Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

From this article you can find out how an aviary for dogs is made by hand: photos of street and home constructions made by yourself, unusual solutions and useful tips from experts. The text describes in detail the technology of construction of buildings intended for the maintenance of animals, with visual materials and a detailed description of the whole process: the choice of drawings, materials and dimensions of the structure, followed by instructions for manufacturing.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

Aviary for dogs: photos of popular designs, their classification

Any dog ​​that lives for a long time on the street needs a special place where it can feel comfortable. This zone should have a fence and necessary amenities so that, if necessary, the animal has the opportunity to sleep, play and hide from the weather. To organize a suitable space for this purpose, it is enough to build a cage for a dog that will meet all its needs.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

The street conditions contain medium and large sized dogs. Small breed animals are less hardy and need home maintenance.

Outdoor dog enclosure is necessary in the following cases:

  1. The size of the animal does not allow it to be kept in the house – experts recommend building enclosures for Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Alabai, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mastiffs and other large breeds.
  2. The need for temporary isolation of the animal – at the time of construction work in the yard or in case of arrival of guests there is a need to protect the animal.
  3. Keeping a guard dog – if an animal performs the function of a guard, the aviary will serve as a home for a dog living in the yard. This building will protect the pet from rain, snow and wind.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

Many stores allow pet owners to buy inexpensive outdoor enclosures for dogs of any size or modification in finished form or order its production. If desired, and having minimal skills in construction, you can independently build a beautiful and reliable home for the animal.

Before embarking on the manufacturing process, you need to determine what should be the design that will stand in the courtyard of the house. On the photos found on the network, the aviaries have a different configuration and design. The appearance of the structure depends on its purpose, size and breed of the dog, the chosen materials, as well as the personal preferences of the owner of the animal.

Helpful advice! Regardless of the design chosen, you should take care of wall insulation. Ecowool or foam plastic can be used as a heat insulation coating.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

Designs of dog enclosures are:

  1. Temporary.
  2. Closed.
  3. Capital.

Constructions of temporary aviaries? open. The territory allotted for keeping a dog is fenced with a grid or fence. For arrangement of internal space, a booth is installed and a flooring is formed. Such enclosures do not have a roof, as the animal is in them temporarily.

Constructions of the closed type belong to the category of intermediate structures. For convenience, a floor is formed inside and a booth is installed. This type of enclosure is considered partially insulated, since on three sides the area for walking is fenced with solid walls. The fourth surface has the form of a lattice, to leave the animal the opportunity to observe what is happening in the yard.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

Capital type enclosures have one translucent wall in the form of a lattice. The remaining surfaces are solid and well-insulated. Such designs have a flooring and a roof. Inside the booth is placed or equipped with a special bed. For this part of the enclosure is fenced.

In addition to street enclosures, there are also domestic structures that are used in residential premises for keeping puppies. Such products have small dimensions and very light weight. Most of these enclosures have a prefabricated structure.

Inside it is necessary to place:

  • soft bedding;
  • a bowl of water and food;
  • a diaper or tray so that the dog can relieve natural need;
  • toys

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

At home, open-air cages for Yorkies and dogs of other decorative breeds with miniature sizes are used. Some owners do not want to restrict the freedom of their pet with the help of such an obstacle, however, there are many situations where such a construction cannot be done without.

Important! An open-air cage is not a punishment place for an animal, regardless of whether it is street or home construction. If the dog is inside, you can not punish him. The animal should feel safe and take a positive view of its time there.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

If the home aviary does not fit into the flat area too much, you can give preference to the clipper or the cage. In this case, the temporary zone of the dog will be more compact.

Owners of large and medium-sized animals, many companies offer to buy outdoor dog enclosures in finished form. At the same time, customers are offered the opportunity to select designs from a catalog or to create them to order based on the drawings or photos they like. The prices depend on the size of the structure, its configuration and the materials chosen for construction.

Average prices for turnkey finished enclosures:

Model Size, m Roof material Wall material price, rub.
Economy 2×2 professional sheet metal frame and wall paneling 25,000
2×3 29,000
2×4 37,000
Warm dog enclosure 1.2х1.2 soft tiles metal frame and board 30,000
2×3 50,000
2×4 60,000
Aviary Block House with viewing windows 2×3 reinforced profiled sheet with lining metal frame and block house 60,000
2×4 70,000
Aviary with a winter road 2×3 professional sheet metal frame and wall paneling, insulation 50,000
2×3 (grille around the perimeter) 60,000
2×4 60,000
2×4 (trim paneling around the perimeter) 75,000


Note! The cost of finished structures does not include the price of the booth. When buying an aviary, it will cost about 7,000 rubles. Price booth without insulation – 4000 rubles.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

In order to provide the animal with good living conditions, before constructing a cage for your dog with your own hands, you should make a drawing. The layout of the future construction should take into account the main factors that may affect the operating comfort.

During the construction process you need to take into account:

  • breed of dog;
  • age category;
  • floor;
  • nature of the location of the site;
  • features of the location of the wind zone on the site.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

The aviary will be home for the dog, so during the construction process it is necessary to provide all the nuances so that the design provides coziness, comfort and peace of mind. It is very important that the animal is kept dry and warm. Here, the pet will eat and sleep, spend most of the time playing games, relaxing, and also looking after the territory.

Aviary for dogs: photos of successful designs made by yourself

There must be enough space inside the structure for the animal to move freely. If an enclosure is made for dogs of medium breeds (up to 50 cm), such as a spaniel or a beagle, will a minimum of 6 m be required? space for optimal living. If it is planned to build an aviary for Huskies or Labradors, then the inner territory of the fence should be increased to 8 m ?. This requirement applies to all breeds with a height of 65–70 cm at the withers.

Hole manhole be sure to protect from the wind and drafts. To do this, it is enough to fix a piece of foam rubber, tarpaulin or thick cloth at the top of the exit.

For the construction of enclosures that are made by hand, any available materials can be used. In the network you can find a lot of visual photos and videos with detailed descriptions of technologies for creating these structures. Following these instructions and the advice of professionals, you can create in the yard a beautiful and comfortable aviary, which will be a great home for your dog and protect it from the weather.

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