Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

To solve the problem with a permanent or temporary lack of water supply is simple – it is enough to install a country wash basin with heated water. This device will be needed to ensure basic hygienic procedures: wash after work or wash vegetables and fruits from your garden. Most often, this model is a washstand and sink. In more detail about the types of sinks for the garden you will learn from this publication.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Washstand for a summer residence with heating: advantages of wash basins

Summer season has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, country rest is the invigorating air, the sun, fresh vegetables and fruits. In contrast, a minimum of comfort and often adverse weather conditions. For people who are accustomed to urban amenities, it is not always easy to come to terms with the lack of warm water.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Make the summer season at the cottage more comfortable and create a pleasant morning mood will help country washbasin with the function of heating water. This device is especially important in the early cold morning in the house where there is no water supply. In addition, after gardening works nice to wash with warm water.

A wash basin for a heated cottage will create comfort, as well as save time and eliminate the need to constantly boil water. In addition, you can buy a heated washbasin in the workshop, summer cafe or garage. This product is installed both on the street and inside the house.

A washbasin with a water heater is able to maintain water temperature up to 55-56 ° C for a long time. A large tank is able to provide warm water to the whole family, and the heating element quickly brings the water to the desired temperature. Due to the fact that the water heater has a corrosion-resistant coating, the water in the sink will always be clean and fresh.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

The disadvantage of such sinks – you need to think about how to get rid of used fluid. The easiest option for the street is to bury a barrel without a bottom under the sink, cover it with sand and rubble to filter. It is easiest to make sewers in a house by installing a sink near a thin wall in which it is very easy to make a hole for a pipe. A sewage pipe with a siphon is attached to the washbasin and taken to the street or to the toilet drain pit.

Helpful advice! The bucket variant is the simplest, and the version with the implementation of the idea with a pipe and a pit is more complicated, but this method will eliminate the unpleasant smell and the need to carry the bucket.

People accustomed to the everyday benefits of civilization, often even a two-day trip to the cottage causes discomfort and becomes a real test. Eliminate the inconvenience caused by the lack of hot water, you can, if you buy a washbasin heated to give. It is recommended to install this product in any place convenient for a resident of the suburban area.

Choose a sink with a water heater will be much easier if you know what types and models of appliances for washing exist. The following types of summer washstands are known:

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

  • washstand mounted or on the rack;
  • a washstand with and without a cabinet;
  • washstand with heated water and without it;
  • wash basin for giving the hands, made of plastic bottles or other improvised means.

The simplest device for washing hands is a plastic wall mounted washbasin with a lid and spout. The capacity of this product is 2, 2.5 and 3 liters. The price of such a device is about 50-60 rubles. The downside of a mounted washbasin for the dacha is to wash your hands only a few times, and then you have to add water. In addition, this product can only be hung.

Washstand with heated water, made of stainless steel or galvanized, more reliable, ergonomic and practical in terms of care for the product. For such a model are not afraid of any mechanical damage. It will serve for a long time, maintaining an excellent appearance.

The volume of the water tank, depending on the model, can be from 10 to 20 liters. Products with a water-heating element are produced. Usually they are used on the street: mounted on a frame of a metal profile, to which they attach a sink. It is possible to establish a design in a garden or a kitchen garden.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Modern and popular version of the sink – plastic canister volume of 5, 10, 15, 20 liters or more. Equipped with such a container with a crane and ears for hanging. The bottom structure is flat, which allows not only to hang the sink, but if necessary, put it on a stand or countertop. It is possible to buy an outdoor wash basin for giving for 190-200 rubles.

The traditional washstand to the country house with heating is a pedestal with a sink – “Moidodyr”. The height of the model is on average about 150-180 cm. The upper part of the structure contains a water tank. Inside the tank for heating the fluid is a tubular electric heater that is connected to the mains using a cord. Curbstone base is usually made of laminated chipboard, metal or polypropylene.

Improved versions of sinks for giving “Moidodyr” in the lower part are equipped with a container for collecting the treated liquid, otherwise the water is simply drained to the ground. Ideally, a washstand should be additionally equipped with a sewage pipe that will discharge water into a specially designed pit.

Most often these products are used indoors. The cost of models with a bedside table, a mirror, a soap box is about 1300-1400 rubles. Sink in such sinks is made of stainless steel, and the frame of the product is galvanized.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Antique retro models made of brass or copper are also on sale. The cost of such devices may be higher than 4.5 thousand rubles. These washbasins look beautiful and unusual. Therefore, if you have such a device from your grandfather in the attic, you can safely use it. But to leave this rarity on the street is not worth it.

The most economical option is to make the washbasin yourself. To do this, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle of any size. Such a product is very simple, but quite functional. It is ideal for hanging next to the beds to wash your hands after working in the garden.

Helpful advice! When choosing a washbasin with a water heater to give, it is important to pay attention to the volume of the water tank, as well as to the heating element itself. Most modern models are equipped with a temperature controller for heating water or an automatic sensor for switching off the water heater.

In terms of popularity and positive feedback from users, the washbasin for the Moidodyr country house ranks first among the summer washstands. This product has a very compact size and often has a collapsible body. Both the washbasin versions for giving without heating and with the electric heater are widely demanded.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Install this model is not difficult. If necessary, “Moidodyr” is easily transported from place to place. The main part of the washbasin – the cabinet, often made of high quality reliable metal. The water tank and the sink itself are produced from both stainless steel and plastic.

Plastic reservoir for liquid has a volume of from 15 to 25 liters, and made of stainless steel – 15, 20 and 30 liters. Wash basin for giving with heating “Moidodyr” is equipped with a 125 W water-heating element. After heating the liquid to 60 ° C, the water heater automatically turns off the heating function. The total weight of the structure is about 15 kg. Cottage sink “Moidodyr” can be used at various sites, including construction sites and camping.

The second most popular model of the washstand with heating is the Aquatex washbasin. This device is equipped with a water storage tank, covered inside with a special anti-corrosion layer. All movable elements: the cover and the door are equipped with hinged joints, and not the usual hinges, which very often and quickly become rusty.

In addition, this sink has the ability to transfuse heated water into other tanks. The drain cock is equipped with a fitting for connecting a hose to it. The door of the lower part of the cabinet has a magnetic door closer. The whole structure is placed on four legs. This allows air under the sink to circulate freely.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Manufacturers indicate for the washbasin “Aquatex” warranty period of operation – 7-10 years.
The most inexpensive wash basin to the dacha with the function of water heating is “ElBet”. All components of this model: sink, sink – made entirely of plastic. The pipe for water drainage and the heating element are made of metal. It is possible to regulate the temperature of the water. Tank model has a volume of up to 22 liters.

Installing an outdoor washbasin for the dacha implies the organization for it of a cesspool and a small overhang with a carcass necessary for fixing on it a liquid container (in the case of a mounted product). But such a model is not always convenient to use.

You can eliminate all the drawbacks and inconveniences by purchasing an inexpensive and functional portable country washbasin with heated water on your summer cottage. Such a useful device can be placed both inside the house in the winter, and installed on the street when it gets warmer. The only drawback of the design is that you need to constantly monitor the filling of the bucket to collect the waste liquid.

A distinctive feature of all sinks with a heating element is the material from which the product body and water tank are made. The optimal solution for giving is a stainless steel model. This washstand is resistant to temperature and precipitation. This is especially important for structures that will be installed on the street. In addition, the product is not afraid of stainless steel scratches.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

The wash basin for giving with heating of water is absolutely safe in application: without water the heating element does not work. But still this design should not be left for a long period unattended. It is better to disconnect the device from the mains for this time.

When choosing a heated washbasin, it is important to pay attention to the volume of the water tank. If you are waiting for long land or construction work, then it is better to buy an outdoor washbasin to give with a large tank. If water wastes are insignificant, then a washstand with a small canister will do.

Of great importance is the power of the water heater. The rate of heating and the temperature of the liquid depend on this indicator. The most common model with a heating element with a capacity of 1.25 kW to 2 kW. This is enough to quickly heat the water without using a lot of electricity.

Many sinks are equipped with a special sensor, thanks to which the appliance is able to maintain the set water temperature. This simplifies the use of devices, because you do not need to independently monitor the temperature and manually disconnect the washstand from the mains. Especially this model is convenient for users who can not always be near the device.

Country washbasin with heated water: comfort at any time of year

Helpful advice! Choosing a washstand, you need to buy models in which the heating element can be used separately from the design. Such devices do not require grounding and are suitable for heating water in any container.

Spending time in the summer season is best in the country. To comply with the rules of hygiene, it is very important to have a working washbasin with which you can wash your hands or products from the garden if necessary.

Washbasin with heated water for giving is an important and irreplaceable thing. Placing the device on the territory of the summer cottage will solve many problems, including:

  • washing hands after garden work;
  • washing self-grown vegetables and fruits;
  • other minor needs associated with the use of heated water.

In the case of limited financial resources, you can make a washstand to give your own hands. To do this, you need a little ingenuity and fantasy.

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