Children’s sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

For a good rest in the fresh air and the physical development of the child, you can purchase or make a children’s sports complex to give yourself. Such a space will provide the child with an opportunity for exciting leisure activities. All the important points that should be considered when choosing a street sports complex or creating it yourself are described in detail in this article.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

How to choose a children’s sports complex for giving

Sports complexes for the street come in different sizes and designs. Their equipment is designed for children of different ages. However, the basis of the design of any model of the sports complex is taken by the wall bars in any of its performance. Classic models usually consist of two, installed in the form of the letter P or G, the walls of the Swedish and horizontal crossbar, designed for hanging ropes, rings, swings and other sports equipment.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

If space permits, the sports area can be supplemented with a slide of high-quality material, which should have an optimum height depending on the age of the child. When choosing a swing, you should pay attention to the quality of the materials from which they are made, the maximum height and strength of all moving elements. A sandbox that can be installed next to the complex will help to diversify the child’s leisure time.

Before you buy a children’s street sports complex is to determine the place of its future location. Most often, standard models occupy a space of 2.5 x 2.5 m.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

Choosing a model, first of all you should focus on the child’s age. For children from 1 year there are special models designed specifically for kids, where the child can feel free, comfortable and confident, mastering all the shells on their own. Usually, autonomous sports complexes are purchased for these purposes, which can be easily installed both at the cottage and at home. For children older than 2.5 years, standard overall sports complexes with several sports equipment and elements designed for this age are suitable.

Since the whole structure will stay for a long time in the fresh air, it is exposed to precipitation, temperature changes and sunlight. Therefore, the design should be made of high-quality metal coated with special paint. It must firmly withstand all physical and mechanical stress, without peeling off the surface of the complex. All elements of the metal structure should be free of dangerous projections, sharp corners, which increase the risk of injury.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

Helpful advice! You should not choose models that have rubberized PVC steps. They can quickly become unusable or begin to stick to the feet.

Standard children’s sports and game complexes are usually designed for a load of 100 kg. However, despite this, the thickness of the pipes can be different? from 1.5 mm to 2.8 mm, which affects the strength, durability and reliability of the whole structure.

An important point in the choice of the complex is the quality of the packaging, which is especially important when buying DSC in another city. Disassembled sports complexes for the street are very compact and usually take up two small boxes. The ideal option is considered if the package is made of thick hyphrocardboard and sealed in strong polyethylene. This will provide reliable protection for all parts of the structure during transportation.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

With great responsibility, you should approach the choice of place to accommodate the children’s street playground. The sports complex should be located far from the fence, at a distance of at least 2 m. It should be placed in the shade under a spreading tree or use a special shed. The place for the playground is recommended to choose near the house in order to be able to observe the children.

Be sure to consider the direction of the wind. Street complexes should not be placed in drafts. Under it should be grass, earth or sand to be able to dig holes for further installation of the structure.

Helpful advice! ATnear areahedges should not place beds of cultivated vegetation, since children can trample them in the heat of the game.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

Street sports complex manufacturer “Carousel” model “Merry Lawn” is one of the budget options. The design consists of two U-shaped wall bars and a horizontal crossbar to accommodate sports equipment. In the complex there is a small rukhokhod. The horizontal bar can be adjusted in height, which provides the ability to use it to a child of any age.

This complex is quite compact. When assembled, it occupies an area of ​​2.2×2.35 m. All metal elements are made of a pipe 2.8 mm thick. Attachment is secured with secure clamps. The swing design is made with a back that increases its safety. Rope system allows you to adjust it conveniently.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

This is a sturdy, reliable design that can be bought cheaply. Children’s complex for giving has one drawback: it provides a small number of gaming opportunities.

If you need a compact and durable complex with the maximum number of shells, designed for several children, then you should buy a children’s sports complex for the Cosmodrome-15 summer house. The whole structure is placed on seven supports and takes the place of 2.91×1.98 m in size. This complex consists of an annular manhole in the shape of a rocket, and two walls of the Swedish. The complex includes a rope, a pair of rings, rope swings and a basketball hoop. All mounted elements are mounted on a metal clip with a special knot.

Sports complex “Carousel. Climbing track “is an excellent simulator for all groups of muscles of the child. Here, as a supplement to the standard street complex, a projectile climbing wall is attached, which is capable of laying the foundation for serious climbing in the future. The whole structure is placed on six supports and occupies a plot of 2.59×1.9 m in size. The height of the complex reaches 2.19 m. The structure includes mounted projectiles: rings, rope, basketball hoop and a swing without a back. This complex is designed for children from 4 years.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

If in the country there is an opportunity to allocate a large plot for the placement of a playground, then you can buy a children’s complex for the street “Sputnik” model “Health Formula”. Its dimensions reach the size of 3.04 h3.04 h2.4 m. The complex has a stable round shape. At the top is a long handle. There is enough space to accommodate a large number of mounted shells. However, due to the angular inclination of the Swedish wall, there is no possibility to hang a basketball hoop. In contrast to the Karusel street complexes, the supports of this model are not installed in glasses, but driven into the ground, followed by fixation with a screw. The quality of the mounted projectiles “Health Formulas” is significantly inferior to the manufacturer “Carousel”.

For small active children, you can purchase a sports complex “Artek” model “Health Formula”, which is designed for ages from 1 to 7 years, and is suitable for both home and cottage. This is an autonomous complex that does not need to be dug into the ground. Its size is 1.86 x 2.45 m. It is equipped with a plywood shield shield, a metal ladder with concave crossbars, a plywood shield with holes. On top of the nest is located for the placement of the grid.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

For children from 3 to 12 years old, you can purchase a children’s sports complex for the Pioneer Yula dacha. The basis of the design is a U-shaped wall and a horizontal horizontal bar on which gymnastic rings and chain swings are located. The complex can be completed with rope, rope ladder, basketball backboard, bag for toys and a trapeze. The size of the complex is 2.3 m by 2.0 m.

A more multifunctional model of the manufacturer “Pioneer” is a street complex “Pioneer suburban TK2.” It consists of two full Swedish walls: U-shaped and A-shaped modification. And the latter is equipped with railings. You can hang a rope on a horizontal crossbar, and swing from strong pipes on bearings. They are able to withstand even an adult. You can expand the capabilities of the complex with the help of additional sports equipment: a basketball backboard with a ring and net, bungee, spiral manhole, rope ladder, trapezium.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

When planning to create a sports children’s complex with your own hands, you must start from the age of the child. For kids, you should equip a sandbox, a slide, make small power trainers, make a small house, hang a swing. For older children, you can create larger sports zones with weight training equipment, a basketball court or a football field.

Children's sports complex for cottage: a place for an active child

Cottage is the most popular place for outdoor activities and a pleasant stay of the whole family. Therefore, it is important to create special comfort conditions for each of its members. Extreme delight in children will cause a personal street playground, where you can physically develop and come up with new ideas for an interesting and unforgettable outdoor recreation. To do this, you can buy a children’s sports complex for the street, or you can create it yourself, turn on your imagination, or use interesting ideas suggested on the Internet.

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