Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

From this article, you can find out the features of such products as plastic plank beds: the scope of application, the advantages and disadvantages of designs made on their basis, the variety of plastic fences, as well as their technical and operational characteristics. The reader will get acquainted with the specifics of plastic panels, curbs, tapes, products, designers, as well as fences made of wood-polymer composite.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

The advantages of plastic beds at their summer cottage

Enclosing structures for beds in finished form are presented on the market in an extensive range. Plastic products are the most common and popular among owners of suburban areas. Such success is due not only to low cost, but also to the practicality, durability of these structures, as well as many additional advantages, due to which they benefit in comparison with wood, metal or stone.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

Note! The board from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is capable of 100% retain moisture, obtained by the soil during watering or rain, inside the structure.

Plastic products are characterized by versatility and a host of advantages that many summer residents appreciate.

Advantages of plastic products:

  • practicality – the products have a small weight, which makes it possible to use them even on loose ground. On top of the beds, made of solid plastic boards, you can pour a fairly high layer of soil. If necessary, the dimensional parameters of the bumpers, in particular the height, can be increased by adding additional details;
  • Aesthetics and a wide choice of design – various options for borders or plastic fences are available to customers, on the basis of which you can create beds of unusual curved shapes;

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

  • durability – plastic products are not subject to the negative effect of corrosion, they remain in their original form for many years, not reacting to moisture and other negative environmental factors;
  • the ability to maintain color over a long period of time – products made from high-quality atmospheric plastic are not subject to fading in the sun. Even under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, plastic elements will retain their original color and shape;
  • An extensive scope of application – a rich range of products with different configurations and colors allows you to support any exterior of the house and create a unique landscape design in the yard. Plastic structures are used for zoning the yard, the formation of decorative fences, to highlight a bed or pavement, as well as to focus on individual objects;

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

  • a simple installation system – the installation and disassembly of products does not cause absolutely any difficulties, and the structures themselves are mobile and can be used repeatedly.

The plastic structures of the beds are made of a special material that does not emit toxic substances into the soil even when heated. Modern products have improved performance. Thanks to this, the site owner can buy fences for garden beds, which are not afraid of high or low temperatures.

Note! Under the influence of frost, the structures are not covered with cracks, and direct sunlight can not melt them. Therefore, the beds of plastic can be used in any climatic conditions, without fear that they will deteriorate.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

The artificial origin of the material is also associated with some advantages. First, insects cannot damage products, since they do not attract them. Secondly, plastic is not subject to processes such as decay or corrosion. Thirdly, the material does not have comfortable conditions for the development of mold.

Designs of plastic beds for summer houses can be bought at any specialized store, the market offer includes several categories of products:

  • plastic curb tape;
  • flexible fences, called garden constructors;
  • panels “Garden Board” of polyvinyl chloride;
  • plastic mesh fencing.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

On sale there are many variations of plastic fencing for beds, you can buy these types of products of any color and size. Some types of designs realistically imitate natural materials, for example, wood or stone, while not possessing their disadvantages.

Plastic fence in the form of a tape is widely used by summer residents to organize beds and flower beds on the site. Due to the flexibility of the material, the products allow you to create designs with outlines of various shapes. Border ribbons are on sale, their width varies in the range of 0.1-0.5 m. This height is quite enough to break up raised beds on the territory.

The plastic tape protects the mound from being washed out by water when watering the garden or when it rains. In such conditions, the root system of plants will remain in place, it is reliably protected from damage by streams.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

Helpful advice! If it is necessary to limit the growth of bushes on the site, it is recommended to buy a plastic border for beds of wide width for these purposes, it is more expedient to use narrow ribbons for zoning lawns, arranging flower gardens and decorative gardens, as well as forming bulk paths.

The process of mounting curb tape does not require experience or special skills. Any summer resident will cope with this task. Included with the product is supplied manufacturer’s instructions with a detailed description of the procedure and a set of stakes for fixing the curb. To install the tape, it is enough to dig a trench of shallow depth along the perimeter of the future bed. Then the tape should be pulled, it is desirable that this manipulation was performed by two people.

After the tape is placed in a trench, stakes are installed on the sides, which will fix it in the required position. It remains only to fill the ditch with earth and carefully tamp it. To design the bed turned out solid, you should connect the edges of the tape with staples using a stapler. This bed is able to serve for several years. If necessary, it can be easily removed from the ground and moved to another place.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

Landscape designers and owners of summer cottages prefer curb ribbons for the reason that this type of product has increased flexibility. On the basis of plastic borders, you can create unusual flower beds and fancy-shaped beds, ribbons are great for forming curved lines. The price of the material is low, and an extensive range opens up new possibilities in terms of design.

Having bought ribbons of different widths, at the site you can create stacked beds or flower beds, which, thanks to their decorative and compactness, are in high demand among summer residents. On sale there are products of different colors. Tiered bed design will look more effective if the sides of each tier will have a different shade.

Curb average prices:

Name of product Brand manufacturer Product Features Price, rubles / roll
B-15/9 Protect corrugated brown / khaki 234
B-20/9 corrugated brown / khaki 299
B-30/10 smooth brown / khaki 657
B-50/10 smooth, khaki 1099
B-20/30 smooth, brown color 1315
B-20/30 smooth, khaki 1440
B-30/30 smooth, brown color 1950
B-30/30 smooth, khaki 2175
B-1000.2.11-PP Standartpark smooth, color black 810
B-300.8,54,5-PP carved, color black 840
B-1000.2.11-PP smooth, color green 950
B-1000.2.11-PP smooth, brown color 950


Helpful advice! To create a calm atmosphere on the site, it is recommended to use ribbons of dark colors. To place accents around certain objects, it is better to use bright borders, for example, orange, yellow, red.

Despite the fact that the curb tape has many beneficial properties, it is unable to become an alternative to rigid fencing. The design of the beds of PVC panels can withstand a lot of soil pressure, the occasional gift of a shovel or other garden tools during the processing of the garden. This type of product is called the “Garden Board”.

Externally, the products look like panels. Their length can vary, but the maximum limit of this indicator is 3 m. The width of the board is no more than 15 cm. In the end parts of the boards there are fastenings and grooves, which significantly simplify and speed up the process of assembling the beds. Due to this system, you can create designs of any size.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

The assembly of the beds of plastic boards is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A set of products, in addition to panels, includes stakes made of plastic. To construct a bed, it is enough to connect the boards with each other due to protruding fasteners and slot grooves. After assembly, the product is installed on the ground and fixed by plastic stakes, which are driven into the ground. At the end of this process, decorative caps are installed at the fixing points so that the earth does not fall into these holes.

Boards made of plastic are used for the construction of flower beds and beds on the garden plot. In addition, this type of product can be used for the improvement of the local area, protecting the sandbox on the playground, the area intended for recreation, lawns and other objects. Panels are highly durable. The surface of the product is smooth.

Sets of fencing for beds of plastic panels can be bought in finished form. Manufacturers offer dozens of colors, so gardeners have the opportunity to create interesting compositions. Products are not afraid of temperature drops and prevent erosion of the soil. The disadvantages of these beds can be attributed only to the high cost.

Note! Plastic garden boards can be used as a fence for greenhouses and greenhouses. The panels are suitable for installation of the frame part and are able to withstand the load of the whole structure.

The average prices for beds of plastic panels:

Dimensional parameters, cm Weight, kg Price of a color product, rub. The price of a gray product, rub.
200×70 12.5 2760 2500
200×80 13 2840 2545
200×90 13.5 2910 2610
200×100 14 3000 2680


The garden designer is one of the types of fencing for beds made of plastic. This type of products makes it possible to show imagination and build a beautiful decorative garden or a flower bed in the summer cottage, and absolutely any sizes and shapes. Garden designer is a set of plastic parts that are connected in a certain way. As a rule, the manufacturer’s instructions in each package describe this entire process in detail.

As a result of the assembly, a solid construction in the form of a rim is obtained, which is used to form the bed and fix the soil. The main advantage of the garden designer is its versatility. In contrast to the garden board, the constructor elements allow you to create both a large and a small fence at the site depending on the needs of the owner. The finished design perfectly holds the soil within the bed, as well as the moisture needed by plants for development.

Plastic planted beds: product classification and their features

Note! Products have light weight, so there are no restrictions on the condition of the soil. Such beds can be installed in areas with loose or loose soil.

The garden designer is successfully used to create multi-tiered structures. In order to give the garden bed or bed an unusual appearance, it is possible to form curved lines or to achieve asymmetry with respect to the forms (for this, it is enough to shift the tiers relative to each other). The installation process is extremely simple: it is enough to buy plastic beds in the required quantity, connect the parts together with fasteners and install them on the site.

After that, the places of installation of the corner supports are determined, the box is installed in accordance with this marking, intermediate columns are placed inside the structure. It is recommended to use self-tapping screws to fix the boards on the supports. At the end of the work, the corners are cut, they are fixed with screws.

Most of the constructions made of plastic are shipped almost in finished form. The technology of assembling these elements is very simple and most often consists only in the serial connection of the elements that are in the set. For this reason, plastic fences for garden beds are so popular.

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