Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer’s choice

From this article, you can learn all the subtleties of choosing a device such as a wall mounted electric infrared heater, taking into account the manufacturer’s features, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For comparison, the most popular companies engaged in the production of heating equipment for the home, customer reviews and prices for appliances were used.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

How to buy an infrared wall heater with a thermostat

Despite its relatively recent appearance, infrared heaters have won the love of consumers for a limited time, receiving positive feedback.

A considerable share of their popularity was provided by:

  • reasonable price (in comparison with other types of effective heating equipment);
  • small consumption of electrical energy;
  • versatility and acceptable design;
  • security.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

From oil and convection devices, infrared heaters are distinguished by their operating principle. The heat generated by the radiator does not mix with the air in the room, as is the case with other types of equipment. Heat waves heat objects in their area of ​​action, and the air itself is heated from them.

Note! Infrared emitters are classified as environmentally friendly devices. Their operation is accompanied by a minimal negative impact on the human body.

The degree of heating is controlled by the thermostat, which can be independent or built into the heater design. As soon as the temperature reaches the set value, the device automatically turns off. When the temperature drops, the heater turns on again.

Nikaten heaters are characterized by low energy consumption. In comparison with electric boilers, convectors and oil radiators, these devices consume 1.5-2 times less electricity. As a result, total heating costs are reduced by almost 40%. The average period of work per day is 6-7 hours.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

According to the manufacturer, heat transfer begins within 5 minutes. after turning on the device. Within 20 min heater reaches operating temperature. The designs provide energy-saving drives, due to which the cooling of the structure lasts at least 1.5 hours. At the same time, the cost of electricity is zero.

Devices are not only economical, but also suitable for any premises. They have a positive effect on health and do not dry out the air at all. In the process of the heater is carried out uniform heating of the room. The designs themselves are fireproof, they are not afraid of water and overloads.

Electric infrared heater wall Zilon

The specialization of the Russian brand Zilon covers the production of a large segment of heat engineering, which includes heaters with an infrared principle of operation. In the process of creating its products, the company pays special attention to the requirements of consumers, and also takes into account the harsh conditions that accompany the operation of devices in Russia.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

Note! The use of unique technologies allowed Zilon to occupy one of the leading positions in the domestic market. But outside the country, this brand is not popular.

Zilon heaters can not be called completely environmentally friendly, but their harmful effects, like other types of infrared emitters, reduced to a minimum figure. In the range of the manufacturer you can find universal models with wall-ceiling mounting type.

Features of wall-mounted infrared heaters with thermostat for giving NOIROT

NOIROT heaters have one distinguishing feature: the brand’s hybrid products combine the capabilities of infrared emitters and convectors. Today, this French company is considered one of the most reputable companies engaged in the production of heating equipment. After the merger with the Muller group of companies, the brand increased the supply of its products to the world market.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

According to statistics today in the European market, its share is about 46%.
NOIROT offers consumers a wide range of heaters designed for:

  • apartments;
  • country houses and cottages;
  • country houses;
  • non-residential premises.

In the process of manufacturing devices, international standards are maintained in terms of environmental friendliness and quality. For the operation of products do not need to install additional grounding, the structure is fully protected from the negative effects of moisture.

Regardless of the modification, each model of the device has a reliable security system and a set of automation.

Ballu home infrared wall heater manufacturer overview

The group of companies BALLU Industrial Group produces a whole line of infrared emitters of the highest quality. These versatile structures have a domestic purpose, but the devices can be adapted for use in industrial environments.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

The main part of the products of this company consists of devices with wall and ceiling type of placement. The manufacturer has given heaters high power as well as unique properties. BALLU company does not stand still and is constantly working to improve its products. Therefore, the product range is not expanding, but changing. Outdated heaters are being replaced by newer, improved models.

All feedback left by buyers on forums and websites with products are positive.

Note! BALLU infrared emitters can act not only as additional, but also as the only sources of heat in the house. Devices can be used in accordance with the requirements and, if necessary, be used as the main heating system.

Characteristic of infrared wall heaters for giving UFO

The UFO company provides its heaters with high-quality technical and operational characteristics, thanks to which these devices have so many advantageous advantages.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

The main advantages of UFO products:

  • heating efficiency;
  • no harm to health;
  • the operation of the instruments is based on the same principle of heating as in the case of sunlight on the surface;
  • instant heating of objects in the zone of the device;
  • high degree of heat transfer;
  • it takes only 30 seconds to transfer heat;
  • there are no smells, the comfortable climatic atmosphere remains;
  • dampness, mildew and fungi are prevented;
  • heating is carried out evenly, deep waves.

The manufacturer produces seven product series and only two of them (UFO TYY and UFO LINE) do not have a thermostat.

Many manufacturers claim the quality, reliability and efficiency of their devices. To choose the best brand, you need to compare not only the advantages and disadvantages of the products, but also its performance.

Comparative characteristics of products:

Characteristic of the device Brand and model of the device
Nicaten 200 Zilon IR-0.8 S NOIROT Royat 2 1200 Ballu BIH-L-2.0 UFO Alf 3000
power, kWt 0.2 0.8 1.2 2 3
Area of ​​action, m? four eight ten 20 thirty
Weight, kg 7 four 1,3 3.5 3.5
Size, cm 2,5x60x30 4.2×12.5×119 11x12x45 9x18x74 9x19x108
price, rub. 3500 2400 6500 3200 5100


UFO heaters turned out to be the most powerful and effective with regard to technical indicators. A working device first heats the bottom of the room, then the top. Thanks to the thermostat and the temperature sensor, the amount of electrical energy consumed by a powerful heater is minimized.

Note! If the model of the device and the power level are selected in accordance with the conditions of the room, you can reduce the cost of electricity by several times.

Scope of application of infrared radiators of UFO

Consumers can buy a UFO wall-mounted infrared heater for the following purposes:

  • heating of locally located zones – residential and office premises;
  • heating of premises with significant heat loss – the lack of quality insulation in the room provokes strong drafts. Due to the fact that the UFO devices do not heat the air, and the draft cannot affect the temperature of the heated room;
  • maintaining the optimum temperature in rooms with high ceilings – with a ceiling height of 3 m or more, serious systems are required for heating. For heating of rooms of this type requires an increased number of radiators, and therefore increases the cost of heating. UFO is able to replace the whole battery system;
  • heating of limited industrial premises – for servicing large supermarkets and industrial buildings will require a lot of costs, so it is more expedient to heat only part of the premises (those that are in dire need). These include rest rooms for staff, rooms where the team spends a lot of time;

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

  • rapid heating of rooms where people stay temporarily – heating is used only when operating the room, the rest of the time the room is not heated;
  • heating buildings with small but frequent heat losses – hospitals, cinemas, hotels, shopping centers and cafes are included in this category of facilities. Places of mass accumulation of people for hygienic purposes are subject to frequent airing, so minor heat losses are inevitable. To compensate for them, it is enough to purchase a UFO heater.

Note! UFOs are widely used on the street: with their help it is easy to warm up the summer grounds belonging to restaurants and cafes.

Infrared film heaters are in high demand among consumers because their range is extensive. There are even decorative devices on the market, which are compact and light devices in the form of paintings that can be hung on the wall. They do not create problems with installation, because they can be installed on surfaces with different finishes. Feeding devices at the expense of electricity.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

Film heaters have one major drawback – the optimum temperature in the room is maintained only during operation of the device. When the device is turned off, the temperature indicator drops again. Therefore, to create a comfortable environment, the heater must be constantly turned on.

Dobroe Teplo company adjusts its products to the demands of consumers, so the range of heaters is extensive enough to be able to purchase the device for rooms of different sizes.

Plastic wall modifications capable of heating to a temperature of 50-60 ° C. You can even install appliances in children’s rooms, since the structures are completely safe. These panels have compact dimensions ranging from 500×500 mm to 500×1400 mm.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

In addition to plastic panels, the manufacturer offers wall panels “Velvet Season”, which are an improved modification of film heaters. Due to the increased power, efficiency and low cost, these models greatly exceed the capabilities of other modifications. They are wall paintings with a pattern that can be applied to order.

Note! If you accidentally touch the surface of the working device, the zone of contact with the human body is automatically turned off. For this reason, it is impossible to get thermal damage to the skin.

It is allowed to hang such pictures in the zone near the balcony or window. They will warm up the cold air that comes from the street. Thanks to the decorative design and compact size of the panel will be able to support any style of interior in the room.

In the range of the company Good Heat there are many modifications of heaters, including film, decorated in the form of paintings or panels. All of them differ in size, appearance and technical characteristics. The table shows the main models of the range.
The price of the heaters Good Heat:

power, kWt Size of construction, mm price, rub.
Summer time
0.2 450×450 1750
0.35 470×670 1900
0.48 450×950 2150
Kind warmth
0.12 500×500 950
0.2 500×850 1200
0.35 500×1400 1450
Good Heat (fiberglass)
0.12 500×500 1100
2 500×850 1300
0.35 500×1320 1450
0.15 500×450 1000
0.25 500×700 1250
3 500×850 1300
0.45 500×1150 1450
0.52 400×1400 1600


Ukrainian company Trio specializes in the production of heating equipment using carbon fiber. The most popular infrared heating panels SUPER with wall-type accommodation. They are distinguished from other modifications by a rather high level of power. This figure reaches 0.5 kW, which is quite a lot for heaters of this size (570×1140 mm).

Advantages of the film heater SUPER:

  • safety for the person, the probability of receiving burns is excluded;
  • a working device produces soft heat;
  • preserves the natural composition of the air;
  • reduced energy consumption (the device requires 4 times less electricity than other heaters);
  • the design does not create problems with transportation, folding is allowed.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

In rooms up to 15 m? SUPER film heater is able to raise the temperature by 6-8 °. The device has 4 modes of operation that allow switching power in accordance with the requirements of the premises and the people in it. The maximum surface heating temperature is 75 ° C. The size of the panel in the collapsed state corresponds to 100x100x570 mm. Total weight of structures 0.8 kg.

Note! The panel itself is transparent, on top of it you can apply any pattern to order, including family photos. Manufacturer equipped heaters with holders made of natural wood.

Overview table heater SUPER:

Characteristic of the device Indicator
The area of ​​the heating element, m? 6
Weight, kg 0.74
Warming up period to the working temperature, min. one
Protection class II
price, rub. 1200


The company Neirs engaged in the production and development of cost-effective heating systems based on infrared radiation. Film production of this brand has a rather wide application and is suitable not only for apartments, but also for private houses, villas and cottages.

Infrared film heaters Neirs, designed for hanging on the wall, are represented by a whole series of paintings, differing from each other in design and size.

Characteristic and price of wall-mounted infrared heaters Neirs:

Size of the device, mm Power level, kW Area of ​​action, m? price, rub.
700×800 0.21 6 6000
600×1000 0.21 eight 6700
500×1200 0.21 9 6700
400×1600 0.21 9 7,000
600×1100 0.21 9 7100
750×1100 0.21 ten 7600
600×1500 0.42 ten 8,000
950×1100 0.42 14 8400
1100×1100 0.42 15 9500


Despite the fact that the thickness of the radiator film does not exceed 1 mm, and the design in the assembled state takes up little space, the manufacturer Neirs took care of the presence of a thermostat. The transmitting modular part is hidden behind the picture. The signal is transmitted through radio waves, which radiates a wireless temperature controller.

In addition to the choice of design, the buyer can choose the material for the manufacture of holders.

Film devices, like other types of heaters, have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of film emitters:

  1. Positive health effect. The lack of sunlight in the winter is especially acute. With the help of a film heater, you can compensate for the lack of natural sunlight due to infrared radiation.
  2. Simple installation system. Wall panels are installed on the wall very quickly, it does not need the help of specialists.
  3. Long service life. The period of effective operation is 25 years or more. At the same time, the devices do not require special care and maintenance.
  4. Low purchase costs.
  5. Environmental friendliness, safety, preservation of the natural composition of air.
  6. The operation of the device is completely silent.

Electric infrared heater wall: manufacturer's choice

Helpful advice! To ensure that the room is fully heated using infrared heaters, experts recommend preferring film options designed for installation on the ceiling or on the floor, for example, the “Underfloor heating” system.

Disadvantages of film heaters:

  1. The heater does not accumulate heat at all and after turning off it cools very quickly.
  2. Low level of heating. One film picture may not be enough to heat the room. Therefore it is necessary to acquire several devices at once.
  3. There are restrictions on the finish of the walls.

Recommendations for choosing wall mounted film devices:

  1. The area on the wall where the heater will hang should not be made of combustible materials.
  2. Decorative interior elements should be located at a distance of at least 30 cm from the device.
  3. The power of the radiator depends on the amount of carbon fibers, as well as the area of ​​the device.
  4. Children’s access to the heater should be limited.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the Neirs film heaters showed the best. They have a sufficiently high power, capable of heating the area of ​​the premises almost at the level of conventional emitters. As well as the Trio instruments, they provide buyers with the opportunity to independently select an image for application to the surface.

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