Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

Drywall – a material designed for wall cladding, creating partitions and other construction needs indoors. Mounted from GKL designs have a fairly high strength. An important parameter that is worth attention when purchasing products is the size of a drywall sheet. No less important indicators are the thickness of the plasterboard and the total weight of the sheet of plasterboard. Correctly choosing the dimensions of the plasterboard, you can minimize the amount of waste and significantly save on the metal frame and fasteners.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

Drywall: General Features

To date, gypsum sheets are considered the most used among the materials used for interior decoration. This is an excellent substitute for the outdated method of leveling walls – plaster, as well as an ideal material for the realization of the most extraordinary imaginations of designers. Drywall has a whole series of positive qualities:

  • ecological cleanliness;
  • excellent sound insulation properties;
  • ease of installation;
  • good flexibility;
  • fire resistance and incombustibility.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

This material consists of two sheets of thick cardboard with a plaster core in the middle. Plasterboard panels of various sizes, thickness and density are used for decoration. For example, lightweight gypsum plasterboards are used to create ceiling structures, and thicker and more durable for walls. Some manufacturers produce moisture-resistant material used in rooms with high humidity levels.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

A frequently used drywall sheet size of 2.5×1.2 m is about three square meters. The width of all the types produced is the same, but the length can vary from different manufacturers from 1.5 to 3.6 m. If necessary, you can order the production of drywall in your own sizes, but for this you will have to overpay a little. By choosing the correct size of a drywall sheet according to the dimensions of the room to be trimmed, you can avoid additional problems with the assembly of the structure, as well as avoid unnecessary waste.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

GCR thickness usually falls in the range of 6.5-12.5 mm. For each type of finishing work uses its own size. The thinnest sheet is used to create arches or other design elements. The thickness of 6-7 mm allows the material to bend under any radius, which allows you to create non-standard original parts of the interior.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

To create partitions and wall decoration used drywall thickness of 12.5 mm. It is strong enough, perfect for leveling surfaces, constructing niches and can withstand quite large loads. Ceiling elements are made of sheets having a thickness of 8 to 9 mm. This is a lightweight version of drywall, allowing to significantly reduce the weight of the whole structure without compromising its strength.

Important! Reducing the overall weight of the ceiling allows you to save on the metal profile from which the frame is made. Less weight is the ability to use a wider pitch in a suspended ceiling system.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

According to State Standards, the weight of 1 square meter of GCR should be about 1 kg per millimeter of thickness. For fire-resistant products, this figure varies from 0.8 to 1 kg.

Here is a summary table of the basic sizes of drywall sheets with their weight:

Size (m) Area (m?) Thickness (mm) / Weight (kg)
6.5 mm 9.5 mm 12.5 mm
1.2 x 2.0 2.4 12.0 18.0 23.0
1.2 x 2.5 3.0 15.0 22.0 29.0
1.2 x 3.0 3.6 18.0 27.0 35.0


Important! When buying a FCL you need to carefully examine it. It should not be dents, scratches and other defects. You also need to pay attention to the storage conditions, if the warehouse is high humidity, then you should not purchase such building materials.

Knowing the weight of the drywall sheet will allow you to calculate the mass of the entire future structure and select the fasteners correctly. Also, such information is useful in analyzing its capabilities, for self-design, most likely, you will need an assistant.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

Dimensions of the drywall sheet are selected depending on the size of the future structure. To create a better surface, it is better to purchase a larger GCR and cut off the surplus than to buy a smaller one and then add the missing elements. This can significantly save on the metal profile and mounting materials.

Size of drywall sheet. Thickness, weight of drywall sheet

If the size of the room or structure is rather large, it makes sense to use standard-size glass plasterboard, since it is quite difficult to lift a material longer than 3 meters.

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Measurement of the future design is made from all sides. In order not to be mistaken, approximately 10% is added to the maximum value of the calculated area. When installing, you should try to minimize the number of seams. If the skill of working with such material is not yet available, then you should first make a plan for the location of each element in order to facilitate your task.

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