Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

In this article, you will learn what an automatic gate with a remote opening and features of these structures. Get acquainted with the full classification, advantages and disadvantages of each type of gate, as well as the rates. Learn to understand the mechanisms and the right to select these systems. The article will provide recommendations for self-installation of the gate, as well as the main types of breakdowns that occur during operation.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Automatic gates with remote opening: classification

Automatic gates are installed as movable structures intended for the protection of industrial and private territories. Thanks to the remote opening system, the owner can comfortably enter the plot or the garage without making significant efforts.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Note! The presence of an automatic gate opening mechanism allows you to enter the garage without having to leave the car. In rainy weather this advantage is useful to many vehicle owners.

The general classification includes several types of automatic opening gates:

  • garage;
  • entry;
  • manufacturing.

Each of these structures has its own characteristics. Depending on the building, the following types of gates are distinguished:

  • swing;
  • lifting;
  • recoiling.

In turn, the lifting system of automatic opening of the gate includes several more types of structures that are turning, rolling and sectional.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Oar type of construction is particularly popular among consumers. Such gates are characterized by a convenient installation system, they remain reliable throughout the life of the operation. Affordable cost is another plus in favor of opting for these designs.

On sale you can find automation for swing gates with the opening out or inward. If you are using a structure with an external opening for the garage – remember that the area in front of the gate should be regularly cleared of snow.

As a material for creating the gate manufacturers use:

  • aluminum profiles;
  • clapboard;
  • steel sheets with a smooth surface;
  • forging elements;
  • welded lattices;
  • steel profiled sheet.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Oar designs are recommended to be completed with a gate made in the same design as the gate itself. As a rule, this element crashes into the canvas. There are mounting options when the gate is installed nearby.

Helpful advice! After installing the automatic garage door do not forget to take care of the durability and reliability of the design. Use for this purpose special chemical compounds that are able to protect the material from such destructive factors of exposure as hail, moisture, icing, snow.

In addition to private construction, the scope of such gates applies to buildings for agricultural purposes, as well as public and industrial facilities. Installation of automatic gate turnkey swing construction is usually performed for the protection of cottages or suburban areas, as well as areas belonging to industrial organizations.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

The design is a pair of sashes fixed on supports. As the fixing elements hinges with bearings are used.

The mechanism for swing gates can be opened in or out. At the same time, the folds open 90 ° or more. This angle depends on the availability of space. When the gate is closed, the shutters rest against the stop located in the center of the entrance. They are held by the locking system. In the open position, the fixation is carried out by a spring mechanism.

Advantages of swing type structures:

  • affordable cost (most of consumers can buy automatics for swing type gates);
  • simple manufacturing system;
  • low level of thermal conductivity of cloths;
  • high resistance to cracking;
  • the canvas allows you to insert the gate with a locking system.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Disadvantages of swing gates:

  • the lack of free space behind the gate or in front of them (depending on the method of opening) can be a serious limiting condition for installation;
  • strong gusts of wind can deform the sash.

Note! The dimensions of the automatic gates directly affect the cost of construction.

If you decide to buy an automatic gate on the garage, the prices for this type of structure will depend not only on the dimensional parameters. This indicator is also influenced by the features of the structure: the presence or absence of plating, its type.

Average prices for structures with a set of automation for swing gates (rub.):

Height of construction, cm Construction width, cm
 250  300 350 400 500
150 19600 23,500 27300 31200 37300
175 22800 27300 30400 34600 43200
200 26,000 31300 34700 39,500 46900
225 29300 33700 38900 44500 52800
250 31,000 37100 42300 46900 55100
275 34,000 40800 45300 51700 60700
300 37,000 44500 49300 56300 66,000


This table shows the prices for the purchase of a structure without shipping and installation.

Rates for automatic gates: cost structures with double-sided plating (rub.):

Height of construction, cm Construction width, cm
 250 300  350 400 500
150 20300 24200 27900 32,000 38300
175 23,500 28,000 31300 35800 44600
200 26800 32,000 35700 40800 48500
225 30,000 34500 40200 45900 54500
250 31900 38,000 44600 48500 57,000
275 35,000 42,000 46700 53100 62800
300 38300 45900 50900 58,000 68400


Note! As a material for double-sided plating, a profiled sheet is used, painted and coated with galvanization.

Price for automatic gates for a garage with remote opening and one-sided trim (rub.):

  Height of construction, cm Construction width, cm
 250  300  350 400  500
150 17,000 20550 23,900 27300 32,000
175 19900 23,900 26300 30,000 37500
200 22800 27300 30,000 34300 40300
225 25600 29,000 33800 38500 45400
250 26800 32,000 37500 40300 48400
275 29,500 35400 38800 44400 51500
300 32,000 38500 42300 48600 56000


The table above shows the price of automatic gates with remote opening and one-sided lining in the form of a painted and galvanized sheet. These amounts do not include the cost of transportation and installation of structures.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Retractable gate designs are becoming increasingly popular among owners of private territories. Such demand is due to their compactness. Design features allow you to enter the territory of large vehicles of any height.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designsDo-it-yourself sliding gates: drawings, diagrams, designs. How to assemble and mount. Types and choice of gates, installation procedure, necessary tools. Automation for gates.

If you decide to buy automatic sliding gates, such an acquisition will bring many advantages, especially in winter. The design can function normally in case of snowfall, snow drifts and strong wind. Even ice will not become an obstacle to effective work.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Under the installation of automatic sliding gates, a special place should be taken where it will be necessary to prepare the foundation foundation. Screw piles will provide a high level of protection against burglary.

Helpful advice! When installing the gate with a retractable design, the wicket is installed separately. This will eliminate the inconvenience that may arise during use.

Most often, the retractable structures are installed in the dacha and suburban areas, parking areas, near cottages, hangars, industrial areas, areas assigned to airports and railway stations.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Gates with a retractable structure are used in cases when it is necessary to form a wide opening for entry. The main components of such products:

  • sash;
  • videos;
  • cantilever beam;
  • support.

Around the perimeter of the opening on the gate installation of sealing materials. Due to this, the structure is protected from dust, moisture, wind and cold. The opening / closing mechanism is based on the fact that the console beam, when opened, together with the blade fixed on it, is shifted to the side due to rollers that are mounted on supports.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

There are several ways of fixing the cantilever beam when installing sliding automatic gates with a remote opening with their own hands:

  1. Profile with an open type of placement (the beam is mounted below). This type of installation is used for doors with glazing and blind construction, with the upper edge can be any.
  2. Profile with a closed type of placement (the beam is mounted below). Installation is carried out in cases where increased demands are placed on the appearance of the door curtains.
  3. Installation of a console beam from above. This type of installation is used for doors with a blind construction, having a rectangular top edge on the canvas.
  4. Telescopic type gates. The structure closes inwards, so opening a gate does not require a large amount of free space along the wall.

Helpful advice! Use to create sliding gates with your own hands drawings, diagrams and instructions that can be found on the Internet.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Retractable door designs offer a number of advantages:

  • the canvas allows the installation of the built-in wicket or viewing window;
  • the design does not impose restrictions on the height of the opening;
  • significant savings in free space at the gate (in front and behind them);
  • high level of resistance to cracking;
  • resistance to strong wind loads.

Sliding gates also have disadvantages, which are not so much as advantages. To install the structure, a free area is required on the right or left side of the opening. This free space is necessary in order to ensure roll back. In addition, compared with other types of gates, sliding products have a high cost.

Average price of automatic sliding gates with installation (rub.):

Height of the opening, cm Opening width, cm
 300 350 400
180 84150 85200 87300
200 85300 86500 88600
220 86150 88200 90150
250 87300 90000 93200
300 88800 91200 95,000


The table shows the prices for structures with plating in the form of sheeting standard color. Sheet thickness is 0.5 mm.

Average prices for the installation of sliding gates without automation (rub.):

Height of the opening, cm Opening width, cm
 300 350 400
180 59100 60300 62700
200 60150 61900 63700
220 61700 63200 65100
250 62600 64800 68250
300 63400 66300 70450


The table includes prices for sliding gates with a 0.5 mm thick sheeting.

Note! Gate finishing is carried out on the basis of a standard color sheet. If desired, you can use more rare shades, but it will cost significantly more.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Often used for the garage sectional doors. Their design is compact, rises to the ceiling and can not touch the car. The main scope of application extends to:

  • auto repair shops and service stations;
  • car wash;
  • industrial areas.

Due to rubber sealing materials running around the perimeter, the gate is reliably protected from moisture and exposure to sunlight. The opening is sealed, and the door curtain cannot damage the vehicle.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Automatic garage sectional doors: sizes, prices of structures (rub.):

Height cm Width, cm
300 350 400 450
221 31400 33200 40900 45,000
246 32400 40700 46600 50400
271 34700 42100 47200 52400
296 40700 46,000 53200 57200
308 43,000 47400 54800 58900


Standard sizes of automatic garage doors of section type differ from the generally accepted dimensional parameters of other products. This difference can be seen in the table above. It is due to the specificity of the structure of the gate and the conditions of their installation.

Swing gates are similar to folding structures, since they open horizontally. At installation in front it is necessary to leave the free area for placement of the lower site of a cloth. This detail protrudes approximately 1/3 of the height of the opening gate.

Unlike pivoting structures, rolling gates do not need to be left free. The canvas has sufficient flexibility and ease of handling. The raw material for the manufacture of lamellae used polyurethane foam.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Note! Rolled automatic gates for the garage (which you can buy at any specialty store) have one significant advantage: you can install this design both from the outside of the opening and from the inside.

The size range of roll structures is much wider than that of any other types of gates. Manufacturers produce products up to 1200 cm wide and up to 1000 cm high. When open, the roll-type doors are very compact. They are universal and can be installed in warehouse-type premises, as well as in shopping centers.

Price of automatic rolling gates:

Dimensional parameters (height / width), cm price, rub.
250×220 28500
250×250 31500
250×290 35300
250×300 36400
240×310 63550
270×400 66150
270×430 90000


Before choosing automatic equipment for swing gates with your own hands, you should decide on the design of the gate. They must have all the necessary characteristics that you expect to receive.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

The drive for the gate with automatic action is selected taking into account the following factors:

  • dimensional parameters of the canvas (its width);
  • the direction in which the gate opens;
  • dimensional parameters of the pillars, raw materials from which they are made (if such details are present in the design);
  • technical specifications;
  • the ability to withstand a weight that is 3-4 times the original weight;
  • frequency of use;
  • prices

Use additional materials to learn how to install automation for swing gates: videos, instructions and diagrams will help you with this.

There are several types of automation. The classification is based on the effort method. Allocate linear and lever types.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

The linear type of automatic systems is installed exclusively on the designs of swing gates. Most often, the scope of application applies to garage products. Devices in this group are divided into hydraulic and worm drives. Worm systems include:

  • Electrical engine;
  • worm gear;
  • gearbox.

They are mounted on small gates installed in private territories. They are reliable and affordable. You can compare prices for swing door gates from Dorkhan and other manufacturers in the table below.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Lever automation is mounted in the event that it is not possible to install a linear system. This type of automation is universal and very much in demand. Lever automation includes:

  • motor;
  • gearbox;
  • lever arm.

The reliability of this automatic device is very high when compared with other types of systems.

Pricing for automatic drive sets for swing structures:

 Manufacturer  Name
 Shutter width, m Weight, kg Price, rub.
 Doorhan  SW-3000KIT 3 800 27100
 SW-5000BASE five 1000 27200
 ARM-320KIT four 400 30,900
Came  FAST 2.3 300 37900
 Stylo 1.6 150 46550
 FLEX 500/2 1.6 150 33850
   Nice  TOONA 4016P 3 800 32600
 TOONA 5016P five 1000 36500
 WINGO 5000 3.5 500 38600


Note! Presented kits do not contain consoles for automatic gates. You can buy this supplement separately, or purchase other options, the bundle of which already includes these devices.

Prices for automation kits with two remote controls for automatic gates:

Manufacturer  Name
 Shutter width, m Weight, kg Price, rub.
  Came  FERNI 1000 four 800 42600
 ATI 3000 3 800 35100
 ATI 5000 five 1000 37600
 KRONO 310 3 800 31450
Nice  WINGO 2024 2 400 32,000
 WINGO 3524 3.5 500 35,000


During installation, it should be remembered that the hydraulic drive automation is installed inside the hull part of the structure. These systems include:

  • Electrical engine;
  • hydraulic cylinder;
  • pump.

Pricing for hydraulic automation:

Manufacturer Name of product Shutter width, m  Weight of the structure
Price, rub.
FAAC 400CBAC 2.2 800 70100
FAAC 422CBAC 1.8 570 63200


Most often for the installation of automatic gates do-it-yourself constructions of the swing type are used. This procedure is resorted to by many car owners who wish to make their garage more functional.

To create an automatic garage door with your own hands you will need:

  • shovels and construction level;
  • welding machine;
  • screwdriver;
  • Bulgarians with a set of discs for metal.

In advance, you should purchase all consumables:

  • channel bars and profile pipes;
  • reinforcement elements;
  • bricks;
  • components for cement mortar (fine crushed stone, sand, cement powder).

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Helpful advice! Use any materials you like as a trim. For finishing of swing gates, a welded lattice, wood, profiled sheet can be used.

The scheme of self-installation gate:

  1. Removal of measurements from the site.
  2. Preparation of pits for the installation of supports (the formation of rubble cushion, installation of pillars, the implementation of pouring cement mortar).
  3. Fixation of the support plates to the posts for further fixing the loops.
    Hanging canvas.
  4. Installation of electric drive to the doors or supports.

Experts recommend the use of copper cable for the organization of wiring, the best options – ShVVP or PVA. Depending on the length of the selected section.

Calculation of the cable for connecting the system:

 Type of device connected  Cable type Track length
1-10 m, mm
Track length
10-20 m, mm
Track length
20-30 m, mm
Power to control  PVA 1.5×3 2.5×3 4×3
Photocell Transmitter 0.5×2 0.5×2 0.5×2
0.5×2 1×2 1.5×2
Photocell Receiver 0.5×4 0.5×4 0.5×4
Accessories 0.5×2 0.5×2 1×2
Control buttons 0.5×2 0.5×2 0.5×2
Antenna Rg maximum limit of 30 m


Use the video material below to install your own automatic gates.

Regardless of whether the installation of the automatic construction of the door was carried out on its own or with the participation of specialists, if the installation took place without disturbances, the product will serve smoothly for a long time.

Helpful advice! Troubleshoot in a timely manner to prevent serious damage or complete failure of the gate mechanism.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Problems with the torsion mechanism it is almost impossible to eliminate on your own, for the reason that the change of the spring is carried out with a preliminary calculation of the parameters that are individual for each of the systems. Disassembly of the torsion assembly will be required, as well as adjustment of the electrical wire and the entire structure.

Automatics problems arise when there is an overload in the network, for example, when a concrete mixer or welding machine is connected. If the problem concerns sectional doors that do not fully open / close, reconfiguration of the automatic system limit switches is required.

The lion’s share of breakdowns, which are addressed to service, concerns self-installed automatic swing gates. In this case, you may be denied warranty service if there were violations in the installation technology.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Unprofessional installation is fraught with such consequences:

  • cable break;
  • premature wear of parts;
  • drive breakdown.

This repair is much more expensive, so you should be careful or call a specialist for the installation of the structure.

To eliminate extraneous sounds, it is enough to clean the carrier beam, check it for deformation or lubricate the hinges.

Overview of automatic garage doors Dorkhan and Nice

Sectional doors from the manufacturer Dorhan manufactured using sandwich panels of the standard sample. This type of material is characterized by a high rate of heat retention and sound insulation.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

Note! Models of this brand are equipped with tension springs or torsion mechanisms. Spring designs are more affordable, and torsion variants make less noise.

All models of automatic doors Dorkhan can be mounted in a garage unsuitable for this purpose. The range includes two product series:

  • Yett (Canada, Russia);
  • RSD (Russia).

The color range of products is extensive. Cloths are issued with various structure and can imitate various surfaces.

The manufacturer of the automatic gate, Nice, uses high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of structures, thanks to which the products are resistant to corrosive and durable. Even severe frosts can not damage the automation for swing gates Nice.

Automatic gates with remote opening: types of designs

This product is considered the most economical and does not require major repairs. Nice gate can serve for more than a dozen years, they are safe, comfortable, characterized by ergonomics and comfort of operation.

There are other brands that are also popular with consumers. When choosing a gate, be sure to consider their weight and the intended operating conditions. The tips and tricks presented above are sure to help you choose the right automatic gate with a remote opening for your garage.

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