Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Today there are many options for organizing fencing. One of the most modern and original is metal fence-blinds. This design can also be made of wood. It includes lamellae that are parallel in relation to each other. Before purchasing and installing such a fence, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its characteristics and features.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

The advantages and disadvantages of fences-shutters

A distinctive feature of this design can be called the presence of gaps, which is caused by the location of the lamellae in sections. However, the presence of holes does not adversely affect the protective characteristics of the fence. Such fences have many advantages, which causes a stable demand for them in the construction market. Consider the main advantages of louvered fences in more detail.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Lamellae, which are the main elements of this type of fencing, are inclined. Some designs take into account the possibility of bias plates in both directions. In the second case, it will contribute to the penetration of sunlight to the site. Thus, it becomes possible to plant flowers and other plants in the immediate vicinity of the metal fence. Photos of these structures allow us to evaluate their advantages.

Gaps in the design also contribute to the natural circulation of air. Another advantage of such structures is that they look unusual and original. Their design is great for country sites, made in a modern style.

Note! Metal structures have a long service life and are easy to maintain. In turn, wooden require the application of a special impregnation, which increases the duration of operation of the fence.

Another advantage of such fencing is their cost. The price of blind fences depends on the material from which they are made, but they are usually lower than those of stone or brick structures. For example, a square meter of a metal variety is sold on average for 1000 rubles. Wooden structures are cheaper at 300-400 rubles.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Separately, it should be said that these fences have good sound-proofing qualities. Design features louvered fences make it easy to mount them. The installation of such a fence can be done personally (to save finances).

Louvre fences do not have any significant drawbacks. The only thing that can be noted is that they do not completely protect from prying eyes, since there are still small gaps.

Such fences are not used as often as traditional ones. In some cases, they are installed under normal conditions, guided by the advantages of their use. But there are situations in which the installation of a louvered fence is the only correct solution. Consider them in more detail:

If the site is located on a marshy ground, then the soil feature does not allow to build a standard, solid construction. In addition to the instability of the soil, such conditions are favorable for the occurrence of the greenhouse effect. In this case, the air in the area will be very humid. Louvre fence contributes to ventilation of the courtyard due to its design. Therefore, such a fence is recommended to install on a swampy area.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

There are other conditions that require the installation of this design. For example, a sectional fence-blinds are needed in the case when the garden and garden are located in a constant shadow from a private house or other outbuildings. The fencing with lamellae allows the sun rays to pass through the presence of gaps and allows the plants to receive the required amount of light.

Useful information! Such fences are used when the owners want to keep the opportunity to view the street, but they do not want to show off their yard. Lamellae with a slope in the direction of the street make it possible to provide visibility on one side and to hide the site from prying eyes on the side of the road. This is very convenient, especially in the case when you need to monitor a small child playing behind a fence.

Metal fence blinds are distinguished by their functionality. While ordinary, solid structures basically perform only a protective function. Do not worry about the fact that the louvered construction has gaps. It also copes well with the protection function, as does standard fencing.

These designs differ in many ways. They may have different dimensions. The height of the fence, as a rule, is reflected in its cost. The width and length of the lamellae can also vary depending on the type of fence used. Metal structures also differ in color.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

But, of course, the main features by which these fences are divided into types are the material of manufacture and the direction of the plates. Consider what are louvered fences, depending on the location of the slats:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

In the first case, the possibility of correction area (visual). Horizontal plates provide not such good sound insulation, as vertical. A fence with such lamellae lets air through and promotes ventilation of the site. As for fences in which the slats are arranged vertically, they are better protected from sound. There are no serious differences between the horizontal fence-louver and the vertical fence.

Consider what materials are used in the production of such fences:

  • metal;
  • tree.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Metal louvre designs are more expensive than wood. The price of fences-shutters made of wood, however, is reflected in their performance. This is due to their high technical characteristics. Lamels in such fences are most often made of galvanized and processed by rolling, having a strictly defined form. As a result, the possibility of injury to such a design is minimized.

Dimensions of metal louvered fences can be different. The maximum height of such structures, as a rule, is 250 cm. And also all structures of this type differ in color. Today you can buy a metal fence-blinds, painted in black, burgundy and green. These shades are the most common, however, there are other colors.

Note! Metal structures are more susceptible to the corrosive effects of corrosion. Therefore, they are covered with special compounds that protect the fence from rusting.

There is the possibility of making an individual order. The client can choose not only any color, but also purchase a fence with a pattern. For example, options of the fences executed under a natural tree are very popular. Realistic texture is distinguished by presentability and originality.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Among other advantages of metal structures, it should be noted that they have a longer service life than wood. In addition, such fences are resistant to high temperatures and refractory. Therefore, they are recommended to be used in regions that are characterized by dry, hot conditions. You can buy metal fence-blinds in the building supermarket, specialized shop or place an order via the Internet.

Metal structures are convenient to transport and install. Even the self-installation of such sections does not cause much difficulty, so these fences are popular among buyers. Another advantage of these fences is their high strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Each section is limited to a frame that is made of shaped pipes, which also adds strength to the structure.

Separately, it should be said about such a variety as: Twingo fence-blinds. This design is universal. When using it, it is possible to regulate the plates in both directions. Thus, it is possible to set the lamellae in the required position and change it depending on the time of the year (for the passage of sunlight to the site).

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Louvre fences made of metal are stable and reliable. They also have a relatively small weight, which makes it easy to mount them. Unlike wooden products, these designs do not need additional finishing. They do not need to be treated with special substances against fungi and mold.

The material for the production of wooden fences louver type are ordinary boards. In order to reduce the cost of production and make it more accessible to consumers, ordinary, unprocessed wooden products are used in manufacturing. However, such a move has one drawback – the unpresentable appearance of the finished fencing. In addition, wooden plates of this type need special treatment, which is aimed at increasing their operational life.

Such fences are favored by people who prefer natural, eco-friendly materials. Another option when the use of wooden construction is considered justified – a stylistic necessity. For example, a residential building can be made in country style. In such a situation, wood is more suitable for registration of the site.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Note! Wood fence blinds with proper processing looks attractive, as it has an original and natural pattern. Such fences look very nice in the case when the site is located on a natural landscape. Constructions of this type do not cause allergic reactions and do not emit harmful vapors.

The use of such a fence does not interfere with the growth of plants in its immediate vicinity. Installation of wood construction is simple and is performed, as a rule, in sections. Support for individual blocks are pillars. Of the advantages of wooden louvered fencing can also be noted democratic price.

Features of this design make it possible to assemble a fence-blinds from wood with their own hands. Before purchasing wood fencing, it is recommended to pay attention to its age. Freshly sawn products have higher technical characteristics. And also it is worth remembering that such a fence requires special care and, even in this case, its operational life is lower than that of metal structures.

If you decide to save money, then you will need to build a louvered fence yourself. In this case, the question arises about what material to use for this. Consider the features of working with metal and wooden elements.

Metal fence-blinds: how to create a beautiful and durable fence

Metal. The louvre construction of this material is very difficult to do with your own hands. This is due to the fact that for its manufacture requires a special machine, which is necessary for bending sheets of galvanized. Among other things, other elements of the structure also need to be bent.

Thus, it is not recommended to undertake the manufacture of metal fence-blinds. However, if you really want to save money and chose this type of fence, then the most logical solution would be to make a drawing yourself for each part. After that, you can place an order for the manufacture of all elements of the fence. Further, it remains only to wait for their implementation and assemble the structure with your own hands.

Also, do not forget about the elements by which the sections are fastened to the posts. Such places are most susceptible to corrosion, so it is recommended to protect them to the maximum.

When choosing a louvered fence, you should pay attention to when it is recommended to use it. This design has some differences from the standard fencing, which must be considered. The most preferred option louvre fence – metal. When installing this type of fence on your own, it is important to follow the recommendations indicated in the instructions.

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