SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

At this time, the SML panel is a very popular material that is used in all areas of construction. He replaced the universal drywall. MSS sheets are a modern material, which is a composite glass-magnesium plate. You will learn about the characteristics of the MSL sheets, their features, areas of use, and many other things from this publication.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

SML panels: get acquainted with a new modern building material

Glass-magnesium sheets, or magntelite, is a completely new sheet material that is widely used in all areas of construction, although it appeared on the market not so long ago. The body sheet is used for both internal and external finishing works. Magnelite, magnesite and glass-magnesite plates, magnesite panels, SML are all names for the same glass-magnesium material.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

SML panels differ in durability and excellent water resistance. The material is very similar in its properties to drywall, which makes it very competitive in the market of products for finishing works. It will not be difficult to buy a constructionist, since many firms are engaged in its implementation.

The popularity of glass-magnesium plates due to excellent performance, ease of processing and reasonable price. Although the material is easily cut with a jigsaw, sawing file, plasterboard knife and other similar tools, this does not mean that the magntelite is fragile. Even on the contrary, SML a plate differs in durability and flexibility. In addition, during the processing of the material almost no dust and debris.

SML panels are made of magnesia binder and fiberglass, which performs reinforcing functions. Magnesia binder is a type of concrete that results from the interaction of magnesium chloride and caustic magnesite. The classification of the MSS panels is carried out depending on the sheet thickness and individual quality characteristics. There are also options for LSU, which are used as a decor. This type of panels does not require additional finishing. Decorative sheets on the market in a wide range of colors.

Helpful advice! During the selection of material should be guided by the method of use. SML premium is best suited for outdoor use. The cost of such panels is several times higher than the price of ordinary, but the quality characteristics of the glass-magnesium sheets make it possible to calmly bear the impact of natural factors.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

More recently, drywall had no alternatives in the market of building materials. But with the advent of the glass-magnesium sheet, which is more technological, the situation has changed. The high level of performance is explained by the composition of the material, which includes natural and natural ingredients. Excellent strength performance, equal density of the structure is achieved due to firing at a temperature of 2000 ° C.

SML plates have special advantages over other similar materials:

  1. Versatility. The material is used in all types of finishes: plates with a thickness of less than 6 mm are laid on the ceilings, sheets of 6 mm are suitable for walls, a 10 mm sheet of sheet is laid on the floor, magntelite 12 mm thick and more is used to create the cladding of facades, interior partitions.
  2. Strength. Magnelite plates calmly withstand any mechanical damage.
  3. Density. The budget material has a density of about 1 kg per m ?, luxury leaflets – more than 1.5 kg per m ?.
  4. Ease of processing. Manelite is easy to cut, does not crumble, does not break.
  5. Fireproof. Maintains a temperature of more than 1000 ° C, prevents the spread of fire.
  6. Moisture resistance. The stove does not absorb water, does not swell, does not swell, does not change shape, and also does not succumb to rotting, is not afraid of mold and mildew.
  7. Environmental friendliness. Does not cause allergies.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

All these parameters indicate that, regardless of the application, glass-magnesium plates are the best option. Sheets are durable, they are stronger than drywall and cheaper tile. Despite all the advantages, the price of glass-magnesium sheets is quite democratic, which allows the material to be used without restrictions.

As for the shortcomings, they are typical for SML sheets in the case of using low-quality material. They appear like this:

  1. The decline in quality, resistance to fire and moisture occurs due to the addition of some unscrupulous manufacturers to the composition of the material asbestos, lime and chalk. It also causes fine dust, which is very dangerous for allergy sufferers.
  2. Low quality plates emit salts, which accelerate the processes of decay. This may adversely affect the metal structures of frames and formwork.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

Also disadvantages include the price for SML sheet. But the cost of the material is fully offset by excellent technical characteristics and parameters.

Usually magnesite plate consists of such materials:

  • expanded perlite – 5%;
  • magnesium oxide – 40%;
  • magnesium chloride – 35%;
  • small wood chips – 15%;
  • fiberglass – 1%.

Synthetic fibers are added to the composition as additional binders, and perlite significantly improves sound insulation characteristics. The main properties of glass-magnesium sheets: strength, hardness, fire resistance and moisture resistance. The material is resistant to fungi, mold, can not lose shape for a long time under the action of a moist environment.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

This table can be used to get acquainted with the parameters of glass-magnesium sheets.

Technical specifications Value
Slab thickness From 3 to 20 mm
Weight (for 8 mm thick sheet) From 18 to 24 kg (weight depends on the class of material)
Bending strength (wet – dry) 17.2-22 MPa
Hardness of the front surface 52.7 MPa
Water resistant 95%
Frost resistance 50 cycles or more
Sound insulation coefficient 46 dB
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.21 W / m
Fire resistance (for 8 mm thick sheet) Able to keep fire for two hours
Fire resistance When heated to +1200 ° C, the fire does not support
Density From 980 to 1050 kg / m?
Humidity From 9 to 11%
Wet deformation Not more than 0.34%
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion Not measured


As for strength, the material is quite dense, of a uniform texture, does not stratify during work. Due to the increased density characteristics, it has increased wear resistance to mechanical damage and deformation loads.

Steklomagnezitovy sheet SML is very simple in processing. The initial edge of the slab is easily cut by the usual construction knife, after which the sheet must be bent in the opposite direction in the place of the cut. Then the bend is similarly cut.

According to the criteria of flexibility, the SML board resembles drywall, plywood, OSB, DSP panels. Without moistening and heating, magntelite practically does not have this indicator.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

Due to the high level of moisture resistance, glass-magnesium plates can be used for treatment of premises subject to the influence of humidity: baths, saunas, shower rooms, swimming pools, as well as for any outdoor decorating. This bodybuilder does not absorb water and does not change its structure, does not swell, does not crack from moisture during the operational period. According to laboratory tests, the premium magnesite plate does not change its properties even after 100 days in water.

It should be noted environmental friendliness of MSL sheets. For the production of the material are used exclusively natural and natural substances that do not harm humans and the environment. The composition of magnesite plates do not include asbestos and other harmful components.

Glass-magnesium plates are a very popular material today. This is primarily due to the ease of installation. Magnelite is ideal for installation on both drywall and wood frame systems. Fastening is carried out using self-tapping screws MN or TN 25-65. For these purposes, you can also use screws with a sharp drilling end SN and SB 25-40.

In the case of the use of premium plates And you need to make easy drilling under the head of the screw. For other types of this material, namely for classes B – G, this can not be done, since the screw perfectly sits on the surface of the magnesite sheet. The exceptional strength of the SML slab allows mounting even with the help of ordinary nails and an air pistol, which is absolutely unacceptable in the case of the use of drywall.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

The use of magntelite allows you to significantly save money and time, since the surface of the material does not require priming before filling, lining with ceramic tiles or gluing wallpaper. And the soundproofing of the room, lined with magnesite sheets, doubled.

Helpful advice! Cover SML plate can be vapor-permeable coloring substances. If you apply a waterproof paint, the top layer may eventually swell and crack.

Most often glass-magnesium sheets are used to perform the following types of work:

  • all types of exterior walls, including facing with stone, ceramic tiles or stucco;
  • internal processing of walls for painting, sticking wallpaper, tiling and cladding clapboard or panels, putty;
  • eliminate surface irregularities of walls, ceilings and floors;
  • creating interior partitions, regardless of finishing;

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

  • processing the floor under the laminate or parquet;
  • any architectural ideas for the decoration of space;
  • finishing baths, saunas, bathrooms and swimming pools;
  • create banners, billboard advertising;
  • Arrangement of protective fireproof lining near the centers of spontaneous ignition;
  • soundproofing works.

Helpful advice! If plaster will be laid over the panel, then it is better to install the magntelite with the back (rough) side out. This will ensure a more dense adhesion of the cladding with the surface of the plate.

Glass-magnesium panels – one of the most popular materials for the construction of a modern house. It can be used all year round, and frame-panel construction does not require special foundation construction. The energy efficiency of such buildings is much higher, and construction costs are lower, because special equipment is not required to transport the material.

As for the price of SML at home, the maximum average cost per square meter is approximately 25,000 rubles. As a result, you get a dwelling in which you can immediately enter with your furniture. The building has already installed plumbing, electricity, water supply, boiler, and completed work inside the house. The minimum cost per square meter starts from 6,000 rubles, but in such a house there is still work to be done, and additional funds will have to be spent.

SML panels: modern and multifunctional analogue of drywall

By the time the process of building the premises can take from two weeks to a month. This is very convenient for those who want to purchase new housing in a short time. In addition, the construction can be carried out at any time of the year. Using a magnesite plate allows you to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively get a dream home.

Helpful advice! It is possible to apply SML sheets for finishing the foundation. Fastening is done with glue or with anchors. But in this case it is extremely important to choose the type of material, otherwise the magntelite will not only not withstand the frost, but will also be deformed under the influence of moisture.

Painted glass-magnesium panels are the best material with an ideal ratio of price, quality and excellent aesthetic characteristics. The basis of this product is a conventional magnesite plate, covered with acrylic paints.

  1. The color of the material. SML plate of excellent quality has a beige or yellowish tint. Low quality material is most often white or light gray.
  2. The edges of the plate. Magnelite of poor quality has uneven and brittle edges.
  3. The basis of the sheet. The poor-quality constructionist is covered on the back side with flizelin. This reduces the refractoriness of the material.

Helpful advice! To check the quality, you can put a piece of glass magnet in the water for a couple of hours. If the plate is of high quality, the water will not become cloudy.

Interior or exterior wall decoration is constantly in great demand. Thanks to this, modern building materials will always appear on the market. At this time, the latest finishing materials, including glass-magnesium sheets, are very popular.

Thanks to modern technology of creation and exclusively natural components, the magnesite plate pushes materials such as drywall and plywood into the background. Excellent technical characteristics of glass-magnesium sheets (SML), price – the main advantages of this material. The peculiarity of such a builder is that one side is smooth and polished, and the other is relief.

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