Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

Trips to nature – a great way to relax and spend time with benefits. However, lovers of tourism are well aware that on the way they have to face many inconveniences, the main of which is cold. If you decide to spend the night in a tent, you need to think in advance about how you plan to warm up. The gas heater for a tent will help to solve the problem. Consider what it is and how justified its use is.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

What is a gas heater for a tent: how it works

Gas tourist heater is quite simple, it consists of the following elements:

  • thermal fan;
  • power regulator;
  • gas-burner;
  • reflector;
  • safety valve.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

All components are placed in a small metal case, which is called a portable gas heater for a tent. It is not hard to buy such a device, but it’s not so easy to choose the right model. Many devices have additional elements designed to control the combustion process.

Regardless of what type of heater is used, the basis of his work is the process of fuel processing and the production of thermal energy. In this case, everything happens without connecting to the network, which allows you to use the device even in the conditions of the campaign. Meals come from a small bottle filled with gas, which you can easily take with you.

The transfer of heat occurs at the expense of an infrared emitter, which ensures economical fuel consumption and uniform distribution of heat throughout the zone of influence of the device.

Helpful advice! In field conditions, a gas infrared heater for a tent can also be used outside to warm up in cold weather. The field of action will not be too large, however, if you are close to the device, it will be quite enough.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

Depending on how the heat is transferred from the source to the environment, the heaters are divided into three main types: ceramic infrared, metallic and catalytic. Let us consider each of the options in more detail in order to find out which of them is preferable.

In the first case, a ceramic plate is used as the base. It receives heat, which is produced as a result of gas burning in the burner, and emits it with the help of an infrared emitter. It should be noted that with this route, the efficiency is not more than 50%. That is, at least half of the thermal energy is lost during the transition from one element to another. Nevertheless, such heaters are the lightest and most compact, which is an indisputable advantage in the campaign.

Note! Infrared ceramic devices are considered to be the most economical when it comes to fuel consumption. A small spray can easily fit in a backpack is enough for a long hike.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

The second option is a portable gas heater for a tent, equipped with a metal radiator. Due to the fact that the metal rods of the work item are hidden, this option is also quite acceptable for use in the campaign. Its design is safe, and a special reflector located in the back of the case allows you to adjust the direction of heat flow.

Catalytic heater for the tent is considered the most versatile. Its possibilities are much wider than those of other representatives, and with its help one can not only get warm in a tent, but also cook food. This device is not very expensive, but the fuel consumed much more.

Another difference of catalytic heaters from the rest is the presence of a thermal panel, which, thanks to a layer of platinum, has a catalytic effect on the combustion process. The efficiency of such devices is maximum and often reaches 100%. From the point of view of safety, these devices are considered the least dangerous, since the process of combustion of fuel in them occurs without the formation of flame.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

Of course, accommodation and overnight in a tent differ significantly from the conditions to which we are accustomed to at home or at the cottage. Therefore, before choosing and buying a portable gas heater, it is necessary to make appropriate demands on it. And first of all it concerns the security of the device.

All heaters, which can be considered as a travel option, must necessarily be equipped with an automatic protection system. This is necessary in case you tilt or overturn the burner, which is more than often in a tent life.

Another requirement that is likely to become superfluous is the presence of a carbon dioxide sensor. The thing is that the combustion of gas requires oxygen, which the heater absorbs from its environment. And if you will be for a long time next to such a device, you will definitely feel if the level of carbon dioxide emitted exceeds the norm. Of course, it is unsafe for health.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

Considering all these indicators, only a compact gas ceramic infrared burner can be considered as an ideal option. With its small size, it has all the necessary characteristics and fits perfectly into the set of necessary camping equipment.

Helpful advice! Such a device can be used not only to heat a small enclosed space, but also as a walking stove.

The presence inside the system of the process of burning fuel and converting it into thermal energy makes the gas ceramic infrared burner not the safest household device. Its use requires strict adherence to the rules of operation, which are designed to protect against emergency situations.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

The main prohibitions on the use of gas heaters from a balloon for a tent:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use the device to dry clothes, as well as any other items that may catch fire in the dry state.
  2. It is unacceptable to install the heater near explosive or flammable objects.
  3. The device should always be in an upright position; it should not be covered with a cloth or paper.
  4. Any operations with a heater, including a cylinder change, should be carried out strictly on the street.
  5. When the heater is turned on, the tent ventilation valve must be slightly ajar. You should also try to air the tent as often as possible in order to maintain a normal level of oxygen in it.

Note! The category of flammable items includes, inter alia, all cylinders that are under pressure. This may be a regular spray against mosquitoes.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

If the infrared gas heater for the tent needs refueling and you do it yourself, be very careful. Ask in advance exactly how the analysis and gas refueling takes place, what is needed for this, and how to avoid leakage.

Do not be lazy to read the instructions for the purchased device. This will save you from the occurrence of many unpleasant situations associated with improper operation of the device. It is much better to devote some time to it in advance so that later during the hike no unpleasant surprises arise.

Among the models that manufacturers offer, you can find both simple and more complex and expensive devices. The release of gas heaters are engaged in many companies, both domestic and foreign. Consider the most popular model, which is produced in Russia, and is widely popular.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

Gas heater Sledopyt-Ion is designed to meet the climatic conditions in which it will be used. Main advantages of the device:

  • low weight – only 370 g .;
  • compact dimensions – 120x200x215 mm;
  • high enough power – 1000-12000 W;
  • the presence of piezo ignition;
  • the ability to heat the premises up to 20 m ?.

Such a device is extremely economical: depending on the mode used, the fuel consumption per hour does not exceed 50-110 grams, which allows you to keep warm for a long time even with the smallest cylinder in terms of volume. As many fans confirm, this is a great option for a gas heater in a tent for winter fishing or for a hike.

Helpful advice! Calculating the required amount of fuel that you will take with you on a hike, be sure to leave some reserve. Calculating stocks butt, you risk not guessing with needs.

The average cost at which you can buy an infrared gas burner is 1650 rubles, the price of the heater Sledopyt Ion is 2900 rubles.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

The second most popular device for heating tents and tents is the Pathfinder Center. Affordable, simple and very convenient, this heater has taken a strong position in the domestic market. Consider how it is characterized and different from the previous model.

First of all, this device has a large size – 275x275x180 mm, and weighs 1.8 kg. Carrying such a heavy device with you can be quite problematic, but if we are talking about a large tent, where several people or a family with children will live, then you simply cannot do without it.

The area that can be heated by such a device is about 15 m ?, but at the same time the fuel consumption in the maximum mode of operation does not exceed 108 g / hour. This suggests that, despite its size, such a device is quite economical fuel consumption and does not require excessive gas reserves.

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

After reading the reviews on the use of this device in real conditions, there are several fundamental advantages that made the device popular:

  • it can easily be used for cooking as a gas stove;
  • using a special adapter, the device can be connected to large gas cylinders;
  • the burner does not blow out either in a strong wind, or even when trying to do it on purpose;
  • the smell of gas in the process of use does not appear, and the burning of oxygen in the tent is minimal.

Before you finally decide on what kind of infrared radiation burner to buy, you should evaluate your choice from several positions:

  • fire safety;
  • Efficiency and level of fuel consumption;

Gas heater for a tent: the choice of a suitable model for outdoor recreation

  • the presence of additional functions, for example, the ability to heat or cook food;
  • availability of appropriate certification of goods confirming the safety of its use in small rooms and tents.

If the selected model suits you in all these parameters, you can confidently make a purchase. Additionally, it is worthwhile to read the reviews of those who use such devices in practice – perhaps they will tell you some shortcomings, or advise more convenient and practical models. In any case, it should be remembered that the main selection criterion is safety, and here the device should not have any questions.

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