Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

From this article you can find out what features such a product has as a socket with a switch in one case: specificity and types of structures, advantages of their use, common wiring diagrams and practical installation tips. The text contains recommendations on the selection of high-quality products, brief reviews of popular manufacturers on the market, as well as average prices for installation.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

Socket with a switch in one case: features of the combined products

Modern interior design has become more rational. This rule has not bypassed the elements of electrical fittings. This applies to the combined outlet unit with a switch in one housing. This design allows to reduce installation time and improve performance, which was the reason for the high popularity of these products.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

The advantages of combined designs:

  • the ability to connect electrical outlets in the complex with a switch on any surface, including concrete, stone, plasterboard and wood;
  • for laying wiring requires a minimum number of mounting grooves and holes;
  • simple wiring diagram that does not require laying to each point of consumption of a separate wire;
  • the same parameters of the components simplify the marking procedure at the installation site;
  • if necessary, in the combined designs, you can combine budget versions of products with more expensive ones.

Note! If one of the components of the structure fails, the entire unit will have to be replaced. This is the only drawback of such products.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

The market offers a wide range of products combined on one block. Selecting the appropriate option, you need to pay attention not only to the prices and popularity of the manufacturer, although these parameters are not the last value for buyers. Before you buy an outlet with a switch in one case, you should check the product for compliance with the required parameters.

Main selection criteria:

  1. Technical parameters of the electrical network and its features.
  2. Design (configuration, colors, etc.).
  3. The degree of functionality (you should consider the number and power of devices that will be connected).

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

On sale there are products with various combinatorics of elements. Due to this, buyers have the opportunity to choose a design with a different number of switches and sockets, as well as keys. Therefore, you need to know exactly how many light sources and electrical appliances will be connected in the room.

Sockets can have both internal and external design. The first option is used if the wiring in the room is hidden. External sockets are designed for open placement of the system. If the room does not have the conditions for laying hidden wiring, it will not be possible to refuse to use bulky external outlets.

The cost of the outlet combined with a single-key switch does not exceed 200 rubles. The average price of the option “euro” with two keys is about 300 rubles. In this case, the kit allows you to connect devices with a capacity of less than 3.5 kW. Buying the same model with waterproof properties will cost about 450 rubles. To purchase a power unit with three sockets and a single-key switch, you will have to spend more than 1000 rubles.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

Replacing switches and sockets can be done independently or you can involve specialists in this work. In the absence of knowledge and skills in handling the power grid, it is better to give preference to the second option. In this case, the risk of a short circuit is excluded, and compliance with all safety rules and high-quality installation is guaranteed.

The average cost of installing sockets and switches and related services:

Type of installation price, rub.
Podrozetnik (preparation of holes for installation in drywall) 100
Podrozetnik (preparation of holes for installation in brick) 170
Outlet outlet 250
Replacing the mechanism in the internal outlet 250
Replacing the mechanism in an external outlet 350
Internal type socket (base – drywall) 400
Internal type socket (base – concrete) 500
Socket external under the electric stove 550
Socket internal under the electric stove 700


Note! If such powerful appliances as a water heater are connected, grounding will be required. In this case, it is better to invite an electrician. The wizard will select the cable with the optimal cross section and correctly connect the wires to the outlet.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

The list of necessary tools for installing the product by hand:

  • drill column;
  • drill;
  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers with insulated handles (2 pcs.);
  • cutting pliers.

Preparation for installation involves the choice of location for installation, drawing markup and drilling holes in the wall using a crown. If the wiring in the room is hidden, you will need to form a niche. On the body there are perforated holes for cables. They should break down.

For an outlet with a switch in one design, a certain sequence of actions during installation is provided. The easiest way to solve the problem involves the use of a clear wiring to the device in the distribution unit.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

How to connect the socket from the switch:

  1. Formation of holes for the installation of the indoor unit or the selection of the optimal place for the installation of outdoor.
  2. Determining the phase of the switchboard and de-energizing the room.
  3. Phase supply to the switch. To do this, the ends of the phase cores are cleaned, twisted and covered with insulation.
  4. Zero core network is supplied to the outlet and covered with insulation.
  5. Wires that are left unused are twisted together and covered with insulating material.

The use of this circuit for connecting the socket and the switch by connecting the phase cable through the switch will be expedient if the power socket is used extremely rarely, and it requires constant switching on and off of electrical appliances.

The principle of operation of such a design is extremely simple. If the switch is in the on position, a phase is applied to the outlet through the switch. Such a system is convenient in cases where a water heater is installed in a room that does not have a shutdown button. Due to the installation of the combined construction, it is not necessary to constantly pull the plug out of the network.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

The switch and the socket, combined in one design, can be operated separately from each other. For example, in the wiring diagram of a light bulb through a switch with a socket, cables with phase and zero are laid from the main panel to the distributor box.

The box will contain several wires:

  1. Cables from the lamp (2 pcs.).
  2. Wires leading from the unit (3 pcs.).

The phase conductor that goes from the shield is connected to the socket. The zero conductor from the power supply network is connected to the zero cable from the lamp and the socket. In turn, the phase wires connecting the switch and the cartridge are twisted together and necessarily insulated. After that, using a suitable cable connects the ground.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

Helpful advice! To create a connection between the socket and the terminal located on the switch, it is desirable to use a jumper.

In this wiring diagram of a single-button switch, the socket will operate autonomously from it. At the same time, the process of switching off and turning on the light bulb of the lighting device in the room will not affect other elements of this design, and affect their functioning.

Most often, the installation of a two-button switch and sockets are performed in the partition, in the area between the doors to the toilet and bathroom. This makes it possible to control the lighting in two rooms and at the same time connect any electrical appliances through an AC outlet.

Socket with switch in one package and specificity of this design

Five conductors are used for the connection. They connect the paired design and the junction box. During operation, you must ensure that the neutral wire and the grounding conductor must be connected to the outlet and only to it. Using a special jumper, you must apply the phase to the switch with two keys. This element is present in the switching unit.

The switch and the socket in one case is a practical version of the product, which can be not only convenient to install, but also beautiful. Selecting products for the home, it is advisable to give preference to models equipped with a bottom plate with ribbed perforations on the inner walls. In this case, fixing in the wall will be more reliable.

Modern designs allow you to do the installation yourself, the main thing is to carefully approach all actions. In the presence of a large number of wires you can make a mistake with the connection, so all the work must be carried out very carefully or call a qualified specialist.

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