Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

The flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters is one of the most compact and convenient boilers, which does not take up much space, and at the same time is able to provide hot water for one to three people daily. Such a device is perfect for installation both in the apartment and in the country. After all, its flat shape makes it compact, allowing you to freely place even in the most confined space.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

How does a 50 l electric flat storage water heater

It’s not easy to choose a flat horizontal storage water heater of 50 liters, because the market is full of various offers, and it is often difficult for a simple inhabitant to even catch the difference between the models. Consider how a flat water heater works, what should be the parameters of its choice, and compare several of the most popular representatives of this type of boilers.

At its core, the flat storage water heater is a 50 liter tank, inside of which is a heater in the form of a metal tube with an electric insulator. When the tap opens and hot water is drawn from the tank, cold water from the water supply system immediately flows into its place, starting to heat up inside the tank.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

If the tank is completely filled with cold water, the heating process also begins, which does not occur immediately and takes some time, depending on the heater power. The greater the power of the device, the faster will be heated a certain amount of water.

The main disadvantage of storage water heaters are their dimensions. The lack of free space in the bathroom for many became an obstacle in the installation of this type of appliances. Modern manufacturers have solved this problem by developing a new device concept. Flat storage water heaters of 50 liters, vertical or horizontal mounting method, once and for all solved the problem of lack of space. The flat compact case has an average depth of 23.5 to 27 cm.

Developing devices of such modest sizes turned out to be due to the introduction of innovative technology into production, based on the idea of ​​placing two stainless tanks inside the system, connecting them together with a special tube design. Due to this, the maximum compactness and plane of the product was achieved, while maintaining all the necessary technical characteristics of the boiler, including the ability to withstand a significant increase in pressure.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

A feature that distinguishes flat water heaters from conventional ones is the possibility of both vertical and horizontal placement.

The materials that are used to manufacture this type of water heaters were selected according to special criteria. Most often, for the body use constructional plastic or polished mirror stainless steel. An internal tank is also made from it. The control of the system is provided electronically, and always with the possibility of temperature control. Most modern models are equipped with LCD-display, which receives information about the operation of the device, including problems or overheating.

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Advantages and disadvantages of flat water heaters

A boiler of 50 liters is enough to provide hot water in the country, in the office or in the apartment where a small family lives. At the same time, the clear advantages of this type of water heaters speak for themselves:

  • there is no need to isolate a separate power line for connection. A standard 220-volt power outlet will provide power to the device;
  • the ability to simultaneously connect several points, which allows the device to simultaneously provide hot water and shower, and faucets in the kitchen.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Helpful advice! Before purchasing a boiler, it is better to consult with a specialist. Find out what is the maximum device capacity for your wiring system.

There is a water heating system and flaws. Among the disadvantages of flat water heaters can be identified susceptibility to corrosion. This is due to the use of the new technology DOUBLE TANK, based on the idea of ​​placing two parallel tanks inside the system, which are interconnected by a pipe construction. They provide the movement of water from one tank to another, and at the same time make the system less durable.

The welds required to connect the tubes between themselves and the system, unlike the stainless steel tank itself, are susceptible to corrosion. This is due to the use of high-temperature welding during operation. Significant temperature differences lead to evaporation of alloying agents, which are responsible for the corrosion resistance of the material.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

In addition, for the maximum relief and reduction of the structure, the insulation layer was as thin as possible. This leads to large heat losses and additional energy costs, compared with previous models. However, for such flat electric storage water heaters of 50 liters the price is noticeably lower.

Helpful advice! Maintenance of the water heater should be carried out at least once a year. During the warranty service period, cleaning is free of charge at the expense of the store where the goods were purchased.

How to choose a storage electric water heater (50 liters)

If at least roughly imagine how the boiler works, then making the right choice is much easier. So, consider the basic parameters that will serve as the basis for your decision.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Power – an indicator that determines the rate of heating of water in the tank and the amount of electricity consumed by this. The normal power of domestic boilers ranges from 1 to 3 kW.

The location of the heating element – it can be hidden or be directly in the water. Of course, the first option is much more preferable, since the possibility of the deposition of salt or lime deposits on heating elements is excluded, which can lead to its malfunction. A boiler with a hidden heater will last you much longer, especially if the water in your area is hard.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

The material from which the inner surface of the tank. Today there are three options:

  • enamel – short-lived, quickly fails;
  • steklofarfor – the guaranteed service life is 3 years;
  • titanium coating – high quality operation for 10 years.


The thickness of the insulating layer. The thinner the insulation layer, the more heat is wasted. This entails additional energy costs, due to the need to constantly heat the water to the desired temperature.

The way to control the system. This may be a conventional thermostat or an electronic board. Of course, the second option looks much more aesthetically pleasing, and besides, it makes it possible to more accurately set the required temperature. However, the high sensitivity of electronic thermostats to voltage drops in the network often leads to device breakdowns.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Depending on the type of location, water heaters are vertical and horizontal.

Helpful advice! It is better to entrust installation of a water heater to specialists. The weight of the boiler filled with water can be quite large, which requires the most secure mounting on the surface. Therefore, it is better not to do the installation yourself.

Determining the manufacturer of the boiler – one of the most difficult tasks when buying. Below we consider the most popular brands and their products, after which it will be much easier for you to make an independent choice.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Popular Italian company whose products are widely known in the market. The range of its production is not limited to water heaters, however, they became its hallmark, thanks to its energy efficiency, reliability and unusual design. The products of this manufacturer has a huge amount of positive feedback. Accumulative electric water heaters Ariston 50 liters have a number of features, among which are:

  • enhanced anti-corrosion system due to the increased magnesium anode and silver plating on the inner walls of the tank;
  • built-in self-test device;
  • built-in ECO protection against bacteria;
  • the presence of two, thermally independent from each other tanks;
  • swivel LED display.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Flat 50 liters of horizontal storage water heaters Termeks confidently occupy their position among the products of other firms. The company manufactures both storage and flow systems, which allows virtually every customer to choose the right option for themselves. Features of their products:

  • magnesium anode increased;
  • in the presence of a titanium coating;
  • there is a system of self-cleaning and fight against bacteria;
  • LED display, touch screen and remote control are offered for control;
  • there is an additional drainage pipe.

Accumulative electric water heaters Termeks (50 liters) – one of the most cost-effective devices on the market.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

Electrolux is a company that offers modern water heaters of unique design with innovative technologies. At the same time, the prices of accumulative electric water heaters of 50 liters are more than affordable, given the wide range of additional functions of the device.

The distinctive characteristic of electric storage water heaters Electrolux 50 liters – the ability to heat water to a temperature of 55 ° C. This temperature is great for washing hands, doing laundry and performing various household tasks. At this temperature, practically no limescale is formed. Plus on electricity bills such a heating system has a very positive effect.

Other distinctive features of Electrolux products:

  • MultiMemory system designed to memorize programmable heating modes;
  • the presence of two copper heaters;
  • ProtectTank system designed to protect the device from corrosion;
  • enlarged magnesium anode;
  • LED display.

Flat accumulative electric water heater of 50 liters

For comparison, in the table below, we consider the Ariston flat storage water heater 50 liters ABS VLS PW 50, a Termex flat storage water heater 50 liters SPR 50 V and a flat storage water heater electrolux 50 liters Centurio EWH 50:

Manufacturer and Model Features and specifications power, kWt Mounting method Dimensions (mm), weight Price, rubles
Ariston ABS VLS PW 50 wall 2.5 vertical / horizontal 800x490x270, 15 kg from 15800
Thermex SPR 50 V copper TEN, pressure head water supply system 1.5 vertical 682x382x382 from 11700
Electrolux Centurio EWH 50 LED display, backlight, water temperature indicator, stainless steel (Inox technology) 2 horizontal 890X405x210, 11 kg from 15590


Flat water heaters are a new level in the water heating system. They can perform the same amount of tasks as regular boilers, while taking up much less space, which is relevant for most people. Of course, the future is after them, and soon they will force out the huge tanks that we are used to.

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