Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Manual watering the garden in the country or on the territory of a private house is quite a difficult undertaking. Today it is possible to automate this process. To do this, you need to purchase a special device – a sprinkler for watering. Such a device helps to maintain a favorable microclimate for plant growth. To find a suitable sprayer for specific conditions, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Water sprinkler for irrigation: purpose and features

Without water, plant growth is impossible. It is a necessary element involved in the process of photosynthesis. The plants are naturally moisturized by rain. However, there are dry seasons. In this case, there is a need for artificial irrigation of the soil. A special device, a sprinkler, can cope with this work.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Note! Using a water sprayer for irrigation has many advantages. The main one is that the moisture is distributed evenly over the zone within which the device operates. When hand watering gardeners often use a hose that does not have a spray function, which leads to the formation of puddles.

Water dispensers are divided into types depending on many factors. One of these parameters is the spraying method. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to several basic criteria. First of all, the important indicators are the pressure that the device is capable of injecting. You also need to know what radius of action the sprinkler has.

Some devices have the ability to adjust the size of the droplets. This option is recommended by experts for irrigation of gardens and orchards. If necessary, such a sprinkler can be assembled at home using the available tools. The device, made by hand, will not have high efficiency, but it is quite capable of replacing cheap purchased models.

Today, there are many devices that differ from each other in their characteristics. Before purchasing a sprinkler, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its basic properties. This information will help you choose the most suitable device for a particular case. Consider the most important characteristics of sprinklers.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Irrigation radius. This parameter indicates the range of one sprinkler. In addition, it is very important exactly how irrigation is performed. For example, water can be sprayed in a circle (360 °). Less functional sprinklers for watering the garden have a smaller radius of action, which ranges from 90 to 270 °. It is worth noting that the majority of models provides for the regulation of the angle.

Water flow. When choosing a sprinkler, you need to pay attention to its power. This parameter has an effect on water consumption. Irrigation rates may vary. They depend on many factors. Among them are such as the type of plants, their number and age. Thus, the water consumption of the device must meet the needs of plants.

Size drops. The use of a sprinkler often provides for the possibility of regulating the size of water droplets. This is an important function that allows you to select the desired method of irrigation of plants. For example, young seedlings best perceive the mist. Accordingly, large drops are recommended for adult plants.

Pressure. Garden sprinklers can have various range of action. This parameter depends on the operating pressure in the device. This indicator is selected in accordance with individual needs.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Useful information! It is important to remember that most sites imply the presence of uneven local zones. Briefly trimmed lawns often border areas covered with plantings. At such a site, it is recommended to equip an automatic irrigation system that includes various types of irrigators.

In the combined systems consisting of several sprayers, it is necessary to provide electromagnetic valves. These devices allow you to properly distribute the pressure in the structure.

This type of irrigation equipment is the least technological, which affects its low cost. The most budget models can be purchased for only 100-200 rubles. The effectiveness of such devices is not very great, but they can cope with small amounts of work.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Watering guns have a trigger. Thus, their work cannot be called automatic. Some models contain in their design a special locking element that is needed to hold the trigger in one position. In this case, eliminating the need to constantly press it.

Garden sprinkler for irrigation of this type is used most often for irrigation of lawns and small gardens. We should also say that on the market and in stores you can find models equipped with a special camera for fertilizers. The principle of operation of such pistols is quite simple: when passing through the chamber, water softens the fertilizer and captures part of it.

Garden guns are made from different materials. In their design there are metal and polymer components, as well as rubber elements. Many models are equipped with regulating parts that control the amount of water leaving the device.

Devices of this type can have a diverse appearance. But they all share one constructive feature – the absence of a rotating element, which makes them stationary. It is for this reason that static fixtures cannot provide 360 ​​° irrigation.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Most often, this type of sprayers dig into the ground, but they can be portable. In the first case, the device has a cylindrical shape with a protruding core. The irrigation area of ​​this equipment is usually limited to 10 m ?. For larger areas, it is better to give preference to circular sprinklers. Their types and radius of irrigation – the main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing.

In addition, to ensure the irrigation of a large area, you can purchase several such devices and provide them with a uniform flow of water. Static models are popular when irrigating small flower beds. When choosing such a device, it is necessary to pay attention to its main characteristics, as well as the brand of the manufacturer.

Note! Static devices are manufactured by different companies. Of these, we can single out the highest quality manufacturers of this equipment, such as Kärcher and Gardena. It is worth noting a good device, manufactured by Hunter.

In appearance, these products resemble static devices. Their design has much in common with fixed sprinklers. The main difference between rotor models is the presence of a rotating part. Due to this, their range is significantly higher than that of the previous type of devices.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

The area that can be irrigated by one rotor sprinkler for a vegetable garden, garden or lawn, can reach 30 m ?. Such functionality is an absolute advantage. To purchase a suitable model, you need to focus on the area that the device can moisten during operation.

When installing such a device is its immersion in the ground. Most of these sprinklers are adjustable. This means that if you wish, you can select a specific zone on the site that this device will irrigate.

We should also say that the rotor models, like many other types of irrigators, save water during operation. As a result, the cost of controlled irrigation, in comparison with the manual option, is reduced. Sprinkler is a simple and effective device that does not require constant monitoring and allows you to create an acceptable microclimate for plants.

Circular devices used for watering plots are divided into two main types: unregulated and adjustable. The first ones include fixed heads located on a stand. Equipment of this type is equipped with nozzles, due to which cone-shaped irrigation occurs. Static devices can spray both large and small drops.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Circular lawn sprinklers are mounted on pegs or special supports. The first option got its spread in soft soil conditions. Mounting this device on pegs is considered more reliable.

Another common group of circular sprinklers are managed devices. When using them, you can adjust the angle of spraying. It ranges from 0 to 360 °. In addition, all adjustable products can change the size of the droplets when spraying.

Useful information! To cover a large area, it is recommended to think over a system consisting of pipes and the sprinklers themselves. Circular models are highly efficient and are recommended by many experts.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

The most effective devices of this type are programmable. These circular sprinklers are capable of covering a large area (up to 380 m?). Such devices have other advantages. For example, they have the ability to adapt, taking into account the characteristics of the territory.

Retractable devices are elements of automatic irrigation systems. In such devices there is the ability to customize the required irrigation mode. It is worth noting that the equipment is quite high efficiency. Such devices are among the most common. They are used all over the world.

Retractable models are installed directly into the soil. When turned on, the tip extends from such a device, after which the process of irrigation of a lawn or other zone located on the site begins.

Sprinkler for irrigation: creating a favorable microclimate for plants

Automating the process in this case allows you to simplify this procedure as much as possible. Upon completion of irrigation, the following occurs: the tip returns to its original position — it enters the body of the water sprayer to irrigate the lawn. Experts recommend using this kind of sprinklers in small areas that need constant moisture.

Most often, sliding products are used for watering adjoining lawns, lawns and flower beds. For irrigation of plants ripening in the garden, they are not very productive. When choosing such a device, it is recommended to calculate in advance the necessary range of action, as well as pay attention to other characteristics that are no less important.

At the next stage, the hose is fixed (also by means of a hose clamp). At the final stage of work you need to cut a hole in the center of the aluminum part. In this way, self-assembly of the spray tube is made.

Sprinkler is an indispensable device that can greatly simplify the life of a gardener. When choosing it, it is necessary to focus on several important factors: range, number of modes and adjustability. Self-assembly of this device does not require special knowledge and the availability of expensive tools.

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