Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

Sectional doors to the garage are capable of providing reliable protection against hacking a garage space without utilizing the living space inside and in front of it: dimensions and prices, functions and design of modern door systems are presented by different manufacturers, each of whom seeks to use the latest engineering developments in their design. Before you buy sectional doors for the garage, check out their models, advantages and equipment.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

Main advantages of gate systems

As an alternative to conventional swing gates, practical and elegant automatic gate systems were developed. The scope of such structures is quite wide: individual garages, entrances and exits from private territories, industrial and commercial complexes and other objects.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

The advantages that distinguish these structures in comparison with the usual swing models:

  • the use of innovative technologies ensures the reliability of entry systems during operation, regardless of weather conditions;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties, high-quality sealing of the opening;
  • high degree of resistance to cracking;
  • safety of operation – the design of the system is such that it reduces the risk of injury when working to zero;
  • rational use of space in the area of ​​the garage opening, is achieved due to the location of sections when opening under the ceiling;
  • possibility of automation: control from the remote control, mobile phone;
  • equipping with additional devices for comfortable and safe control;
  • modern design.

Equipping the garage opening under the entrance of the car, it is necessary to make the calculation of the size of the sectional door, planned for installation. Each manufacturer offers as standard sizes of garage sectional doors its own parameters, which may differ. At the same time, it is possible to order door systems to the dimensions of an existing opening. However, the purchase of designs according to standard parameters will be more profitable at a price than an individual order.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

Sectional garage doors are a lifting mechanism, the canvas of which in the open position is located in the space under the ceiling. The design of the canvas includes several sections, interconnected by hinges. The gate is driven by a system of cables and drums, balanced by a spring mechanism. Sections are equipped with rollers that move along guides installed along the opening and under the ceiling.

Parameters to consider when choosing the size of the opening for garage sectional doors:

  • dimensions of the car – these parameters are determined based on the average width and height of the car, taking into account the distance for a comfortable ride (about 40-50 cm on each side and 60 cm on top);
  • location features – here the necessary number of maneuvers upon arrival at the garage, as well as the quality of the road surface in the area in front of it;
  • the purpose of the room – if you plan to use the garage not only for parking cars, but also for storing and storing any things, equipment, etc., it is also worth taking into account when determining the size of the gate.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

Note! If the driveway to the garage has a turn or is characterized by a steep slope, this should be taken into account when calculating the parameters of the gate sectional systems.

In addition, when choosing the size of garage sectional doors, you should consider:

  • the distance from the top line of the opening to the ceiling (lintel). For normal operation of the gate, the minimum jumper height must be at least 2.1 m;
  • the width of the pier from the line of the left and right edges of the opening to the wall should not be less than 1 m, which will provide normal conditions for mounting the system drive;
  • the absence in the area of ​​the location of the guides of any kind of communications, in order to avoid their damage during operation of the gate.

As noted above, each manufacturer produces sectional garage doors of standard sizes, but these parameters are different for each company. In addition, each company has its own product specification and specific installation requirements. Thus, a prerequisite for the height of the lintel at sectional garage doors Alutech differs from the same parameter of DoorHan, and the distance for guides is identical for almost all manufacturers.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

As a rule, the dimensions of the door systems are from 2 to 6 m in height, and from 5 to 7 m in length. The width of each section is between 35 and 61 cm. The sections are made of sandwich panels 40-45 mm thick, which represent two plates filled with polyurethane foam. This insulation does not let moisture and is an excellent heat insulator. Thanks to this, the gates do not freeze through in winter.

The dimensions of the standard sectional doors of the Classic series, presented by Alutech, are limited to the following parameters: width from 2250 to 5000 mm, height from 2085 to 3085 mm. It is possible to manufacture modules with intermediate values ​​in width and height, adding to the typical parameters of 5 mm. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a design for the required dimensions of almost any opening.

Typical parameters of sectional garage doors manufactured by Alutech Standart series are somewhat different and are:

Gate width, mm Gate height, mm
2250 2375 2500 2625 2750 2875 3000 3125 3250 3375 3500


The specific width of the standard sizes of sectional doors Herman (made in Germany) corresponds to its height:

  • 2250×1875 / 2000/2125 mm;
  • 2375×1875 / 2000/2125/2250 mm;
  • 2500х1875 / 2000/2125/2250/2375/2500/2750 mm;
  • 2625×2125 mm;
  • 2750×2000 / 2125/2250/2375/2500/2750 mm;
  • 3000×2000 / 2125/2250/2375/2500/3000 mm.

Each of the door widths of 3250, 3500, 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4750 and 5000 mm correspond to the dimensions of height 2000, 2125 and 2250 mm.

Helpful advice! When ordering sectional structures, choose the minimum required dimensions, since the lighter the module, the more stable its work.

The standard size of the garage overhead sectional doors of Dorkhan vary from the width and height of 2000×1800 to 3000×2700 mm, respectively.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

The functionality and attractive design of the overhead sectional garage door makes these designs quite popular among consumers. In addition to the technical characteristics, many are interested in the price of sectional doors for the garage. The size of the canvas, the type of mechanism, the degree of sound and heat insulation and other factors influence the cost of the door systems. In addition, the price of lifting sectional doors depends on their manufacturer.

Order garage sectional doors (dimensions, price, equipment are listed in the price) can be done by contacting websites that specialize in the sale of gate systems. For convenience, they placed not only technical characteristics, but also photos of garage sectional doors. This gives a visual representation of the color of the panels and the design of the structures.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

The basic set of overhead sectional doors Alutech includes:

  • 45 mm thick sandwich panels with standard wood texture. The panels are equipped with a hinge reinforcement and finger pinch protection;
  • the presence of a torsion mechanism sectional door, designed for 25,000 cycles;
  • a set of fasteners;
  • guides;
  • blocking the fall of the canvas;
  • suspensions up to a height of 300 mm;
  • spring bolt;
  • cord to close the canvas;
  • original packaging.

The table shows the prices of overhead sectional doors Alutech depending on the size of the used type of panels “microwave L, M, S-corrugation”, in rubles. Shipping and installation costs not included:

Gate height, mm Gate width, mm
2000 2250 2500 2750 3000 3250 3500 3750
2210 26660 26550 26255 30100 32785 35248 36930 38700
2335 27325 29880 27070 30700 33170 35940 37625 40130
2460 28360 31210 28280 31480 34290 43260 45391 47050
2585 29169 32778 28760 33130 35991 44670 46058 49520
2710 31685 33866 36520 39370 41599 44965 46958 50420
2835 32350 34860 34165 35246 42880 46339 48570 51935
2960 33200 36665 39228 42927 45390 48998 51415 57010
3085 34151 37755 41218 44017 41560 50420 52887 58530


Although the gate systems have a rather complicated structure, they can be built in with a gate for entry. This door can significantly save the life of the lifting mechanism, for example, if there is no need to open the gate to enter the car, and the driver needs to go to the garage. However, in such models there will be an increase in the cost of sectional doors by approximately 40%.

Note! The built-in gate is equipped with a position sensor, which excludes the possibility of the door leaf moving if the gate is open.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

The popularity of garage sectional doors Dorkhan is explained by the democratic price with high quality products. Sections of the gate and components for them are produced in Russia. Depending on the preferences of the customer, the canvas can be made of 5 types of sandwich panels with different textures and a standard color palette, including up to 10 shades.

Buy sectional garage doors (prices for Dorhan products do not depend on the exchange rate) in two series: Economy and Premium. Comparing them, it can be noted that in the premium version the potential of the springs is increased and there is the possibility of filling large openings. In addition, only in this series it is possible to purchase overhead sectional doors with a wicket. If the gate will be used rarely, it makes sense to save by ordering an economy class system.

On the websites of companies engaged in sales of products, you can make an online calculation of the price of sectional doors Dorkhan. The calculator takes into account the dimensions of the opening, the type of panels, the type of lift and drive, as well as other additional parameters.

Prices of lifting section gates of the Economy series are presented in the table:

Dimensions of door systems Dorkhan, RSD01SC series, mm Color and price of the design, rub.
White RAL9003 Brown RAL8014 Golden oak
2500×2115 29690 26940 29690
2500х2215 29310 26610 29310
2500×2390 29975 27190 29975
2750×2115 31930 28920 31930
2750×2215 31650 28665 31650
2750×2390 32340 29290 32340
3000×2015 34420 31130 34420
3000×2215 34860 31510 34860
3000×2515 36300 32785 36300
3000×2640 33600 33050 33600


Many companies offer seasonal discounts and promotions on standard gate models. As part of the campaigns, it is possible to have a free visit by a specialist to measure the opening under sectional garage doors. Often, buyers are interested in the question of how to install the garage sectional doors themselves so that the quality of the construction remains unchanged. Given this, manufacturing companies sell ready-made kits for installing sectional doors with their own hands.

Helpful advice! Do-it-yourself installation of sectional doors allows you to save up to 25% of the cost of the finished structure.

In order for anyone to be able to do the assembly of sectional garage doors with their own hands and correctly install electrical mechanisms, manufacturers complete the products with accompanying technical documentation. Each of them manufactures gates according to its own technology, be it Dorkhan, Herman or Alutech. Installation of sectional doors (instructions attached to the kit) should be carried out in a strictly defined sequence.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

One of the main requirements for the installation of door systems is considered high-quality fixation of all fasteners and strict vertical garage opening. When installing, follow these guidelines:

  • Before installation it is necessary to check the conformity of all fasteners to the mounting card;
  • it should not allow even the slightest distortions, as they will lead to disruption of the entire system;
  • cannot be used to align the design of the mounting foam. In this case it is necessary to provide lining of metal of different thickness;
  • bearing parts must be mounted in a specific sequence specified in the instructions;
  • start the assembly of the door leaf from the bottom panel;
  • After the gate has been assembled, check how tightly the top flap is in contact with the splat. If necessary, adjust the correct position using the top brackets;

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

  • system control mechanisms, locks and handles are attached after the web is assembled;
  • When installing balancing springs, ensure that the lifting cables are tensioned;
  • at the end of the installation of the web stopper and the drive, check the door progress by performing several opening and closing cycles.

Note! Failure to follow the instructions when installing sectional doors on the garage with your own hands can lead to a deterioration in the performance of the system.

As an example, you can view the video installation of sectional doors with their own hands.

The assembly scheme of the structure will allow to correctly calculate the required amount of materials and will not allow to be mistaken with the dimensions. Before proceeding with the preparatory work, develop a drawing of the gate with applying all the necessary dimensions and locations of mechanisms, guides, sockets, etc.

To make sure that the depth of the garage will be sufficient, use the following calculation: add 0.5 m to the height of the gate, and if you plan to install an automatic or manual chain drive for sectional doors, then you need to add 1 m.

The main weight of the gate system will fall on the lintel (lintel) and the ceiling, so they must be made of durable material. As for the walls, they should also have considerable strength, since guides will be fixed to them. The optimal parameter of the lintel is from 25 to 50 cm. If this size is not maintained, the gates of non-standard models are installed, the cost of which will be higher.

Sectional doors to the garage: the size and price of practical designs

Before installing the gate, it is recommended to remove the old facing material, to plaster the opening, observing the evenness of the surface. This will ensure a tight fit and improve thermal insulation. In addition, it is necessary to check that the left and right piers are with a jumper in the same plane. If the garage is made of lightweight material, it is necessary to carry out measures to strengthen the walls with a metal frame.

Helpful advice! Since the system is rather complicated, it is recommended that a service agreement be entered into for the repair of sectional garage doors. In this case, work on troubleshooting will be performed efficiently, inexpensively and as soon as possible.

Install entry automatic systems can be almost any garage. Equipping the gates with automatics makes everyday use comfortable, and modern design refreshes the architecture of the garage and gives it a stylish look.

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