Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

Business card of any manor – the area between the fence and the house, called the front garden. Now it is no longer just a blooming bed, but a specially designed plot with a specific decor, which serves as a kind of aesthetic fencing of properties. This article will tell you how to properly arrange the front garden in front of the house, create a beautiful fence, pick up plants, make the site look pleasing to the eye and arouse admiration among passersby.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

Ways and style of decoration of front gardens. Photo decorating examples

A well-groomed and tastefully decorated front garden is an original complement and decoration of the estate. In addition to beauty and joy, it performs a number of functions:

  • convenient approach and access to the house;

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

  • a place to install mailboxes and garbage containers;
  • a buffer zone between other areas on the side and behind the house;
  • parking area for vehicles;
  • the aesthetic fence of the house from prying eyes;
  • realization of a hobby for fans of landscape design and fans of growing plants;

For many, the design of the front garden seems difficult and troublesome. This task seems especially incomprehensible to those who are trying to create something supernatural and pretentious. At the same time, minimalism and simplicity are the key to success. The basic rule is a successful combination of components: the design of the house, the selection of the fence and the selection of plants.

Beautiful design of the site, above all, depends on the taste preferences and imagination of the owners. Work should be approached responsibly: carefully prepare, compare your desires and opportunities, be patient, materials and time. The process will take not a couple of hours or even a couple of days, but the actual material costs may exceed several times the expected.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

The beautiful design of the area provides for a harmonious combination of a number of constituent elements, including plants, fences, paths, decor items. Based on this list, the stages of creating a front garden, in particular:

  • future plot planning;
  • choice of style and idea;
  • selection and acquisition of plants;
  • track design;
  • installation of fences and fences;
  • planting trees;

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

  • the creation of flower beds, flower beds, lawns or beds;
  • decorative design of the front garden;
  • installation of functional elements: mailbox, containers for garbage collection;
  • the creation of a recreation area (in the case of a territory).

These steps are advisory in nature. Their sequence may also be different and depends on how it is more convenient for the owners to plan their actions. For example, the manufacture of a hedge can begin work or, on the contrary, finish the whole process.

Helpful advice! The selected idea before its direct implementation must be depicted in the form of a plan. Its absence may entail certain deficiencies that after planting will be difficult to eliminate. The plan is better to make in accordance with the scale, this will help chart paper.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

To begin work on the design of the front garden should, above all, with planning. It is necessary to take into account such factors:

  1. Land area. This criterion is of fundamental importance, since in a small area it will be simply impossible to create certain compositions, and some models of flower gardens may get lost in a spacious area.
  2. Time. It should take into account how much time the owner will spend, not only to create a front garden, but also on his constant care. Refined territory requires constant attention. The range of plants depends on it.
  3. Material resources. Seeds and saplings of beautiful elite flowers, bushes and trees are not cheap. We need to think where it is more profitable to purchase them. This also applies to materials for a good fence or tracks.
  4. Seasonality. It is one thing if the front garden is located near the house where they live permanently, the other is if it is a summer house or a summer house, where they come from time to time.
  5. Location The sides of the world play an important role, since the small front garden on the north side will be overly dark, and in the south, on the contrary, it is subject to the scorching sun. This affects the range of plants.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

All of these factors must be considered before deciding how to arrange a front garden. You should also not forget about the style and the general idea.

Creating a perfect front garden, it is important to know its main types, to consider the purpose and role. There are two main types of home garden:

  • open;
  • closed.

An open front garden is a territory consisting mainly of lawn and flower beds, separated by paved paths. This site contains a minimum of plants from the tree-shrub group. Openness creates a good view of the house and the surrounding area. The name of the closed front garden is due to the presence of a fence, which can be in the form of a hedge or in the form of small architectural forms. The choice of the type of plot depends on the preferences of the owner: closed is recommended for those who like peace, solitude and silence, open – for fans to be in front of everyone.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

Each owner of the local area, creating a front garden, must have his own idea and idea, on the basis of which a specific style decision is formed. Here you can give all the will of fantasy, plant your favorite plants, while not forgetting about the sense of proportion. On the Internet you can find many design options, using as a sample photos of front gardens near the house.

Helpful advice! If you plan to arrange a front garden near a residential building, you should consider planting evergreens to decorate the area in winter. Particularly pleased with the eye are small thuja, Christmas trees, as well as euonymus, honeysuckle or boxwood.

Depending on the type chosen, the style and design of the front garden is chosen. Some prefer the classics, others like modern or country music. More details about each – on.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

  1. Country or country style is very common due to its simplicity and originality. A popular design method is planting perennial plants fenced with a low wooden or wicker fence.
  2. An Asian front garden is usually decorated with mixborders, which are planted with perennial flowers with inconspicuous colors. Perfect for small coniferous plants. The presence of tiers is provided by the distinction only of natural stones: this style does not allow other materials.
  3. Mediterranean design includes the presence of mobile objects. Plants are planted in specially designed tubs and containers. In such a garden, they usually create a recreation area with deck chairs and tables made of natural wood. As a decor serve crafts, figures, flashlights.
  4. In the romantic style, the main focus is on vegetation, personifying beauty and sophistication. Supplement are forged fences and arches with lashing plants.
  5. Modern style includes original and exotic plants that can be shaped. Shorn boxwood or larch are especially popular. Complement the composition of the dropout tracks and natural stones.
  6. Japanese style involves a combination of natural stones with conifers. Flower beds are planted with perennial crops, such as daylilies, irises, or cereals.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

Independently, without attracting designers, it is rather difficult to sustain a particular style. Among other things, it requires certain financial costs. Therefore, quite often owners prefer a combination of several (more often than two) styles.

In order to facilitate the care of flowers and ensure their normal development, you need to consider several principles for choosing plants for the courtyard entrance area:

  • demanding of representatives of the flora to care;
  • the compatibility of species and varieties of plants among themselves;
  • germination time, period and duration of flowering;
  • decorative characteristics after the plant has faded;

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

  • resistance to cold and frost;
  • longevity (flowers and herbs can be annual, biennial or perennial).

The perfect design of the front garden depends on the proper selection of landscape elements and their harmonious location on the site. The main things in this list are lawns, flower beds, trees, bushes, beds and paths between them.

Important! When using additional elements you need to remember the sense of proportion. In a small area, it is enough to arrange one thing, for example, to build rockeries or install a pergola entwined with roses.

Front garden in front of the house: design ideas and do-it-yourself design

Thus, in the design of the site in front of the house it is important to adhere to the chosen style, which will ensure its aesthetics. You also need to use quality seeds, seedlings and decor materials. It should be remembered that the design of the front garden is a creative process that should not be burdensome, but bring pleasure and joy.

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