Profile types for drywall: size and price

Drywall – this is not just popular, but a necessary and indispensable finishing material. It simplifies the inner workings so much that it simply makes no sense to return to the old wall leveling technologies. The use of drywall is based on a simple and affordable installation, for the implementation of which metal fittings are used. These products provide different ways of simple and reliable fastening, so the types of profiles for drywall: dimensions and price reflect a wide range of applications of this material.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

Profile types for drywall: dimensions and price of basic models

The range of the profile is numerous, but it can be classified into three types:

  • Surface-plane. It is used to mount gypsum panels on walls and ceilings.
  • Arched. Facilitates the creation of properly rounded shapes.
  • Rugged wall profile. Used to create partition wall structures.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

Galvanized steel products that are marked with UD and CD. The profile of this type is of standard shape, but differs in cross-sectional dimensions, thickness and length. UD guides are intended for mounting the ceiling contour into which the CD profile is inserted. The result is a grille for fixing drywall.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

UD Profile Parameters:

  • width – 28 mm;
  • height – 27;
  • length – 3 or 4 meters.

CD profile sizes:

  • width – 60 mm;
  • height – 27 mm;
  • length 3 or 4 meters.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

As for stiffness, the walls of the planar profile are made with a width of 0.4 to 0.6 mm. The estimated cost of a UD with a length of 3 meters and a thickness of 0.5 mm is about $ 1-1.5, for a CD carrier profile with the same parameters – $ 1.5-2.

Helpful advice! When using a planar profile for wall cladding, you can save on this material using strips with a minimum thickness. But in any case should not apply it to the ceiling trim. The planar profile used on ceilings holds a constant load, so its thickness should be 0.5-0.6 mm.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

The configuration of a planar profile allows it to be used only for flat surfaces. But a slight adjustment of the CD profile allowed us to get a new type of product for fixing drywall when creating arched structures. To do this, slats and holes are made in the slats, which allow them to be configured at any angle.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

For arch profile views for drywall, dimensions and price are similar to CD racks. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of their configuration.

They are divided into the category of support (CW) and guides (UW). Due to the fact that with the help of these products, structures are constructed that do not have lateral support for the walls, their structure is reinforced by the width and height. By the size of the profiles are produced in the following versions (width / height in mm):

  • UW: 50/40, 75/40, 100/40, 125/40, 150/40.
  • CW: 50/50, 75/50, 100/50, 125/50, 150/50.

The length of such profiles can be from 2.4 to 4 meters.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

The functional value of the support or carrier profile CW for drywall is to create the installation base of the pier for mounting UW guides on it. With the help of rack products formed the base of the frame. They are attached to the floor and ceiling. The distance between the supports is usually 0.4 m in such a way that the seams of the gypsum plasterboard dock on their surfaces.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

Helpful advice! This type of profile is also used for the construction of more rigid suspended plasterboard ceilings.

The cost of each type of profile is influenced by their size and thickness. In order to have a general idea of ​​prices, you can build on standard indicators.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

Three-meter profile UW guide:

  • 50/40 / 0.4 mm – $ 1-1.1;
  • 75/40 / 0.4 mm – $ 1.2-1.5;
  • 100/40 / 0.4 mm – 1.5-2 $.

Profile types for drywall: size and price

Three-meter profile CW rack:

  • 50/50 / 0.4 mm – $ 1.2-1.5;
  • 75/50 / 0.4 mm – 1.6-1.8 $;
  • 100/50 / 0.4 mm – $ 2-2.2.

Prosekatel for a metal profile under drywall: types and characteristics

Purpose, trademarks, choice of tool. Rules of operation. Prosekatel for the profile with their own hands.

The average cost of similar profile materials with a thickness of 0.6 mm will differ by approximately 25-30%.

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