Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

From this article, you can find out the features of such a device as a two-tariff electricity meter: the main types of structures, their advantages and disadvantages, purchase prices. The text describes the installation procedure of the device and the related formalities, the rules for handling the meter, its verification and reading. The article details the devices with different number of phases and recommendations for calculating energy consumption.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Two tariff electricity meter: device features

With the increase in electricity tariffs in 2017, many owners of apartments and private houses are striving to reduce the cost of paying utility bills. There are several solutions to this problem. Some resort to the installation of energy-saving equipment of the modern generation. Others prefer to buy a two-tariff electricity meter, the price of which, although higher than the prices of standard devices, however, allows for savings in subsequent operation.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Note! According to the external characteristics, the counter of the two-tariff type is practically indistinguishable from a conventional electronic device. The only difference is in his testimony, which displays data for night and day time separately. Since the dimensions of the device are standard, the installation of a two-tariff electricity meter can be performed at the same place where a conventional device previously stood.

According to the updated electricity tariffs, from January 1, 2017, the population of the Moscow region in the first half of the year will pay 1 kW of electricity at a price of 4.81 rubles. In the second half of the year (July 1), the cost per unit of energy will increase to 5.04 rubles.

At night, you can see that working incandescent bulbs in the house shine brighter than in the evening. Especially this trend is typical for homes in rural areas, located far from the transformer substation. In some cases, the drops can be so great that obtaining high-quality electricity is possible only through a voltage stabilizer.

In the united energy systems that are characteristic of apartment buildings, to solve this problem, it is enough to buy a two-tariff electricity meter, which most of the population does. The use of such devices suggests that 1 kW of electricity, depending on the time of day, will have a different cost.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

In the daytime, the cost of 1 kW, wound with a two-tariff device, is slightly higher than when using a conventional counter. This period lasts from 7:00 to 23:00. Further, a preferential tariff comes into effect, which allows you to significantly save energy costs. Moreover, the cost of 1 kW less than several times. This period lasts from 23:00 to 7:00.

Note! Power plants stimulate consumers of electric energy to use household appliances with high power at night. As a result, apartment owners receive savings, and power plants evenly distribute the load on equipment, avoiding overloads during the peak period.

The principle of operation of separate or differential charging is very simple. To understand how multi-tariff type devices work, you can imagine several standard meters combined in one device. Each of these units calculates electricity exclusively within its own time interval, after which the next device enters the work. In this case, the readings for each device are taken separately, are calculated taking into account the charging, and the results are summarized.

Of course, it is impossible to organize the timely launch of several metering devices using a mechanical meter. For this reason, multitariff devices, including two-tariff designs, have only an electronic control option. These units are equipped with a display where all the information is placed.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Multi-tariff meters have built-in clocks for convenient switching of the device between different charging zones, as well as a memory that allows you to save this data. Most often, each zone is marked with the letter “T” with a specific numerical index. Marking “T” without a numeric index displays the total amount of electricity consumed in kilowatts. This value would display the standard counter if it was installed.

Helpful advice! The total figure is not needed to calculate the differential charging, but it can be used to estimate the benefit by calculating the result using a conventional system.

Why is it advantageous to buy a two-tariff type electric meter:

  1. Substantial savings of money – the cost of installing an electric meter and buying it pays off in a year.
  2. Unloading of power plants – energy supplying companies will be less likely to resort to equipment repair, and its further operation in this mode will save fuel spent on the creation of electricity.
  3. Improving the environment – the amount of emissions from the combustion of fuel into the atmosphere is reduced due to the lack of overload.

Most often, electricity consumers rarely ask themselves about the ecology and rationalization of the supply of electricity, so the main advantage of two-tariff devices can be called their efficiency.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

The operation of multi-tariff devices has its drawbacks:

  1. Far from all regions of the country the difference between day and night billing is large. The cost of 1 kW of energy at night is 15% less than during the day period.
  2. After installing an electricity meter, the cost of energy consumption will decrease only if household appliances are used correctly. For example, it is advisable to use a dishwasher or washing machine only after 23:00.

Having identified the advantages and disadvantages of dvuhtarifnyh structures, you can proceed to the consideration of feedback from the forums. Below are some of them:

“Naturally, there is considerable savings, if you use electricity as my grandmother. After 23:00 it turns on the water heater, washing machine, sometimes ironing. In the morning there is always hot water, and in the evening it all starts again. Of course, I’m not so fanatical, but I also try to stick to this system in order to save money. At least when I do not forget. ”

Svetlana Strochkina, Yekaterinburg

“We have the entire area installed dvuhtarifnye counters. In another way, it does not work to keep bills for a communal flat within reason. That’s the whole area and wash at night. It turns out no one is offended. “

Georgy Makoveenko, Moscow

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Note! It is far from always the installation of a two-tariff device may be advisable. In some cases, such devices can be a source of inconvenience and additional costs.

There are negative reviews on the forms:

“The total cost of installing an electric meter in my case was 1,400 rubles. Literally in one and a half month, my whole house passed over to this type of accounting equipment. Pleasure I will tell you dubious. When the difference in payment of only 0.13 rubles. on 1 kW per month I run 12 rubles. savings. Taking into account how much electricity meters cost, it turns out that I will be able to return the money I spent only 10 years later. This is despite the fact that not every month it is possible to achieve savings. Totally disappointed. ”

Evgeny Dorokh, St. Petersburg

“My neighbor used this. With the promised savings in practice, the accounts run up big, if you, as a robot, do not control every step and do not plan either washing or ironing. You cannot entice me with such “pleasure.”

Igor Skorkin, Moscow

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Accounting devices with differential billing externally look the same as one-rate types of devices. The main differences are in the following parameters:

  • the number of phases (there are three-phase two-tariff electricity meters and single-phase meters);
  • maximum power level (current);
  • accuracy class;
  • number of zones;
  • type of fixation (mounting on DIN-rail or by bolting);
  • the presence of interfaces for communication (electricity meters with remote readings);
  • type of digital display;
  • additional functionality.

Note! In modern versions of multi-tariff meters, in addition to the day-night mode, additional settings are provided, allowing you to keep records on several time zones in days and even several days in a week. Due to this, users have the opportunity to save electricity on favorable days, but on condition that the electricity supplier provides a similar tariff. Information about this should be specified in the contract.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

When choosing a device for the home should pay attention to the opportunities available to the counter. In addition to basic data, metering devices can measure:

  • voltage;
  • instant power consumption;
  • frequency

In some versions, there are built-in memory drives that allow you to save data from previous periods, RCD and protection against power surges in the network.

When buying a device with differential charging, it is important to clarify whether the selected model is approved by the state registry. The options and parameters of devices must comply with the current tariffing. To verify this, it is best to seek advice from your local power company.

It is forbidden to buy accounting devices from random sellers or companies that have a dubious reputation. The company must have permission to sell such equipment and relevant documentation.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Single-phase two-tariff meters are designed for domestic use. The population is gradually moving from obsolete equipment to a newer dvuhtarifnoe with electronics. Buyers prefer domestic models.

In the list of domestic manufacturers are the following companies:

  • Moscow plant of electrical devices;
  • Concern Energomera;
  • Nizhny Novgorod plant them. Mv Frunze;
  • NPF Mossar;
  • Saransk instrument-making plant, etc.

Note! The range of instruments “Mercury” supports all the standards for accounting equipment.

Single-phase device at the output gives 220-230 V. Due to this, there are restrictions in the consumption of electricity – 7-10 kW. These devices are connected to a single-phase two-wire network. It is possible to connect to a two-phase network, however, in such cases, a separate device must be provided for each phase.

Two tariff electricity meter: advantages and benefits of use

Prices for single-phase accounting devices with two tariffs from different manufacturers are almost the same. The final cost of the device depends on the store that sells the equipment. The difference varies from 10-40%. Using the example table below, we can compare the prices for one-tariff and multi-tariff equipment Mercury, calculated for one phase.

Average prices for single-phase equipment Mercury:

Device model price, rub.
Single tariff devices
201.5 610
201.7 586
201.8 648
201.6 628
201.2 838
201.22 2463
201.4 838
202.5 823
Multi-tariff devices
203.2T RBO 4445
203.2T LBO 5490
203.2T GBO 7280
200.02 1660
200.04 2927
206 N 1470
206 RN 1687
206 PRNO 2087
206 PLNO 3533


The table shows how great the difference between the price of single-tariff and multi-tariff devices, designed for one phase. Therefore, when buying a device, you need to make sure that its use will be profitable given the current pricing of the electricity supplier, otherwise the cost of purchasing accounting equipment will not pay off.

According to the updated legislation, the owners of apartments in multi-storey residential buildings, as well as housing in private sectors are not required to transmit data. All information from the accounting devices can be sent in a convenient way for each consumer at the end of the month. If the owner of the meter has recently become a user of services and does not have receipts confirming payment, it is allowed to transfer readings in an unauthorized manner. In this case, e-mail, answering machine and SMS messages can be used. If you use the method of transfer via SMS messages, you will need a personal account number.

With this in mind, it can be concluded that, in most cases, double-tariff counters are beneficial. At the same time, the system of taking readings is no more difficult than with the instruments of the old generation.

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