Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Air cleaning system is a necessary element for any kitchen. It not only promotes air exchange in the room, but also absorbs all odors that arise in the kitchen during cooking. Properly chosen hood is a good addition to the interior of the room, making it more attractive. The most popular is a hood 60 cm built-in closet. This article will help you choose the right model.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

How to choose a built-in hood for the kitchen 60 cm?

Most of the population of our country lives in small apartments, where the kitchen area does not exceed 9 square meters. m. In such a small space you need to place all the necessary furniture and equipment. Therefore, the cooking surface is often chosen to be 60 cm wide. To ensure maximum absorption of polluted air during cooking, the width of the hood must match the size of the stove. This will ensure maximum productivity of the device. If it is less, then it will not be able to fully remove fumes, soot and unpleasant odors from the kitchen.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

All hoods are divided into flat, dome and recessed depending on the hull structure. The flat hood 60 cm for the kitchen in the form of the body resembles a plate that is attached directly to the wall. It works in air recirculation mode, cleaning it with an integrated filter system. Built-in hood is located in the kitchen cupboard or in the countertop. It can be with the exhaust air in the ventilation shaft or without air vent. Dome hood 60 cm for the kitchen is the most expensive. It has a massive structure that is attached to the ceiling above the hob. Removal of polluted air is carried out outside the room.

For a compact room, the most suitable option is a built-in hood in the kitchen of 60 cm. Such models of devices can be mounted in a special hinged box. In this case, it will be possible to see only the front narrow panel. The hood can be installed between two wall cabinets. Then the front side of the device can be hidden behind the same material from which the kitchen set is made.

Thanks to its design, built-in hoods are easy to hide in the kitchen. Many models are equipped with a sliding panel, which during operation of the device becomes wider. It turns on automatically when you push it. There are models that are built into the countertops. They work almost silently. However, such hoods are quite expensive.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Built-in hood 60 cm: the main selection criteria

The main criterion when choosing a model hood is the performance of the device. This indicator indicates whether the selected model can cope with the task in the kitchen of a specific area. The passport of the product must indicate the area of ​​the room for which the device model is designed.

The following parameters that must be considered when choosing a hood are energy efficiency and power consumption. Models may have the same power, but different performance. This is due to the design features of the device, the method of trapping air and the generation of flow. All this affects the efficiency of the device.

An important parameter is the noise level. Experts advise to give preference to models whose noise does not exceed the threshold of 50 dB.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Built-in hood can work in recirculation mode or be flowing. Flow hoods remove polluted air into the ventilation shaft of the house. And recirculation, absorb, purify the air using special filters and return it back to the room.

Helpful advice! Many models of hoods are equipped with anti-backflow preventer. Therefore, there is no need to purchase it additionally for the installation of a flow hood.

Hoods that work without exhausting air into the ventilation of the house are most in demand because they do not require additional installation of an air vent, which in turn takes up the space of the kitchen cabinet.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Flow hoods are mainly equipped with a metal grease filter that protects engine components from fat deposits and thus prevents its breakage. If such a filter is contaminated, it is enough to remove it, wash it and put it in place.

The recirculation hoods are mainly equipped with carbon filters, which must be periodically replaced. The basis of the filtering device is an absorbent in the form of a powder or granules, which absorbs well and keeps dirt from the air. Over time, the carbon filter becomes more dense, which impairs its absorbing properties.

Well proven carbon filter for extracting Volter Russian production. It is able to cope with any air pollution and absorbs odors well. The filter consists of a housing with galvanized steel, inside of which is laid a filter material in the form of folds. The material is represented by polyester fibers, between which fine granules of coal are located. Corrugated separators made of aluminum foil are inserted between the folds. Such a filter requires replacement every 6 months.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

The coal filter Jet Air of the Portuguese production is suitable for many models of extracts of different brands. It must be changed every six months.

Filters for Crohn’s hoods are also very popular among modern consumers. They are designed for 100-130 hours of work, depending on the intensity of the exhaust. They are able to provide high-quality air purification, and bring it to sanitary standards.

Many consumers prefer Filtero filters that are easy to install, durable and have a low cost. The cleaning element consists of peat, stone, impregnated and coconut coal and chemisorbent. They are distinguished by a high level of filtration, and are ideal for low cost hoods.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Helpful advice! Some models have a warning function. When the filter needs to be replaced, a light comes on in the panel.

Built-in hoods can be with a mechanical or sensory control system. Mechanical control is carried out with a single button that switches the speed of the device and adjusts its lighting. The touch panel attracts the attention of the buyer by the presence of a display, which displays all data on the operation of the hood. However, it requires more careful care, because even the fingerprints of a person are noticeable on it, and the button can be pressed even by the edge of the palm, without smearing the drawing surface.

There are models of hoods with built-in timer and temperature sensor. Some built-in hoods have several speeds of operation, which allows the most appropriate use of the device.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Do not lose sight of the safety support when working together with an extractor and a boiler or column. The main danger of the simultaneous operation of these devices is the formation of reverse thrust and the ingress of carbon monoxide back into the room from the smoke shaft. Collaboration conditions must be indicated in the passport of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of embedded kitchen hood 60 cm

Why you should give your preference to the built-in hood in the kitchen 60 cm, rather than the dome or suspension analogue will help to explain the pros and cons of this type of device.


  • the design of the built-in hood allows it to merge with the interior and be invisible to prying eyes;
  • the device occupies a minimum of space, which is important for small kitchens;

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

  • the hood consumes little power and works quietly.
  • Disadvantages:
  • It has a small capacity due to its compact design, which affects the performance of the device;
  • has a limited range in comparison with dome hoods.

What is the best built-in hood 60 cm in the cabinet for the kitchen?

Today in the market of household appliances you can see a wide range of different brands of hoods. Each model of a famous manufacturer has its own significant advantages and minor disadvantages.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of high-quality equipment, it is necessary to study information about well-known manufacturers of kitchen hoods, and then among the proposed models to choose the most suitable option for a particular case.

Built-in wardrobe hood 60 cm: ideal for small kitchens

Built-in hood Krone

Each new Krona kitchen hood model demonstrates the desire of the manufacturer to create an improved and affordable equipment for each client. Since the manufacturer of Krona hoods is Germany, no one will doubt the quality of the products. It is here that the best technical innovations and useful solutions are introduced, a modern, ultra-modern design of products is created.

Helpful advice! If there is no confidence in the proper operation of the ventilation shaft in the house, the removal of polluted air should be made directly to the street through an additional opening.

For a hood with a sliding panel, it is necessary to choose the correct height of the cabinet doors so that they do not interfere with its free running.

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