Children’s pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

The benefits of water procedures for children have long been known. They quench the children’s body, significantly reducing the risk of various diseases, and if the child is still sick, he quickly recovers, as a strong body can quickly cope with the disease. Children’s pools to give help in the summer season to make water activities regular. In addition, inflatable children’s pools with a slide will turn the healing process into an exciting game and will lead the kids into indescribable delight.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

Children’s pools for giving: models and advantages

Children’s pools to give, due to the availability and ease of installation, are widely popular among consumers. Inflatable structures can be placed in any convenient place on the site, when assembled, they fit into a regular bag, and you can take them with you when going on vacation or hiking. There are quite compact models that can be installed even in an apartment.

The range of inflatable pools offered by manufacturers is immensely wide. These are models of round, oval, square, rectangular and other intricate shapes. A variety of sizes and colors allows you to choose the appropriate design of a particular volume in a single-color or multi-colored design. Relevant models created based on the favorite children’s cartoons.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

By design, pools are divided into the following types:

  • a pond with an inflatable bottom;
  • model with an inflatable canopy;
  • capacity without roof;
  • children’s inflatable pool with a slide;
  • gaming center with slide and spray;
  • swimming pool with seats and game elements (inflatable rattles, toys, stairs, etc.);
  • inflatable playpen;
  • pool house and many others.

Helpful advice! Despite the fact that the walls of children’s pools are soft and safe, you should not leave babies unattended.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

Photos of children’s pools offered for sale, perfectly illustrates the variety of models and colors available. The popularity of inflatable structures is also due to a number of important advantages:

  • ease of installation – an inflatable pond can be installed anywhere without prior preparation of the soil;
  • unpretentious care – the product is easy to clean with harmless chemical compounds;
  • material safety – pools are made of durable and environmentally friendly PVC, passed rigorous testing and meets the most stringent standards for quality;
  • strength – inflatable structures are resistant to lightning and the action of sunlight;
  • reasonable price – the cost of children’s inflatable pools for giving is acceptable to a wide range of buyers. In addition, the system of discounts and best deals from manufacturers.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

Among buyers, children’s inflatable pools for summer cottages with a slide are in demand. The popularity of these gaming complexes is explained by the fact that, in addition to water procedures, children can develop physical activity through an exciting game. The shallow depth of the bowl contributes to the rapid heating of the water, so the kids can swim in the pool right after breakfast.

Children’s complexes with a slide are made using advanced technologies from high-strength combined PVC that meets the most stringent safety requirements. The material combines polyester, nylon and synthetic rubber, making the product flexible, hermetic and resistant to physical impact.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

For safe descent from the slide, inflatable pools are equipped with a soft bottom, which eliminates the possibility of injury. Given that the comfortable water temperature for babies should be around 28 ° C, you can use different heaters. They are designed specifically for heating water in pools, when overcast weather does not allow to achieve this naturally.

To install a children’s inflatable pool with a slide for giving, pick up any convenient and relatively flat place on the site. The product is released from packaging, gently unwrap, inflated with a pump and filled with water. The inflatable pool has a convenient drain valve, with which you can easily and quickly drain the water, then blow off the air and pack the product for storage or transportation.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

More advanced models of inflatable pools with a slide for children have included:

  • filter pump – designed to clean water from clogging. The filter is made of heavy-duty paper tissue with a variety of folds for high-quality filtration and is equipped with an integrated chlorinator designed for a 2.5 cm tablet;
  • awning – used to protect water from evaporation. It is made of durable material. It prevents the ingress of foliage, small litter, insects into the pool, and also protects from direct sunlight;
  • Vacuum cleaner – serves to collect small debris into the water and settled to the bottom. It is supplied with a telescopic handle made of aluminum and a bag for collecting garbage.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

During operation, the children’s complex with a slide should be regularly cleaned using special means for water in inflatable and artificial ponds. Large debris is removed with a net, the bottom and walls of the PVC structure are vacuumed. In addition, you can use tablets to disinfect water in the pool.

Helpful advice! Chemicals for water purification are completely harmless, however, if some of the children have allergic reactions, chlorination should be stopped.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

It is recommended to change the water in the pool in the country every three days, freeing the bowl from water through the drain valve. This water can be used to water the beds by connecting a garden hose to the valve. If there are often interruptions in water, it is necessary to use special chemical compositions for cleaning so that the water in the pool does not bloom.

In addition to cleaning, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the inflatable tank, as when swimming in the pool, some of the water is spilled. You should also check the air pressure in the sides and other inflatable elements of the inflatable complex, if necessary, pumping them up.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

If you accidentally punctured the bottom of the bowl or the side of the pool, you need to drain the water, let the air out and dry the spoiled area thoroughly. Then put glue on it, glue the patch (available in each kit) and hold under pressure for about 12-15 hours. An additional repair kit can be purchased at points of sale of inflatable pools and boats.

It will not be out of place to get an awning that you need to cover the pool when it is not in use. This will save water from insects, debris, dust. In addition, water protected by an awning will not evaporate and its temperature will remain.

Children's pools for giving: the sea of ​​pleasure for kids

Helpful advice! It is recommended that the material of the basin of the pool be folded smoothly, trying to minimize material kinks.

Before sending the inflatable pool for seasonal storage, you should wash it thoroughly and dry it well under the sun. All items must be neatly folded in a box and stored in a dry, well-ventilated area.

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