Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

In the summer, the townspeople go to the cottages, where water procedures under the open sky remain an integral part of the rest. A heated shower tank is the best solution in cloudy weather, when the sun’s rays are not enough to warm water in tanks. A simple device will quickly bring water to the desired temperature. The right choice of heated capacity will solve problems in the summer and off-season, when the “hot season” comes on the garden plot.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

How does it work heated shower tank with thermostat

The capacity for heating water in conditions when swimming in the open air does not depend on the sun makes life of summer residents more comfortable. Compliance with basic hygienic conditions will no longer be tied to fair weather. A suburban shower with a heated tank does not have to be switched on in the electricity grid in hot weather: the container heats up naturally at high ambient temperatures. But even on cool or rainy days, there is no point in denying yourself bathing, when you have the opportunity to make it quite acceptable by choosing a suitable tank.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

Structurally, they have much in common, but differ in the following parameters:

  • the volume of the tank (within 25-200 l);
  • internal equipment;
  • the color of metal, plastic;
  • automatic system for adjusting the heating process;
  • housing material;
  • thermal insulation (cumulative type system with temperature maintenance).

The temperature of the water in the tank is easy to maintain with a thermal switch, restarting the heating process when it falls to a critical point. This incurs additional costs in terms of payment for electricity, but it is convenient for families with children. It is not known when warm water will be needed again in the summer shower. When the sun sets over the horizon, you can still use a tank with warm water, if the improvised box has lighting.

Outside the city, problems with water supply are likely. A heated summer shower tank automatically relieves summer residents of all inconveniences with hygienic procedures.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

The washing room under the summer shower has much in common with the capital bath:

  • frame and walls of the booth (for visual isolation and protection of the bathing people from the wind);
  • metal or plastic tank for heated showers;
  • the water supply system directly into the tank, and from it into the water divider (perforated watering can);
  • a bottom grate and a pan for collecting used water with a gutter for its discharge to the drainage or watering system of trees.

The shower box itself or booth is made of the most suitable materials for this: wood, concrete blocks, plastic or slate on the frame. There should be an overlap from above, but if the tank is planned to be heated by sunlight, then it will be carried to the roof. Alternatively, you can place it under a glass panel (instead of a roof), so that sunlight can penetrate under it. Be sure to provide access to the tank for the upcoming cleaning (enough 1 time per season).

Note! Over time, tanks need to be cleaned of scale, sediment and microflora resulting from the “blooming” of water.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

Monitor the temperature of the water to help the sensor, relay or thermostat. They are not available in cheap heated shower barrels. If desired, you can make a shower in two cubicles, with separate entrances from different sides. This is possible if a sufficient volume is installed in the shower. For a large family, it makes sense to place two tanks or one per 200 liters.

Before you buy a tank for a shower, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the classification of containers and their varieties. They are vertical and horizontal, which is important to consider when installing on an existing dacha cabin.

Ways of heating the water in the tank:

  • from the centralized water supply system;
  • from the sun’s rays – thanks to a dark metallic base;
  • from local heating system;
  • from electric heating element.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

Important! It is important to understand the structural differences, as consultants do not always demonstrate competence when it comes to tanks for the shower to give.

In sales areas and catalogs, most often 2 types of containers are offered:

  • plastic tanks;
  • metal tanks for the shower with heating and thermostat.

Plastic is cheaper, containers will last at least 10 years on condition of proper operation. Before the onset of a harsh winter, they can be dismantled. Metal containers last longer, but take more heat to the body when they are heated.

In general, tanks are characterized by:

  • great variability in shape, material and volume;
  • long service life;
  • easy cleaning of sediment;
  • power of the heating element (heating rate);
  • ease of installation;

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • affordable prices on the tanks for the shower to give (buy the catalog without a retail mark-up will be cheaper).

Note! Expensive imported containers have a special coating that prevents the formation of scale. It is located on the internal “boiler” of the shower tank, it is very convenient to use the shower, but when bathing the water remains hard.

Tanks differ in weight. Of course, this depends on the design features, volume and material used in the manufacture. This is important to consider if you intend to buy a tank for the shower with installation on the glass for combined heating.

The desire to buy a tank for a shower to the country and at the same time save is quite feasible, since cheap goods are not necessarily characterized by poor quality. Buyers often overpay for the volume or those characteristics that are not used. Having a complete understanding of the upcoming purchase and the parameters of this design, it is easy to avoid mistakes.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

Each such product has pros and cons, but, as a rule, there are much more positive properties:

  • a container with a heater and a storage type system allows you to control the temperature and adjust the parameters to a certain level;
  • Long-term purchase – long service life, subject to the recommendations;
  • the opportunity to buy a tank for a summer shower with a heating element to bathe in any weather;
  • the tank can be left for the winter in the open air, since it can withstand temperature drops from +60 ° C to -60 ° C (all water must be drained before the onset of winter);
  • in the event of a power failure, you can fill the tank with heated water and use an ordinary shower;
  • modern products are made of composite materials with an insulating layer, due to which there will be some supply of warm water for bathing at any time of the day (without additional heating);
  • when the summer shower is not used, the tanks are suitable for accumulating a reserve of water (in case of interruptions in its supply);
  • The containers are designed not only for clean drinking water, but also for technical water, however, the tank for a country shower in this case will have to be cleaned more often.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

Note! Metal containers provide heating from the sun, but they are not equipped with a heat preservation system. These characteristics are important to pay attention to when buying.

Manufacturers claim that an expensive imported metal tank will last up to 100 years, although they eventually rust. But light polymer tanks are made of environmentally friendly food plastic, inert to oxidation.

The disadvantages of the tanks are associated not only with the price of the tank for the summer shower (plastic and metal), but also with its installation, especially the cumbersome 200 l models. Another problem is the need to monitor the volume of water so that heating elements do not become exposed when heated.

Water injection is usually associated with the use of a water pump, if it is a well or a centralized water supply – water is supplied through a hose. If there is no pressure, it is necessary to think about how to supply water to the tank, which is sometimes problematic. Of course, one cannot do without cleaning the tank, which the summer residents do not like to do.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

You will not look into a closed container, therefore it is not always possible to determine the temperature of the contents of the barrel for a summer shower. In this case, it is difficult to say how much water is left after using the heated volume in the tank, whether it will be warm for the next person who wants to take a shower. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase structures with semi-automatic heating and water level control. They are known as “cumulative type” heaters, they are very convenient, but they are ignored by potential buyers due to high prices.

Tip! It is hardly worth saving on comfort when it comes to buying a heated tank for a country shower for many years to come.

According to their design, these are ordinary shower tanks with a heating element called TEN. It is designed to heat water to a predetermined level – graduation is limited to a scale in the range of 30-85 ° C. You can set the temperature with a lever – and after reaching the expected level, the system will turn itself off. After cooling, the relay automatically resumes operation in order to maintain the desired temperature.

Special insulating layer of the tank is designed to reduce heat loss to a minimum. Such models are distinguished by multi-layer housings having an inner and outer shell with an insulating layer. In order not to heat the water at night or in the absence of the owners, the heating elements are temporarily disconnected from the power supply.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

The power of the device is relatively small – up to 6 kW, and this is quite enough to warm up and maintain heat in the tank. The switching interval depends on many factors, including the design features of the heating system. But for a good manufacturer, the ambient temperature hardly affects the automatic operation of the heating element because of the high level of insulation.

Tank for a heated shower: the presence of warm water for a comfortable holiday cottage

The cost of galvanized tanks is considered to be quite democratic, so every summer resident can purchase them for utilitarian purposes. Flat plastic tanks still compete with them. However, reasonable owners give preference to expensive, durable models that will serve more than one generation.

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