Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Today, many already simply can not imagine their lives without water filters. After all, the quality of the supplied water is far from ideal, and taking care of your own health requires effort and financial investments. But there are those who just have to decide which flow-through main water filter to choose. Consider the advantages of each type of system, especially their installation and use.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Flow-through mains water filter: advantages and disadvantages of the system

The main filters have a number of advantages, which can testify in favor of their use at home:

  • As a result of cleaning, which is carried out by the flow-through main filters, not only the technical characteristics of the water, but also its taste are improved. In particular, the smell and taste of bleaching powder disappears;

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

  • filtering allows you to make water not only tastier, but also healthier. Her direct use, as well as the preparation of food on it, has a positive effect on health;
  • All household appliances that have contact with water will last much longer if the water is first cleaned;
  • the main filters are small and do not take up much space, and the replacement of cartridges is very easy and fast;
  • with proper handling and regular maintenance, the life of such filters is long enough.

It is difficult to talk about serious shortcomings associated with the use of flow-through main filters. Rather, we are talking about some subtleties or nuances:

  • cartridge maintenance, namely, cleaning in case of clogging or replacement of the element with a new one, will be performed by you manually;
  • It’s very difficult to install such a filter yourself. Most likely, you will have to search for the master of the appropriate qualification, who will be able to carry out this procedure qualitatively. This, of course, will require some financial investments from you.

However, these modest flaws do not diminish all the positive aspects associated with water filtration devices of this type. Maintenance is extremely easy, and long-term use is more than worth all the money spent on the purchase and installation of the filter.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Long-term use of poor-quality water can provoke the emergence and development of many different diseases. However, talking about the quality of the water that flows in our water pipes is for some reason not accepted. But her additional cleaning is not just a whim, but a real necessity.

In order to understand exactly what type of filter you need, you should start with a chemical analysis of water. In a special laboratory, studies are conducted, determining the presence and amount of certain impurities in a particular sample. This is necessary because, depending on the region of residence, the city, and sometimes even the microdistrict, the chemical composition of water can vary greatly.

Among the impurities that have an adverse effect on human health, but at the same time are present almost everywhere – calcium, magnesium, iron and chlorine. Often we have to deal with the spread of pathogenic bacteria through the water. In addition, it is often found that the supplied water is contaminated with pesticides. Although it is more common in private homes than in apartments.

Neither the appearance of water, nor its smell or taste allow us to establish exactly which impurities fill the sample. Therefore, laboratory analysis is a mandatory procedure that must be carried out before making a decision – which water filter to choose for the house.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Also note that the impurities that are found in the water in the apartment and in the house may be completely different. So, for a house, a filter against lime in water is a common phenomenon, while in the water supply system of apartment buildings such an admixture is quite rare.

Helpful advice! If you live in a block of flats, you can ask your neighbors if anyone is planning to install a filter and pay for the water analysis in the purse.

The main feature of this type of devices – installation is made directly to the water mains. More precisely, the device cuts into the pipe, creating a barrier through which water passes into the house or apartment. The filter retains all mechanical impurities, and also purifies water from some chemical compounds.

Another feature is the high throughput of the filter. The standard indicator in this matter is considered to be from 20 to 50 liters per minute. As a rule, this is more than enough in operating conditions in an ordinary apartment or house. Another issue is that certain requirements are imposed on the pressure in the system. So, for normal operation of the main flow filter, it must remain in the range of 0.1-0.5 bar.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

The main filters for water purification in an apartment or house are divided into several types, depending on what basic function they perform. Briefly we will consider each of the options and try to determine in which operating conditions it will be most appropriate.

Buy a coarse water filter is worth it if, as a result of the examination, it was found that the water contains a high level of mechanical impurities. Mounted such a device directly at the point of entry of the system, which allows you to provide all household appliances with purified water. And this significantly prolongs their service life.

The principle of operation of such filters is the following: a special mesh (and in some models several at once) detains particles of impurities, preventing them from passing further along the pipe. Conveniently, the life of these devices is practically unlimited, but it should be borne in mind that the nets themselves require regular cleaning. Otherwise they will become clogged, and the water will stop flowing normally.

Coarse water filters for an apartment are also divided depending on whether they are intended for cold or hot water. The main difference is that the flow-through main filter for hot water must be made of heat-resistant material. Most often for this purpose use stainless steel, special plastic or polymeric materials.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Helpful advice! Be sure to take into account when installing in an apartment: hot water filters can also be used for cold water, but on the contrary – in no case.

Filters for water purification provide for more thorough cleaning using not one, but several technologies at once. For this purpose, sorption cartridges are used, which allow to eliminate even very small particles of impurities.

You can also buy a fine water filter that works under ultraviolet radiation. This technology allows you to make of polluted tap water purified, suitable for drinking, as well as cooking.

The term “emollient” refers to the use of a chemical compound such as sodium polyphosphate. As a result of contact with such a filter, water is purified, but it cannot be used for drinking or cooking. Such devices are used as a preventive measure for the occurrence of scale in household appliances and mount them only directly in front of the connection point with household appliances or on the main line immediately after the coarse filter.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

The most modern models of such filters are equipped with magnetic pulse technology. And according to reviews, the magnetic water filter eliminates the need for regular maintenance. Moreover, most of these models are universal, and can be used for both hot and cold water.

The resulting magnetic field copes with the appearance of scale, which is the result of an increased content of calcium and magnesium in water. But on the devices themselves, this reaction has no negative effect.

The most versatile of all existing options is considered to be filters with granular loading. They purify water better than others and allow to rid it of chlorine, various salts, metal and other mechanical impurities that may be contained in it. Thus, granular main filters combine the ability to both purify and soften water, acting as the most versatile device.

Externally, the body of such a device is similar to a balloon. At the same time, powerful instruments are also quite large. Therefore, it is better to install them in technical rooms where pipes have a sufficiently large diameter. The average performance of such a filter is 25 cubic meters per hour. This amount is enough to provide clean water for not only an apartment or a house, but also a small enterprise.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Having decided on what basic function you place on the water filter, you have to solve no more easy task and choose the best manufacturer. Here, the best guide for you will be reviews of buyers who are already using one or another model of the device. Most users today prefer Geyser, Aquaphor, Honeywell. Perhaps today they can be called the most popular.

Filters manufactured by “Geyser” gained their popularity due to their universal characteristics and the ability to install the device on both the cold and hot water main. Cartridges for water filters “Geyser” are able to produce effective cleaning from all sorts of impurities, including iron, salts, etc.

Helpful advice! Filter cartridges require regular replacement if you want to keep the cleaning efficiency at the original level. Therefore, do not exceed its recommended usage period.

Of course, it is much better to give preference to a company that already has a certain name and reputation. This concerns not only domestic producers, but also those who for many years hold leading positions throughout the world. A similar characteristic can be attributed to the company «Honeywell».

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

When it comes to mechanical cleaning devices, Honeywell is undoubtedly recognized as the best option. Their cartridges do not require replacement and can be easily cleaned with ordinary water. So you don’t have any additional costs in the future. Moreover, the filters of this company provide special protection of the water supply system against pressure surges. Although it is worth noting that such devices are not too cheap.

As for the well-known manufacturer “Aquaphor”, their main water filters for the home are of quite modest size, but at the same time they are in no way inferior in terms of cleaning to their foreign competitors. According to the developers, after passing through the filter, the water is fully suitable for cooking as well as drinking. In addition, due to the thorough cleaning of impurities, its taste becomes much better.

The cost of water purification devices is a separate issue that also requires attention. After all, not everyone is willing to spend serious money to buy a filter. And someone on the contrary is ready to invest one day in order to continue to receive high-quality purified water. For this reason, the prices of such devices have a fairly large range in which everyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

The prices of coarse water filters start from a few hundred and can reach several thousand rubles. First of all it depends on the material that was used for manufacturing. Also taken into account is the way that filtering is performed, as well as the brand.

Flow-through main water filter: how to choose and install the device

Helpful advice! Please note that installing a filter for hot water in an apartment will cost you a lot more. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of such devices requires the use of special heat-resistant materials.

The simplest filter that can be installed on a cold water mainline will cost you about 500 rubles, while the same device designed for hot water ranges from 1,500 to 1,900 rubles. Of course, these are the easiest and cheapest options on the market. Higher-quality models of famous manufacturers will cost you about 5000-7000 rubles. As a rule, the most expensive are devices that are made of stainless steel.

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