Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

If in a private house, at a dacha or on a construction site an unplanned shutdown of electrical energy occurs periodically, then you need to think about buying a generator. This device is able to provide autonomous power supply of any object. Popular gasoline generator for the home, characterized by ease of operation and a number of additional benefits.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

5 kW petrol generator: the price, which is better for a private house

If you do not pay attention to the additional features and the brand name of the manufacturer, then it should be noted that the power has the most direct impact on the cost of the generator. The higher this figure, the more expensive the device will cost in the end. When choosing a generator, in no case should you start only from its price: experts recommend doing the power calculation of the device.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

If you save and purchase a device with low power, it will not be able to cope with its tasks: either the electrical appliances in the house will not turn on, or the generator will have to work at the limit of its own capabilities. It will not lead to anything good. The decision to buy a generator for a house with too high power levels is also not quite right. Such a model will cost too much. In addition, an additional problem arises: fuel consumption remains significant even when the unit is not fully loaded.

The stages of calculating the power generator:

  • compiled a list of electrical appliances used in the house;
  • their nominal capacity is indicated (it is specified in the passport or on the tag);
  • devices are divided into groups in order of importance;
  • stand out devices that are used continuously;
  • left power reserve (about 20%).

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

To choose the ideal inverter gasoline generator, in addition, you should pay attention to the starting current ratio. Manufacturers often indicate relevant information in the data sheet or directly on the device itself. The essence of this concept is that to start any generator requires more power than to ensure its stable operation. Therefore, the initial power indicators should be multiplied by the corresponding factor.

Gasoline generator for the home: the classification of devices

In order not to be confused with the performance indicators, it is recommended to study in detail the main classes of these devices. Specifications will help to understand which is better than the 3 kW gas generator, the price of which may differ significantly. These devices are suitable for lighting a small private house or cottage. The power of the device is sufficient to ensure the operation of the water pump and the refrigerator.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

Helpful advice! When temporarily using a generator, it is better to disconnect devices that consume the most power. We are talking about a vacuum cleaner, an electric and microwave oven, a washing machine, and an electric kettle. On the other hand, a small amount of power is consumed by a laptop, a daylight lamp and a television.

To ensure a comfortable stay in the house, it is better to purchase a 5 kW gasoline generator, which will allow you to watch TV, work with a computer and even cook food on an electric stove.

In order to provide a house with a large area with electric energy, it is not enough to buy a 5.5kW gasoline generator, because in this situation it is preferable to rely on more powerful models. In this case, the tenants will be able to enjoy the air conditioner, constant heat and hot water, heated by an electric boiler. You can periodically connect non-essential appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner. Such a device can be suitable not only for a large house, but also for an office or administrative institution.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

Statistics indicate that a 1 kW gasoline generator will cope with the provision of electricity to a small country house. For such structures, there is no point in acquiring too powerful models that consume large amounts of fuel.

As in any technical device, the cost of generators directly depends on their functionality and main characteristics. You can choose not only between single-phase and three-phase models. Recently, universal devices have become increasingly popular.

To understand how much a generator costs, you need to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. Single-phase devices are best suited for giving or a small private house. Inverter generators will cost an average of 50 to 80 thousand rubles. A distinctive feature of the three-phase analogs is the presence of two sockets on the panel at once. One of them is single-phase (220V / 16A), and the second is three-phase (380V / 16A). As a result, such a device can easily provide electricity to consumers.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

It is possible to buy a gasoline generator for a universal type cottage at a reasonable price. Such a device equally successfully provides electric power to both single-phase consumers and three-phase devices. The first group includes home appliances, as well as tools used in construction activities. In general, it can be said that universal models are more practical. Thanks to its advanced functionality, they are able to provide users with maximum comfort. However, they can work in different modes.

Experts do not recommend to buy three-phase generators for use in a private house. This statement can be easily argued. We are talking about full-fledged power plants, in which exactly one-third of the total capacity falls on each phase. The important point is the so-called “imbalance” of the load. This means that each phase cannot exceed 25% of power compared to the remaining phases.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

Much depends on the devices themselves. If only single-phase devices are used in the house, then there is no point in acquiring a three-phase generator. This will lead to inefficient use of power and maximum fuel consumption. It should also be understood that the repair of gasoline generators can be quite time-consuming process.

Helpful advice! It is quite possible to use a three-phase power plant in conjunction with a three-phase automatic, although all the power lines must be carefully calculated. Then they should be shifted again, taking into account a certain “imbalance” of the phases.

The generators working on gasoline can be used in private homes and cottages. In the best way, these devices have proven to be a backup energy source. If the house is located in an area where electricity is disconnected from the grid periodically, the generator will be a real salvation.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

The main advantages of gasoline generators:

  • silent operation;
  • compact size;
  • small weight;
  • acceptable cost.

Modern 4.5 kW gasoline generators are optimally suited for meeting the needs of a private home. For a small country house, you can pick up less powerful counterparts.

To provide offices, shops, enterprises and various retail outlets with electricity, it is necessary to buy an electricity generator with more significant power capabilities. Power up to 7 kW in this case will be optimal. It is logical to note that the cost of such devices is increasing against the background of increasing power indicators.

The simplest and most accessible type of starting the generator is the manual starter. The power unit in this case is wound up by pulling on a special cable. This method is very simple, but it is suitable only for household models. Any gasoline generator for a home with auto start is characterized by high power ratings and an impressive list of technical capabilities.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

Popular today are the generators equipped with electric starters. In this case, the launch is made by simply turning the key, previously inserted into the ignition lock. This method allows, if necessary, quickly start a power plant. The efficiency of the electric starter is provided by the built-in 12V battery. Due to this circumstance, the mechanism works even in the cold.

If desired, you can purchase models of generators with remote start electric starter. The kit includes a remote control with an antenna. Power station start is made far off. For this it is not necessary to leave the house. The final price of electric generators additionally depends on the method of its launch.

Modern generators can be equipped with automatic reserve transfer (ATS). This solution is ideal for shops and retail spaces that need constant access to electricity. The corresponding devices automatically start to work in case the mains voltage disappears. This is very important in the summer for grocery stores that have refrigerators and freezers.

Gasoline generator for home and garden: device and characteristics of the unit

Initially, the price of a 5 kW auto-start gasoline generator may scare consumers away, but this is a very powerful device that has excellent operational capabilities. On the other hand, it makes no sense to acquire such a serious unit for a small store or cottage.

Helpful advice! Many factors affect the cost of generators. But you should pay attention to the fact that, on average, the cost of a diesel engine is twice as high as that of gasoline models. For this reason, it is recommended that consumers pay close attention to the second option.

The corresponding device has different variants of enclosures. More popular are open-frame generators. The open appearance of the structure allows the power unit and alternator to be placed inside the most durable metal frame. This type of frame is made of pipes, characterized by a round section.

Summing up, it should be noted that even the most insignificant, at first glance, details and functions can affect the cost of gasoline generators. It is not always profitable to purchase the most expensive model. It is possible that it will have more power than the one that the room needs. Because of this, fuel consumption will be maximum, and you can forget about the efficiency of the generator.

The fame of the manufacturer also plays an important role. The brand must first be reliable and stable. Responsible manufacturers provide a long-term guarantee on their own products, which should already inspire confidence in their high quality.

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