A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

In order for household electric heating devices to become a source of impeccable comfort, they must be simple and safe to operate, compact, efficient, easy to manage, not burn oxygen in the room and easily adapt to the existing interior without taking up much space. The new generation of energy-efficient ceramic heaters for the home meets these requirements. The price for them is democratic and fully corresponds to the functionality of the devices.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Ceramic heaters of the new generation

The basis of the functioning of ceramic heaters for the home are two ways. On the one hand, it is air convection, due to which the air flows through the heating element heat the room. On the other hand, it is infrared radiation, the action of which is aimed at heating objects in the room. Given the high heat transfer of the ceramic heating element, such devices are characterized by efficiency and low power consumption.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Most manufacturers of modern ceramic heaters supply models with precise temperature controllers with electromechanical or electronic control, timers, ionizers and air purifiers. And the ability to remotely control the device using the remote control makes them ideally convenient to use.

Ceramic heaters are available in several versions, including wall, floor and desktop models. Wall mount devices have large dimensions, but have a thin plate in the design, so they can be installed even in rooms with a small area. Floor and table-top appliances are small in size, equipped with a housing rotation function, anti-tipping protection and can operate in fan mode.

There are ceramic gas appliances that can quickly create a local zone of heat due to infrared radiation. As for their use, they are indispensable for heating open spaces, for example, terraces or gazebos. Frequent examples of their use in marching conditions for heating tent houses. For the operation of such devices is enough special gas cylinder.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Ceramic panel heater is a monolithic structure of a metal body, in which a heat-reflecting screen and heating ceramic elements are located. Their functioning occurs on the one hand due to infrared radiation, on the other – through convection of air. Thus, ceramic appliances heat both indoor air and objects located in close proximity.

Having bought a ceramic heating panel for domestic use, the consumer is guaranteed to receive a lot of advantages:

  • high efficiency – the technology used in the devices, is one of the most economical and efficient. Even when the heater is turned off, the ceramic panel gives off heat to the room for a long time;
  • safety of use – the device cannot cause ignition of nearby objects. In addition, it triggers overheating protection;
  • environmental friendliness – when heated, ceramics do not emit harmful substances and radiation, the humidity level in the room does not change;
  • compactness and ease of installation of the device – despite the fairly decent weight, the panels are easily attached to the wall, without the need for special tools or skills and do not cause problems in operation;
  • silent operation – the heaters operate in silent mode;
  • control possibility – ceramic devices are compatible with the automatic climate control system of the room, allowing to set the device operation in several modes;
  • excellent design – ceramic panels are impeccable in appearance and can complement almost any interior;
  • durability – the service life of ceramic panels is more than 30 years.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Important! Ceramics used in panel heaters fall into the range of infrared heat flux, perfectly suited for comfortable human perception.

Modern infrared heaters TM “Venice”, combining the two types of heat transfer, provide for the operation of economical energy consumption. Heating up to 85 °, the ceramic panel of the heater becomes an effective infrared heat source, and the reverse side of the device with special holes, heats the room due to natural convection.

Venice ceramic heaters can be purchased with temperature controllers (PKIT, PAC series), due to which power is produced depending on the climate. Low cost versions of economy devices without thermostats of the Venice PKI and EPKI line are also produced. Such heating devices can be used both for the organization of autonomous heating and as an additional source of heating.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Ceramic heaters Venice are notable for noiselessness both during operation and during cooling. The devices do not emit extraneous odors, when disconnected from the network for a long time, there is a feeling of working heating. Heating equipment TM “Venice” initially had only a wall construction. However, legs were developed for mounting devices on the floor. For convenient transfer of floor ceramic heaters, their stands are equipped with wheels.

Electrical equipment can be used to heat both apartments and private houses. Devices are unpretentious in installation, do not demand service and can continuously work 24 hours. The service life established by the manufacturer makes up to 30 years. All equipment is subject to a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It is possible to buy a ceramic energy saving heater for the house Venice in the refined design. There are panels with a wide choice of colors and textures. An excellent solution for a stylish interior will be devices with printed photo printing or a sandblast pattern. Such devices will make any interior individual and complete.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

It is most convenient to purchase heating panels in online stores. Here you can get acquainted with the assortment and prices for products in a relaxed atmosphere. A convenient search system will help you quickly find the model of the desired power and design. All necessary information about equipping heaters with additional options can be clarified in the section of equipment characteristics.

To purchase equipment, you must select your favorite model and place an order in the appropriate field. You will be offered a method of payment and delivery of equipment. Many sites have developed a system of discounts and special offers that can best affect the cost of the device you choose. For example, you can buy a 200W ceramic Nikten infrared heater with a 25% discount (regular price is 3500 rubles).

Watch for advertising on sites. Very often, trading organizations establish prizes, bonuses and gifts. All ceramic heating panels are accompanied by a warranty from the manufacturer for up to 10 years. If for any reason the purchased device does not suit you or simply does not like it, the companies undertake to return the money within 10 days from the moment of the request.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

The popularity of modern electric ceramic heaters is due not only to economic gain, but also the ability to perfectly complement, and sometimes decorate, the interior. There are dozens of models from different manufacturers on the market of climatic equipment. When choosing the optimal device, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the heated room, the mode in which the device will operate, the method of installation and other important criteria.

If you are a supporter of rational use of electricity, you should choose models of heaters with automated control devices. By setting the required temperature on the scale of the thermostat, you can adjust the power of the instrument. In addition, temperature regulators can maintain a predetermined microclimate mode in the room with an accuracy from 1 to 0.5 ° C. Equipping electrical devices with a timer allows you to set the on and off time of the device.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Different modes of operation allow even more efficient use of electricity. In the wall heater the possibility of power control is realized using the control panel. The model is equipped with a built-in timer for 8 hours. It is possible to buy a ceramic heater with a thermostat of this model at a price of 2050 rubles.

Helpful advice! Thermostats can control both individual devices and the entire alternative home heating system.

The Kam-in company has developed a unique equipment – a smart heater with a built-in digital thermostat. Such a device controls not only the air temperature in the room, but also its value on the panel surface. In addition, Kam-in ceramic heaters can be configured for an hourly or daily work cycle, choosing one of six modes. The cost of the ceramic electric heating panel EASY HEAT SNANDART of white color – 1120 rubles.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

In rooms where the voltage in the network is unstable, it is better to use heaters with a mechanical thermostat. The Scarlett Sc-Fh53k07 heater has proven itself well. The model has a mechanical adjustment of modes, the power of the device is 1.8 kW, equipped with a swivel housing. The cost of the heater is 1400 – 1800 rubles.

The undoubted advantages of ceramic heating devices include a high heating rate of the room and the ability to turn off the heat after a long shutdown. Ceramics (even with a panel thickness of 10-12 mm) provides heat accumulation and its slow return. This material is durable, durable and eco-friendly, which does not emit harmful substances.

Among the important advantages include the safety of heaters. Many of them are equipped with devices that turn off electrical equipment in case of overheating or overturning. Ceramic heaters can be used in rooms with high humidity, as well as in rooms where children are.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

If we talk about the economic benefits of such heating devices, it can be noted that their electricity consumption is 30% less than that of similar performance oil heaters. However, it is necessary to choose the right power equipment. Thus, the floor model of a ceramic heater Bork 0702 (CH 501) with a capacity of 2500 W is able to provide a warm room with an area of ​​25-30 square meters. m. The price of the heater is about 12,800 rubles.

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of ceramic heaters, it should be noted that they have much more advantages than disadvantages. The latter, perhaps, can be attributed to the high cost of individual devices, the noisy operation of some models that support the function of ventilation and the complexity of repair upon failure.

If we compare ceramic heaters by type, it is useful to mention that floor and table devices are mobile and can be easily transferred to any place. Moving wall equipment will be associated with dismantling and will take some time, however, such devices are compact and stylistically fit into small rooms without taking up extra space.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

You can order and buy a ceramic infrared heater by contacting the official websites of manufacturers in online stores or specialized departments for the sale of heating equipment. The cost of devices will depend on their power, the availability and type of thermostats, as well as the manufacturer.

Site managers can provide expert advice on choosing the optimal model of the heater and choose the power of equipment for a particular room.

Approximate prices of some models of ceramic heaters from different companies:

Manufacturer, model Power, W price, rub.
TM Venice, infrared bioconvector PKK 700 700 4200
TM Venice, infrared panel EPKI 300 300 2000
HYBRID ART, infrared heating panel 375 3900
TD Nikaten, ceramic heater 650 650 8950
TM Bork, floor heater 0506 2000 11850
Electrolux, floor heater EFH / F 6720 2000 6900
Polaris, PCWH 2073D fan heater 2000 2800
Liberton, fan heater LCFW 45-2000 2000 2300
Scarlett, fan heater SC-FH53K05 2000 2250


Helpful advice! Making a review of the cost in the Internet prices, you should check with managers the current price of the equipment.

On each site for the sale of household appliances, there is a section with consumer reviews. Before you buy a ceramic energy-saving heater for your home, you need to collect as much information as possible about the characteristics of the model of interest and the appropriateness of using it applicable to your conditions.

It will be useful to find out from those who have been using appliances for some time, their opinion on ceramic heaters. Feedback from specialists will help to navigate the device parameters of one manufacturer or another, as well as matching the price to the quality and equipment of the device. Experts will tell you how to set up the equipment correctly and control its operation using automatic regulating devices.

A new generation of ceramic energy-saving heaters for the home: the price of models

Avoid the purchase of low-quality equipment will help customer reviews. So, the functions of some models of Nikaten ceramic heaters, reviews of which cannot be called positive, do not correspond to the stated parameters. After analyzing the criticism and several opinions of customers, we can conclude which model should not be acquired.

In general, ceramic heaters are quite compact and functional devices that provide comfortable heat and do not consume a lot of electricity. Thanks to safe and convenient operation, they can be used in any premises.

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