How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

Timber is a common building material that is used for the construction of residential houses, baths and various extensions. Its range is quite wide. When calculating, it is necessary to calculate exactly how much a bar can be in a cube, since these data may be needed for its acquisition, as well as for further calculations. There are several ways to do this kind of calculation.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

How to calculate a cubic meter and why it is needed

Most often used in the construction of materials made of wood. In this case, it is very important to know how to convert the meters corresponding to the length of the segment into cubic (or vice versa). The cost of various products on the market can be specified in different units of measurement. Often, sellers set the price per square meter, so they also need to be able to determine.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

To answer the question of how to calculate a cube, you need to remember one important rule: this unit corresponds to the volume of the material and is equal to the volume of the cube, whose edge length is 1 m.

There are regulatory documents approved by the state, which state that wooden building materials must have measurable data (section indicator and length). This rule allows you to easily calculate how much timber 150×150 cubed, as well as the number of beams of any other size.

In turn, the size of the section is determined quite simply. In order to calculate this indicator, you need to retreat 100 mm from the edge of a bar or board and measure the width and height of the product with a ruler. Next, you just need to multiply these parameters.

Useful information! To calculate the volume of 1 beam, you will need to take the previous value and multiply it by the length (length) of the wooden product.

After the above calculations, it is easy to calculate how many cubes are in a cube. Such simple calculations make it easy to navigate the market value of wood products. And also with the help of this formula it is much easier to determine the required amount of material that will be required for the construction of a particular structure.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

On the market of building materials you can buy many types of wooden bars and planks. Basically they differ in their geometric parameters, but do not forget about the shape. Consider which wood products are most used in the construction of private houses and various extensions:

  • timber;
  • edged and unedged boards;
  • grooved board;
  • lining.

It is worth noting that wooden bars and edged boards are the most common materials, the demand for them is maximum. In order to determine how much a bar is 150 by 150 in a cube, you can use one of three methods: an online calculator, a formula, a table.

To calculate the grooves, it is necessary to use only the indicators that were measured without taking into account the ribs (grooves). The area parameter without protrusions coincides with the similar figure of the material already laid.

In turn, the number of lining taken to measure in meters, corresponding to the usual length. This is very convenient, since it does not require conversion to other units of measurement. The same applies to OSB-plates. Therefore, the method of determining the amount of these products is the easiest.

The most difficult is the calculation of lumber, which is called unedged board. In order to calculate the amount of this material in 1 cube, it is recommended not to carry out a self-counting width, but to look at the arithmetic average value. Otherwise it will be quite difficult to determine the number of these products in the cube.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

If necessary, you can use more simple ways to calculate one or another indicator of lumber. For example, special online calculators located on specialized sites are very popular. And you can also use another method of calculation – tabular.

With the help of special calculators that can be easily found online, the quantity or volume of a wooden bar is calculated. It is important to note that such a program allows the calculation of both glued and profiled varieties of material.

The online calculator makes it possible to calculate the timber needed not only for the construction of a residential house, but also for a sauna or a gazebo. The main advantage of this method is a high calculation speed. Using this application, you can determine how much paint will be needed to paint the surface of a bar, the number and cost of dowels, insulation, crowns, etc.

Thus, the online calculator automatically calculates most of the indicators required for construction. It is very important to choose the right type of sawn timber and indicate in the corresponding cells signed for convenience exact data.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

Note! If an error was made, the calculator will give incorrect totals, which is fraught with a disadvantage or, conversely, an overexpenditure of wooden building materials. Therefore, when filling the cells, you must be careful.

Accurate data that determine the type of material can be found by reading the estimate for construction. When using a beam calculator for building a house, you need to remember another important rule: to determine the cube, you need to know the length of the wooden product. It should correspond to the standard value, which is indicated in the SNIP or tables (for example, 3 or 6 m). It is noticeable that these parameters are rounded and are the arithmetic average of the length.

Experts recommend repelling when choosing this indicator from the length of the walls of the future building.
Consider what parameters will be required in order to calculate how many pieces of a bar 150x150x6000 are cubed or its volume. The first step is to measure the width of the product, as well as its height. Both of these indicators are calculated in millimeters. Next, you need to fill in the column, which corresponds to the total length of the walls. Moreover, the figure should be indicated taking into account internal partitions, necessarily in meters.

Then the cell is filled in which the height of the walls (in meters) must be entered, after which the area of ​​the window and door openings is indicated. This indicator is calculated in square meters. It remains only to fill in the column indicating the length of the bar in meters.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

The cubic capacity of a board, like the volume of a cube of wood, is determined using a similar formula. For clarity, it is necessary to study a step-by-step example, which will allow you to independently calculate the required values ​​of lumber. As mentioned above, to calculate the need to determine the following parameters: the measure of the length, width and height of the beam.

In order not to get confused in the calculations, experts recommend converting millimeter values ​​into meters. For example, in order to determine how much a bar is 150×150 in a cube, you need to replace the section size with more suitable figures (0.15×0.15). Accordingly, the length indicator remains intact, as it is already calculated in meters.

Next, you will need to use directly the formula, which allows you to very easily and quickly, and most importantly, independently calculate how much 150×150 beams will be in a cube. Consider this mathematical expression:

V = L x h x b, Where:

L is the length of the board;
h – height indicator;
b is the width indicator.

Thus, it turns out that you need to multiply the length, which is selected depending on the individual characteristics of the construction (for example, 6 m), by the width and height (0.15×0.15). As a result, the finished formula (with the numbers substituted in the right places) will look like this: V = 6 x 0.15 x 0.15. The result of this mathematical expression will be the figure of 0.135, which is the volume of one bar. Further, using this value, you can determine the amount of sawn timber in 1 cubic meter.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

Note! It is important to remember that such a formula is needed to calculate the volume of one beam. But at the same time it is the first item in determining the number of wooden products in one cubic meter.

How many lumber in a cube is 150x150x6000: formula

In turn, in order to calculate the amount of timber 150x150x6000 in 1 cubic meter, it is necessary to divide 1 m? on the value that was received earlier, that is, on the volume of 1 wooden product. The mathematical formula itself will look like this:

N (pieces) = 1 m? / V

The formula with the substituted values ​​in the finished form in this case will be as follows:

1m? / 0.135 m? = 7 pcs.

Thus, the answer to the question of how many pieces in a cube bar 150 150 is the number 7. Now it remains only to find out the price for 1 bar. To do this, you need to multiply the volume of the block, determined by the first formula, by the cost of 1 cubic meter of wood building material. The approximate price of bars of this volume is 6500 rubles. Therefore, the finished mathematical expression with the solution will look like this:

0.135 x 6500 rub. = 877.5 rubles

It turns out that the price for 1 beam, whose length is 6 m, is 877.5 rubles. Determine the cubic capacity of the board and the number of wood products contained in 1 cubic meter is not so difficult. The same mathematical calculation allows you to find out how many pieces are in a cube of a 100×100 bar. Experts recommend using formulas, as they allow you to perform the most accurate calculations. This is due to the fact that some tables contain rounded values.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

How many cubes of timber in a cube (100 per 100 mm)

Similar calculations allow us to determine the number of any sawn timber, the geometric indicators of which can be measured (for example, how much a bar is 100 per 100 cubed). The length of these wooden products can be any, but the 6 m beams are the most common. To calculate the same mathematical expression is used, aimed at finding the volume of one piece. If we substitute all the necessary values, the formula is as follows:

V = 6 x 0.10 x 0.10

As a result, after multiplying all the values, we get an answer to the question of how many 100×100 cubes in a bar, namely, 0.06. This figure is required for further calculations.

Further, it is necessary, as in the past calculation, to simply divide 1 cubic meter by the volume of one beam. The solution of this formula is the number 16. Thus, the number of pieces of wooden products of this type contained in 1 cubic meter is determined. In the end, it remains only to calculate the price of lumber.

The table is a very fast way to determine the required amount of timber in 1 cubic meter. It acts as a cheat sheet, in which the ready data obtained after carrying out the corresponding calculation are indicated. In addition, from the table you can take any number you need for a mathematical expression.

Table 1. Volume 1 pcs. timber in 1 cubic meter

Bar dimensions, mm Bar length, m Volume of 1 timber, m?
150 to 200 6 0.18
100 to 100 6 0.06
50 to 150 6 0.045
100 to 150 6 0.09
50 to 100 6 0.03
150 to 150 6 0.135
100 to 200 6 0.12
50 to 50 6 0.015


It is also very important to know how much a bar is in a cube (6 meters). There are quite a few tables of this type. Consider the bars with the most common dimensions. This information is useful in calculating the amount of material that will be required for the construction of a building.

Table 2. The number of bars in 1 cubic meter

Bar dimensions, mm Bar length, m Volume of 1 timber, m?
150 to 200 6 5.5
100 to 100 6 sixteen
50 to 150 6 22.2
100 to 150 6 eleven
50 to 100 6 33.3
150 to 150 6 7
100 to 200 6 eight
50 to 50 6 66.6


The above tables provide data on sawn timber, which are the most common and used today. On the Internet, you can easily find detailed information on this issue. Profile sites host full tables, including all sizes.

As mentioned above, some manufacturers sell lumber in square meters. Sometimes calculations can also be carried out using such a unit of measurement. In any case, before proceeding with the construction of a house or bath, you must learn to convert cubic meters into quadrature.
Wooden bars may have different dimensions. Consider as an example the calculation of the beam quadrature, having dimensions 150x150x6000. The first step is to convert millimeters to centimeters. This will help to find out how many square meters in one cube.

Useful information! After converting the values ​​of width, height and length, these indicators will correspond to figures 15, 15 and 600.

Next, you need the thickness of the timber, which is 15 cm. It is necessary to divide by this constant value, which indicates the length of one face of the cube in centimeters (100). A mathematical expression that allows you to determine how many meters are in a cube, with the values ​​substituted, will look like this:

100/15 = 6.6

Thus, one cubic meter contains 6.6 m2 of timber, having dimensions of 150 by 150 by 6000. To calculate the cost of the material, you simply need to multiply the number of square meters by the price. For example, if for 1 m? the seller asks for 5000 rub., then the cost is 10 m? will be 50 thousand rubles.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

There are many varieties of timber that are differentiated depending on the material of manufacture and its size. Coniferous lumber is very popular. Processing options may vary. Today, the sale most often you can find a classic coniferous timber cut type 100 to 150, the cost of which ranges from 6500 to 7500 rubles. for 1 cubic meter.

It is important to know that the price is influenced not only by the wood species and the dimensions of the product, but also by its quality, as well as the observance of technical conditions during production. This is influenced by the age of the tree, the conditions in which it grew, and so on. In addition, in some regions the cost of certain tree species is higher, as it depends on the price of transportation.

The price of bars of needles 100 per 100 is about 6,500 rubles. for the same amount. Cut products from the same material 150×150, which were made according to technical conditions (TU), are sold at a lower cost, namely 4500-5500 rubles. Knowing the number of timber in a cube, it is not difficult to calculate the total cost of the material.

To date, two types of beams are the most expensive: cedar with a natural moisture content of 150 to 150 and dry shaped pine 140 to 185. The cost of 1 cubic meter of the first products varies from 9,500 to 17,000 rubles. Bars of dry pine can be purchased on the construction market for about 12,000 rubles. Their cost is due to non-standard size.

How many bars in a cube: methods of calculation and examples of calculations

Several factors affect the final cost of building a residential house out of a timber. In the first place – this is the area of ​​the future dwelling, as well as the number of floors, the type of foundation (foundation) and the peculiarities of the interior decoration after construction.

Useful information! Before purchasing a timber, experts recommend measuring its key parameters. This is due to the fact that any real deviations that differ from the stated meters can lead to a serious error in the calculations. This rule is especially applicable in situations where the volume of material is quite large.

In addition to the basic geometric parameters, it is recommended to pay attention to the weight of the timber. It is important to remember that this indicator depends not only on the size, but also on such factors as the density of wood and its humidity.

In any case, when choosing a material you need to be careful. During the calculation, it is advisable to check its accuracy several times. And no matter what method is used for these purposes. If necessary, you can always ask for help from specialists who will carry out a competent calculation of not only the bars, but also all the materials needed to build a house or a bath.

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