What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

From this article, you can find out which air humidifier is best and how to choose the most practical and effective model. Here we consider the main criteria according to which it is recommended to choose a device for air humidification: technical indicators of optimal devices, the most reliable and high-quality manufacturers in the home appliances market, popular models, prices for them and consumer reviews.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

Which air humidifier is better: the main criteria for selecting devices

Thanks to modern technologies, the market receives high-quality and functional equipment, which is designed to improve the quality of human life. Humidifiers are aimed not only at maintaining a comfortable level of humidity, many of them effectively purify the air, and also prevent the spread of bacteria that are dangerous to humans.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

The stores offer dozens of manufacturers and many models, so the majority of buyers are lost at the sight of such diversity. There are a number of criteria that will allow you to decide on the choice of a suitable device and select the best device for specific operating conditions:

  • type of humidifier – humidifiers, climate systems, humidifiers-cleaners (“air washing”);
  • moisture rate;
  • filtration system;
  • type of humidifier (according to the principle of operation);
  • service area;
  • power level;
  • water tank capacity;
  • noise level;
  • additional functionality;
  • manufacturer.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

Note! In high-quality models there is a multistage cleaning system consisting of several filters for various purposes. This applies to complex type humidifiers, such as “air washers” or climate systems, which, in addition to humidification, perform the function of cleaning.

The rate of air humidification depends on the performance of the device, its power, as well as the size of the room. With the expectation of this and should pick up the device.

The choice of performance by the size of the room:

Area of ​​the room, m? Productivity (air exchange), m? / H
15 45
20 60
thirty 90
50 150
80 240


The power of modern humidifiers is in the range of 20-300 watts. The larger the room, the higher this indicator should be. When buying it is worth remembering that too powerful devices consume large amounts of energy.

The service area is indicated by the manufacturer directly on each model. The humidifier must be selected according to the size of the room where it will be used. As practice shows, not always the declared power of the manufacturer corresponds to the actual capabilities of the device. This nuance was noticed by many consumers who have already managed to buy a humidifier, there are enough reviews on this topic online. For this reason, it is recommended to select a device with a slight excess of the required figure.

The choice of capacity for the size of the room:

Area of ​​the room, m? Water tank capacity, l
15-20 4-5
30-40 6-7
50-60 8-9


How to determine the level of noise exposure:

Noise level, dB Manifestation
ten whisper
20 normalized noise figure for residential premises
40 quiet
50 average volume
60 noisy
70 very noisy


Note! The noise level is one of the most important indicators. If it is exceeded, a person may experience discomfort while being in the same room with a working device, especially at night.

Manufacturers of climate technology use different types of filters.

Coal – effectively and easily neutralize smoke, unpleasant odors and chemicals harmful to humans from the room. The disadvantages can be attributed to a limited service life, because the filtering system must be replaced within the deadlines strictly specified by the manufacturer. If this is not done, bacteria and harmful microorganisms begin to accumulate inside. Often they are used in conjunction with other types of filters.

Nera – the system performs fine cleaning, during which almost 100% of dirty impurities and harmful substances are removed. This type of filtering system is used in medical institutions. There are two types – washable and replaceable. The maximum lifetime is 1 year. This type of filter is expensive.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

Photocatalytic – purification efficiency is 95%. The cleaning process involves not only the removal of toxic substances from the water, but also their further oxidation and decomposition. Air is cleaned from gases, harmful bacteria and impurities. These filters have a long service life.

Ultraviolet – remove pathogenic bacteria from the air and fungal spores. This type of filters does not need careful care and processing.

Ionizing (electrostatic) – aimed at the capture of charged particles. Perfectly cope with the function of air purification from soot, dust, but not able to eliminate toxic substances. Most often, these filters are used in conjunction with others. Their advantages include low price. Reusable.

Rough cleaning – able to remove from the air only large dust particles and fragments of dirt. Filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or rinsed with water.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

On sale there are humidifiers with improved functionality. Such structures are able to perform several functions at once and maintain the air in the optimal condition for humans. The ionization option allows you to improve the quality of cleaning in the house. Due to particles with a negative charge, dust settles. To remove it, it is enough to do a wet cleaning or vacuum the floor. You can buy an ionizer and an air humidifier for your home at almost any climate equipment store.

Note! Devices that act simultaneously as an ionizer and an air humidifier for the home prevent bacteria from multiplying in the air.

Devices with an ozonation option disinfect indoor air. Some humidifiers provide aromatization function. The natural essential oil is added to a special container, due to which humidified air acquires a pleasant aroma.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

There are humidifiers and additional functionality:

  1. Ability to adjust the intensity of moisture – thanks to this feature, the user can change the intensity of moisture, if necessary.
  2. Hydrostat – due to this addition, the device can control the level of humidity in the room and, if necessary, turn off. The device is turned off automatically as soon as the humidity reaches the norm. In many steam humidifiers there is no such function, which is not very convenient.
  3. The ability to adjust the direction of flow – the user can manually set the device so that the flow of moist air was directed in a certain direction, for example, at the flowers or away from the outlet.
  4. Adapter for car – the device is used to maintain the normal level of humidity in the car. A cigarette lighter is used as a power source.

According to the principle of operation, the following types of structures are distinguished:

  • steam;
  • ultrasound;
  • traditional.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

In addition, there are more functional and powerful devices on sale, such as climate systems and air washers. They have a wide range of options.

Traditional or cold evaporation humidifiers include three components:

  • fluid container;
  • fan;
  • replaceable filter of porous type.

The filter and the water tank are connected in such a way that the filtration system is immersed in water. The air supplied by the fan enters this zone, which enhances the evaporation process.

The principle of operation of ultrasonic humidifiers is the oscillatory movements of the membrane moistened with water. The frequency of these movements is very high, due to which the liquid is divided into the smallest water particles that moisturize the air. In the upper part of the case is located all the electronics, for example, indicators, hygrometer, and a tank of water. In the lower part, all circuits of an ultrasonic air humidifier and components providing directional air flow and its intake are usually placed.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

Note! It is not recommended to independently clean the ultrasonic devices. This may damage important parts of the device. To buy an ultrasonic emitter for humidifiers (membrane) you will need to order the appropriate part and not make a mistake with its choice. The minimum cost of the radiator is 200 rubles.

Devices of steam type work in the same way as electric kettles: in the lower part there is a heating element, due to which water boils and evaporates. Some devices have an indicator showing the amount of fluid inside.

In each category of devices you can find cheap air humidifiers at a reasonable price for most, given the functionality that they possess.

Almost all models of Polaris air humidifiers can be attributed to budget options. This technique is of tolerable quality at the price requested by the manufacturer.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

According to reviews, the Polaris PUH 5806 DI humidifier can be placed on the first line of the ranking of the cheapest devices with an acceptable level of quality. The device is equipped with a touch-type control and built-in hydrostat. Working area – 35 m ?. At a cost of 2990 rubles. This version of the humidifier can be called one of the most affordable ones, although its power is not as high as the others.

In accordance with the reviews, the humidifier Vitek VT-1761 BK hit the second spot. In addition to the basic functions, the design includes an antibacterial filter and an integrated ionizer, the covered area is 40 m ?. The price of this humidifier is 3000 rubles.

The third place goes to Polaris PUH 2650. The coverage area is much smaller – 24 m ?, there is a function to adjust the intensity of moisture. The humidifier is able to work continuously for 12 hours. The cost of the device – 3200 rubles.

In the TOP of the best humidifiers with a low cost, the fourth line is taken by the Ballu UHB-255 E Hello Kitty. It has an attractive design, is able to work for 8 hours. The device is equipped with a timer and a cartridge that softens the water, designed for an area of ​​20 m ?. Its price is 4000 rubles.

What a better humidifier: how to choose the best device

Humidifier Bork H501 got fifth place. The device has several convenient working modes:

  • SPA;
  • warm steam;
  • baby;
  • auto;
  • night.

Note! With a price of 10,000 rubles. Bork device offers a very large functionality, so this cost is fully justified and is not considered overpriced.

Does the humidifier cover an area of ​​60 m? and is able to work without additional refueling for 10-12 hours.

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