Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

The article will discuss in detail the rules for choosing such a functional device as a humidifier: rating of the best 2016-2017. The review will help to orient in a large selection of manufacturers and modifications, to learn about the most popular air humidifiers among customers, their advantages and weaknesses. You can get acquainted with the characteristics of structures, prices for them and customer reviews.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Humidifiers occupy a special place in the lives of people living in urban environments. The scope of their application extends not only to apartments and houses, but also to office space, as well as children’s rooms. The capabilities of these devices will be useful in the premises of any type, where for a long time there are people. Humidifiers help create a comfortable moisture environment for humans.

Experts recommend the use of humidifiers not only to people suffering from asthma and allergic reactions, but also to everyone else, since this type of equipment helps reduce the concentration of harmful components in the air.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Note! Over-dried air in the room can worsen a person’s well-being, provoke the appearance of colds and reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. The humidifier improves the climate of the room, eliminating such troubles.

Air humidifiers are usually installed in children’s rooms in order to reduce the amount of harmful substances in the air. This type of equipment has a positive effect on the immune system of the child. At a young age, children often suffer from colds, for this reason it is very important to create comfortable climatic conditions in the nursery.

The weak immune system of the child is not able to withstand microbes, so the disease is well absorbed in the body, and due to the increased dryness of the air in the room favorable conditions for the incubation of the disease are formed. The best devices from the rating of home air humidifiers are able to create an environment in which bacteria cannot spread and multiply.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Popular models: top air humidifier rating

In the room, you can create optimal conditions that will prevent the occurrence of colds. To do this, you need to maintain basic climatic indicators at a certain level:

  1. The room should be clean air. This can be achieved by buying a high-quality humidifier with a purification function. Do not forget about the frequent airing.
  2. The ideal temperature indicator of air is 18-22? C.
  3. The optimum humidity in the room is 50-60%.

Helpful advice! To track the climatic indicators of the premises at the required level, it is recommended to purchase a special device – a hygrometer.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

In choosing a device, it is desirable to be guided by ratings based on customer feedback. For example, the following models became the best air humidifiers in 2015:

  1. VENTA LW 15.
  2. Wild Wind AN-310.
  3. Boneco Air-O-Swiss W2055DR.
  4. Electrolux EHAW 6525.
  5. Air-O-Swiss U650.
  6. Cooper&Hunter CH 5001.
  7. AiRTe AW-610.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

In accordance with the ratings, the following constructions became the best air humidifiers for home 2016-2017:

  1. In the category of ultrasonic models for children’s rooms – Stadler Form Jack J-020/021, Polaris PUH 5206 DI and Electrolux EHU-5515D.
  2. The best ultrasonic humidifiers for the apartment are Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380 / 3.0M) and the Ballu UHB 400 humidifier.
  3. In the category of steam models, the Boneco AIR-o-Swiss S 450 and Stadler Form Fred F? 005EH / F-008EH / F-014H / F-015RH humidifier are especially popular.
  4. Among traditional designs, the following models of humidifiers are recognized as the best: Boneco W2055DR, FANLINE VE-200 and Venta LW 45.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

The best models for children: the rating of ultrasonic air humidifiers for home 2016

The harmful effect of air humidifiers on children’s health is associated with non-compliance with standards for humidity of the room, as well as violation of the rules of operation of the device. In addition, the wrong choice of the structure itself has a negative impact on all inhabitants of the house. For example, excessive humidification of air can cause the multiplication of many bacteria. To keep the figures under control, in the process of selecting a device, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics.

Features of the device Stadler Form Jack J-020/021

Almost all the reviews about this model are positive. Buyers point out several advantages, but the most significant of them are efficiency and stylish design. For this reason, the device Stadler Form Jack J-020/021 won the first line of the rating.

Note! The device can operate in two modes, providing cold and warm steam.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

The device has a high rate of performance, so it will perfectly cope with both the wetting of a children’s room, which has a small area, and the task of maintaining optimal conditions in the office, where a large number of people work. If the device operates in the mode of warm steam, in addition to humidifying the air, it is sterilized. In other words, under the influence of hot steam, harmful bacteria die, and in the room unfavorable conditions are created for their further reproduction.

As in other modifications of ultrasonic humidifiers, in this model the amount of precipitation that forms on the surface of the furniture during operation of the device depends on the quality of the water used. If a liquid contains many impurities (salt, iron), a thin layer of white bloom will form on the furniture.

Model Stadler Form Jack J-020/021 is equipped with special filters that prevent the accumulation of plaque on furniture. It also includes water testing strips. They help determine the amount of iron in the fluid.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Advantages of the device:

  • high efficiency;
  • low noise level;
  • the ability to keep it on all night;
  • attractive appearance;
  • The water tank is equipped with a convenient handle.

The disadvantages of the model include only the high cost and the need for frequent replacement of filters that are clogged with impurities contained in water.

Features of the humidifier Polaris PUH 5206 DI

Based on reviews Polaris PUH 5206 DI occupies the second position in the ranking. This model has not only modern design, but also quite affordable for most buyers.

Note! The design is equipped with a built-in ionizer, which ensures the destruction of bacteria harmful to human health. Due to the ionization of the air in the room, adverse conditions are formed for the spread of bacteria and their further reproduction.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

This model will be ideal for families where there are children with weakened immune systems, as well as people suffering from allergies. In the reviews traced positive attitude of customers to the versatility of the model, which can be used in the office and in the children’s room. The design does not need to be replaced consumables and has excellent external characteristics that allow the device to fit into any interior solution of the room.

On the body of the device there is a control interface that reflects all the data on the operation of the device. The control system is maximally simplified, so setting up and operating the humidifier will not cause difficulties. The device has a three-level steam supply system and the ability to automatically adjust the system. At the slightest decrease or increase in performance, the humidifier automatically adjusts to the new room conditions.

It is allowed to use the device throughout the night, as the construction includes an automatic timer. In the arsenal of the device there is an advantageous function that ensures the shutdown of the entire light indication when the humidifier is operating in the night mode. Thus, the equipment will not interfere with night rest.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Advantages and disadvantages of Electrolux EHU-5515D

The third position belongs to the humidifier Electrolux EHU-5515D. Despite the high price, this device is in high demand among consumers. The device has two effective modes of operation: hot and cold steam. Cold steam mode is recommended for large rooms, such as offices or living rooms. Hot steam will be useful in the nursery.

Note! Using a humidifier in the mode of hot steam in the nursery, be sure to install the device in a place inaccessible to children.

Electrolux EHU-5515D humidifier has a stylish design. Bright colors allow you to easily enter the device even in the most modern interior space. The central panel of the device contains an information display and convenient control buttons. The device is designed for full moisture room up to 60 m ?. The liquid container holds 6 liters of water, thanks to which the unit can perform uninterrupted operation for many hours without additional refueling.

Air humidifier: ranking of the best 2016-2017

Design advantages:

  • possibility of humidification of large rooms;
  • convenient and clear control system;
  • hot and cold steam mode;
  • decorative appearance;
  • large roomy water tank.

The disadvantage of the device is the high price, as well as not very practical constructional structure. The process of refilling the device with water, many users called inconvenient.

Helpful advice! Many users in the reviews say that the built-in hygrostat shows inaccurate data, showing the level of humidity in the immediate vicinity of the device, and not in the whole room. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a hygrometer separately from the humidifier and hang it in the distance.

As for structural features, in this case, the power of the device and the capacity of the water tank are important. It is better to focus on the average options. Capacity for liquid with a capacity of 3-5 liters will be optimal for most rooms. Humidifiers with a 6 liter water tank will become an unbearable burden. Due to the capacious tank will add extra weight to the device and additional dimensions. On the contrary, it will be necessary to add water too often to small appliances.

Additional functions, such as aromatization, can bring many benefits, but they are not vital and can affect the price of the device. The best device will be the one that supports all the requirements of the buyer and his house, but does not go beyond the budget set for the purchase.

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