Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Any pool in the country or near a private house needs proper and regular maintenance. Water is a good breeding ground for bacteria. Dust, leaves, and various debris get into outdoor pools in windy weather. Improper maintenance of the reservoir will lead to the fact that it dims, starts to bloom and turns into a swamp, exuding an unpleasant smell. One of the ways to care – pills for the pool to disinfect water.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Ways to care for the pool

There are several options for the care of water in the pool. They are divided into physical, chemical and electrophysical. The first option includes various devices and accessories, such as nets, brushes or vacuum cleaners for the pool. With his hands with the help of a net from the surface of the water literally caught all the small garbage. And the dirt deposited on the bottom and walls of the bowl is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Pollution that is not available to the human eye, displays a specially installed filter. In order to ensure high-quality filter cleaning, it is necessary that the pumping equipment should work for at least 6 hours. Filters for pools are sand, cartridge and diatom. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

The electrophysical method of servicing the pool is to use the latest devices: water ozonizers, ultraviolet lamps, silver and copper ionizers. Each of these devices eliminates a certain group of contaminants, therefore for maximum effect it is necessary to use these devices in the complex, which is rather expensive.

Helpful advice! If your pool has an impressive size, using an ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting water is economically unprofitable.

The most affordable and popular way to disinfect water is a chemical method. Chemicals are aimed at the destruction of different types of bacteria and pollution. For effective cleaning it is necessary to select a composition containing chlorine, active oxygen or bromine. The most commonly used means are disinfection tablets. The action of the tablets will be enough to ensure that the water in the pool is not green.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

There are a number of reasons why the water in the pool blooms. These include:

  • the presence of organic matter in water – dust, foliage, dry grass and other small litter fall into open pools. All this creates an excellent environment for microorganisms;
  • comfortable temperature – warm water in the pool contributes to the intensive reproduction of algae and bacteria;
  • sunlight – water blooms in the hottest and most sunny weather. At this time, there is a process of very rapid growth and spread of blue-green algae.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

The danger of the appearance of algae exists not only in open water bodies, but also in closed pools. What measures should be taken to prevent water from blooming in pools of various types? First of all, it must be remembered that the guarantee of clean water in your pool is stable disinfection with the help of special chemical compounds.

Water heater for the pool: how to heat the water in the pool in the country. Popular types of water heaters, flow systems, solar heating. Criteria for the selection of the unit.

Depending on the dose and the drugs used, there are emergency (shock) and prophylactic disinfection.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Chemical preparations for the care of artificial reservoirs are used to clean the filters and bowls of inflatable, frame, and also self-made basins from scrap materials. We can distinguish the following types of funds for the maintenance of pools:

  • Disinfectant formulations are used to treat water to prevent the development of viruses and bacteria harmful to the human body. Also, their use prevents the spread of fungi and blue-green algae. They contain active chlorine, bromine or oxygen. For the purpose of the permanent effect, tablets and long-lasting liquids are used;

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

  • algaecides – chemicals for the destruction of existing algae, as well as the prevention of their appearance. The use of algaecides is especially important for outdoor pools;
  • means to normalize the pH balance – these substances normalize the level of hydrogen ions to the optimum value. Deviations in pH have a negative effect on the operation of the filter system and the function of other chemicals.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Actual and most effective method of shock treatment of liquids from bacteria are tablets for the pool. In order not to bloom water and in the case of long-term treatment using long-acting drugs that emit the required amount of the active substance every day.

Helpful advice! If the pool is located indoors, it is recommended to ventilate it during processing.

Quite effective are the tablets “Longafor” produced in Russia. The dosage of one tablet is 20 g. The drug is completely dissolved in water and immediately begins to act. If chlorine is smelled during swimming in the pool, skin and eyes are irritated, this is a sign of a lack of the active ingredient. In this case, produce a shock treatment and after 12 hours it will be possible to swim in the pool again.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Combating the formation of algae is particularly relevant in outdoor pools, when replacing or adding fresh water does not help. The walls and bottom of the reservoir are covered with a greenish bloom, they become slippery, the water in the pool blooms. What to do? Algaecide will help to cope with the problem, which not only can destroy algae, but also prevent their formation.

Algitsid is delivered in plastic canisters with a capacity of 1,5 and 10 l. The composition of the drug is active, without forming a foam. In addition to the function of the destruction of algae, algaecide has a bactericidal and antifungal effect. Before treatment with a pool of water preparation, it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions and the recommended dosages.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Seasonal pools in the country can not be left without treatment, especially if it is an open water body. The foliage from trees located in the immediate vicinity falls into the water, and after being saturated with liquid, it settles to the bottom. If it is not removed in time, it forms a dense and slippery thick at the bottom. In addition, when hard water is pumped into the bowl, limescale builds up on the walls. All this makes swimming in the pool unpleasant and even dangerous to health.

Before you clean the water in the pool in the country, you must remove the pollution from the walls and bottom of the bowl, as well as from the overflow chutes. The frequency of service pools depends on the load bowl. If the capacity is small, which is operated by a family of 2-3 people, treatment is done once every 2-3 weeks. Bulk reservoirs are cleaned up to 3 times a week, taking into account the degree of pollution.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

For mechanical cleaning use brushes or a bottom vacuum cleaner with different nozzles in shape. In addition, the cleaning filter must be washed. To do this, use the mode of reverse movement of water, in which water is supplied from the bottom up and all the pollution goes into the sewer system. After rinsing the filter, the sand in it is evenly laid using the movement of water from top to bottom under low pressure.

Helpful advice! Water in small inflatable paddling pools should be changed every day.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Next, use algaecides – means for the prevention and destruction of algae, various bacteria and fungi. For disinfection of water using various tablets with chlorine or oxygen. The dosage of drugs depends on whether the primary treatment or prophylactic. Below is a table describing the actions of certain drugs:

Name Composition Application Properties Precautionary measures
Kemohlor-T, long-acting water disinfection tablets Active chlorine 90% Shock and prophylactic disinfection of water in pools with a capacity of more than 20 m? Tablets of slow dissolution of 200 g, used for water of any hardness Store in a package in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children.
All-in-one multi-tablet for algae removal and pool disinfection Active chlorine 80% Long disinfection, dosed out with the help of a float capsule or skimmer Multi-action tablets of 20 g, used for water of any hardness Do not throw into the water – possible discoloration of the material of the bowl
Kemohlor-CH, tablets for disinfection of water in pools and drinking water Active chlorine 70% For primary and long-term treatment, are dosed using a float capsule or skimmer. Tablets dissolve quickly, suitable for soft water Store in a package in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children.
Aquablank 02, pool pills for water disinfection Active oxygen tablets Primary and subsequent types of water disinfection in pools with a capacity of less than 20 m? Tablets on 20 g, are used mainly in pools of the closed type, flavourless chlorine Store in a dark place with lid tightly closed, keep away from children
Kemokhlor-T65, tablets for shock disinfection of water in pools Active chlorine 50% For shock and long-term treatment, dispensed using a capsule-float or skimmer Chloric stabilized tablets completely dissolve, have a neutral pH, suitable for hard water Do not mix the drug with other chemicals!


Another problem that awaits the owners of country pools, is the turbidity of water from rust. In the case when the bowl is filled from the water supply, the liquid is cleaned and does not contain a large amount of chemicals. Such water is quite suitable for use in home pools. However, not all summer residents have such an opportunity.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Countryside pools are often filled with water from wells or wells: the chemical composition of such a medium contains iron in large quantities, which oxidizes and settles to the bottom in the form of rust and gives the water an unpleasant color. Before filling the pool, it is necessary to do an analysis of the composition of the water. If it contains a lot of calcium and iron, you should purchase a special filter.

How to clean the pool water, in which there is iron and calcium? There are several options for such cleaning. One of them is to allow water to settle and remove sediment from rust mechanically. The second option is the oxidation of iron. To do this, use instant chlorine, which is diluted in a shock dose in a small container and poured into the pool.

Helpful advice! For even distribution of chlorine throughout the reservoir, it is necessary to turn on the filter unit in the circulation mode.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

If the iron content in water is very high, you should increase the dose of the disinfectant composition by 2 times. After some time, the iron will settle to the bottom of the bowl in the form of sediment and it can be removed. This procedure, if necessary, can be repeated.

To simplify the care of a private pool, owners are advised to purchase a tester. With it, you can check the amount of disinfectants in the water, as well as the pH level (pH). On the basis of tester data, you can find out how much detergent you need to add to the water.

Tablets for the pool for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

During the operation and maintenance of artificial reservoirs, it is important to maintain a normal pH value. For effective operation of disinfectants, it is necessary that the pH level is within the normal range from 7.2 to 7.4. When using the pool there is an increase in pH, so it must be adjusted. This can be done with acidic pH-lowering agents.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of chemicals for swimming pools. Properly chosen means and methods of cleaning will become the key to clean and fresh water in your personal pond. It is easier to regularly maintain the pool water in immaculate condition, rather than try to clear the bowl of sediment, lime and algae.

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