Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Modern technologies that have come to our country are pushing the population to also use the latest developments. Solar panels, room temperature regulators and other smart devices allow not only to reduce utility bills, but also to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Of course, a recuperator for a private house cannot be called innovation, however, the savings in cash and heat energy are obvious.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Recuperator: what is it

This unit is a construction similar to the house ventilation system. Their difference lies in the fact that conventional ventilation removes the stale air from the room and fills it with fresh air. The recuperator performs similar actions, only brings warm or cooled air into the house. The air conditioner performs similar functions, however, it requires the availability of electricity and a refrigerant – freon, the heat exchanger does without it. Heating or cooling of the inflow occurs due to the heat exchange of the primary and secondary coolant through the wall separating the air masses.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

The main part of the air handling unit with a heat exchanger is a heat exchanger. The device is equipped with a heat heater or fan, non-return valves to prevent air movement in the opposite direction and many others.

The use of such a system makes it possible to recover part of the thermal energy, which is usually lost when passing through the ventilation ducts. Warm air masses circulate freely in the heat exchanger, come into contact with the cold flow through the separation wall and give their heat energy to the latter.

The surface heat exchanger is a heat exchanger with double walls. One channel occupies the outgoing primary coolant, the other is secondary, colder. The walls have high thermal conductivity and are installed to prevent mixing of air flow of different temperature. The outgoing air element passes along the box, coming – across. As a result of the return of heat to cold air, heated air masses enter the house.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

The temperature of the incoming air depends on the temperature of the outflow. The warmer the outgoing jet is, the higher the supply temperature.

The principle of operation of the heat exchanger is that it accumulates heat from the removed stream and reports it with high efficiency to the air supply masses. This allows not to spend money on heating and to feed a fresh, heated air element into the house.

The principle of the system is determined by two principles:

  1. Spent or stale air masses are removed from the room, pass through the ceramic recovery chamber and heat it. In this case, almost 97% of the heat energy is given. When the reducing chamber is heated, the heat exchanger automatically switches to the fresh flow mode.
  2. The air passes through the ceramic recovery chamber, heats up due to the heat accumulated in it and is fed into the house. Cooling of the regenerator serves as a signal to turn on the fan in exhaust mode.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Such a system of ventilation with a heat exchanger allows to reduce the consumption of gaseous, solid or liquid fuel, which may be necessary for the operation of other devices, and to create comfortable living conditions.

Note! Installing a supply and exhaust air recuperator for the home will allow up to 80% of heat in the room to be kept.

The heat power device of this type is gaining great popularity recently. There is no need to ventilate the dwelling in the summer and winter, thereby releasing the precious heat outside. On a summer dusty day, the device will provide the room with clean atmospheric air, which will pass through an air purifying filter.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Also, there is no need to use the mentioned system in manual mode – this will be done by automatics for you. Cold masses in winter will heat up due to outgoing warm flow, and hot summer days will cool down when heat is given off to a cooler stream.

In addition, the system is characterized by the following advantages:

  • saving money on heating;
  • savings on individual exhaust fans;
  • removal of unpleasant heavy odors;
  • removal of dust particles;
  • ease of operation and installation;
  • low costs to use;

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

  • process automation;
  • long service life of the system.

Even the periodic use of a thermal installation will allow the dwelling to be saturated with clean atmospheric air masses without heat loss or, on the contrary, increasing the temperature regime.

Installing the heat exchanger will keep the house clean along with the flow of fresh outside air. Tobacco, chimney or smoke of other origin, carbon dioxide or other unhealthy emissions, harmful or unpleasant odors – all are within the power of the rotor recuperator. The system has a beneficial effect on the human body, drying the air with high humidity, which is especially important for hypertensive patients, as well as people with atherosclerosis or cardiovascular diseases. In addition, high humidity threatens and other illnesses.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Having installed the utilizer, you will provide stable savings not only of money, but also of the heat in the house. The outgoing warm flow will warm the cold supply air to a comfortable temperature, which will significantly avoid unnecessary work of the heating equipment. The heat engineering system carefully manages the heat coming into its box, practically not allowing it to fly into the atmosphere. There is also no need to monitor the temperature of the incoming air masses, this will make the heat exchanger, feeding them only with a small temperature difference compared with the outgoing flow.

Important! According to experts, the economy of electricity or any type of fuel for heating devices ranges from 40 to 50%. Of course, you should not neglect the quality insulation of the room.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Gas stoves, fireplaces, water heaters, and weeping metal-plastic windows require additional ventilation or periodic ventilation. Frosty and hot periods of the year greatly complicate this process: the first threatens to cool the room, the second – with dust and hot dry wind with low humidity. If you decide to buy an air heat exchanger, then you will provide high-quality ventilation of the whole house, avoiding unnecessary financial expenses and installation of equipment for additional ventilation.

Atmospheric supply air in any case brings with it dust particles, dirt elements, diluted exhaust gases of automobiles, chimneys and industrial enterprises. An air filter installed in the heat power device will relieve the house of incoming unwanted odors and dust particles. Having passed high-quality cleaning, the atmospheric stream will fill the room not only with fresh, but also with clean air. True, the latter will be due to the necessary regular maintenance of the air filter and other elements of the system.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

Note! A dust-packed or uncleaned filter is the nursery for disease-causing bacteria. Its regular cleaning and periodic replacement will allow the owner of the house to avoid infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.

Utilizers for an apartment or house have high efficiency and low noise level, which ranges from 25-35 dB. This equates to the sound produced by the air conditioner.

The forced-air and exhaust recuperators can have various design features. Find a suitable option will help the sales assistant in any specialized store of thermal devices.

Recuperator for a private house: effective ventilation and air heating

There are such types of equipment:

  • lamellar;
  • rotary;
  • roofed;
  • recycled water.

All of them are designed to create a favorable indoor climate, be it an apartment, a large mansion or a country house.

An industrial unit, or an air recuperator assembled by hand, becomes our indispensable assistant. It delivers clean chilled or warmed atmospheric air, cleans the house from dust and unpleasant odors and saves part of the money for heating the room.

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