Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

From this article, you can find out what features the beds of metal with a polymer coating have: the purpose and characteristics of products, the advantages and specificity of operation, recommendations on the choice of structures and self-assembly, manufacturers rating. There will also be presented a comparative characteristic of metal beds with designs made from other materials.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Metal beds with polymer coating: product characteristics

Many owners of suburban areas have already been able to evaluate the effectiveness and practicality of raised beds. Most often for the manufacture of designs gardeners and gardeners use the materials at hand, which remain after the repair or construction. However, the finished versions of metal products are in many ways superior to the beds that can be created independently.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Manufacturers offer the following types of metal products:

  • galvanized steel beds;
  • designs from galvanized steel with a dusting from polymers;
  • beds made of galvanized steel with polyurethane coating.

Note! You should not refuse to buy steel beds because of their high cost. If we take into account the cost of maintaining such a vegetable garden and the terms of its exploitation, then the actual price of the products is no more than that of beds made of less durable materials.

The use of finished metal structures at the dacha has its advantages:

  • There is no need to dig up the soil in the garden. Organic farming is largely justified. To facilitate the care of the beds, it is recommended to mulch bulk soil and it is desirable to add EM preparations;

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

  • optimal size of the structures allow easy access to the landings. You can freely approach the garden from any side;
  • significantly reduced water consumption spent on watering plants. This was made possible due to the fact that moisture accumulates locally, exactly where it is needed;
  • possibility of saving fertilizer. Calculation of the dosage is carried out only taking into account the area of ​​the bed, and not the whole garden;
  • the design, depending on the type of protective coating, can be successfully operated for 20-30 years. Polymer, zinc and polyurethane coating prevents corrosion and premature deterioration of the material;

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

  • simple installation system and the ability to move the beds to another location;
  • the structure of structures allows the installation of additional sections to increase the size of the beds in height or length;
  • the arc for organizing a greenhouse can be easily mounted on a metal bed;
  • the possibility of creating on the site a neat and ornamental garden.

Metal beds are suitable for growing vegetables in the greenhouse or in the open air. Products represent a frame from strong steel. The thickness of the sheet material is most often 0.5-0.55 mm. The surface is covered with a thin layer of zinc or polymer.

The process of installation of such beds is very simple. The side parts of the product are bent inward, thereby eliminating the likelihood that a person will be injured during the installation of the structure and its further operation. For the manufacture of metal fences for beds used special machines, so the regional line of parts has no irregularities and burrs that can injure a person.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Important! Despite the fact that the process of dismantling and installing the beds is very simple, it is not recommended to remove galvanized products every year after the holiday season ends.

Regardless of the quality of products and the manufacturer, the frequent process of assembling and disassembling the structure leads to the appearance of deformation changes on the details. Each time the docking between the elements of the bed will deteriorate. There is also a possibility that the surface of the profile will be damaged and the protective coating will be destroyed, which will lead to corrosion. The most optimal solution will be a competent choice of location and a stationary type of accommodation, only in this case the beds will last for many years.

The classification of galvanized beds with a protective coating can be carried out on the basis of various criteria:

  • type of coating;
  • type of construction;
  • polymer coloring;
  • dimensional parameters;
  • metal thickness;
  • method of fixing parts, etc.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Some modifications have special legs. These elements prevent the displacement of the structure while the soil is falling asleep or weeding the plantations. The legs are buried in the ground, so the bed is well fixed. The polymer coating can have different colors, due to which the buyer has the opportunity to choose almost any color solution that fits well into the surrounding landscape.

There are high and low constructions made of galvanized steel on sale. The most popular among land owners are the beds 15-18 cm and 36 cm high. In addition, products with a height of 50 cm are popular.

Note! For non-standard greenhouse houses, very narrow or wide modifications may be required. If you buy the beds directly from the manufacturer, you can order designs with any parameters that the market for standard products cannot offer.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Designs may vary in length and length. In some modifications, it is possible to mount an extension and lengthen the bed by purchasing additional elements.

Manufacturers put on the market models of metal beds with different parameters and characteristics. These factors have a direct impact on the service life of products, as well as their cost.

The main criteria for the selection of optimal designs:

  • steel thickness;
  • zinc coating thickness;
  • the presence of polymer spraying and its features;
  • production technology used for the manufacture of beds;
  • quality level of parts for installation;
  • the presence of stiffeners with a central type of placement.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Designs with a zinc coating in excess of 25 microns are considered optimal. The layer of zinc on the beds of smaller thickness is easily damaged, as a result of which the process of gradual destruction of the metal under the influence of corrosion will start. The protective coating in the form of polymer significantly increases the life of the products. This type of spraying performs two functions at once:

  • protects galvanization from damage due to contact with moisture, fertilizer and soil;
  • eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage to the zinc coating during tillage with a garden tool.

The thickness of the metal is one of the most important criteria for product quality. On sale there are configurations with steel thickness in the range of 0.35-1 mm. For the arrangement of the garden inside the greenhouse house suitable design, made of metal with a thickness of 0.5 mm. Outdoor beds should be more durable and reliable, so for these purposes it is better to take products with a thickness of steel in the range of 0.7-1 mm. The same applies to the construction of high beds (more than 35 cm), which are subject to increased requirements in terms of strength.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Interesting fact! For comparison, you can compare the parameter of the beds with the indicators of the metal from which the car body is made. The thickness of the latter is 1-1.2 mm.

Manufacturers of finished steel structures use special technologies for the manufacture of beds:

  • film coating;
  • padding;
  • powder coating;
  • phosphating.

High beds in the country with their own hands: photos and manufacturing technology

Photo and step-by-step description of the technology for producing structures for growing crops at the dacha, interesting design options.

For this reason, it is recommended to purchase garden beds with proven quality. The durability of the structure can also be affected by the quality of the elements of which it is composed. Mounting pegs and fixing parts affect the result of the assembly and subsequent installation of the fence. If these parts are not long enough to penetrate, then the structure may twist over time. Particularly increases the risk of such an outcome in the arrangement of the garden on the slopes. On such plots there is a constant slipping of the soil.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

The recommended level of penetration of pegs in a greenhouse is 25 cm, for a garden in an open area, this figure should be increased to 35-40 cm. If the bed height exceeds 20 cm, and its length is more than 200 cm, it is desirable that the design includes bridges between the joints, which are arranged parallel to each other.

Central stiffeners are designed to increase the strength and reliability of the design, they significantly enhance the frame part of the product. If the installation of structures of small height is supposed to be done on the section inside the greenhouse, it is possible to do without the presence of stiffeners in the bed configuration. However, for long-term use of fences in the open air, their presence will be required.

Note! Some manufacturers may issue for bending ribs, which are present along the edge line of the profile. However, such a nuance does not enhance the design.

The table shows the differences of beds New summer residents, GreenBox and other brands that were recognized by consumers as the best. Among them, you can choose designs for different purposes and for any size of the site.

Rating of the best manufacturers of garden beds:

The brand disadvantages Merits price, rub.
New summer residents Limited choice of shapes (only rectangular beds) Large selection of dimensional parameters From 915 (set)
Four colors
Service life 20-30 years
Greenbox Not seen Suitable for outdoor use and in greenhouses From 620 (65×100 cm set)
Wide range of colors
Fun General standard height – 15 cm Variable width of structures From 460 (mp)
Wide color range
Sibgryadki Relatively high cost Simple assembly of the box by fixing its elements with bolted joints From 720 (set 100×200 cm)
A large palette of colors (about 200 shades)
The ability to order any size
In addition to rectangular designs, the range also includes hexagonal modifications.
Novoladozhsky plant Standard width – 50 cm Several colors: green, yellow, brown From 2400 (2×05 m set)
Height – 38 and 19 cm


Note! If the height of the box exceeds 30 cm, such constructions can be effectively used not only for growing vegetables, but also as flower gardens, where it is possible to plant perennial plants of large size. A modification of the “honeycomb” in itself is an ornament for the site.

To assemble and install a metal bed with a polymer coating is very simple. Anyone can handle this task. Depending on the manufacturer, various types of connecting nodes can be provided. Most often, the groove / tenon method is used to assemble the product. In addition, you will need additional fasteners in the form of screws.

Most of the dacha owners use bolt-type connections This method is considered more reliable. In order to assemble a structure using this method, it is necessary to bend the sides located at the upper edge line on metal strips. The width of these elements is about 1.5-2 cm. It will be necessary to make holes in them. There are also French beds. For the assembly of these expensive structures, it will only be necessary to connect the elements by snapping it in place.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

If it is assumed independent production of the structure, it is very important to choose a quality material. Even corrugated metal will do.

Stepwise manufacturing technology:

  1. According to the markup 4 boards need to be dug into the ground. They must have a strictly vertical position, because it is in this place that the corners of the bed will be located.
  2. At the top and bottom of the supports should be nailed on a wooden frame made of boards.
  3. On the resulting structure to fix the steel in galvanized steel. For cutting material is recommended to use electric shears. Metal parts are fixed with a small indent from the edge of the frame with bolted joints.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Helpful advice! As an alternative to the polymer coating, powder dye can be used.

Gabions look just as aesthetically pleasing as the beds made of stone. However, unlike the masonry, such structures are assembled much easier and cost much less. This is due to the fact that the construction of gabions does not imply fixation of the filler. The frame part of the garden is simply filled with stones or other types of material. Metal mesh can withstand severe loads. Due to this, you can use as a filler natural stone with a large fraction.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

Instructions for assembling beds-gabion:

  1. The foundation under construction is cleared of debris and leveled.
  2. Mounting racks. For this purpose, the posts are equipped with flanges at the bottom. For these purposes, it is recommended to take a rod, the diameter of which is 0.8-1 cm. At that, it is necessary to install 8 supports so that 2 rectangles are formed: a large and a small one. A smaller rectangle should be located within a large equal distance.
  3. A galvanized rod is used to form the lattice, the recommended diameter is 0.5-0.6 cm. The cell size is selected taking into account the size of the bulk material so that it does not spill out, and voids do not form inside the product.
  4. If you use a large bulk material, it is worth taking care of stiffeners. For this you can use double rods.
  5. The posts should be fixed as rigidly as possible, since they bear the main load.

Metal beds with polymer coating: features and types of structures

The frame part is fixed on the supports. The result should be 2 boxes from the net. The space between them is filled with stone or brick. The inside of the small frame is filled with soil where the plants are planted. Some manufacturers offer ready-made designs to order, which greatly simplifies the process of assembling a gabion.

Steel beds – a great way to create a beautiful and neat garden on the site. For decorating such designs, you can use not only color coating, but also other means. For example, wrapped in a bed spunbond. On sale you can find agrofibre of various shades. Cloths in white colors are recommended for use in the garden. Such a surface well reflects the sun’s rays, excluding excessive overheating. For wood compositions and flower beds, you can choose any shade, as long as it blends with the landscape.

The metal constructions braided with a vine look rather decorative. Using this method allows you to get a natural and beautiful design of beds outside and durable metal base inside. There are other design options. Garden design depends solely on the imagination and budget possibilities of the site owner.

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