Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

A water pump for heating is a device that is used to increase the efficiency of autonomous heating systems for private houses, as well as summer houses. Such an apparatus affects the movement of the coolant, which occurs continuously. Today, there are many varieties of such circulating pumps. To select a suitable device, you need to familiarize yourself with its principle of operation, as well as its technical characteristics.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

The principle of operation and technical characteristics of circulating pumps for heating systems

A pump of this type is a device, inside which is located the engine and the working shaft. Its main function is to pump the working fluid. The popularity of such devices in autonomous heating designs is due to the fact that they allow to warm up the building more efficiently.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

The principle of the circulation pump is quite simple. When it starts, the rotor begins to act on the impeller (rotate it). Due to this, a reduced pressure is created at the inlet, and at the outlet, on the contrary, an increased pressure. The speed of movement of the working fluid in communications increases, which reduces the financial costs of heating a private house.

Useful information! A similar device functions from a normal electrical network, the voltage of which is 220 V. The power of the device depends on its variety, as well as on which mode is used during its operation. This figure varies from 25 to 100 W / h.

In many models, it is possible to choose the speed mode, which is selected individually, depending on the technical characteristics of the autonomous heating communication. As well as circulating pumps for water supply are equipped with a specific marking, which indicates the main characteristics of the device.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

Previously, the installation of heating communications in private homes did not include the installation of pumping equipment. The working environment in such systems moved through the pipes by gravity. Today, some cheap solid fuel boilers run without integrated pumps. This is explained quite simply – the company producing boilers does not know the parameters of the heating circuit. For such structures, the purchase of a circulating pumping device is recommended.

There are several advantages of installing a pump in the heating system of a private house. For example, the load on the heating boiler is reduced due to the equalization of temperatures in the incoming and outgoing pipe. Another advantage of the circulation pump is that it provides uniform heating of the rooms due to the same temperature of the working medium at any point of the heating ring.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

Also, when installing such a device, it is possible to quickly regulate the temperature of the coolant in the heating pipes. It is also worth saying that when the autonomous heating structure is started up, the heating of the boiler is carried out much faster if such a pump is integrated into the system.

The principle of operation of circulation pumps eliminates the need for the location of the pipe under a certain slope to the boiler. And also there is an opportunity to use less thick pipes in communication. This not only saves space, but also reduces the cost of the heating structure as a whole.

Of the minuses of this device, you can select only one – dependence on the electrical network. If the network has frequent interruptions, then the use of the device will be difficult. However, this problem can be dealt with quite simply by installing a bespatcher (UPS).

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

To date, all models of such devices are classified according to the principle of action into two types:

  • “Dry”;
  • “Wet”.

Many people are interested in the question of how to choose a circulation pump for installation in a private house. Devices of the “dry” type are more voluminous and include the engine compartment, pushed to the side. Such models are rarely mounted in residential buildings. This is due to the fact that when working they make quite a lot of noise. However, such devices have high efficiency – up to 80%.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

Note! Devices “dry” type need careful maintenance. This is due to the fact that their sealing elements wear out very quickly and must be replaced in time.

As a rule, such devices are mounted in separate extensions because of their noise. The operational sphere of pumps “dry” type – heat points, which are characterized by high power. And also they can be used in autonomous heating communications that need maximum performance. In private homes, such devices are practically not installed.

Wet type devices are much more compact and versatile. Their installation is performed by tapping into the pipeline design, in contrast to the “dry” devices, which require a console installation. And they also do not require the organization of an additional cooling system, since the excess heat is given to the working environment that passes through them.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

The performance of wet circulation pumps is lower. This is due to the fact that the rotor operates in a liquid working medium, which provides a certain resistance. Therefore, the efficiency of “wet” pumps ranges from 50 to 60%. Nevertheless, the use of such equipment is considered the most optimal in conditions of autonomous heating systems.

The characteristics of this type of circulation pumps make it possible to install them even in living rooms. During operation, they practically do not make noise. It is also worth saying that the low performance of these devices pays off completely, since much less electrical energy is required for their operation.

The power of small models used in private homes is about 25-50 watts, which is comparable to the energy consumed by an ordinary electric light bulb. It is also worth saying that circulation pumps for heating (12 volts) are perfect for small private houses.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

The service life of a “wet” circulation pump can be several decades (with normal use). Such devices are distinguished by unpretentious care and do not require preventive maintenance.

Thus, for home use, these products are the best fit. Another advantage of these pumps is their design. It includes individual modules (nodes) that can be easily replaced if necessary.

Circulation pumps for heating Grundfos

Pumps from this brand are the most popular in the modern market of heating equipment. Depending on management capabilities and design features, all Grundfos products are divided into:

  • unregulated (UPS series);
  • adjustable (ALPHA series).

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

Models of the “UPS” series are the most popular among domestic consumers. The operational sphere of such devices is open or closed autonomous heating communications of a private house.

Useful information! In some cases, Grundfos UPS pumps are used in small production environments.

The popularity of Grundfos circulating pumps is also due to the fact that they have an affordable price and high quality. Today they are produced in the following countries: Germany, Denmark, China.

When selecting a pump online in the online store, you can encounter models that differ in their technical characteristics. Consider the types of Grundfos UPS devices that can be purchased online:

  • UPS 25-40 / 60/80;
  • UPS 32-40 / 60/80.

Water pump for heating: how to increase system efficiency

Figures which are specified in the name of model, designate its mounting characteristics. The first number indicates the indicator of the cross section of the pump nuts, which are performed in most cases of cast iron material. In some cases, there are nuts with a diameter of 40 mm, however, products with a cross section of 25 and 32 mm are most often used.

The second number corresponds to the height. Depending on the type of device, the height of the working medium column can be 4, 6 or 8 m.

Buy UPS for circulating pump heating can be in the profile shop or by completing the order via the Internet. The cost of a bespereboynik ranges from 2,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Circulation pumps for heating communications are an effective way to increase system performance and save money. As well as the purchase of such equipment allows you to perform more precise control of the heating in your home.

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