Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

This article discusses in detail the features of choosing such a variety of climate technology as a humidifier for children: which one is better to choose the type of design for a nursery, the general classification of humidifiers, advantages and disadvantages, consumer reviews, and prices for the most popular models. Here you can read reviews of the best air humidifiers for children’s rooms.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

Why all parents should buy air humidifiers for children

Children of small age have very tender and sensitive skin, showing extreme susceptibility to negative influence from outside. With excessive air dryness, the skin of babies is prone to drying out, peeling and inflammation appear. Often, such climatic conditions lead to the laying of the nose, as a result, the child does not sleep well. There are other serious problems.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

The main purpose of this device is to maintain the humidity of the room at the required level. In some versions, the functions of cooling or warming the airspace are provided, although they are not basic.

The humidifier with cleaning function acts as follows:

  1. Due to the built-in fan, the air is sucked out of the room and its subsequent passage through the filter system, after which the already purified air flows back into the room.
  2. Thanks to the pre-filter, large dust particles are retained.
  3. Due to the electrostatic filter, air is cleaned from microparticles and fine dust. In the course of this process is applied electrification.
  4. When air passes through a carbon filter, all unpleasant odors are removed, as well as gases that are harmful to humans.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

Note! In some models, a function of flavoring purified air. Such designs use special oils.

The maximum allowable temperature in the nursery is 22 ° C. In order to achieve an optimal indicator for a child, it is better to keep it within 18-19 ° C. For well-being, an adult needs moisture in the range of 50-70%, 50% is enough for a child.

The problem of the lack of a humidifier is particularly relevant in the heating season, because the radiators dry the air by about 10-20%. And the higher the temperature in the room, the more the air is too dry and the child feels worse. Drying of the nasal cavity and mouth, problems with the lungs, which can lead to frequent respiratory diseases. For this reason, it is worth buying a humidifier to form the necessary humidity.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

Air humidifiers are useful for children for a variety of reasons:

  1. Newborns especially need to be moistened, since their bodies are not yet able to cope with dirty and dry air in city apartments. As a result, dehydration occurs, which can easily prevent a humidifier.
  2. The amount of pollution in the air and microbes is reduced, which allows to strengthen and improve the body of the child, as well as to prevent nasal congestion and the appearance of diseases associated with the respiratory tract.
  3. Normalized moisture will prevent drying of the skin and the appearance of diseases affecting them.
  4. The child’s immune system is strengthened, and the likelihood of colds is reduced.
  5. Normal sleep of the child.
  6. The overall development of the baby, its ability to absorb new information is improving.
  7. No additional funds will not be able to fully adjust the humidity in the way that a humidifier does. Such products include wet towels on radiators, wet cleaning or spraying water in the room.
  8. In addition to humidification, these designs allow you to clean the air from germs and dust. Devices can influence the room temperature.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

There are several types of humidifiers:

  • steam;
  • traditional;
  • ultrasound;
  • “Air wash”
  • climate complexes.

Note! Each type of design has its advantages and disadvantages, technical characteristics and capabilities. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to all the nuances when choosing a humidifier: the humidity level of the room and its other climatic conditions, the needs of residents and their health, the presence of animals in the house, etc.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

All of these types of designs in one way or another suitable for children’s room. First of all, the choice is due to the attendant conditions and personal preferences:

  1. In the absence of budgetary funds, models of traditional or steam constructions will do. For these types of humidifiers for children the price is low.
  2. If there is a need to buy a compact device, it is better to pay attention to the steam and ultrasonic models.
  3. High quality humidification and air cleaning provide climate systems and “air wash”.
  4. If buying a replacement filter for a humidifier does not bother, then you should buy an ultrasonic device.
  5. If the child’s sleep is easily disturbed by excess noise, it is recommended to think about purchasing an ultrasound device or climate system. These designs are silent. For processing large areas, they are also suitable.
  6. If the water in the faucet is very hard, and the price of cartridges and filters for softening is too high for the family budget, the best option would be to “wash the air”, traditional or steam.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

Climate complexes provide the highest quality moistening. Doctors recommend using them in rooms where asthmatics and people who are prone to allergies live. This type of humidifiers will be useful to all who live in the vicinity of factories, highways or in the central part of cities-megacities.

Note! The cost of climate systems is the highest in comparison with other types of humidifiers, so if conditions of the room do not require it, it can be limited to purchasing a simpler device that will successfully cope with the humidification function.

All appliances and furniture in the nursery should be completely safe for kids. For this reason, special safety requirements are put forward for air humidifiers:

  • it is better if the device not only humidifies, but also purifies the air of harmful components;
  • the device must be equipped with an automatic shut-off function when the water in the tank runs out. This will avoid shorting and fire;
  • worth paying attention to inconspicuous designs with a simple design. Too bright humidifiers can cause excessive interest in the baby;

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

  • For the nursery, it is recommended to purchase humidifiers with the air aromatization function. If you spray around the room with natural oil of fir or lemon, the child will be protected from cold. These types of oils have antiseptic properties. Lavender oil has a positive effect on sleep, helps strengthen the nervous system;
  • so that the child is not distracted while playing and sleeping, the device must be noiseless;
  • When buying, you need to pay attention to the design features, its structure. The case of the device should not have small elements that can be unscrewed. The weight of the humidifier is also important: the product must have either a very light weight or a very large one so that the child cannot overturn the structure and be injured;
  • It is undesirable in the nursery to use steam humidifiers in the hot air.

Helpful advice! On sale you can find humidifiers, equipped with a “child” mode of operation.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

Models of ultrasonic humidifiers are highly effective in comparison with others. Their work is based on the principle of evaporation of a liquid due to oscillatory movements of the membrane installed inside. It is immersed in a container of water, which later turns into a mist. Moreover, the temperature of this dust can not exceed the temperature of the air in the room. Even if a child out of curiosity gets close to the device, he will not be able to get burned by cold steam.

The negative effect of ultrasound on people and animals is also in question. The frequency of the ultrasound in the humidifier is completely safe. More fears are the presence of children’s monitors and television screens, the operation of which is accompanied by electrostatic radiation. This type of radiation is harmful to kids, so you should get rid of such devices. On the other hand, a humidifier can partially compensate for the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

It is necessary to choose a place in advance to place the device and it is better if it will stand higher, for example, on a shelf or nightstand. Thanks to this, the mist will spread much more efficiently.

Humidifier for children: which one is better to buy a humidifier in the nursery

In terms of care, ultrasonic humidifiers are quite demanding. They react badly to hard water, spraying white scurf everywhere. For this reason, every 3-4 months you need to buy special cartridges to soften the water, or pour purified distilled water into the device.

Helpful advice! For refilling ultrasound models suitable liquid, purified by filters for drinking water.

An ultrasonic humidifier will be useful if:

  • the air in the room is too dry or it is not possible to adjust excessively hot radiators during the heating season. Thanks to the powerful device, the child will feel comfortable in such conditions.
  • the baby does not sleep well, wakes up from the slightest sound. Ultrasonic-type models work almost silently, so they are optimal for humidification at night;

Modern stores have a wide range of climate technology. To choose a quality device you need to consider everything: from the technical parameters, ending with the cost of components, reviews and climatic conditions in the house.

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