Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Hardboard or fiberboard is one of the most popular modern building materials. Fiberboard is used in the finishing of the floor and walls, installation of interior partitions, for insulation of the roof. This is an excellent material for the manufacture of furniture and doors. When buying a sheet, estimate the density, size, production time, conditions of transportation and storage. The main criteria for the correct choice of fiberboard: the thickness and size of the sheet, the price of the material. This will be discussed in this article.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Fiberboard production

The increase in the cost of resources and concern for the ecological state of the environment makes many manufacturers invent new building materials and introduce technologies that significantly save raw materials without much damage to the quality of the final product. A striking indicator of such changes is the sphere of furniture production, where various synthetic materials came to replace natural solid wood.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

The first imported furniture, which was imported into our country in the second half of the twentieth century, by its aesthetic and durable construction showed that for manufacturing it is possible to use waste from wood processing. Further development of the technology of fiberboard made it possible to bring the appearance of the material to natural wood, ennobled the plates with a special film similar in texture to wood. Production of laminated fiberboard increased exponentially. Today, this material can be purchased at a very affordable price. The dimensions of the laminated fiberboard sheet are different and will satisfy any, even the most non-standard, consumer request.

The ability to obtain the required working area, the minimum amount of waste and the final strength of the finished product depend on the correct determination of the required dimensions of the building material.

When performing finishing activities give preference to whole plates. To determine the number of pieces, the total area of ​​the working area is calculated taking into account the cutting. In some cases, you can purchase individual blanks that can be purchased in woodworking workshops. The total value of such balances includes the cost of services for their cutting.

Before cutting out sheets for finishing work and thermal insulation, detailed measurements of walls, floor and ceiling are carried out. Then, proceeding from standard plates of different sizes, variants of their cutting schemes are drawn up, and the number of residues in each case is compared. The most optimal variant is selected, at which the minimum volume of scraps is reached.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Helpful advice! Knowing the required dimensions of fiberboard, you can decide in advance on the method of transportation and convenient storage of the plates.

DVP is considered the improved and more advanced analog of a chipboard. Orgalin has an increased value of strength and density of the material. It was possible to improve these parameters due to more thorough grinding of raw materials with its subsequent pressing under the influence of high pressure.

The thickness of the fiberboard varies depending on the density of the material and is 3.5-25mm. Each type of fiberboard has its own size range. Fiberboard soft and medium density are the thickest. The thickness of these plates is 8, 12, 16 and 25 mm. Semi-hardboards have a thickness of 6, 8 and 12 mm. The thinnest ones are hard and super hard fibers with a thickness of 3.2 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm.

The sizes of DVP of sheets of different hardness are almost identical. They are determined on the basis of the specific equipment that the manufacturer uses. The length of the plates is 1220-3660 mm, width – 1200-2140 mm.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Standard sizes of fiberboard sheet according to GOST 4598-86:

  • soft fiberboard: length – 1220, 1600, 1800, 2500, 2700 and 3000; width – 1220 mm;
  • semi-solid, solid, superhard fiberboard: length – 1220, 1700, 1800, 2050, 2500, 2745, 3050, 3350 and 3660; width – 610, 1220, 1525, 1830 and 2410 mm.

Helpful advice! The slab can be made to order with dimensions different from the standard. But the maximum dimensions for soft plates are 5.5 m, for solid fiberboard – 6.1 m.

The thickness of the fiberboard sheet and its strength are inversely related. Accordingly, before the start of construction work, it is necessary to determine the type of fiberboard according to its purpose.

For insulating plating walls, ceilings and ceilings using porous soft fiberboard thickness of 8-12 mm, which resemble felt. These plates are also good sound insulator.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

A semi-solid type of slab that resembles a thick cardboard with a thickness of up to 12 mm can be used to make furniture, as the back walls of cabinets and drawers. This material is used for the substrate under the future flooring.

Solid slabs up to 6 mm thick are excellent cladding materials for walls and ceilings. I use it for the installation of interior partitions and for the manufacture of door panels.

Superhard plates 6 mm thick are used for lining floors, doors and furniture. Unlike solid fiberboard, they are impregnated with resins, and a special PVC-based film is applied to the surface.

To correctly determine the size of the fiberboard sheet, the width and length of which is different, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the working surface. Multiplying the linear indicators, we get the total area of ​​each individual section. Putting them together, we get the total number of sheets for purchase. Further, all the layouts of the sites are arranged in a straight line plane, and a rectangular contour is drawn up that covers all the images. After that, of the available standard sizes of fiberboard, the most acceptable ones are selected, which will ensure the minimum material residue.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

The cost of fiberboard depends on the overall size, type of material, manufacturer, the presence of the number of intermediaries. Soft fiberboard, regardless of size, has the lowest cost. Products imported will cost much more, which does not always lead to good quality. For example, hardboard hardboard size 2140×1220 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm will cost 150 rubles. from the Russian manufacturer, and 210 rubles. have imported.

Untreated fiberboard size 2745h1700 mm with a thickness of 3.2 mm will cost around 460 rubles. And the price of laminated fiberboard for sheet will be about 1026 rubles.

In order to consciously make a choice of a Russian-made product, it is necessary to compare the pricing policy of one type of product of the same thickness.

Comparison of prices of solid fiberboard size 2140×1220 mm with a thickness of 3.2 mm:

Manufacturer Price, rub. / Piece Price, rub / m?
Vendor 132 50.77
Stroyway 126 48.46
Marina 179 68,81


An important criterion is the actual location of the manufacturer. The closer it is, the less will be the transport component of the price. Significant savings can be made with bulk purchase.

The final price of the product depends on the type, thickness, size of the sheet, the front side is refined or unprocessed.

Prices for material from the catalog of Stroitechmontazh LLC:

The name of the material Size of plate, mm Thickness mm price, rub.
Fiberboard white 1220×2440 6 430
Fiberboard under the tree 1035
Laminated fiberboard 1046


All well-known manufacturers of fiberboard produce products of a specific format with standard sizes. Why, then, the pricing policy for different manufacturers is significantly different? After all, the method of manufacturing fiberboard remains unchanged for many years, and the range of types and colors is similar.

The final cost is influenced, first of all, by the famous name of the famous manufacturer. Then its location is taken into account. And this is directly related to transportation costs, which the manufacturer spends in the manufacture of the material.

The next criterion that affects the cost of the final product, the size and thickness of the product. Depending on the dimensions of the material, different amounts of raw materials and chemical impurities are spent.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Grading also affects the cost of material. Fiber boards are of two types: І grade has no visible damage, for ІІ grade insignificant dents are allowed, scratches on the front side of the product.

The next parameter is a type of fiberboard. Here the composition of the raw material, its quantity, processing method and the presence of impurities play an important role.

The presence of a protective layer and decorative coating adds an extra markup to the cost of production. Here, the manufacturer spends on costs associated with the technology of applying the necessary texture to the slab, so the price of a laminated fiberboard sheet, the dimensions and thickness of which are clearly standardized, will be much higher than that of a plain unpolished fiberboard of the same size.

The table below shows the estimated cost of fiberboard. Prices of laminated, painted and non-refilled sheets are listed in rubles per square meter. meter:

Thickness mm Undecorated coating Painted coating Laminated coating
Hard Soft Hard Soft Hard Soft
3.2 57-60 40 90-95 85 185-193 70
6 130-140 89 120 107-115 200-216 100-115
12 95 136 140
sixteen 155 160 160-190


Helpful advice! Some manufacturers sell substandard sheets, which by their size or external condition (damaged edges) do not meet the requirements of GOST. These defects do not have a significant negative impact on the quality of the panels, but will help to save on material costs.

The run-up in pricing for a sheet of fiberboard is quite substantial, so if there is too much a whole sheet to carry out a small amount of work, you can ask the repair and construction stores about the availability of scrap pieces of fiberboard of different lengths that are sold at a reduced price.

Today in the country there are a huge number of outlets where you can buy building materials for any request. Each store tries to expand its range, according to the requirements of the consumer and the emergence of new products on the market.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

Repair and construction work is a very responsible and painstaking event. It is necessary to approach the choice of necessary materials with all responsibility and attentiveness. After studying in detail the pricing policy of building stores, you can choose the most appropriate option for yourself.

Helpful advice! It is convenient to acquire the necessary materials in large building stores, where there is a wide range of products, and specially trained consultants will help you choose exactly what you need.

One of these large hypermarkets is the Epicenter store, where a wide range of products is presented, covering all spheres of human life. Products are divided into categories and clearly exhibited in the trading rooms. Additionally, you can order a product that is not currently available.

In the network “Epicenter” the price per sheet of fiberboard is optimal, and the presence of positions from different manufacturers makes it possible to choose the desired product in one place, which will save time.

Fiberboard: sheet thickness and dimensions, material price. What influences the cost of the product?

For the purchase of building materials, you can use the services of online stores. Many such structures work directly with manufacturers, which determines the cost of products, which are an order of magnitude lower than those of competitors. You can place an order without leaving home at any convenient time. And the fast delivery service will allow you to receive the goods in the specified place in the shortest possible time.

The modern range of fibreboard is very diverse. Anyone can choose a worthy option for themselves, based on their scope of use of fiberboard and their own financial capabilities. If you approach the choice of this building material correctly, after having studied the pricing policy for your region, you can get a good product for a very reasonable price.

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But do not forget that the better the raw materials, the additional components and the more reliable the level of pressing, the better the final product will be and, accordingly, its higher cost.

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