Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

In the house, where it is warm and cozy, you always want to come back. Provide your home with comfort and significantly save on heating can be equipped with a warm floor under the laminate. Self-styling, the video guide to which you will find in this article is not a big deal. The main thing is to figure out which type of floor heating under the laminate is optimal for such a coating, and to objectively evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the heating systems.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Advantages of warm floors

During its development, floor heating systems have become very popular and every year there are more and more people who want to install them. And with the assortment offered by manufacturers, there are no problems. You can choose a heating system, focusing on their preferences and financial capabilities. The main advantages of warm floors include:

  • the possibility of using as the main heating or additional heating of some rooms;
  • uniform heating contributes to the exclusion of drafts that are harmful to health;
  • heating the air to a height of up to 2.5 m ensures comfortable living conditions. In addition, providing heat to the feet is an excellent prevention of colds;

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

  • heating rate – the rooms warm up much faster, unlike other heating systems. This property allows you to turn off the heating when there is no one in the house, and when you return, you will not have to wait long for the room to warm up;
  • the use of modern technologies allows you to efficiently use energy, resulting in significant savings;
  • environmental friendliness of the system – its use in residential premises does not lead to the desiccation of air;
  • installation of the system does not take up much space, the absence of radiators allows for optimal use of living space;
  • the possibility of using not only for residential premises, but also for heating greenhouses, greenhouses, farms and other objects;
  • universality of use – the possibility of laying a warm floor under the laminate, linoleum, carpet, as well as parquet, wood, tile and concrete;
  • quick and easy installation, long service life;
  • simple control, high precision climate maintenance, the ability to independently select the temperature regime.

Heated floors are well proven in small apartments and country cottages with central heating and energy supply. The choice of heating system depends on the conditions of installation and operation, as well as the type of finishing finish. Given the simplicity of installation, anyone can arrange a warm floor.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Floor heating systems are divided into two main types:

  1. Electric. Heating is carried out using special electrical cables.
  2. Water. Heating takes place with the help of polyethylene pipes with hot water.

Electric warm systems are distinguished by the type of heating element. Their main types: heating cable, heating mat and infrared heating (special thermofilm). Taking into account the relevance of the laminated coating, it would be advisable to figure out which floor is better for laminate flooring.

How to choose a warm electric floor: an overview of heating systems. Choosing a warm floor for the house, apartment. What better electric underfloor heating under the tile. The right choice of energy efficient system.

Heating cable Warm floors with such a heating element are very simple. A special cable with a large resistance value is placed in the floor screed, which is arranged on top of the base. The heat generated by the passage of electricity through the cable heats the tie, which in turn heats the topcoat, and from it heat is distributed throughout the room.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Heating mats. Represent a thin cable, distributed on a grid of fiberglass. There are two types of heating mats: single and double. Single-core mats are not recommended for residential use, since they radiate a magnetic field. The heating mats system does not require an additional screed. It is usually placed in the adhesive layer of the floor lining, made of tile or porcelain.

Infrared heating (film floor). The heat-conducting elements, which are a carbon nanostructure, are placed between two layers of dense polymer. When current passes through them, infrared radiation occurs. This type of heating is the most advanced and progressive floor heating system. IR radiation is absolutely harmless to humans. Installation is carried out directly under the floor without an additional layer of screed.

Note! Infrared heating has no restrictions on the choice of finishing flooring, so it can be used for laying a warm floor under the laminate.

Warm water floor. Plastic pipes are used as heating elements in this system. The essence of water heating is reduced to laying between the floor and floor covering of the contours of the heated floor, through which the coolant (water) circulates, heated to 45 ° C. As a result, water floor is called low-temperature heating system, ideally combined with light floor coverings.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

For effective functioning of water floor heating it is necessary to make correct calculations and installation of the system. When laying laminate flooring from a water heating system, the sensitivity of the material to high temperatures should be taken into account. For this, the system should be equipped with temperature control devices, such as a mixing unit, a thermostat, a manifold, and others.

Determining what kind of warm floor is better for laminate flooring, it should be taken into account that this material is vulnerable to moisture and sudden temperature fluctuations. Then the question arises, is it possible to make underfloor heating under the laminate? After all, not all manufacturers of laminate produce panels that can be combined with heating elements. Having dealt with the basic parameters of laminated coatings and the operating conditions of underfloor heating, you can determine the heating system that is most suitable for laying this material.

Before you buy a laminate for underfloor heating, pay attention to the instructions for the material, which must be indicated the possibility of such use. Marking with the recommended temperature limit can be seen on the packaging of the laminate. If it is difficult for you to determine exactly where the necessary information is indicated, contact your consultant for help.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Many modern manufacturers produce laminated panels, adapted to the device under them underfloor heating. In this case, the manufacturer indicates which type of floor heating is recommended for this product. Installing a heated floor under the laminate, which is not designed for the use of a particular heating, can lead to the failure of the system, and to the damage of the laminated coating.

Innovation in the flooring market has become a laminate with built-in heating elements, thanks to which you can install a new beautiful floor immediately with heating. For the installation of such a laminated coating it is necessary to additionally purchase a transformer and accessories.

Laying laminate lamellas with built-in heating significantly simplifies the process of installing underfloor heating. The flooring of the coating is carried out by means of special aluminum locks, which securely and easily secure the boards to each other. In addition, locks guarantee the safety of connections during operation. This flooring can be laid on any surface, including balconies and loggias.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Mounted infrared floor heating is part of the construction of several layers, which includes a laminate topcoat, chipboard or plywood gasket, heat and vapor barrier layers. Such filling contributes to the maximum efficiency of the entire system. Reflecting from the lower heat reflecting layer, infrared radiation tends upwards, heating the entire room.

How to put under floor heating under laminate? If the infrared heating is planned to be used as the only heating element, laying of the film underfloor heating under the laminate is carried out on an area of ​​at least 70% of the total floor surface. If the film is used as additional heating, it is enough to cover it up to 40% of the floor. It should be noted that the electric film heating is much more efficient when heating the entire room.

Note! Having laid a heat-insulated floor in a nursery, you should not worry that the kid sits during a game on a floor, whatever season it happens.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Taking into account that any coating is placed on a flat surface, laying of an infrared heated floor under the laminate begins with the preparation and leveling of the base. After that, the area for covering the floor with film is calculated, excluding the places where the heavy furniture will be located. At this stage, determine the place for the placement of the thermostat. For convenience, it is recommended to make a preliminary scheme of the future film floor.

Next, proceed to the laying of heat-reflecting roll film (izolona). It is cut into strips of the appropriate size and laid on the floor surface. So that during the installation of the band of the isolon did not move, they are fastened together by means of adhesive tape. After that, the IR film is laid. It is also cut to the appropriate length of the strip and have a copper side down. Between the film strip is also connected with scotch tape.

The next step is to connect the contact terminals. They are installed on a copper strip so that one of the sides is inside, and the other is outside of the thermal film. After that, the terminals are tightly clamped with pliers. All connections of contacts and cut-off areas of the copper bus must be insulated with the supplied bitumen insulation, using two segments per treatment site.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Next, install the thermostat. A temperature sensor is placed on the black strip of the thermal film. So that it does not protrude on the surface of the film, a cutout in the reflective material is made under it. The same cutouts are made for wires and contact clips. This will make the laminated coating as flat as possible. Places of passage of wires from above stick up with an adhesive tape.

A thermostat panel is installed on a previously prepared place, wires are connected to it according to the attached diagram. The thermostat is connected to the mains through a separate machine. Next, make a test system, exposing the temperature not higher than 30 ° C. Making sure the functioning of warm floors, you can proceed to laying laminate.

The sequence of laying the floor with heating is clearly demonstrated on numerous video installations of infrared floor heating under the laminate.

It is possible to buy a heat-insulated floor under a laminate, having ordered production on the websites of manufacturing companies and on the Internet. On sale there are systems of any brands. The price of infrared floor heating under the laminate depends on the manufacturer, the size of the film coating and equipment. The most popular are warm floors, which are represented in Russia by Kaleo, certified by the Association of IR Radiation.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

The electric floor developed by the Korean company Heat Plus has well proved itself. This manufacturer specializes in the production of film infrared floor, constantly improving and updating equipment. The last few years, the production is carried out on unique machines. RexVa floor heating systems, presented by Techno Profi, are focused on the production of customized film floor orders at a reasonable price for the consumer.

The table shows the approximate prices at which you can buy infrared heated floors under the laminate:

Company Series Set cost, rub.
from before
CALEO Line 1690 7050
Grid 1250 27800
Gold 1480 29,500
Platinum 1750 30,500
Q-TERM 450 11900
Heat plus 650 17900
NanoThermal 990 19900


The minimum price for a warm laminate floor per m2 produced by RexVa and Heat Plus companies is from 850 rubles, the Caleo infrared floor will cost a bit more expensive – from 1500 rubles per 1 m ?.

Helpful advice! When purchasing products of a manufacturer, require a certificate of infrared floor heating under the laminate. Customer reviews will also give an idea of ​​the feasibility of using the selected option.

The classic types of warm floors include water heating. His device includes pipes with hot water, which enters the system from the collector using a pump. The use of a water heated floor is most justified in private homes, since its installation in apartments with connection to a centralized heating system is prohibited.

Note! It should be borne in mind that the use of a warm water floor involves the purchase and installation of a circulation pump, through which the temperature in the system is regulated. It is worth considering when calculating the cost of the arrangement.

Compared to electric, water heated floor is more cost-effective, as it saves up to 60% of energy. This advantage makes it logical to use just such a system for private houses, where often the rooms have a large area. In addition, the materials from which the pipes for water heating are made, have proven to be reliable and durable.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

The main feature of the installation of a water floor is that after preparing the base and laying the heating pipes, it is necessary to install a cement-sand screed. It is recommended to fill it when the heating is not turned on, but the floor heating system is filled with water. If cracks appear on the screed during operation, they must be repaired.

Installation of a water floor requires compliance with the following standards:

  • the system should be warmed up prior to installation within a few days. After that, two days before laying the cover, the heating is turned off. In this way, a microclimate is formed in the room at which the water floor will function;
  • Before laying on a warm water floor, the laminate is left indoors for several days to adapt to the microclimate. This will guarantee that the floor will not be deformed during operation;
  • for a good warm surface, it is recommended to use a thin substrate under the laminate for a warm water floor.

To find out which laminate to choose for a warm water floor, you should pay attention to the thermal resistance parameter specified in the material passport. If the laminate is allowed to be used in conjunction with heating, it will be labeled “Warm Wasser”. Water heating is combined with a large number of light coatings, so choosing a laminate for warm water floors will not be difficult.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

An increasing number of apartment owners in multi-storey buildings use the space of a balcony or loggia as a usable area. Most often there is a study, a winter garden or a small place to rest. To use such a room with comfort throughout the year, it would be logical to equip it with a heated floor.

The complexity of the arrangement of heating lies in the limited space and design features of the balcony. One of the options for organizing a heated floor, you can choose the use of cable. Given that such a warm floor requires a screed device, on top of it you can lay any floor covering, including laminate, on the balcony.

Note! When constructing even a small layer of a screed on the balcony, you should consider the load on the balcony slab.

In order not to weigh down the weight of the balcony structure, it is possible to use film heating as a heated floor. For this, it will be enough to have a couple of bands of an infrared heat-insulated floor without a laminate tie. If you plan to install furniture on a balcony or loggia, they do not have a thermal film under it. All work is carried out in accordance with the instructions for laying a warm floor. The temperature controller is adjusted manually according to weather conditions.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Installation of heating on the loggia is subject to the sequence of work in the room. Before laying the warm floor under the laminate on the balcony, the surface of the plate is leveled, heat-reflecting material is put on it, and a thermal film is placed on it. Next is a high-quality hydro-and vapor barrier. Mounting an infrared floor is much faster and easier than a cable heater.

In wooden cottages, where there is a possibility of autonomous heating, water floor heating is most often used. Hot water pipes are placed immediately under the floor covering, while ensuring that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, since at a higher level the wooden structures of the house will dry out greatly.

If in the house besides heating by radiators it is planned to use a heated floor, it is recommended to use two independent circuits for both types of heating. The scheme of a water heated floor in a wooden house should provide for the location of pipes below the level of the boiler. Use should be plastic or waterproofing pipes that even in the event of a rupture are able to hold water.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Is it possible to lay laminate on a heated floor with water heating? For installation of the coating on such a floor, the system with pipes is placed in a special box made of plasterboard. Then, in the event of condensation, due to the launch of the system, the moisture first appears on the pipes and then on the duct, after which it will evaporate during the heating process, without affecting the floor covering.

Note! You should not forget that it is necessary to buy a laminate for warm water floors with a label that takes into account the required temperature limit.

The use of a water circuit as a floor heating system significantly saves the cost of general heating. The only drawback of such a system is that in the event of its failure it will have to disassemble the entire floor. Only in this way it will be possible to determine the location of the leak.

The sequence of laying the water floor is as follows:

  • installation begins with the room in which the boiler is located;
  • for a smooth bend of pipes use a torch;
  • For a strong bend of the contour, a knee joint is used, which is subsequently sealed with a sealing tape;

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

  • pipes are laid in the form of a snake in the floor frame so that it remains from 3 to 8 cm to the finishing surface. It is this distance that will contribute to the optimum heating of the floor covering;
  • If, when checking the system, it is found that water is oozing through the connection, it should be replaced.

In a warm season, when there is no need for floor heating, you should drain the system. This will reduce the likelihood of deposits on the pipe walls.

For those who are faced with the installation of a heated floor for the first time, there are a lot of training video instructions online. Here are the secrets of laying different types of heating: film, cable, water and others. As soon as you decide on the type of floor heating, choose a suitable plot with instructions.

Important! The information in the training videos is informative in nature and is in addition to the mandatory instructions for installing the system of a particular warm floor.

Video installation of a heated floor under the laminate contain a lot of useful information about the nuances and principles of laying, both heating systems and installation of laminated coating. In addition, looking through them you can learn about the features of connecting wires to the infrared floor system, methods of isolation, starting and checking the system.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Viewing video lessons will help you choose the best option for heating under the floor covering of your room. In addition, useful recommendations will contribute to the correct choice of the thickness of the screed layer (if provided), the required heat-reflecting material, as well as the substrate used.

It will not be superfluous, before choosing the necessary system to inquire about reviews. Warm floors under the laminate, many cause conflicting judgments. Only thoroughly examining them and weighing the pros and cons, you can make a choice in favor of a particular type of floor heating for your room.

Infrared film received a lot of positive feedback. The heated floor under the laminate with such heating, judging by the responses, is installed easily, does not reduce the height of the ceilings, functions properly and can be used for rooms with a large load on the finish (offices, gyms). In addition, such a system can be installed during the dismantling of the old floor in Khrushchev.

Warm floor under the laminate. DIY installation: video installation instructions

Reviews of the heating cable indicate that this type of underfloor heating is used both in new buildings and in apartments of the old housing stock. Equipping the system with a temperature controller allows you to set the desired temperature and, if necessary, save energy, reducing power.

When installing a heated floor, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the use of one or another floor covering. When choosing a material, it is necessary to specify with the consultants how compatible this floor is with the floor heating system, and what is the maximum temperature that the material can withstand.

The technology of laying laminate on film, cable or water-heated floor does not differ from the usual laying, although some of the nuances should be considered:

  • that the laminated coating is held tightly before you make a warm floor under the laminate, the base is thoroughly cleaned and leveled;
  • Before installing the laminate on top of the film heated plastic film is laid, which prevents liquid from entering the heating elements. As a protective membrane, you can use a heat-conducting substrate under the laminate for a warm floor;
  • stripes of the substrate should not be overlapped, they should be laid back to back with fixing with adhesive tape;
  • if the laminate is mounted on a cable or water-heated floor, before laying it lay a layer of cement-sand screed, which has the ability to evenly distribute heat;
  • it is impossible to lay laminate panels against the walls, the gap between the edge of the coating and the wall must be at least 10 mm. This will provide ventilation of the inner surface and allow the material to expand freely under the influence of heat;
  • Laying laminated lamellas on a warm floor should be extremely careful not to damage the polymer layer with a heating element.

You can visually get acquainted with the installation instructions for the coating by viewing the video of the warm floor under the laminate with your own hands. On the Internet there is a sufficient amount of video materials on the installation of various floor heating systems, which provide practical recommendations and step by step installation.

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