experts prefer tape and column foundation.

Pillar foundation is simple to perform. Its design consists of support posts, which are mounted separately. The material for the manufacture of supports can serve as a brick, reinforced concrete, rubble stone or concrete. The recommended size of the column is 60-60 cm. They are installed under the corner parts of the building and the walls in 2 m steps. It is recommended to equip a cushion of sand and gravel under the supports.

The columnar foundation should rise 20-30 cm above the soil level. The top is leveled with mortar and covered with several layers of roofing material. It is recommended to apply the material 2-3 times.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The construction of the tape foundation is more expensive than the column. This is due to the fact that the design of the base runs along the entire perimeter of the building. For its arrangement, a trench is dug, the depth of which is 40-60 cm. At the bottom there is a sand cushion, which should be compacted. It will protect the base from destruction when seasonal ground movement will occur. The walls of the foundation are formed using concrete pouring. Reinforced concrete or concrete blocks, rubble or red brick are allowed.

Note! Baths of wood do not have a lot of weight, so for reliability it will be enough and shallow foundation.

Before you start building, you should prepare the site. To do this, you need to clear the area of ​​excess: debris, vegetation, stumps and stones. Only then can you start marking. If the suburban area is under the slope, in addition to this, the construction site will have to be leveled.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

After that, in accordance with the project, the markup is applied on the terrain. It is not difficult to transfer the contour of the bath; it is enough just to place marks in the form of reinforcement or long pegs only at the corners. The length of two walls is measured from the first mark, after which other elements are installed. When the entire perimeter of the building is moved, you should check the markup. The corners should be straight. To check this, it is enough to carry out a measurement of the marking on the axes between the pegs. Length parameters must match.

The strip foundation does not require strict adherence to the marking parameters. If the discrepancy in the length of the axles is small, the result can be left. For columnar and pile foundations, accuracy is needed in the measurements, so the longest axis will have to be shortened until the parameters match. Thus, the primary markup is done.

When the perimeter of the building is transferred to the terrain, further marking is carried out taking into account the features of the selected foundation.

The base in the form of plates is extremely rare, since its cost is very high. This type of foundation is used only in cases where it is not possible to choose something else. Marking is performed in accordance with the size of the bath for the project. The foundation can be made wider and longer than the bath if it is provided by the project, but not less.

The shallow foundation strip is the most inexpensive and durable base option. The marking is done so that the tape filled with concrete runs strictly along the perimeter of the building, as well as under the walls of the walls. Pillar foundation is mainly used for the construction of wooden structures.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The marking is performed in accordance with the number of supports, which in turn depends on the size of the building.

Screw foundation has its advantages. Its construction does not take much time, and the installation system is very simple. In addition, there is no need for earthworks, so the site will remain clean. Marking is performed according to the number of piles. No deviations are allowed.

Helpful advice! If the site is under a large slope, it is recommended to use a pile foundation. It allows you to increase the reliability of construction and reduce the likelihood of slipping.

A shallow foundation foundation will be acceptable in the following cases:

  1. Soils in the area are dry and dry.
  2. Groundwater flows high.
  3. Winter is not accompanied by severe frosts.
  4. Lightweight material has been chosen for construction, so the building is not heavy.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

After the external marking is done, you can go to the internal one. The minimum width of the foundation is 50 cm. The protrusion of the base beyond the bath on each side is 5-10 cm. If the dimensions of the building are 3X4 m, then the maximum marking parameters along the outer edge will be equal to 3.2X4.2 m. where the stove will be located, because it also needs a foundation.

To make it easier to work with markings, it is recommended to install wooden structures in the corners that resemble small benches. They are set on the same plane. The height of these structures should correspond to the height of the formwork, which will be erected later. To them is attached measuring cord.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Next, you need to remove the top layer of soil according to the marking and, removing it to the side, dig a trench 50-60 cm deep. In some cases, a depth of 35 cm is allowed if the soil does not freeze too deep. It is very important to dig up the clay layer. Do not leave the soil bottom of the trench. Subsequently, the clay will be used in further work.

The bottom of the trench must be leveled. For this it is better to use the construction level. Then a sand cushion is formed, a layer of sand at least 15 cm thick is poured into the trench. It is wetted with water and well tamped. If there is no rammer on hand, this operation can be done manually by taking a massive bar and nailing the handles to it. The next layer is formed of rubble with an average size of the fraction and is rammed in the same way.

At this stage of construction, a formwork structure is made for casting the strip footing. The height of the sides is chosen so that their upper part touches the cord stretched for marking. Materials for the manufacture of formwork can serve any means at hand, for example, old boards or pieces of slate. The construction will be temporary, so after using it you will need to disassemble. Prepared shields are installed along the trench.

Important! The fixing of the formwork must be rigid and reliable, otherwise the heavy concrete mass can move the elements during casting and deform the whole structure.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

Before filling from the inside, the formwork should be closed with plastic wrap. This coating will protect the boards from dirt and prevent concrete from flowing out through the gaps between the elements of the structure. For fixing the film layer, you can use thin nails or staples installed with a stapler.

Between the edges of the trench and the resulting frame should be a distance of about 5 cm. The formwork is lowered to the bottom. This should be done as carefully as possible so that the protective film does not break. It is advisable to lift the frame over the pillow. To do this, under the formwork enclosed pieces of granite. It is not recommended to use a brick for these purposes, since it crumbles under the influence of moisture.

If the project provides for the laying of communication systems through the foundation part of the building, then these elements must be left openings. For this fit the liner. They can also be used to form products.

The process of pouring the foundation does not allow significant interruptions in work, therefore, the time allotted for this procedure must be planned so that you can cope in one day. Otherwise it will not be possible to make a monolithic tape. The most convenient method for delivering a concrete solution is with a mixer. It can also be used to fill the foundation.

The use of concrete mixers is less convenient. In this case, you have to prepare the mixture yourself. This will require cement brand M400. A solution of cement, sand and crushed stone (gravel) is mixed in the following ratio 1: 3: 5, respectively.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

After pouring, the foundation is compacted with a vibrator. You can use the bayonet method to make the base sag. When this happens, you need to add a small amount of concrete to level the ground. If the base is formed under the wooden building, until the mortar has hardened, it should fix the bolts for the foundation. The formwork can be removed no earlier than one week after pouring.

Note! One week is not enough for concrete to gain strength. Therefore, all work must be done carefully. In order not to risk, the construction of a bath is recommended to begin 28 days after pouring the base.

If a bath is being built on the basis of a brick, stone or block material, the level of the foundation should be leveled using a cement-sand mortar. After that the double layer of roofing material keeps within.

Laying must begin with the corner zones. When the first blocks are installed on a cement-sand mortar, their placement is checked. Elements must be located in the same plane. Then you need to pull the string on the top edge. It will be used as a guideline for the entire series.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

For laying the second row, another mixture can be used. It depends on the material. If walls are built on the basis of shell rock or brick, cement-sand mortar can be left. For lightweight blocks it is better to take the mixtures recommended by the manufacturer

Jumpers are mounted above the window and door structures. Here the formwork is installed and the armored belt is formed. It fixes the foundation bolts that help fix the power plate. When the concrete fully hardens, you can proceed to the creation of the roof.

For the construction of the bath frame type is built the basis of wood. It is sheathed with finishing material. Due to this, the wall of the building is formed. To work you need to take quality materials and strictly comply with the technology of their installation.

On the foundation, a frame construction is formed without the bottom strapping. A bar with a section of 10X10 cm is suitable for this. Cuts should be made approximately half the thickness on the end parts of the material. This will allow to fasten the elements with each other using self-tapping screws. If the construction is taken bars 5X10 cm, the frame part is assembled by the method of docking. To fasten the elements should use metal corners.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The sequence of further assembly of the frame:

  1. Installation of the end strapping board.
  2. Fixing the log floor right next to the board.
  3. Cutting the lag on the other side for mounting the second end board for strapping.
  4. Laying insulation between the lags.
  5. Nailing strapping boards.
  6. Assembly of the frame and installation of parts in the designated space.
  7. The connection of all elements into one design.

Helpful advice! To get a frame with low thermal conductivity, it is better to use boards made from aspen, well dried larch or linden. In this case, the design will be resistant to deformation loads.

To prevent the accumulation of fluid inside the frame, it is recommended to use a vapor barrier film. Fiber glass and mineral wool, which will provide air access, will be suitable for insulation of the structure. This procedure should be carried out after the roof has been made, as the material may get wet in the rain.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

At this stage of the frame bath construction, it will only be necessary to complete the installation of the floorboards and build the truss system.

Projects of other buildings need more complex design, which is carried out in the following order:

  1. Installation lag.
  2. The organization of the sub floor.
  3.  Fixing the vapor barrier layer.
  4. Laying insulation.
  5. Installation of waterproofing material.
  6. Flooring flooring.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

These boards need regular replacement, which is carried out every few years. Taking into account the fact that it takes a lot of time to dry the dacha bath, it is recommended to make floors not of boards, but of concrete or tile facing. On top of it you can lay wood shields, which after use can be easily carried to the shed, where they can dry out during the absence of the owners. In frame structures that are mounted on top of a pile or pillar foundation, let’s say only wooden floor with insulation.

You should also think about the hydro-and thermal insulation, otherwise the steam will freely fall into the attic, accelerating the destruction of wooden beams and truss system.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

The choice of roof depends on the technical features of the building and the type of terrain where it stands. If the site is located surrounded by tall trees, you can safely build a high roof gable type. For steppe zones, where buildings are exposed to severe wind loads, it is better to make roofs with a minimum slope.

For small buildings, a lean-to roof is suitable, but on condition that snow loads are insignificant in winter. This type of construction is often used in projects where a sauna is attached to a residential building.

During the operation of the steam room, the air in it must be renewed for an hour twice or even three times. Most often, the inlet is located at the bottom of the boiler, and the hood is located on the opposite side under the ceiling. If ventilation is not performed correctly, the air flow will move slowly. There are other options when this process is completely uncontrolled and the heat quickly leaves the premises. In this case, the legs will freeze, and the ceiling will be unbearable heat.

Note! It is necessary to close the exhaust window while the steam room is warming up. Otherwise, it will take too long.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

To keep warm air near the ceiling, two holes should be made. Each of them will perform a specific function. The bottom hole is designed to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Through it will go out already cooled air. The top opening should be opened when there is a need for airing.

In the ventilation system needs not only a steam room, but also the rest of the bath room. To eliminate heat loss when this is not necessary, it is advisable to equip the openings with flaps that will open only during ventilation.

Regardless of whether the bath is made of brick or wood, surface finishing is carried out according to a single technology. First you need to make a crate and fix it on the wall. For this fit wooden slats. After that the construction is sheathed with clapboard. The finishing of all rooms, except for the steam room, is done in the same way. Here you need to lay under the crate heat-reflecting material in the form of foil.

Exterior finish performs not only decorative, but also protective function. As the cladding, you can use a block house, imitation timber, clapboard, siding and facade tiles. Also suitable finish in the form of paint.

Construction of baths in the country: video instructions and tips for building

At this construction of the bath is over. You will only have to install the appropriate heating equipment and furniture. Part of the furnishings can be made independently. If there is no desire to make furniture with their own hands, the stores have an extensive selection of special furniture. As a budget alternative, you can use old interior items, which after a small restoration can last for a long time. But do not use products made of chipboard, because they are very quickly subject to destruction under the influence of moisture.

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