Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

Alternative energy sources are actively seizing the consumer market. About ten years ago, most people did not realize the possibility of acquiring such engineering developments as a wind power plant or a solar-powered station. Now it becomes possible. Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit, the cost of installation and maintenance – a cost-effective solution for today.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

General characteristics and the ability to buy solar panels for a private house

If we talk about solar batteries in technical terms, you need to understand that we are talking about photovoltaic power supply systems (FSE). The main goal of such devices is the conversion of the energy of sunlight into electric energy based on the physical law of the photoelectric effect. For about two hundred years, the process of improving solar power generation plants has continued. Currently, engineering thought has achieved significant results in the development of photovoltaic equipment, especially in terms of efficiency – from 1 to 46% (the proportion of converted solar energy).

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

The modern market of solar power supply systems can be considered sufficiently formed, as it allows you to make a choice of goods from a considerable number of proposals, from a very large market segment. To answer the most frequently asked question, how much are solar panels for a private house, you need to understand the technological and design features of the FES. Structuring the equipment offered by the market involves three main categories of solar systems, based on their functional, structural and technical features.

The first category of FSE includes autonomous systems that are not connected to the main power supply network. Such systems operate in their own network loop for direct power supply to the connected equipment. Maximum operating efficiency is achieved by the presence of a storage device (rechargeable batteries), which allows you to use the accumulated electricity in the event of a decrease in the intensity of sunlight (that is, reduced power output) and in the case of moments of excess power consumption over generated.

Also autonomous can be considered as an installed set of solar panels for a house, used directly by load sources without battery cells.

The second category includes open FES. In their configuration, these systems do not have batteries and are connected to the main power supply network through a special inverter. If the power consumption does not exceed the value generated, the main network is disabled. Otherwise, the FSE is disconnected and the consumption is made from the main network. Such systems are very reliable, cheaper, but if there is no power supply from the main network, then the solar station does not work.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

The third category is combined FSE. They represent the combined format of the first and second categories. This allows you to have an additional quality in its functionality – the extra electricity generated or accumulated can be transferred to the main network and have commercial value.

This category is the most expensive because it uses in its configuration complex networked photovoltaic inverters and chargers.

Helpful advice! For uninterrupted power supply in cases of simultaneous cessation of the general network and the impact of adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to have a backup power source. As such a source there may be a small (2-5 kW) electric generator running on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Solving the issues of saving energy costs due to the installation of solar power plants is necessary in the conditions of full information about the prices for the entire set and the upcoming costs of their installation and operation. A frequent question about how much a solar battery costs for a house does not have a clear answer, since so many factors influence pricing.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

The established price of the main element of the FSE (solar battery) is, on average, the minimum (but also the minimum in quality) of the order of 50-60 rubles. for the generated 1W of power. Consequently, the price of solar panels for a private house with a capacity of 100 and 200 W will be in the amount of 6000 and 12000 rubles. respectively.

The composition of the station kit depends on its category and power. It may include a charging controller, a battery station, an inverter, and connecting equipment. When choosing, for example, a kit of the first category and a rated power of about 2 kW (2000 W), the price of a solar kit for a home will be from 120 thousand rubles. and higher.

And it is necessary to compare all the expended capital with the economic effect obtained from the difference in the cost of 1 kW / hour of the centralized network and the value created by the FEG.

The most recent statistics of the solar market shows that the ratio of prices per unit of electricity is 8.8 times. This means that the electricity generated by the solar station is 8.8 times cheaper than the electricity provided through a common network, taken in equal terms.

An important criterion of choice in the direction of the use of FES is also a factor in the ability to ensure uninterrupted operation of automation in heating, security surveillance and fire alarm systems. The list includes computerized home network and a group of electronic control sensors.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

A large selection of solar panels provides the opportunity to use them in a variety of quality and application, since if you want to buy solar panels for your home, the price today allows you to do this for the general population. Knowing their basic characteristics, such as the standard of the output voltage (12, 24V and above), as well as the parameters of the rated output power, you can use them locally without acquiring the entire set. On the market, the average cost of solar panels for a private house ranges from 60 rubles. for the generated 1 kW of electrical power.

If you want to use a light bulb in a dark room with a voltage of 12V and a power of 25 W, then it is enough to buy and connect a solar battery of similar parameters directly to it and it will cost no more than 2000 rubles. and you do not have to spend electricity on a 60-75 watt bulb in any commode. You can connect a small well pump for day watering of any landscape area with a capacity of 200 W and 24V power supply. At a cost of 11000-12000 rubles. it is possible during the whole spring-summer period and more than 10 years to have an independent irrigation system.

If we consider the feasibility of using solar systems for the dacha, one should take into account the factors of stability of electricity supply to the village, the level of its insolation (time spent under direct sunlight), the required electrification capacity and the risk factor of theft at the time of the year. The best option is a stationary installation of the first category of FSE.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

Given the low power consumption of the dacha, it is possible to organize a 100% replacement of the centralized power supply with an autonomous and cheap one. In another case, when a stationary installation of a solar station is not justified by some criteria, a fast assembly crossing kit can be used.

Note! Experts in the use of FES carried out a calculation and found that solar panels are strategically and economically viable for use in summer in private houses and country houses ranging from 50 to 300 m?, Designed for a family of up to four people.

Along with the use of solar energy for the production of electric current, there are no less common devices for converting the energy of sunlight into thermal energy. Such plants are called solar collectors and serve as heating elements for heating systems and hot water. Regardless of the installed boilers in heating systems and hot water circuits, their combination with highly efficient solar collectors allows you to save up to 36% of the cost of heating and hot water preparation.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

In its design, the solar collector from the discharge of the undercarriage is a rectangular panel with dimensions of approximately 1×2 m and with a thickness of up to 100 mm. The main difference between the collectors of these sizes is the heat flux of power, i.e. the amount of heat that can be transferred to any liquid coolant through the contact surface. Differently, this parameter is called the heat loss coefficient and which has the dimension W / m? X ° K, i.e. heat transferred through the area to raise the temperature of the receiving fluid. Modern designs of solar collectors have indicators (one panel) for thermal power from 1.2 to 5 W / m? X ° K.

The main element of the system (heat) is a solar collector panel. Depending on the required capacity, it can be purchased on the market at a price of 18-20 thousand rubles. for 1 m? useful area and the average coefficient of heat loss 2.5-2.7 W / m? X ° K.

For example, a panel of European quality with dimensions of 1.9 x1.8 m (area 3.5 m?) And with a coefficient of 2.7 will cost about 70 thousand rubles.

Taking into account the competition, the analogue of Chinese production can be cheaper by 30-55%, and the domestic prototype by 10-25%.

If we talk about the required set, which includes: tank, battery, pump and automation, then the average market price of such a station will be 160-170 thousand rubles. A set of domestic production with similar parameters will cost 100-120 thousand rubles.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

Helpful advice! The combined use of solar collectors with solar panels, with the right choice of parameters, reduces the cost of thermal energy to produce hot water by up to 61%.

Solar technologies as alternative energy sources confidently occupied the leading positions in the market. A large number of manufacturers actively compete, offering more and more new innovations. The leading place in the sales of TOP-15 countries of solar power plants and their components is China, with more than 50%.

The most popular brands are Exmork, RENE SOLA, LDK, Helios House, Suntech, JA Solar, etc.

European manufacturers with a market volume of about 25% are represented by such companies as German AXITEC GmbH, Solarworld and the Viessmann Group and the Norwegian Renewable Energy Corporation, etc.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

Japan, Korea and Taiwan (15%) are represented by Kyocera, Sharp, Sanyo, Hanwha Solar One and Motech.

Domestic products are represented by companies such as Hevel Solar and FCM. American manufacturer – the company First Solar.

Buy solar panels for the home can be relatively inexpensive. If we take for a consumer sample a solar panel with a power of 200 W, then the price range will be within:

Producing country Price of solar panel 200 W, rub. The price of a solar station set is 2 kW, rub.
China 8000-16000 120000-160000
Europe 15000-17000 190000-250000
Asia 10,000-15,000 140000-190000
Russia 12000-20000 104000-240000
USA 27,000 380000


To see the difference in the pricing policy, mainly dependent on the power index, take for example a solar power plant for a 5 kW house, the price of which in Chinese performance will be:

  • about 300 thousand rubles. (solar battery);
  • about 420 thousand rubles. (whole set).

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

The market is modern and its sales technologies do not leave a single evaluation with the buyer. Especially high-tech equipment and devices. This also applies to the market for the sale of solar power systems. Since the production technologies themselves are very energy-intensive, if you want to buy solar panels or buy a solar power station for the house, the price in both cases will call for detailed analysis not only for technical and technological features, but also for economic reasons.

Solar panels for the home: the cost of the kit and the feasibility of installation

In conclusion, we can say that the solar technology market currently offers a wide range of diverse equipment. And most importantly, given the acceptable cost of solar kits for the home, reviews of their high quality and a long period of reliable operation, we can conclude that the use of this equipment becomes more appropriate and allows you to participate in large-scale environmental projects and programs.

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