Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

From this article you can learn all the features of such climatic equipment as a floor-mounted air conditioner with air duct: its principle of operation and internal structure, disadvantages and strengths, prices for the purchase and maintenance. The reader will get acquainted in detail with the rating companies producing devices designed for air cooling, as well as learn how to properly install a floor-type air conditioner with an air duct.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Floor air conditioner with air duct: equipment characteristic

Floor air conditioners with air ducts belong to the category of mobile devices designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. Externally, the device looks like a small bedside table mounted on moving rollers. Thanks to these design features, the installation of a mobile air conditioner can be performed in any convenient place.

Devices of the floor type perform the following functions:

  • air conditioning and ventilation in rooms;
  • purification of air in rooms from harmful impurities and dust;
  • cooling, dehumidification and air heating.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Note! Mobile devices are very easy to use. During the wet cleaning in the house due to the movable wheels and light weight can be easily moved.

Many buyers are wondering what is better – air conditioners or split systems. The basis of the work of outdoor devices is the same principle that is used in other types of climatic equipment, including separate split systems. The design operates through two heat exchangers, a closed pipe system and a coolant circulating through them.

The design of split systems involves the placement of heat exchangers in two different blocks. When installing a home air conditioner of this type, one of the heat exchangers and the compressor can be placed outside the room, which allows to reduce the noise level. The principle of operation of the devices is as follows: the refrigerant and the heat exchanger absorb the heat in the room, then transfer it to the second heat exchanger, where it is already absorbed by the outside air.

Floor-mounted appliances contain all structural elements in a single package. All these parts are separated using a sealed jumper. This is the main difference between split systems and floor devices.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Advantages of air conditioners with floor type installation:

  1. Mobility – the level of mobility, of course, is considered relative. In practice, such air conditioners can be called conditionally mobile. The presence of the duct will not allow just to put the structure in any convenient place and turn it on, for this you need to perform certain preparatory work that you can do yourself or order a cheap installation of the air conditioner in the appropriate company.
  2. Installation work does not involve the implementation of complex manipulations – this advantage will be particularly beneficial for owners of apartments that have completed recent repairs.
  3. No special permits are required for the installation of equipment, which is an advantage for people living in rented apartments.

Note! Before buying air conditioning equipment, it is recommended to think in advance where to install air conditioning in the apartment, because the floor structures conceal the usable floor space.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Disadvantages of floor air conditioners are also available:

  • high noise level from a running compressor;
  • mechanical components of the air conditioner produce heat during operation; therefore, the cooling efficiency of the air is lower than that of split systems;
  • the absence of a drainage system designed to drain the condensate requires additional maintenance. The owner will have to remove any moisture accumulated during the process of air cooling;
  • despite the presence of a thermal insulation coating on the duct, this element of the system is still subjected to heating, reducing the cooling efficiency of the room;
  • the system uses the air from the room, therefore in the process of multiple cooling its physical properties are lost.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

The price of household air conditioners for an apartment with a floor type of accommodation is much lower than the cost of split systems. However, the latter have a higher cooling efficiency. If you compare the device with the air duct and without it, in terms of transportability air conditioners with air duct are not so convenient, but they provide good air filtration.

Power remains an important indicator for choosing an air conditioner. For optimal conditions you need to pick up the device in the calculation that for every 10 m? floor space will account for 1 kW of power device.

In the technical characteristics of the device manufacturers prescribe the recommended working area. For household air conditioners, designed for apartments, this figure is usually 25-30 m ?. Server rooms and buildings need more powerful devices capable of cooling 45-60 m ?.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Note! The best conditioners for an apartment in terms of quality are devices that carry out work in four modes: dehumidification, cooling, heating, ventilation. Such devices are equipped with timers, filtering systems and the function of automatic change of operating modes.

When choosing an air conditioner, the following nuances matter:

  • air exchange – the higher this indicator, the higher the rate of air cooling. Average value for household appliances – 300 m? / H;
  • condensate collection or extraction systems – it is recommended to pay attention to models equipped with a system that evaporates condensate automatically. If the device has a special tank for collecting moisture, it is desirable that it be roomy;
  • Weight – the average weight of portable air conditioners does not exceed 30 kg. Such a device is easy to move around the room and transport;

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

  • technical reliability of the construction – before buying it is necessary to check the device for reliability: is it easy to do refilling the household air conditioner, is there any control of freon leakage, is there any protection against electric shock and low temperatures, as well as the automatic defrost function, what state the filters . The design itself must be reliable and stable;
  • equipment – a standard set of additional elements is attached to the devices of high-quality manufacturers. This kit includes a warranty card, some spare parts, accessories and fixtures for fixing, as well as instructions for the operation and maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation.

Note! The comfort level is influenced by the noise level, so before buying an air conditioner you should check the indicator declared by the manufacturer. Comfortable devices are considered not exceeding 50 dB.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

In the ratings of quality, according to buyers, the most reliable are the following brands:

  • Samsung;
  • Electrolux;
  • Ballu.

Floor air conditioners of the Samsung brand are designed for effective air conditioning of medium and large rooms. They provide high-quality air purification due to the presence of a filter system and a heat exchanger coated with a thin layer of silver, which has antibacterial properties.

Electrolux devices offer high performance, fine air purification and reduced noise exposure. The range of air conditioners includes five series of devices with floor type installation.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Ballu’s products are affordable. The range of floor air conditioners is represented by three series of devices. The Platinum collection is notable for its unique design and high performance, the devices of the two Smart collections offer customers the best combination of quality and price.

Prices of air conditioners Samsung, Electrolux and Ballu:

Manufacturer Device model price, rub.
Samsung FH052EZM1C / SER 56300
FH070EZMC / SER  58900
FH105EZAC / SER  74150
Electrolux EACM-10 EW / TOP / N3_W 22,500
EACM-14DR / N3 25,000
EACM-12 EW / TOP / N3_W 30,000
Ballu BPAC-09CE 18350
BPHS-16H 34550
BPHS-12H  24900


The cost of installation work depends on the model of air conditioner, type of installation and other factors. Many equipment buyers seek to save on the installation of air conditioners, video reviews can be used as visual instructions for independent performance of this work. But, despite the high cost, professional service is not without benefits.

Floor air conditioner with air duct: device features

Note! Many companies with the purchase of several devices offer free installation of air conditioners or their further maintenance at a discount.

The advantages of a professional installation:

  • High-quality result and durability.
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted operation of the air conditioner.
  • Performance of all works in the shortest possible time.
  • No need for further alterations and modifications.
  • Performance of all works by skilled masters with use of the specialized equipment and the tool.
  • Reliable fixation of all components and subsequent operational safety.
  • Free warranty service, involving the repair and refilling of air conditioning, if the need arises during the warranty period.

The owners of the HVAC equipment can refill the air conditioner at home using one of these methods:

  1. Pressure charge. This will require the presence of a gauge manifold, manufacturer’s instructions with the required data and a refrigerant cylinder. The device is refilled in small portions. During breaks, it is necessary to verify the data of the pressure gauge and the requirements in the manufacturer’s instructions. After these data match, the refrigerant charge stops.
  2. Refill with sight glass. The method is applied provided that a constant flow of bubbles is observed. Refueling is carried out until the liquid flow becomes uniform and the bubbles disappear. The procedure is performed in portions to allow the pressure to stabilize.
  3. Filling by weight. The refrigerant cylinder is weighed, the level of the substance is checked and the gas is charged. The use of a special charging cylinder is allowed, but subject to the availability of the exact amount of refrigerant.

After the end of refueling the device is necessarily tested. If the procedure is performed correctly, the cranes of the system undergo frosting in 10-15 minutes. In order to avoid problems with the operation of the air conditioner is recommended to entrust the installation, cleaning and refueling to specialists.

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