DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Caring for the dacha is not limited to weeding the beds and planting new plants. The aesthetic side of the issue should also be given attention if you want to give the garden a proper look. However, faced with high prices for garden decorations in stores, many reject this idea, considering it too costly. Consider how you can make original garden crafts with your own hands: all the new items and some traditional options.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

What you can do crafts for the garden with their own hands: all the new

Decor garden with your own hands is a great opportunity not only to decorate the territory in an original way, but also get rid of many unnecessary things in the house. For crafts suitable various unused items that can find a new life as a garden decoration. Here are some options that you can use as a basis:

  • used tires;
  • old unnecessary furniture and vehicles;
  • dishes, plastic bottles, jars;

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

  • old household appliances;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • pipe or rebar sections;
  • stumps, twigs or snags.

All this we used to throw away as unnecessary trash, while with proper design of any of these elements can be a worthy decoration of the garden.

To begin the design of the site is to study the photo of crafts for the garden and vegetable garden with their own hands. Looking through the available options, you can precisely repeat the solution you like or, on the basis of it, come up with your own, adapting it to the existing conditions, possibilities and preferences.

The easiest traditional design option flower beds involves the use of pots, flowerpots or ordinary wooden boxes. For the same purpose, suitable and old tires.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Another option for garden decoration is to use garden sculptures made from natural materials or any unnecessary items. Here are a few simple ideas, the implementation of which does not require too much effort:

  • The easiest way to use the branches and stumps, which are always enough on the garden plots. With their help, you can create animal sculptures, castles and more. Such an element will be an excellent decoration for a flower bed, a territory near an arbor or a lawn;
  • you can make a sculpture of concrete or cement, using for this special form, in which the composition is poured in a liquid form;

Helpful advice! Any cement or concrete structures require additional reinforcement. To avoid the destruction of the sculpture or the appearance of cracks, it is necessary to lay reinforcement in the base.

  • Abstract shapes can be made using wire or reinforcement elements. Two options are possible here: leave the structure hollow inside or fill it with earth, previously wrapping it with a sacking or mesh. In the second case, you can use the sculpture as a basis for planting plants;

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

  • A traditional garden scarecrow can be made using unwanted clothing. Contrary to prejudice, such an element may well become a worthy decoration of the site, especially if you use the image of a famous character as the idea of ​​its design.

In order for the made element to retain its original appearance for a long time, it is very important to choose the finishing materials for it. First of all it concerns used paints and varnishes. Acrylic paint, cold enamel or paint intended for working on glass is best. A resistant varnish will provide reliable protection of the coating.

Look through the ideas of garden crafts out of waste material. So, you can get rid of a lot of things, which is a pity to throw away, giving him a new life and at the same time decorating the local area. A great example would be garden crafts with your own hands from computer disks.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Spring crafts in the garden differ in what materials you need, as well as the complexity of manufacturing technology. Consider some not too complicated options that can be implemented with minimal time and effort.

Using stones for garden decoration is a classic technique that has been used for a long time. However, it is not necessary to retain their original appearance. The elements decorated by original drawing will look much more interesting. For example, you can paint the stones for cacti, thus creating an interesting element of decor.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Technology of making cacti from stones:

  • With the help of dark green paint applied to the stones, the base of the cactus is created;
  • then, using a lighter shade of green and thin brush, characteristic stripes and dots are applied;
  • dried stones are covered with a layer of lacquer and installed in pots or pots, pre-filled with stone chips.

Another option involves the use of larger stones for registration of the suburban area. With the help of paint on their surface you can depict various animals, houses, cars, etc. The easiest way to initially draw a picture with a simple pencil, and then decorate it with acrylic paints.

Helpful advice! Such elements will be an excellent decoration of the territory, if you have a decorative pond at your dacha.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Speaking about the decoration of flower beds, it implies a number of the most diverse elements that can transform the look of even the most common flower bed. The sizes, as well as the color solutions are practically unlimited, and you can choose such an option that will look most advantageous on your particular site:

  • using ordinary bricks or stumps, you can create flower beds, which are called “alpine hills.” The main thing is to provide the elements with a good connection between each other so that the design is strong and reliable;
  • using a small motor, you can make a small fountain, decorated on all sides with flowers;
  • crafts made from tires for the garden are very popular. Variants of flowerbeds with their help, many as the most simple, and suspended and multi-tiered;
  • one can fill with earth and plant flowers inside virtually any unnecessary element, including torn boots, ceramic dishes or furniture.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

Helpful advice! Be sure to consider using hanging elements for garden decoration. Decorations placed on several levels look much more advantageous.

A huge amount of the most diverse plastic packaging is thrown away as rubbish, while bottles can be an excellent raw material for making many original garden decorations. Let’s consider some interesting ideas of their use with the step-by-step instruction for production.

In order to make a palm tree from plastic bottles, you will need the following set of materials:

  • bottles of brown and green plastic (preferably several different shades);
  • sharp scissors;
  • awl;

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

  • rods for the base with a length of at least 25 cm (you can use metal or willow);
  • metal bushings;
  • tubes with a diameter of 2 cm;
  • high-voltage cable (preferably 12-14 mm).

The first step is to cut the brown plastic bottles in two to get their bottom plus a small supply. In the lower part, you need to make a hole of such diameter that a twig of your choice will pass into it. Green bottles are also cut, but in such a way as to separate the bottom and about 1 cm above it. After that, the bottle is cut lengthwise into 3 equal parts (to the point where the narrowing to the neck begins). At the same time you need to save the neck.

In order to give the leaves similarity with the present, the edges are cut in such a way as to make jags. After that, the finished elements can be put on the cable. As a result, we get the branches, which will later be attached to the trunk. One tree must have 7 branches.

DIY crafts for the garden: all new items for the original design of the site

After that, you can begin to assemble the structure: the rods securely fastened in the ground, forming the base. The easiest way to achieve this is if you pre-weld them to a sheet of metal, placing it at a different angle of inclination. After that, they are attached to the tube and put on the sleeve. The length of each rod should correspond to the number of brown parts, which will be located in a row and another margin of 3 cm for the leaves.

To make the resulting figures stable, sand can be poured inside the containers used. Then it will turn out more stable and will not succumb to strong gusts of wind. All inaccuracies and excess pieces of foam can be easily removed with a clerical knife, giving the sculpture the most accurate shape. And in order for the foam figure to serve you longer, you can additionally put a layer of putty on it, which will perform a protective function.

Helpful advice! In the process of making garden sculptures, you can use LED lighting. So, in the evening, the figure will glow and create a unique festive atmosphere in the garden.

Self-decorating a garden is easy, and many ideas can be used for this purpose. After all, not only flowers and trees can help you properly arrange the territory. Hand-made crafts will be an excellent alternative to the purchased models, giving your site uniqueness and adding a unique zest to its appearance.

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